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ZDEGREE Takes Safety Campaign To New Level 3 rd Quarter 2014 ZDEGREE, a subsidiary of ZAFCO, held free vehicle check-ups for employees of member companies registered with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce under the Chamber’s ‘Be responsible - Drive safe’ campaign.


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OTANI Unveils Latest Offerings ZAFCO unveiled new additions to its OTANI line-up on June 23 this year, with the new offerings - the OH-101 Super, the OH-110, the OH-201 and the OH-301 - featuring higher load-carrying capacity, better steering and improved wet weather performance. The OH101 Super all-position tire is exclusively designed for steer axle positions for highway application and has close and solid shoulder ribs to combat irregular wear, thus ensure longer tread mileage. It is low on noise and offers a superior ride comfort, with an optimal footprint and improved sipe arrangement to ensure unmatched maneuverability. OH-110, which has been designed with uni-directional pattern exclusively for steer position and performs very well on wet conditions. This pattern is ideal for Russia as well as countries in the European Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The OH-201 particularly 325/95R24 OH-201, is now finally added in our portfolio. We have taken the most common vehicle configuration of the Middle East, this tire can carry 10.5 tons more load in comparison to regular 12.00R24. This can be used as tubeless and also with tube. The OH-301 is an all-season drive-axle radial truck and bus tire with a block pattern that ensures a firm grip on all road conditions. Its construction is designed for very high loading conditions and includes a special compound designed to ensure low temperatures and higher mileage.


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ZDEGREE Takes Safety Campaign To New Level ZDEGREE, a subsidiary of ZAFCO, held free vehicle check-ups for employees of member companies registered with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce under the Chamber’s ‘Be responsible - Drive safe’ campaign. The objective of the inspections, held from June 22 to 24, was to highlight the significance of vehicle maintenance to ensure safety on roads while minimizing the chance of road accidents. Employees from Blossom Nursery, Intercoil, Majid Al-Futtaim and Unilever benefitted from the first round of the exercise. The ZDEGREE team checked batteries, headlights, taillights, tire pressure, tread depth and fluid levels as part of efforts to increase awareness of the Chamber’s campaign. They also handed over RTA brochures on Road Safety to vehicle owners. Another round of safety inspections was held on September 15-17, with the next rounds scheduled for October 13-15, November 10-12, December 15-17 and the last one slated for early next year, from January 12-14, 2015.


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Battery Campaign Leaves Clients Charged Up ZAFCO recently held a nationwide campaign aimed at promoting the company’s batteries, with members of the sales team visiting shops and distributing materials, banners and posters. The company raised awareness on its customized battery schemes in summer and handed over new ZAFCO battery warranty policies that will make the claim process much easier while eliminating the possibility of fraud.


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Tire-training Program A Massive Success ZAFCO successfully conducted a three-hour basic training program on tires for ZDEGREE staff on the 26th of June this year, with Mr. Faisal Shaikh, Executive-Technical Services, Procurement, holding the training. The event saw six employees from the staff level and three from the service level taught on the basic functions of a tire, including the constituent parts and basic structure of different types of tires, the difference in the components of tube-type and tubeless tires, tire dimensions and sizing and the different load-carrying capacities. Participants were also taught on speed ratings, sidewall markings, weight and uniformity marks, size conversions, inflation pressure as well effective tire maintenance. The training was well received, with participants saying it was effective and informative. Participants called for a follow-up program that incorporates a practical session and trains them on the technical differences between different brands. An intermediate program has been scheduled for later this year.


