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SURGE Fall 2014 THE ZONE’S TEEN ART & LITERARY MAGAZINE Kravis Children’s Hospital at Mount Sinai


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SURGE contents 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 19 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 29 30 31 33 The Zone’s Teen Art & Literary Magazine of Kravis Children’s Hospital at Mount Sinai Fall 2014 Volume 4 Issue 2 SURGE STAFF Thomas Dooley Editor-in-Chief Diane Rode Executive Editor Angie Koeneker Contributing Editor Russell Mindich Founding Editor Sarah Yazdian Lauren Smith Art Editors Cindy Aponte Guest Teen Editor Guest Teen Editor’s Note Wonder by Tania Leal A Place by Leslie Veloz/ Art by Leslie Veloz It’s Always Autumn by Trina Barua Dear Prednisone by Cindy Anxiety by Nicolette Gerena Art by Leslie Veloz Being Sick Has Made Me Stronger by Joleen Leon Art by Leslie Veloz Life After Death by Adrienne Alverio Rainbow by Ayobami Kinard/ Art by Taisha Alverez My Adventure by Mya Robinson Art by Tania Leal Bottomless by Tania Leal Art by Cordelia Foster What Inspires You? A Day in a Nurse’s Life by Taisha Alvarez Light and Darkness by Victoria Rodriguez Art by Victoria Rodriguez Art by Dani Maneates Portrait by Dani Maneates For the People... by Victoria Rodriguez In the Hospital by Pressyla Ramirez Thank You by Christina Palmer/ Art by Leslie Veloz Art by Stephanie Grossman Physical Introspection by Leslie Veloz Backyard by Cheick Traore Leap of Faith by Kayla Singh v Thanks to Russell Mindich and family and the staff of the Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy Department of The Mount Sinai Kravis Children’s Hospital. To view this issue online: The Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy Department 1 Gustave L. Levy Place Box 1153 New York , NY 10029 212-241-6797 1 | SURGE


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FROM THE TEEN EDITOR Hi, everyone! SURGE is where I can express myself and not be judged because we are all the same in here. I get to relate and associate with others who are going through the same thing as me. I painted the cover art. This is a special piece because I created it with my father. I have always been picky when it comes to art. The fact that my father helped me, because he is picky about detail, was good. Sincerely, Cindy Aponte From the Editor-in-Chief Dear SURGE readers: Welcome to our ninth publication! SURGE is a place where teens can share their creativity and imagination and give voice to their feelings and hopes. WE NEED YOUR VOICE! Please submit your poetry, art, stories, interviews, and essays: Happy reading, Thomas Dooley SURGE | 2


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WONDER I wish I could frolic in the grass I wish I could have a vanilla ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles – it’s childhood! I wish they gave me a last dinner I have to train my brain to work again I have to listen to myself I don’t have to make alternatives I have to make adjustments Everything is temporary Life is weird I don’t know whether I’m lucky or not And I don’t know when I’ll know 3 | SURGE Tania Leal Hollis, NY


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A PLACE I want to be in a place where the sun shines like an incessant toddler A place where suffering is carried away by clear skies I want to be in a place where laughter never diminishes like a kid high off candy A place where agony does not exist I want to be in a place where flowers do not seize to grow like the universe after the big bang A place where awe and love overcome pain A place where the rain are rainbows This place is where I want to be. Leslie Veloz New York, NY Illustration by Leslie Veloz SURGE | 4


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IT’S ALWAYS AUTUMN leaves on the ground covering these holes you don’t see, the leaves are orange and yellow the ground is solid you don’t expect to fall. Like Nebraska like an ongoing road, I am walking side by side with my friends it’s a normal day it’s sunny, I like it sunny, the road is covered with leaves it’s covering every inch it’s a forest trees all around I just one day fall they continue walking they can’t do anything about it, they have to continue their pace I’m in this hole it’s dirt leaves on the bottom Where am I? It’s so familiar: every hole I fall into soil, roots, leaves. By the time I get up my friends are long gone I have to run 5 | SURGE Illustration by artists of The Zone


