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Trumbull County Educational Service Center STEM Conference - March 26, 2011 Girard Jr./Sr. High School

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wordle is a web tool for creating word clouds from text that you provide or from a specific web address the clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text the clouds created can be customized with different fonts layouts and colors and can be saved or exported for use in other applications safety concerns for educators and students wordle like most web 2.0 tools is available to users throughout the world the owner and creator does not censor the word clouds created by program in the past inappropriate content would sometimes be displayed on the site s home/front page in august 2009 this problem was addressed when the creator jonathan feinberg began vetting clouds used on the home/front page to ensure that inappropriate content would not appear on this page he also suggested that school networking administrators block the urls for the gallery page and two other pages the following information is taken from the site s faq ­ the wordle front page will never feature images or links that are inappropriate for classroom use therefore it s possible to configure an institution s siteblocking software to keep wordle safe for classroom use simply have your networking administrator block the following base urls http www.wordle.net/gallery http www.wordle.net/next http www.wordle.net/random and your users will not be inadvertently shown anything that s not safe for classrooms for more information see the faq page on the wordle site.


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wordle tip sheet for a quick start use the summary or use the step-by-step guide with pictures in the detailed version the summary go to http www.wordle.net wordle click on `create paste in some text click `go publish to the web by clicking `save to gallery or save a screen image by using ctrl+print screen and pasting the image into any desktop publishing software the detailed version 1 have the word document or webpage of text open ready to use 2 go to wordle and click on `create


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3 in the box provided paste in the text you want to turn into the word cloud you can also enter webpage urls it is a good idea to type the text into a word document in case you need to start over since you can not edit or go back to wordle 4 if you wish to include phrases or to keep particular words together turn the spaces between the words into tildes it will look like this wordle~is~fun~to~use 5 click `go large blocks of text may take a little while to turn into your wordle 6 just above your new wordle you have a choice of menu buttons · · · · · edit lets you `undo or `redo wordle layouts language lets you change the lettering between lowerand uppercase and to choose not to remove common words including words from other languages font allows you to choose between 30 fonts layout lets you choose the general direction of words to round out the overall shape to layout roughly in alphabetical order and to refresh the same layout settings until you get the desired effect color lets you change the colors of the background and words with a variety of preset schemes and the option of creating your own custom color palette from scratch or by tweaking an existing scheme.


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7 once you have your wordle just the way you like it you have a couple of ways to use it · under the lower left-hand corner of your wordle is a button that says `open in window this opens a pop-up window of just the graphic which you can expand click and drag the edges of the frame or use the maximize button at the top right of your window to get a much bigger image and then print take a screenshot or publish from there · to save the image to your computer you have to take a screenshot ­ on a pc use ctrl+print screen to copy your whole screen paste the image into word paint publisher or any other desktop publishing/graphics application on a laptop function key fn prt sc it is with the insert key on a mac use command+shift+4 and clickand-drag to select the area you want copied the png file will be saved to the desktop then you can open and use with any desktop publishing/graphics application command+control+shift+4 will copy the selection to the clipboard · save to gallery under the lower right -hand corner of the wordle publishes your wordle to the www in the save dialogue you do not have to give it a title nor do you need an actual username · once you click `ok you will be given the html code for adding the image to a webpage or blog.


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· the url is also displayed in the web address bar if you want to print the wordle you can just go straight to `print choose the paper size in the print dialogue box and produce your wordle · this cheat sheet prepared by kate reid 29th august 2008 kate.reid@hutchins.tas.edu.au http katemreid.edublogs.org this cheat sheet is licensed under a creative commons attribution 3.0 license directions for saving your wordle as a picture file after you have created your wordle 1 scroll so that your wordle is fully visible on the screen no parts of the rectangle are cut off by the toolbars/window pane etc 2 press the print screen key on the keyboard key s location differs on a laptop press function key fn in row with space bar prt.sc 3 pressing print screen is like taking a picture of exactly what you see on your screen ­ internet page headings tool bars scroll bars all 4 open paint go to startall programsaccessoriespaint 5 select edit menu paste or press ctrl v 6 now you see the whole screen copied to your paint drawing space you need to crop out just your wordle 7 use the rectangle crop tool to draw a rectangle around your wordle cutting out the other parts of the internet screen 8 select edit then cut


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9 then select file and new when prompted to save changes to the document select don t save 10 when the new paint window appears select edit and paste ctrl v now you should see only your wordle rectangle inside the paint drawing space 11 click file and save as and give your wordle a name that is fitting and save it in your my pictures folder.


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resources for using wordle in the classroom wordle www.wordle.net a great slide show with 38 ideas for wordle http issuu.com/ugaetc/docs thirty_eight_interesting_ways_to_use_wordle_i/1 http www.ideastoinspire.co.uk/wordle.htm some overlapping of ideas between this and the previous slideshow jennifer wagner s why use wordle and additional links for wordle usage http www.techlearning.com/article/forum/blogs/blogs/29590 foote carolyn it s a mad mad wordle school library journal 55.7 july 2009 32 web 24 feb 2011 if you already use wordle you may want to check out the advanced wordle feature http www.wordle.net/advanced http www.december.com/html/spec/colorhex.html hex color codes things to do with wordle · · · · · · bookmarks posters book reviews book review contest literary analysis t-shirts one interesting use of wordle is to paste in the text of a piece of writing to generate a word cloud of the most frequently used words in the writing this can be useful to help students visually see the words they are using in their writing and the frequency with which those words are being used i have a select group of words that students are to avoid using in their formal writing by copying pasting their documents into wordle they can have a visual as to what words are used most frequently in their papers and then go to their document use control f and find all the times the word is used in the document and can find synonyms to replace those words.



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