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FREE There’s life in the Inner West! Issue 243 | September 26 2014 WIN! Advanced Style Vintage Classics Italian Film Festival Movie tix: Are local foodies over the Americana craze? is taking over the Inner West! Jared Ingersoll: “Bring back the sausage sizzle!” le, Distributed in Leichhardt, Annanda , town Petersham, Stanmore, New Balmain, Drummoyne, Haberfield, Rozelle, Five Dock, Concord, & Summer Hill Postcode pride and prejudice chow down! Feast of Flavours’ tastiest treats


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Do your knees go weak at the thought of going to the dentist? Here at White Leaf Dental, we understand that having a dental phobia is a real concern for many people, which can lead to many years of putting off seeing a dentist and being embarrassed about your teeth. Our friendly staff have decades of experience, working with phobic and nervous patients. We can offer our patients sleep dentistry and IV sedation to make your dental visit more comfortable. Give our friendly staff a call, they are happy to answer any questions you have regarding dental treatment. Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm If you would like to have a look at the practice please feel free to drop in anytime. Dr Scott D Williams and the staff at White Leaf Dental are located on Ramsay Street HABERFIELD 9716 8500


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n Promotion A racy fiesta for a community cause Melbourne Cup! It’s the day Australia stops to party and is always a great excuse to celebrate the year past and the good times ahead. Whether you have been looking for an opportunity to thank your dedicated clientele, or for an opportunity to spoil your friends and family, consider indulging them (and yourself) in all the luxury and romance of the Melbourne Cup… in a destination a little closer to home. WatervieW is one of the most picturesque venues in Sydney and its annual Melbourne Cup Party has become a rite of passage in itself. No one else holds a better race day party than WatervieW, who put on an annual charity benefits to mark one of Australia’s most celebrated events. For many Sydneysiders attending the WatervieW party has become a family tradition in itself, as it is a fabulous way to get those you know involved in supporting a great cause, handpicked yearly by the WatervieW team. This year, all the money raised at WatervieW’s Melbourne Cup party and luncheon will be donated to Special Olympics Australia – a not-for-profit organisation that transforms the lives of people with an intellectual disability through regular sports participation and frequent competitions. This year, however, WatervieW is celebrating Melbourne cup with a difference. WatervieW is bringing out all the beautiful tastes, colours and sounds of Mexico. Embracing a Mexican Fiesta theme there will be a live mariachi band grooving, and the WatervieW hall will be adorned in authentic Mexican decorations and piñatas, sourced from Indigenous Mexican markets and flown in especially for the event. Salsa Kingz, a thirteen-piece Latin-music ensemble will be accompanying the day’s frivolities. Lead singer Christian Guerrero is absolutely guaranteed to get you on your feet and the horn section is bound to put you in a party mood. The Salsa Kingz may even have you doing some salsa moves by the end of the fiesta with their interactive and truly swinging salsa lessons. Melbourne Cup fashionistas watch the race in high style at WatervieW Be prepared to celebrate all the raucousness of the WatervieW is particularly renowned for its cause-driven and race day in complete luxury, with drinks and a luncheon set charity events. This year WatervieW played host to Women In among the rolling greenery of Bicentennial Park. Of course, Excellence Conference, Heart of Golf Africa Foundation Ball, there will be sweeps, a live telecast of the race, fashion in the Women In Business and The Fashion Gala Dinner 2014. With a field competitions and betting opportunities. It wouldn’t be a close-knit and well-connected team, WatervieW are equipped to Melbourne Cup party without them. take care of decorating, locating talent and musicians, catering Indeed, the team at WatervieW have got the whole day covered and all logistics. so you can enjoy the races in a truly indulgent setting. The party The Melbourne Cup Party is one of their most special annual will start with a networking session in high style while sipping events as it is specifically hosted by WataervieW to give back to your choice of margaritas, wine, beer or French champagne. the communities that support their venue and forms part of their As the day progresses, you will be treated to an extraordinarily Social Responsibility Program. delicious three-course lunch prepared by the prestigious For this reason WatervieW encourages bookings per table which WatervieW catering team, with all drinks included. At the can be made via the phone on 9764 9900 or via email at events@ conclusion of the event, taxis will be on call to help guests return Group discounts and early bird prices safely home. are available so gather your friends, clients and family together as Throughout the day you can expect to experience a Myer soon as you can. Fashion Show hosted by Caitlin Stewart, Special Olympics For an unforgettable experience in one of Sydney’s finest venues Dancers, Best Dressed Awards, lucky door prizes, sweeps and be sure to contact WatervieW about their Melbourne Cup Fiesta. more. Even better, you catch the race itself on four big screens And Hello from Mexico! spread across the venue. The day will be hosted by ABC sports n Find out more about WatervieW’s Race Day Fiesta on their presenter Stephanie Brantz, who is also chairing the Asia Pacific website at: World Sport and Women Conference 2014.   Ticket price is $130 pp Your Venue A WatervieW in Bicentennial Park fundraising lunch for Special Olympics Australia The day will commence at 11.30am with the margaritas, French champagne and roving mariachis guaranteed to put you in a party mood. Ticket price inclusions: A sumptuous three course gourmet meal including beer, wine and sparkling. Entertainment by Salsa Kingz – a super fun group passionate about bringing Latin music to the world. Christian and his band are sure to have you and your friends up and dancing like never before. You will experience a world class event like no other. Celebrity MC Stephanie Brantz Special Olympics Dancers Myer Fashion Show hosted by Caitlin Stewart Myer Best Dressed Awards – Male and Female Photobooth Lucky Door, Sweeps, Raffles Big race betting opportunities available 4 big screens for viewing the big race and much, much, much more…… Taxis on call MELBOURNE CUP 2014 A fundraiser for Australia Book now or more information contact: 02 9764 9900 3