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ZAFCO Helps Employees Fight Stress August 18 saw ZAFCO employees undergo a 90-minute training program on stress management held under the theme ‘Manage stress before it manages you’. The program included discussions on symptoms of stress, stress management approaches, strategies and techniques as Mr. Paresh Singhee, the manager for Talent Acquisition & Development, sought to bring participants’ attention to the high level of stress at work. Participants were trained on what they are supposed to do when faced with stress-inducing situations, including the importance of changing the situation and changing the reaction. They were also taught the Assertive-Response-Sequence, how to reframe situations, how to relax and meditate, managing time better and the importance of workplace workouts. ZAFCO Academy Rocked The Month Of September Training after training, empowering its people and keeping them in shape. Two trainings were conducted on Negotiation Skills and High Impact Selling on 25th September 2014. The training emphasized on the importance and application of negotiation skills in a business environment. And as part of employee development program, ZAFCO have initiated training on Spoken English for Service level employees. The idea is to focus on spoken English, and enable the participants to communicate in Basic English at the end of the training. This is an ongoing program, and is expected to run over 2-3 months. The participants are extremely enthused about this learning opportunity, and participate with great interest. These are all done in-house and the training was conducted by our very own Paresh Singhee, Manager - Talent Acquisition & Development.


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ZAFCO Holds Iftar Gathering For Employees July 21st and July 24th were special days for ZAFCO employees, with the company arranging an iftar gathering for service-level and staff-level employees at Chicken Tikka Inn on Mankhool Road in Dubai. The iftar was a jam-packed event, with everyone in attendance bringing a simple gift as a token of appreciation for the event. A joyous atmosphere filled the room as employees met new people and connected with old colleagues - something that made this iftar worth remembering many years from now. The event, which brought every ZAFCO staffer together, buttressed the company’s efforts at making its workforce a family.


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ZAFCO Organizes Drop-off Service During Ramadan Ramadan is a time of spiritual reflection, improvement and increased worship and devotion and during this time, ZAFCO management arranged a drop-off service for Jebel Ali employees from the head office to the Jebel Ali Metro Station in line with the spirit of the season. The service was targeted mainly at employees using car lifts and buses, as well as those who, prior to this gesture of goodwill, had to brave the heat walking from the head office to the Metro station. The initiative was met with profound gratitude from employees. ZAFCO also distributed Bateel boxes of dates to its suppliers, customers, bankers, clientele and government institutions as Ramadan gifts. ZAFCO’s Shining Stars Honoured Owaid Iqbal (Local Sales) and Lablu Ahammed (Human Capital Management) were named ZAFCO’s Employee of the First Quarter. Mohammed Anamul Hoque (Warehouse department) and Michael Tenoso (Retail) were first and second runners-up in the staff-level category while Shiva Sharma and Naresh Bera (Jebel Warehouse), were first and second runners-up from the service-level category. The first quarter nominees in the staff-level category were Jocelyn Pangan (Warehouse department), Mohammad Fazullah (Information Technology department) and Naseem Chaudhry (Customer Support department), while those for the service-level category were Gyan Bahadur Gharti and Om Shakti (Jebel Ali Warehouse). In the second quarter, Cynthia Lopez and Michelle Sampson (ZAFCO International’s Finance department) were named Employee of the Quarter for the staff-level category while in the service-level category Hari Bahadur (Jebel Ali Warehouse), took home the crown. The second quarter first and second runners-up in the staff-level category were Michael Tenose and Tahir Iqbal (Retail-ZDEGREE/ZAFCO Auto Services) while Amr Khalil (Jebel Ali Head Office) was nominated. The second quarter runners-up for the service-level category they were Kamran Ali and MD Sofioul (both from the Jebel Ali Warehouse).


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ZAFCO Workforce Gets Life-saving Tips on Ebola Virus ZAFCO employees were given health tips on the Ebola virus that has the world on high alert and has a fatality rate of close to 90 percent. Employees were informed about how the deadly virus spreads, its signs and symptoms as well as preventive measures that include avoiding physical contact with anyone with known symptoms, washing of hands thoroughly after exposure to public areas including restrooms, airports and general areas, avoiding consumption of meat from infected areas, disinfection of contaminated places, protective clothing for healthcare workers handling infected patients and animals and the importance of raising public awareness. Ebola is one of the most dangerous diseases with no known vaccine or cure and it is mostly transmitted through close personal contact and exposure to bodily fluids and secretions of infected people. It has had its most devastating effects in the West African nations of Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria.


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