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World Water Development Report 2015

p. 34 of World Water Development Report 2015

... The Global Risks 2014 report finds that income disparity is the risk most likely to ... cause an impact on the global scale in the next decade (WEF, 2014a). More than ... 80% of the world’s population live in countries where income differentials ... economic growth: (a) enhancing equity, including the gender dimension; (b) enabling ... voice and participation of citizens, including youth; (c) confronting environmental ...

Informe RSE 2010:Socios para el Desarrollo

p. 57 of Informe RSE 2010:Socios para el Desarrollo

... from corporate contributions often in the form of support to encourage music ... literature and theatre some companies indicated that they are working with indigenous ... the expansion of artisans and their livelihoods or assisting youth at risk under ... range of activities are being supported including projects to strengthen local leadership ... women children and the elderly in many cases companies are investing ...

Western Weekender 14 Jan

p. 2 of Western Weekender 14 Jan

... a problem ­ and many others ­ are put into perspective when one watches the ... brings home just what is important in life and how quickly it can be taken ... away lives have been lost homes destroyed and ... memories washed away in the blink of an eye replaced with ... -lasting impacts of what we have seen in queensland in recent weeks will affect ... processing plant triggering a shortage in domestic supply it is likely the price ...

Commodities for Dummies

p. 22 of Commodities for Dummies

... 297 field of dreams how to invest in corn 298 welcome to the bread basket ... investing in wheat 300 trading soybeans it s not ... and kicking how to make money trading livestock .307 holy ... cow how to invest in cattle 308 live cattle 309 feeder cattle 310 lean and mean ... of tens 315 chapter 22 top ten ways to invest in commodities .317 ...

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