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Inner West whispers Local gossip, rumour, hearsay and unsubstantiated fact... Emma’s re-proportioned, troubling bridges and it’s business time l The glutinous feast-a-thon that was once Emma’s on Liberty has now been repackaged and rolled to the size of a haloumi kebab, as a Snackbar. The makeover looks pretty shweet, but, as every trend punter knows, retro slide-letter menu boards are so M-E-S-S-I-N-A. l The Bay Run will finally be the seven kilometres of pure satisfaction we always knew it could be with the new footbridge crossing the Iron Cove Creek predicted to be complete by next June. Shame no bridge could ever lessen the wrath of an inconvenienced cyclist. l For those not into the local council scene, last night was mayoral swingers eve. Leichhardt Council was hooked up with Greens Councillor Rochelle Porteous, while Marrickville Council was sent home with Independent Councillor Mark Gardiner. We are looking out for the day Marrickville and Leichhardt Councils “realise” they are destined to be together... l A new extracurricular activity has come to Leichhardt for your kiddies. Is it Kung Fu? Is it baby business classes? Weirdly, it’s both. The mixed martial arts and businesses classes are targetted at 8-12 year olds and led by (you guessed it) a real-life entrepreneur. Maybe Leichhardt Council can get on board and turn stakeholder negotiations into a kooky, kick-arse afternoon activity. Onesies will be compulsory. l One of the Tropfest finalists hails from the ever-creative suburb of Newtown. Aleksander Tranberg has entered a film about two men battling it out to become part of the upper class. Is it an allegory for the gentrification of Marrickville and Newtown, or a reflection of the dire competition between Yogoberry and MooBerry on King Street? Only time will tell. l Did anyone say Cronut pie? WE ARE C!AO Satire for the soul Righteous Rightie savours the sweet fruits of vindication as the clash of civilisations he’s long predicted begins to unfold. Dear RR – After years of being mocked as a “ragheads under the bed conspiracy theorist” by the treacherous intelligentsia for insisting the White Australia policy be reinstituted, does it bring you a certain tumescent joy to see your prediction of a fifth column of Mohammedans rising up en masse to behead mainstream Australians proven correct? Barry, Dulwich Hill RR replies: You know, Barry, when that criminal greaseball Al Grassby decided to throw open the floodgates to terrorist riff raff during the benighted Whitlam era, I was pretty much a lone voice warning it would all end blood on the wattle. “Oh no, don’t discriminate against the poor old clitoris-amputating, child-bride-marrying, non-believer-murdering, pillowbiter-stoning, theocracyadvocating Muslim,” atheist, feminist and homosexual leftists bleated. “Who are you to be so judgey as to say a modern liberal democracy is superior to the customs of a bunch of teatowel-sporting camel-traders stuck in the seventh century?” Well, let’s see just how unflinchingly postmodern and culturally relativistic all those shortsighted intellectuals are once the nation’s universities are turned into madrasas, Q&A is replaced by live broadcasts of the Grand Mufti leading prayers (granted, it’s not that far off that point already) and lecturers in womyn and queer studies are being executed as pre-match entertainment at the SCG. No doubt I’ll be thrown in some Human Rights Commission gulag for pointing this out but unless legislation is brought in banning any further towelhead immigration and requiring all Allah-botherers already in the country to shave their beards, rip off their head coverings, accept Jesus Christ as their lord and savior, surrender their passports, donate any welfare payments they receive to the Don Bradman Museum in Bowral and eat a non-Halal meat pie it can only be a matter of weeks until we’re all living in the Great Southern Caliphate. n Email your dilemma to ADVERTISING Sonya Madden JOURNALIST Max Kobras FOOD Melissa Leong WINE Winsor Dobbin history In 1973 housing in ‘The Block’ in Redfern was gifted to the Aboriginal community for affordable housing by the Whitlam Government. Plans for commercial development of The Block provoked the establishment of a Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy on Sorry Day, May 26th of this year. Since the original in Canberra in 1972, Aboriginal Tent Embassies have arisen throughout Australia as sites of Aboriginal resistance, community dialogue and learning. This photo shows one of the two fires which sustain the Redfern Embassy, providing energy, warmth, and centres of interaction for its residents. The Embassy would be grateful to receive any donations of wood or food from the community to support its campaign. ART DIRECTOR Eleanor Wales EDITORIAL Phoebe Moloney OUR SUPER LOW HOME LOANS WILL LEAVE YOU MORE MONEY TO PLAY WITH! 1, 3 or 5 year fixed home loans from PUBLISHING Sonia Komaravalli Contributors: Jared Ingersoll, Nigel Bowen and Millie Cotes Illustrations: Paden Hunter Ciao loves you, and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent. We try and make you look your best. No responsibility is accepted by Ciao Magazine for the accuracy Totes denied, little dudes of advertisements or information. We welcome unsolicited editorial and Things we love: Annandale’s grungy ol’ hipster. This recent pictorial contributions. The opinions addition to the Annandale Hotel was commissioned to keep expressed in Ciao Magazine are those of contributors, indemnifying babies out of the main bar area and was drawn by a young artist from Forest Lodge. It’s fun, simple and should get the job done. Plus the publisher from inaccuracy it’s always great to see local businesses keeping it in the community. or consequences arising from its reproduction. © All rights reserved. Check out @huseph on Instagram for more of his work. No material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher. Ciao Magazine is a free publication. 4.59 % 5.35 % pa pa Contact resi Inner West for more information and a complimentary RP Data property report: resi Inner West P: 0424 948 800 E: comparison rate* Ruth Jones C!ao’s voice In • Neighbours sharing their homegrown veggies • Food co-ops • Vegetarian moussaka • The garage sale trail Out • Racist rants on public transport • Italian patisseries making bad grainy coffee - you know who we mean • The madness surrounding the iPhone 6, if only we could harness this enthusiasm from something important • Getting sweaty because you overdressed for the day’s weather • Parking meters that don’t accept credit/debit cards Distribution, advertising & editorial enquiries 460A Parramatta Road, Petersham 2049 (02) 9518 3696 0402 202 951 – Sonya 0405 509 805 – Sonia Ciao is locally owned and produced. Please recycle Printed by Spot Press, Marrickville Cover: Ashfield Youth Theatre actors, Caitlyn Wright and Lizzie Curran, rehearse for Summer Hill and Ashfield’s Feast of Flavours. Photo by Ben Cregan. What you need to know: Terms and conditions, fees and charges, normal lending criteria apply. The FlexiFix 1 year fixed interest rate is 4.59%pa (Comparison Rate 5.35%), The FlexiFix 3 year fixed interest rate is 4.79%pa (Comparison Rate 5.34%), The FlexiFix 5 year fixed interest rate is 4.99%pa (Comparison Rate 5.38%). The rate is fixed for the period specified and reverts to a variable interest rate of 5.01%pa - correct as at 11th September 2014. Offer applies to loans with LVR ≤80%. Minimum loan amount $200,000. Offer ends 24th October 2014, or may be withdrawn at any time – available for new loans only. Annual fee of $330 applies. Comparison rate based on a loan of $150,000 over 25 years. WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the example or examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees and other loan amounts may result in a different comparison rate. Australian Credit License Number 390669. • Sydney Fringe Festival • The support being given to the Rozelle community • Special parking permits for community nurses and homecare workers in Leichhardt • Korean Barbecue in Strathfield C!ao Magazine There’s life in the Inner West! 4


