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Minibeasts Brodie


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What is its name? • St. Andrews cross spider


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Where it lives • The St Andrew’s Cross spider is found in eastern Australia in habitats ranging from rainforest to open forests.


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What does it eat? • The St Andrew’s Cross spider eats flies, moths, butterflies, bugs and bees.


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How it moves? • The St Andrew’s Cross spider moves on its 8 legs.


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Does it have any predators and what or who are they • The St Andrew cross spiders predators are sometimes snakes and big animals.


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How does it communicate? • Spiders communicate by making its web.


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Does it drink? • The St Andrew’s Cross spider does drink once a year.


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Does it have a head, thorax and abdomen? • It has a head, thorax and abdomen.


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Does it have an exoskeleton? • The St Andrew’s cross spider has an exoskeleton.


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What other interesting information can I include? • A St Andrew’s cross spider can grow up to 1.6cm long.



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