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This term the senior syndicate went to Rainbow Ski Field. There were mainly beginners and about four advanced. Some of the skiing tracks are named: Beginner slope, Pomer (intermediate), T-bar, The Planets, The Cat track also known as the easy way home and ...THE SHIRT FRONT !!! It’s the steepest of them all but if you counted other tracks (off piste) it would be a bit steeper!


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We had a fantastic day in Brightwater at the Kiwi Sports day. It started off quite a chilly morning, but warmed up by the afternoon. We met new people, made new friends and had lots of fun! Our favourite activities were the Rippa Rugby and some people liked the tennis. The bowls was different and some of us were quite good at it! Mrs Inch loved the bowls!!! By the end of the day we were exhausted and needed a big rest. We were so tired at night that some of us didn't even have enough energy to even eat our tea. We definitely had very good sleeps when we got home. http:// 2014/09/kiwi-sports-day.html Thanks to all the mums, dads and helpers and teachers who ran the fantastic day.


p. 3 Long ago kiwi could fly and he spent all day flying around the top of the forest looking for tasty bugs. The other birds didn’t get as much food as Kiwi because he was so greedy. The birds decided they had to do something about the situation. Tui called a meeting and all the birds from the forest canopy came to the meeting except Kiwi! Piwakawaka chirped, “We are so hungry and can’t feed our families because of Kiwi’s greed.” “We must speak to Tane Mahuta,” announced Kakapo. The birds all flew off to talk to Tane. Tane listened to their complaint and nodded his head. “Kiwi is being very selfish and must learn to share. I will sort him out.” Tane found Kiwi at the top of a kauri tree eating delicious bugs. Tui settled on a branch next to Kiwi. Kiwi yelled, “Get away these are my bugs!” Tane used his magic powers to shrink Kiwi’s wings. Kiwi fell into a deep sleep. When he woke up he found himself on the forest floor. Kiwi tried to fly back up to the tree tops but he couldn’t because his wings were too small to lift him. Tane’s booming voice tells him why he is on the forest floor. “Kiwi, you are too greedy and have no respect for your fellow birds. To teach you a lesson you will live on the ground forever more and have to search for your food.” From that day on Kiwi has walked on the ground. Written By Ms B and Room 5


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Last term some African drummers came to Brightwater School. They did some dances and played some music plus the most horrible thing happened. They made us get up and dance. At the start they showed us some of the instruments. I thought they looked pretty cool. Our caretaker Pete left last month. Our NEW caretaker is named Vince Fox. He is doing a very good job so far. He does some of the jobs no one likes like cleaning the toilets but he is enjoying it. Some of the jobs he does around Brightwater School: * Picking up rubbish (a job us kids should do) * Mowing the lawns * Getting balls off the feature wall * Fixing things Oliver B Room Eight did assembly with Room Five. We showed off our daffodils and we also showed off our ’’head of a man’’ pictures. Room Five had some pictures to show off as well. We sang a song at the end. James



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