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Community Life R OA D T E ST n Phoebe Moloney Be a Breakfast Sheik With long-time favourite Efendy, in Balmain, winning the best breakfast in the 2014 Good Food Guide, I thought I'd check out a few more places around the Inner West where you can satisfy your morning Middle-Eastern munchies. From labanne to shakshuka, borek and back, you'll want to chuck out your cereal bowl after visiting this lot. Yeniköy Café and Restaurant, Newtown Angelita Malawach, a Yemenite round of fried puff pastry served with delicious hummus and boiled eggs, while waitress Brianna recommends, “anything with the falafel”. I usually go straight for the Israeli Big Breakfast (pictured), but if I could order a bowl of their labanne just by itself, I would. I think it’s what clouds are made of. RANT Sydney’s Americana bar scene is sliding its grease-laden ways into the restaurants and bistros of the Inner West. On any night of the week, keen customers can visit a grungy New York dive, a low-lit prohibition-era speakeasy, a rustic roadhouse establishment, a greasy suburban diner or a SoCal tequila joint. From their menus discerning patrons can order a number of iterations of American classics (think burgers, buffalo wings, fries, hotdogs) with oh-so modern twists… Spoiler: there is a lot of Kale being fried #ironically. Off the cuff, fine, once in a while it might have been nice to step back in time and visit a culture that as Australians we are led to believe is superior - but it has all gotten out of hand. I am hard pressed to think of any establishment currently considered “on trend” that is not cashing in on Americana cool. But it’s not just annoying because of its market saturation. Irony sucks. The experience that is being sold to you every time you visit one of these places is intrinsically one that is aspirationally mediocre or self-consciously shit. On the surface this is annoying - these places bring with them all of the set pieces of America without the famously cheap prices. Mary’s in Newtown hits the nail on the head. You get your shoestring fries and burger with notional amounts of lettuce brought to you in a red takeaway basket for the fairly unreasonable price of $14. And the more you think about it the more annoying it gets because what underlies this ironic fetishisation of lower class America, is the ironic fetishisation of the lower classes. What you are paying for after all, are the ideas that are loaded into these products. Your average Mary’s customer, if transported to the southern states of the US, would likely be sceptical of the backwards establishments that it models its self on - the original comes with cockroaches, low wages and a very limited selection of light beer, not to mention decidedly untrendy locations. Again, all of this could be forgiven if not for the Sydney customer’s unquestioning devotion to Americana. It ends up coming at the cost of local culture because we are too busy dwelling in somebody else's historical narrative. The Americana obsession started in Brooklyn and we have unceremoniously inherited it with no discernable adaptation. Crucially, while it is as equally disingenuous in Brooklyn, at least it interrogates local urban living. It lets New Yorkers ask questions like “what happened to our great city?” and have a conversation that starts with. “Maybe urban living is not the epitome of existence...” For us though, it just reminds us that we don’t have a history we are proud of, or a cultural moment that we want to hold on to. As a city, Sydney’s collective conscience seems to be without nostalgia (yet) so it is sad we are spending time romanticising a history that is just as problematic as our own. America represents aspects of our cultural inheritance but it doesn’t necessarily represent our cultural future - maybe this is the start of our own conversation. Sydney is a great city in the making. We just have to be willing to believe it. n Words: Samantha Jonscher Opening its glass doors onto the hustle and bustle of west King Street, Yeniköy, which literally translates to ‘New Village’ in Turkish, is a veritable cornucopia of rich and flavorful Turkish treats. For a start, their cabinet of baklava, sweet and savoury sigara borek, and a helluva a lot more, will not stop winking at you no matter how full you are. The threeperson breakfast spread is packed with an assortment of fruits, cheese, pastries and muhammara – a red capsicum, walnut and olive dip I am yet to try elsewhere. While ice cream is probably not the healthiest breakfast option, their dondurma (a chewy ice-cream slice made with mastic sap) is definitely a happiness-inducing one. Lebanese pastry desert, is also notoriously good. This is an intriguing hot spot in the oft-forgotten suburb of Croydon Park. Once a straight-out Middle Eastern family restaurant, Shisha Bar and Grill has transformed into an Americana steakhouse come cocktail bar come casual Mediterranean eatery, and it is certainly working out for them. The breakfast menu is a fusion of the above but the dishes that hark back to Shisha’s former self definitely shine through. Top picks include the watermelon and fetta salad with za’atar bread, poached eggs with mushrooms, haloumi and quinoa sourdough, and their big breakfast, which involves a devilish combination of sujuk (an aromatic beef sausage) and hashbrowns. Their knafeh, a Shisha Bar and Grill, Croydon Park Le Caféier, Balmain Shenkin Kitchen, Enmore This Israeli-inspired eatery pulls a brunch crowd every day of the week and with a sunlit courtyard it's a great choice for warmer weekends. Shenkin Kitchen rose to fame introducing the now almost ubiquitous shakshuka to the Inner West. I recommend visiting Shenkin for its more unique breakfast items such as their Run by three Turkish-born coffee aficionados, Le Caféier is the new groovy kid on the Darling Street block. Serving up modern dishes that draw largely from the staff ’s heritage you can slurp up a Turkish twist on green eggs and ham – a green shakshuka comprised of caramelized zucchini, gooey poached eggs, hummous and olives. Chow down their ciabatta roll topped with haloumi and boiled eggs, or rifle through their sweets, handmade by head chef Arda and his wife Ahu. The other day there was a particularly tempting tahini, fig and pomegranate muffin hanging out on their counter, which to my regret I didn’t grab in a passionate embrace and dance down Darling Street with. Alas, you simply can’t eat them all. The Australian Guitar Festival For all fans of great Aussie guitarists, come to the Lewisham Hotel on Saturday 4th October and join this vibrant musical journey of blues, rock and more with three amazing artists. Headlining the show will be the man known to have single-handedly turned more Australians onto blues than any other performer, Phil Manning. Phil has been a blues icon since 1968 as one of the founding members of the band Chain and has spent the past three decades appearing at major festivals and venues across the country. The second act is rock and blues guitarist Steve Flack, best known for his Guitar Heroes show, which serves as a tribute to the very best guitarists, like Hendrix and Clapton and has involved many famed Aussie guitarists such as Ian Moss of Cold Chisel. The final act is Matthew Fagan, a ten-string guitarist who is renown for versatility and genre splicing. His repertoire spans from rock to bluegrass to Celtic to Latin American and he always has a new surprise for his audience. ★ To go in the running to win a FREE double pass to the Australian Guitar Show, email us at with your details. To make a booking, visit What’s on n Compiled by Max Kobras. Email Sunday 28th September Mon 29th Sep-Thu 2nd Oct FREE Community are events listings Sat 4th-Sun 5th October Sat 4th-Mon 6th October email info@ x Attn: Ma Reigning Cats and Dogs Furstival Sydney Rope Festival Blessing of the Fleet Originating in Italian fishing villages and the oldest tradition amongst fishing communities around the world, the Blessing of the Fleet will return this Sunday to Pyrmont. For this event the statue of Madonna, the most sainted Maria of Porto Salvo, will be transported from Strathfield’s St Martha’s Catholic Church to the wharf with the blessing performed by Father Christopher Slattery. Pyrmont. 12-4pm 6 Marrickville Library Youth Activities chocolates with a variety of delicious fillings! n For more information on events at the library, visit www.marrickville. n Where: Sydney Fish Market Wharf, Over the current school holidays Marrickville Library will once again play host to a variety of great free activities for local youths. On Monday from 2-3pm there will be a jewellerymaking workshop where participants will work with a range of glass and seed beads. Then on Wednesday from 2-4pm there will be a stencil art workshop where you will be able to add your own design to your clothing. Lastly, on Thursday from 2-3pm, there will be a class to learn how to create On the first weekend of October, get prepared to be overwhelmed by furry cuteness with the RSPCA celebrating World Animal Day across two adorable events. On Saturday from 10am-2pm there will be Rescue Me, a massive dog-adoption event with a flood of pups in need of a good home. On the Sunday from 6-10pm will be the International Cat Film Furstival, starring the likes of Grumpy Cat and many more of the internet’s favourite felines. Lovers of four-legged friends should not miss out! n For more details on these events, visit For those unaware of this event, this is no study of mere weaves and knots; it’s a celebration of Japanese Rope Art. Generally known as Shibari, literally “to tie”, this is a form of erotic bondage, but rather than kept to the bedroom, it is exhibited as an art form. This event will be held at the Sydney Rope Dojo in Leichhardt and will feature Japanese headliners Kazami Ranki, Hajime Kinoko and Hourai Kasumi. Certainly not to everyone’s taste, but there is an undeniable beauty to Shibari that has to be seen (or felt) to be understood. n To find out more or to purchase a ticket, visit www.sydneyropefestival. A star of the Film Furstival See page 8 for more what's on...