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time doesn’t stop for me I have to catch up as long as I’m going forward, it’s always the right direction I always end up finding my friends. And then when everything seems normal— hanging out, talking, continue on walking after a good amount of time, I just fall again, I accidently have a misstep and I fall, for two minutes it’s confusing, but it’s so familiar: Am I here again? Let me come up with a strategy—OK, try to rock climb out pulling roots I’m so tired when I get out, Will this happen again? I don’t want to be lonely. I have to find people. I have to find my friends. I have to run. Trina Barua Jamaica, NY SURGE | 6


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Dear Prednisone (Part 2): I still hate you. You’re much worse than what I thought. A lot has happened since I started decreasing your dose. You have messed up my eye vision. In other words, I’m going to have four eyes for a while thanks to you. Don’t even let me get started on the pain you’ve caused. There’s days I can’t even get out of bed. I’ve lost weight, but trust me you didn’t help with doing that! Anyways, thanks for fixing what had to be fixed. This is goodbye, but I won’t miss you. Sincerely, Cindy Aponte Bronx, NY 7 | SURGE Illustration by artists of The Zone


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ANXIETY On top of my stomach There’s a big ball It goes up to my chest Little sharp bolts doing ping pong I get a headache I feel like I’m here But my brain is somewhere else Feels like a weight on my head Something’s squishing me Then they go away After a little bit For something to come Right out of the blue They gave me some medicine Made my whole body twitch It went from feeling like A heart attack To a stroke I want to be back to my normal self I don’t know what happened To make me feel like this. Nicolette Gerena New York, NY SURGE | 8


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BEING SICK HAS MADE ME STRONGER At first it used to really, really bother me like walking into the wig stores and trying on wigs time is too precious to waste on petty things I really see people now for who they really are you really don’t know how much time you have left I don’t want to take it for granted, I want to be happy instead of bad memories I want good ones. Joleen Leon Beacon, NY Illustration by Leslie Veloz SURGE | 10


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11 | SURGE Illustration by Leslie Veloz


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LIFE AFTER DEATH The time will come When, a beautiful stranger stares at you through the mirror. A moment of clarity will wash over A gesture of acceptance and love. The stranger isn’t the typical beautiful creature She has her battle scars, her timidness She is the subtly beautiful result Reach for her hand, pull her through She longs for the warmth of human emotion look into her dark eyes with a reassuring smile and wait for the light and beauty to reemerge. This beautiful stranger is one of us. A lost soul who has found their way home Engraved in her heart is the word, fearlessness Embrace her, caress her scars, wipe her tears, listen to the journey Accept all the misfortunes of her broken road Because in that moment in the mirror, When a beautiful stranger stares back A moment of clarity will come when that stranger, that battle, that journey was all your own. Adrienne Alverio New York, NY SURGE | 12


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RAINBOW When I’m upset I feel blue When I’m happy I feel the rainbow Sometime when I’m sad all I can think about is laying down and sleep hoping for the next day but I’m a happy person I can never be sad all the time that’s just me I’m happy my family comes by to see me my nurses is my family they make me smile everyday and I will always keep a smile on my face. Ayobami Kinard Brooklyn, NY 13 | SURGE Painting by Taisha Alvarez


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MY ADVENTURE At Sesame Place with me and my family we walk around it’s blazing hot we want to cool down so we got in the pool it was so hot outside that the pool water was warming up so we didn’t get the cool satisfaction of the chill going into our bodies then we walk around we go to the sprinklers the water was colder it made me get goose bumps then we went back to the pool because the bucket was about to drop then it dropped and made a PLOP! it cooled us down we could feel the cool breeze oh my god, we couldn’t breathe then we got out the pool went to the restaurant we ate for a minute chilled for a minute then we went back in the pool swam around all the kids was making a lot of sounds I know I’m 14 but Sesame Place is the best oh my god, look at my hair! it’s a mess! I had so much fun swimming and hanging out with my family but the bad thing is when I got into the van I started to have a crisis I went home, took a shower went to bed I woke up screaming out holding my head my family called the ambulance I went to the emergency room and then I got a bed after all the pain I went through I will go back to the water. Mya Robinson New York, NY SURGE | 14



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