Allegro Learns How to be an Eco-Warrior


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Another story about the adventurous cockroach Allegro by two Year 4 authors.

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Allegro Learns How to be an Eco-Warrior By Nathan and Hannan


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Once there was a fearless cockroach. His name was Allegro. Allegro lived in Elm Park School, in Room 13. Allegro listened to every conversation. He asked Nathan and Hannan. " How do I become an Eco-warrior?" " You need to care about the environment, be adventurous, brave and able to cope with other people," they both said. "Wow what is this used for?" asked Allegro. "These are the pickers that we use to pick up rubbish," answered Hannan.


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"Can I join the Eco-Warriors can I, can I?" Allegro said in excitement. "Of course," the teacher said. " Who are these people?" asked Allegro. " These are the Eco-Warriors" replied Nathan. "It's a photo from the Eco-Warriors blog." " You have got a lot of Eco-Warriors," said Allegro. " Can I join the Eco-Warriors one day?" asked Allegro. The following day Allegro joined the Eco-Warriors. He went out every Friday lunchtime to help clean up the Elm Park Reserve and test the quality of the water in the stream.


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One Friday, just as Allegro rode out on Hannan's shoulder for another rubbish search, he spotted a bit of rubbish. "Hey guys, a bit of rubbish." "We need to pick it up," said Nathan. "Good spotting Allegro," said Hannan. "Cool, a front row seat, this is AWESOME," shouted Allegro. "It is awesome being up front," Hannan told Allegro. "Wait up boys," shouted the teacher.


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After the team arrived back at school after their excursion, they examined their buckets and remarked, "Wow look at all this rubbish!" "I bet we saved a lot of rubbish from going into the stream," Allegro told Hannan. "We sure did. Small pieces of plastic are really bad for fish!" Allegro was proud to become an Eco Warrior at last. He knew he would love Fridays best, "Here is a note to say that you can come to Eco-Warriors every Friday" "Thank you thank you Hannan and Nathan." "You're welcome Allegro," said Nathan.


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"I should leave a letter to thank them both for teaching me how to be a Eco-warrior, he said to himself. Dear Hannan and Nathan Thank you for teaching me how to be an Eco-Warrior. Love Allegro Dedication This book is dedicated to the real Allegro that came into our room. The End



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