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leichhardt bowling & recreation club BIG GAME, BIG SCREEN NRL GRAND FINAL WATCH GRAND FINAL ACTION LIVE & in HD on the BIG SCREEN NRL Grand Final Knockout - ANZ Stadium 6 October WEEKLY EVENTS @ LBC Live Sport on the Big Screen - Catch all the sporting events on our large HD 150 inch screen Lions Den Bistro - For the best Club Grub in Sydney, Join us at Leichhardt Bowling Club Bowling for Everyone - Social Sunday bowls starting at 1pm with a random draw for teams, jackpot each week! Sunday Buffet - Join us at the Lions Den Bistro every Sunday from 12pm for an all you can eat Buffet Sunday Seafood & Mega Meat Raffles - You could win the lucky key to the Treasure Chest Sunday Barefoot Bowls - We supply the coloured bowls you supply the fun Lions Den Bistro & Restaurant Where you’ll find a large variety of Bistro Style and Thai – Malaysian Food at very Reasonable Prices. Enquiries regarding Special Functions, Christmas parties and Birthdays etc. are welcome. A variety of set menus are available on request… Opening Hours Lunch: 12.00pm – 3.00pm, Wed – Fri. Dinner: 5.00pm – late, Wed – Fri. Sat & Sunday open 12pm till 9pm. 88-92 Piper St Leichhardt Ph: 9569 1936 / 9560 3574


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n Local Gigs Saturday 27th September n Local screens Black Bird Hum What first comes off as a pretty common folk sound, soon turns into reggae-infused, John Butler-esque jams. With some maracas and horn thrown in, this band will take you from a sunny tropical beach and back to city roots in a single gig. n The Annandale Hotel, Free FREE TICKETS Win double movie passes "A bunch of gangsters doin’ a bunch of gangster shit” Vintage Classics at Palace Norton Street “That's thirty minutes away! I'll be there in ten.” That was The Wolf (Harvey Keitel), and (can you believe this?) it was 20 years ago that Quentin Tarantino gave us those wild, sassy and profane lines that many us then knew by heart… “You know what they call a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in Paris?” Ok, I’ll stop, but isn’t it time you saw Pulp Fiction again on a proper screen? You can catch up with Jules, Vincent, Honey Bunny and Mr Wolf again on Oct 5th at Palace Norton St when Pulp Fiction screens as part of their Vintage Classics season (every Sunday at 3pm). Tix are cheap, only $10 ($8 clubbies) and while you’re there, grab the flyer listing all the old cult classics in the season for the rest of the year. “Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go home and have a heart attack.” Sunny tunes Friday 3rd October The Taste of You at LIFF: "A kitsch Italian-fusion of Melrose Place and Baywatch..." Lakyn I don’t know why this guy bothers with all the covers; no one needs to hear him sing Carly Rae Jepsen or Beyonce and he knows how to write a song himself anyway. His original pieces are a bit too feel good but they sound nice and goes well with some sun. n The Vanguard, $13.80 Saturday 4th October Italian Film Festival 2014 Anyone who has sat through a recent Australian rom-com and left feeling underwhelmed or even annoyed (The Little Death), really should give one of the Laughing, Italian Style selections from this year's Lavazza Italian Film Festival a go. Try I Can Quit When I Want, (essentially Breaking Bad played for laughs), or University: More Than Friends, both starring this year's festival guest Nadir Caselli. The cultural references may be unfamiliar to non-Italian audiences and the pace (you'll need to read the subtitles quickly) may seem frenetic. And yes, they are frivolous, breezy and unashamedly mainstream – but watch and listen: here are filmmakers who know how to connect with their target audience. The Italian box office tells one story; the laughter you'll hear in the cinema says the same thing. You’ll leave with a smile and feeling good. Now why can’t our local moviemakers do that? The Lavazza Italian Film Festival is on until October 12. Flashback Films The two-year-old I watched Frozen with clutched me in terror when the snowman turned mean – while I guiltily pondered the meaning of “parental guidance.” Sometime around three or four, kids figure out that it's not real… Till then, it's just magic to share a cinema full of such innocence. Try it: Flashback screens at Palace Norton St every weekend at 10.30am ($10 Full, $8 Club). The Jungle Book, Peter Pan and Babe are all upcoming treats. ★ Thanks to Palace Cinemas we have 10 double passes to any Vintage Classic session to give away. Details below. More local movies: n Reviews – Russell Edwards ★ More info: flashbackfilmseditionthreensw/ Totall Addiction If I knew '80s rock better, then I would be able to name someone that these guys sound like. But basically it’s very '80s rock; lots of 'baby's and 'girl's and indulgent guitar solos. Sounds like it belongs in a movie with Molly Ringwald. n The Roxbury Hotel n Words: Max Kobras WIN TIX! ★ We've kept 5 double in season passses to the Lavazza Italian Film Festival from last issue to give away. Be quick for these! See below for how to enter. The original and best: The Jungle Book (1967) "Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side..." Ladies take a bit of me time Advanced Style Timed perfectly for the upcoming celebration International Day of Older Persons on Wednesday October 1st, this unique doco begins its season at Palace Norton St and Verona next Thursday. Advanced Style is a documentary that examines the lives of seven unique New Yorkers whose eclectic personal style and vital spirit have guided their approach to aging. Based on Ari Seth Cohen’s famed blog of the same name, the film paints intimate and colorful portraits of independent, stylish women aged 62 to 95 who are challenging conventional ideas about beauty, aging, and Western culture’s increasing obsession with youth. PG from Oct 2 at Palace Norton St and Verona. Designed specifically for suburban women to provide an escape from their day-to-day hustle and bustle, Ladies Night Out is here to pamper you. LNO’s Pop Up Pampering Experience will be hosted at the Australasian College Broadway on Wednesday 1st October with three hours of fantastic beauty products, a bundle of great salon services and plenty of entertainment in between. Tickets to this event are $29 each and will include the opportunity to enjoy such pleasures as manicures, massages and make-up consultations. In addition to this, at LNO’s Pop Up event each attendee will be offered a complementary glass of sparkling wine and can choose to enjoy some delicious appetisers, pick up a fabulous gift bag or even have a tarot reading. Between all these pampering sessions and goodies, there will also be over ten unique stalls with a range of products from clothing to jewellery to skincare products, all with exclusive specials for this event! Enjoy a Ladies Night Out, indulge, and do something for yourself! ★ Thanks to Madman Entertainment we have 10 double passes to give away. Send us a photo of anyone who fits the bill – older but beautiful. Could be your mum (or dad), any relative, a neighbour or even better, a selfie. Email Fancy some pampering, ladies? n For more information or to purchase tickets, visit Sunday 5th October Orchestration Perhaps the year’s most unique and daring dining experience, COMMUNE warehouse will play host to a rare collaborative dinner. Orchestration will feature a gluttonous feast created by David O’Brien’s Food Rascal, showcasing his passion for open flame and smoked meats, paired with a selection of great drinks by local brewers Young Henrys. But what makes it truly great is the exclusive and intimate performance by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra Vanguard throughout the night. Seats are limited so book early. visit orchestration-tickets-12596678003 n For more info or to book a seat, tapestry-like pieces. Next is Jenny Papalexandris’ Archetype, a collection of ceramic sculptures focusing on simple, yet refined shapes. Last is THR3E, a series of 2D mixed media works by Nick Hore, Sue Salier and Talitha Rose Salier. n For more info, visit Thursday 9th October you to come down and taste, discuss, watch, laugh, discover, and, most importantly, think with your tongue! Price is $65 per person. n For more info and to make a booking, visit www.boutiquewines. Cutting edge art Six Nations Wine Challenge Until Tuesday 7th October Exhibitions at Kerrie Lowe Gallery There are three exhibitions running at the Kerrie Lowe Gallery until the 7th of October. First is Mirroring by Abbas Makrab, which utilises 3D painting and printing to create colourful, A thinkers and drinkers alert! This upcoming event will feature over 600 new world wines and will combine thinking with drinking to take it up a notch like no other wine tasting before. Taking place at Doltone House on Jones Bay Wharf from 5:308:30pm with everything handpicked by the experts for absolute quality, the Six Nations Wine Challenge asks for To be in the running to win double in-season passes to the Lavazza Italian Film Festival or Vintage Classics, email your name and contact details to au telling us where you picked up your copy of Ciao. For Advanced Style, see the box above – first 10 photos we get will win. If you entered our LIFF comp last issue, we still have your details and you'll go in the draw again. WIN Double MOVIE PASSES Only at the movies Oct 2 Trailer: Don’t forget to include a postal address. Good luck! 8


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new season new style Simply present this ad and recieve $20 off any full service FMK haberfield 70 Dalhousie St Harberfield NSW 2045 PH: 9799 1857 FMK stocklands wetherill park Shop 103, Stockland Mall 561-583 Polding St Wetherill Park NSW 2175 PH: 9604 5265 FMK fairfield heights Shop 4, 140-144 Polding St Fairfield Heights NSW 2965 PH: 9604 5264 Like us on Facebook


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FEAST of flavours in Ashfield Municipality A palatable party During the final months of 2014, Ashfield Council will be showcasing the three gems in its culinary crown – Ashfield, Haberfield and Summer Hill. A veritable trifecta of delicious destinations, the 2014 Feast of Flavours is sure to be like no foodie celebration the Inner West has ever seen. Over the coming weekend, October 10th-12th, it is Ashfield and Summer Hill’s time to shine with two unique street dining experiences. Not only will the Ashfield and Summer Hill feasts feature delicacies from local restaurants and providores but they will also involve music, dance and just a spoonful of theatricality! Well-loved restaurants are getting ready to serve up their signature dishes to the masses. Some big names on-board include Ashfield’s notoriously divine dumpling house New Shanghai and Head Chef Roy Ner from The Owl House in Darlinghurst. Here’s our chow-down guide to this year’s Feast of Flavours. Bon appetit! ASHFIELD’S TASTE OF ASIA Friday October 10th, 6pm - 9pm Ashfield Civic Centre, Ashfield Mall Forecourt and Liverpool Road Ashfield will be opening up its doors to let the delicacies and liveliness of its restaurants spill on to the street, with local chefs serving up tasting plates in the Ashfield Mall Forecourt and performers providing outdoor entertainment. Ashfield is renowned for its wonderful Shanghai-style Chinese food, but you will also be treated to flavours from the north, south and west of China and the cooking delights of Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. West or South Line to Ashfield station. Via bus catch the 483, 480, 406 or 418. n Getting there: Via train catch the Inner Black kingfish crudo with fennel, lemon and horseradish from One Penny Red in Summer Hill Our Top Pickings • • • • • • • • • Xiao Long Bao, or soupy dumplings, from New Shanghai Designer cupcakes from Dessert Devil Barbecue pork from Mr Wong Oriental Fish balls and lamb skewers from Homers Café Baingan Bharta from Sai Cuisine Indian Restaurant Taro frozen yoghurt from Yogo Espresso Tuna Tataki from Three Brothers Japanese Restaurant Gelatony Gelato from Da Vinci’s Italian Restaurant pop-up stall Shallot pancake from Shanghai Night Summer Hill Neighbourhood Feast Sunday October 12th, 10am-3pm Lackey Street, Summer Hill Hang out with the residents of one of Sydney’s most diverse foodie sites for a Sunday Lunch like no other. The neighbourhood feast will be a swinging street party showcasing Summer Hill’s family friendly food outlets, heritage architecture, coffee shops and specialist providores. Highlights of the day will include a pizza dough throwing competition, roving musicians, a garden tour and celebrity chef show. n Getting there: Via train catch the rail bus along the Inner West and South Line as rail works will be taking place. Via bus catch the 461 or 483. Roy Ner, The Owl House Darlinghurst darling, Roy Ner, is well known for his creative direction as head chef at luxe cocktail bar and eatery The Owl House, on Crown street. Throughout 2013 Roy took many trips away from inner-Sydney to visit The Owl House’s suppliers, giving him great insight into sustainable eating. RJ Lines, One Penny Red RJ specializes in contemporary Australian dishes that are at once comforting and distinguished. His seasonal approach to cooking is well respected and he is currently working with an on-site gardener to curate the One Penny Red menu in Summer Hill. RJ’s career highlights include cooking at Sydney’s famous Rockpool Bar & Grill and at the Glebe Point Diner, and a six-month sabbatical he spent farming in Southern Italy. Massimo Mele, Tutti a Tavola Up until recently Massimo was the head chef of the acclaimed Hugo’s restaurant and bar group. Now Massimo follows the beat of his own drum running a catering business and hosting a specialty Italian dining experience, Tutti a Tavola. Since his early beginnings working at his parent’s restaurant, La Belle Napoli, Massimo has graced Donovan’s Italian Restaurant in St Kilda, Mud Bar in Hobart, the Waldorf Astoria in New York and Banyan Tree Resort in Seoul with his exceptional Italian creations. Celebrity Chef Special Four of Sydney’s most admired chefs will be sharing the secrets of their favourite recipes at the Summer Hill feast, and sharing around the tasting plates too! Fouad Kassab, Chic Pea Fouad is head chef and co-owner of Chic Pea restaurant, and is one of Australia’s foremost authorities on Lebanese food. A prolific blogger and writer, Fouad has shared his passion for wholefoods and organic eating in Sydney’s most venerable food publications. Chic Pea provides a unique take on contemporary Middle-Eastern dishes using locally sourced ingredients - even their honey is made by local bees! Xiao Long Boa from New Shanghai Not Food but Still Good The Feast of Flavours 2014 will also be bringing a host of musicians, artists and dancers to Inner West streets. With so many good things happening at once, this is probably the closest you’ll get to eating your cake and having it too! Ashfield & Summer Hill feasts, interacting with festivalgoers and feeding their input into a short performance work, ‘Are You What You Eat?’ Catch AYT at both Ashfield and Summer Hill feasts on October 10th and 12th respectively. Ink and Watercolour by Emma Simmons Sweets Workshop is a retail art gallery as well as an illustration and graphic design studio. As part of the Summer Hill Neighbourhood Feast they will be exhibiting a collection of Inner West landscapes rendered in hand and water colour by local artist Emma Simmons. Sweets Workshop is located just around the corner from Lackey Street on Carlton Crescent opposite the train station, open from 10-3pm on Sunday October 12th.   Claypool Pottery Demonstration Kuseah Born and raised in Sydney to a Filipino mother and an English father, Kuseah has diverse influences of soul, reggae, hip hop, roots and ‘90s boy bands threaded through her music. Releasing her debut EP in 2013, Kuseah is one hip soul-singer on the cusp of some mega fame. Catch her crooning to Ashfield diners from 7.45pm – 8.45pm October 10th at the Ashfield Council Forecourt. The sticky stuff on your boots after a rainy day is good for lots of things. Clay, when placed in the hands of someone feeling creative has limitless possibilities, which you can explore for yourself at Claypool’s interactive artisan craft stall where you will have an opportunity to make something and take it home the same day! Say hi to the folks from the Claypool Collective all day at the Summer Hill feast, Sunday October 12th, 10am-3pm. Open Garden Visits Step in to the verdant worlds of Inner West’s greenest thumbs. Eora Community Garden on 135 Smith Street in Summer Hill will be open from 10-3pm on Sunday October 12th and you can meet the gardeners, learn about rotation technique and find out about joining the trending community gardening movement. The Old Summer Hill Post Office on 2 Moonbie Street will also have its garden open from 11-2pm on Sunday October 12th. The garden is now being used by One Penny Red to cultivate bee-attracting plants, heirloom fruits and self-seeding plants. Visit the garden to learn more about composting, worm farming and to pick up your very own seed bomb. Act What You Eat Ashfield Youth Theatre in partnership with Feast of Flavours Festivals has created a new performance work exploring the relationship between food and identity. The troop of young thespians will be getting amongst the sights and smells of the 10 Ashfield Youth Theatre rehearse ‘Are you what you eat?’


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n Your say Do you think the Inner West is protected from Australia's heightening Islamophobia? n “Probably not, there are bad eggs in every basket. I think it's also important to note that this Islamophobia is focused largely on Arabs, not all Muslims. Seems to be as much about race as it is religion.” Max, Newtown The Magic School Bus Don’t you just love driving around the Inner West during school holidays? There is less traffic, drivers have less road rage, and your stress levels come down. Why are there so many more cars on the road during school terms and why is this type of car dependency such a problem? n Sustainability n Local news Angelo xx x Lofitis with his fundraising team Children get to school on their feet xx x heightened the perception that Muslims are terrorists. What comforts me is the knowledge I am gaining through talking to my Muslim friends, who are furious about what is going on.” Daniela, Strathfield n “I'd say it's not protected. I think the Inner West would want to project the image that it is protected from Islamophobia, but that's easier when you live in a relatively white bubble.” Subeta, St Peters n “Not at all. Media has Local congestion on Inner West roads is reduced between 5% and 10% during school holidays (depending on the type of holiday). This may not seem like a lot, but during peak periods, it makes a big difference. According to Phil Akers, General Manager of the Transport Management Centre, on holidays, people also tend to avoid peak periods when driving locally. Having your kids at home means that you can schedule your day around your family and not the 9am siren. There was an 8% reduction on Victoria road, Rozelle during the Anzac Day long weekend which meant cars were even able to beat the 501. Some of the school term traffic can be attributed to parents driving their kids to school. Congestion between 8am and 9.30am is chronic on most Inner West arterials. Even “rat-runs” are starting to become more popular (the back streets used to avoid traffic jams). Some schools, such as Ashfield Boys High and Fort Street High, offer a school bus service but not nearly enough is being done to get kids to school safely and reduce the number of the cars on the road during peak times. Canada Bay Council’s recent introduction of the “Walking Bus” is a brilliant example of the small local steps schools and councils can take to reduce traffic congestion. The “Walking Bus” also helps create a social platform for traveling children while giving them their independence. A Walking School Bus is a group of primary Top Cycling Raiser Six years ago Dulwich Hill Real Estate agent Angelo Lofitis' wife was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a degenerative disease which affects 23,700 people in Australia. Not happy to sit around and do nothing, Lofitis gathered five of his mates and joined the MS Foundation's annual Sydney to the Gong fundraising bike ride, creating a team named 'Top Raisers'. In this year's Sydney to Gong ride on November 4th Top Raisers are hoping to collect over $65,000 to go towards supporting people living with MS. Angelo says he is, “Looking forward to the ride like you can't believe.” n To join the team or donate money to Angelo's team, head to and search TOP RAISERS. school children who walk to and from school along a safe set route, accompanied by a parent who 'drives' the bus, and a parent who supervises at the rear. The walking bus picks up 'passengers' along the way at designated 'bus stops'. This initiative will roll out over the next few years and with any luck, neighbouring councils will also trial the program. While organisations such as NRMA are focused on fixing Sydney’s road congestion problems with suggestions such as “more flexible working hours" and even schools trialling later start times, they do not address the fundamental issue of why do we need to drive at all? Is our car addiction a result of necessity or laziness? The 2010 Transport Roads and Maritime Services, Trip Generation Guide, reported that the Inner West’s daily vehicle trips were 10.7 per dwelling. This seems like a very high number but probably helps explain why there are always so many cars on the road. If even just two trips were eliminated (by getting kids to catch the Walking Bus), traffic congestion would be eased. Of course it is not the responsibility of schools and councils to solve Sydney’s transport problems. Serious infrastructure (bike paths, decent rail and roads), intelligent traffic controls (with spatial and temporal responses) and a cultural shift away from car addiction should be a part of our transport vision. n Words: Cindy Mullen mean different things. It could mean fear of Muslims, or fear of their religious teachings. The former arises from a lack of interaction with them, and generalisations based on isolated experiences. I would say such things happen less in progressive areas like Summer Hill and Redfern. But moving towards Parramatta there is a mix of Muslim migrant populations and conservative voters so it is probably less protected there.” Akash, Seven Hills n “Islamophobia is used to Artist's xx x impression of the planned community hub Marrickville Plans for new community hub and library After years of indecision Marrickville Council has finally agreed on a design for the community hub, new Marrickville library and an affordable housing component. The plans include 1.2 kilometres squared of open space, restoration of two heritage buildings and more than 60 underground car spots. The space will stretch from the corner of Marrickville to Livingstone Road. One of the most anticipated features of this new proposal is the much-needed new library. Greens Councilor Max Phillips stated the plans are, “Long overdue and it is essential that the current Council start construction before this term ends.” Levy Recommended to fund social housing Marrickville Council's recommendations on affordable housing strategies have been taken up in a recent report from the Legislative Council's Committee on Social, Public and Affordable Housing. Former Mayor Jo Haylen says the most useful recommendation to come out of the inquiry was that local councils be able to mandate a compulsory levy from developers to go towards community housing providers. “If implemented such a levy will give councils the capacity to raise funds for affordable housing,” she said. Haylen is concerned about the divisive impact the lack of affordable housing is having in the Inner West. “The wave of gentrification means kids cannot afford to live near their parents and people are living further from where they work. It puts a strain on our aged-care and social services because it means families cannot support each other,” she said. The average waiting period for affordable housing in Australia has risen to over two years. Currently there are 4,188 people on the waiting list for accommodation in Inner Sydney. University student and fundraiser Summer has been on the waiting list for community housing in the Inner-West since she moved out of foster care two years ago. “Having viable long-term accommodation for people who otherwise have no support is so important. Going to hospital for week-long periods makes paying rent very difficult, but if social housing were made Former Mayor Jo Haylen leaves smiling Lighting Up Kenya Inner West lighting companies are working with sustainable lighting supplier Brightgreen to fund solar lighting for families in Kenya, where 25 per cent of houses are off the power grid. For every $2000 spent a Kenyan family will receive a solar-energy kit that can be traced by local buyers. Nick from Sydney Lighthouse in Leichhardt says, “This campaign is important because it allows consumers to help build much needed technology in Kenya.” ECC Lighting and Furniture in Redfern, Sydney Lighthouse in Leichhardt and The Light Shop in Drummoyne are all involved in the campaign. available to me my abilities would be taken into account,” she said. Summer says suburbs without community housing suffer as well. “It gentrifies the area and depletes diversity, and it means that areas where social housing is concentrated develop a culture of poverty. I was lucky to live next to a university growing up, and that inspired me to study hard." Thought about a career in clinical coding? The Centre for Education and Workforce Development, a delivery site of the NSW Health Registered Training Organisation, is offering a Certificate III in Health Administration. This program will provide you with a complete nationally recognised qualification and job readiness skills for a role as a clinical coder. Student placements and practical coding sessions are a highlight of this course. The program will be delivered over 9 months at the campus in Rozelle with placements in Sydney hospitals. Applications close on 7 October 2014 for a 20 October start. For more information contact Vicki Nicolaou on vicki.nicolaou@sswahs.nsw. or 8755 3518, or go to 12


p. 13

East Coming Soon Shop 52 Level 3 2A Defries Avenue Zetland NSW 2017


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n Dulwich hill special feature The Yoga Nook Last week’s Dulwich Hill Fair was a huge success. A record breaking 7000 people attended the event and discovered the delightful Dulwich Hill and all it has to offer. Local businesses showcased everything from gourmet cheese to handmade fascinators. Locals and visitors alike were pleasantly surprised by the eclectic (sometimes quirky) array of shops on both New Canterbury and Marrickville Roads. There is so much more to discover in Dulwich Hill, and one visit only lets you scratch the surface. Dig a little deeper and you will discover even more hidden gems. Here are a few beauties off the beaten track. Enjoy Sydney’s best kept secret..... The Yoga Nook on Marrickville Road is a BKS Iyengar yoga school that was opened in 2002 by Linda Apps. The school offers classes for people of all levels, with four experienced teachers working there. The school encourages all its students to develop their own yoga practice, making it accessible to all. Hands of Imagination Hands of Imagination, contrary to its name, is a millinery. Designer Leanne Carroll was originally a pop artist, but she took a leap of faith back in 2002 and has been following that dream ever since. Each hat is made with a lot of love and is beautifully crafted to be a fanciful addition to any wardrobe. Izmir Delicatessen This Turkish deli-market has been in business since 1999. The store has a literal cornucopia of inspiring gourmet delights, great for any aspiring chef, as well as all your local grocery needs. They also have a new catering service which is great for any celebration or get-together. Dulwich Hill Sewing Centre Dulwich Hill Sewing Centre, located at 460 New Canterbury Road, delivers what it promises. They have a good range of new and second-hand machines as well as repairs and replacement parts. This is the place for all your sewing needs. Scandals Direct Scandals Direct has friendly, knowledgeable staff who are passionate about fashion. They carry ladies fashion that can be worn for “every moment and occasion of your day,” in fabrics and styles that flatter your body shape. Scandals Direct supports Australian fashion and stocks labels like Yesadress, Zeb Art and Queen of Eve that are either designed and/or made in Australia. Ophelia Belle Couture Established in 2005 by Danielle Brennan, who has worked for designers such as Nicola Fenetti and Andrea Rembeck, Ophelia Belle is a bridal couture store that offers only the highest level of style and detail reflecting the romantic and feminine spirit of the bride. 14


p. 15

Jack and the Beanstalk First opened in 1972, Jack and the Beanstalk is a family-owned business renowned for its fantastic selection of mouth-watering cakes and baked goods. While focusing on desserts, you don’t need a sweet tooth to enjoy their fare; there are plenty of savoury items too. Catherine Colubriale Couture From bridal dresses to eveningwear to the latest hits on the catwalk, Catherine Colubriale Couture knows fashion. Catherine designs every dress herself and she most certainly has both the talent and the passion to do it well. Oricco Chicken Medina Interior Medina Interior was established with a love of unique and rare Moroccan gifts and homewares. Experienced importers since 2000, there is no better place for a great range of ceramics, silverware, pottery, furniture and more, all with a beautiful Moroccan flair. It might be a bit simple, but that doesn’t make it any less great. Oricco Chicken is easily one of the best chicken shops in Sydney with great roasts and burgers and everything is very reasonably priced. They also have a good range of delicious Lebanese foods. Fitness by ART Fitness by ART is a clinic that caters to every demographic and provides services from personal trainers to sports injury recovery. Their extremely experienced team has worked at both the professional and personal level and is very active with local sports groups. Café Barkery A love for good food and dogs was the inspiration for Café Barkery. It is no longer difficult to find healthy, all natural dog treats. Whether you are training a new pup or just want to treat your oldest friend, Café Barkery has the best tasting snacks for your best friend. Candlelight Confectionery Inspired by the growing trend of quality over quantity, Candlelight Confectionery has strived to be the very best in chocolate. They supply to local restaurants as well as to the general public and have a great range of confectionery for all kinds of special events. 15



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