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Watchtower year 1934 La Torre di Guardia annata 1934

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~e watcht0wer ptmlished semi·monthly by its mission his journal is published for the purpose of enabling the people to know jehovah god and his purposes as expressed in the bible it publishes bible instruction speci1ically designed to aid jehovah s witnesses it providcs systematic bible study for all its readers and supplies teachers to aid any person or company of persons engaged in since o bible study it publishes suitable material for radio broad· casting and for other means of public instruction in the scriptures it adheres strictly to the bible as authority for its utterances it is entirely free and separate from all parties sects or other worldly organizatiodj it is wholly and without reservation for the kingdom of jehovah god under christ bis beloved king it is not dogmatic but invites careful and critical examination of its contents in the light of tho scriptures it does not indulge in controversy and its col· umdj are not open to personalities watch tower bible fj tract society 117 adams street brooklyn n y u s a offioers t j f rutherford president w e van amburgli secretary ~reat shall and all thy children shall be taught of jehovah and be the peace of thy children -isaiah 54:i3 the scriptures clearly teach that jehovah is the only true god is from everlasting to everlasting the maker of heaven and earth and the giver of life to his creatures that the logos was the beginning of his creation and his active agent in the creation of all things that the logos is now the lord jesus christ in glory clothed with all power in heaven and earth and the chief executive officer of jehovah that god created the earth for man created perfect man for the earth and placed him upon it that man wilfully disobeyed god s law and was sentenced to death that by reason of adam s wrong act all men are born sinners and without the right to life that jesus was made human and the man jesus suffered death in order to produce the ransom or redemptive price for all mankind that god raised up jesus divine and exalted him to heaven above every creature and above every name and clothed him with all power and authority that jehovah s organization is called zion and that christ jesus is the chief officer thereof and is the rightful king of the world that the anointed and faithful followers of christ jesus are children of zion members of jehovah s organization and are his witnesses whose duty and privilege it is to testify to the supremacy of jehovah declare his purposes toward mankind as expressed in the bible and to bear the fruits of the kingdom before all who will hear that the world has ended and the lord jesus christ has been placed by jehovah upon his throne of authority has ousted satan from heaven and is proceeding to the establishment of god s kingdom on earth that the relief and blessin~s of the peoples of earth can come only by and through jehovah s kingdom under christ which has now begun that the lord s next great act is the destruction of satan s organization and the establishment of righteousness in the earth and that under the kingdom all those who will obey its righteous laws shall be restored and live on earth forever dividing the people the title of this new booklet focuses attention on the work which jehovah god by hi judge at the temple christ jesus is now doing in view of the great slaughter to occur at armageddon the cover illustration is very expressive of the title and gives compelling force thereto this booklet contains the three lectures the true god the mimic goll and why serve jehovah delivered within recent months over both a mast·to·coast radio network and one along the atlantic coast and which deserve thoughtful study by all like all other booklets of the society it may be had for 5c dividing the people testimony period yurly subscription price american remittances should be made uy express or postal !lioney order or by bank draft canadian british south african and australasian remittances should be mauo direct to the respectiyo branch ofllces remittances from couutries other than those men· tioned may be made to the brooklyn office but by international postal money order only foreign offices briti8h ·········· 34 craven terrace london w 2 englalld canadian ·····.· 40 irwin avenue toronto ontario canada australasia .· 7 beresford road strathfield n s w australia south atrican ···· boston house cape town south africa please address the society in every case united states $1.00 canada and $1.50 great britain australasia miscellane.ous foreig and south africa 7s transzation8 of this journal appear ,n several languages all sincere students of the bible who by reason of infinnlty poverty or adversity are unable to pay the subscription price may have tile watchtouer free upon written appllcation to the publi$hers made once each year stating the reason for so requesting it we are glad to thus aid the needy but the written application once each year is required by the postal regulations notl.ce to subscribers acknowledgment of a new or a renewal subscription will be sent only when requested change of address when requested may be expected to appear on address label within one month a renewal blank carrying notice of expiration will be sent with the journal one month before the subscription expires entered iz8 second clas8 man matter at brooklyn n y postofjice act 01 march 8 1819 year book the year book for 1934 is now ready the society has had the grandest and most intense and effective service year of its history and the annual report thereon as compiled by the president will be sure to deli~ht all who have the kingdom interests at heart also there is a pointed discussion of the 1934 year text and a text and appropriate comment for each day of the year the book is 50c a copy mailed anywhere remittance to cover should accompany each order company members will place their orders with the local stockkeeper that he may send in a group order this will reduce shipping costs and also expedite filling of orders here as suggested by the name the period from january 20 to 28 inclusive has been set aside to specialize on offering to the people the newest booklet dividing the people during these nine days jehovah s witnesses as one man in christ jesus will be in action and whether privileged to distribute the abnve booklet in their respective languages or not will he equally engaged in marking the foreheads of those hoping in the lord s name and thus be instruments of the lord in his division work all watchtower readers also all those foreshadowed by .tonadab may participate the importance of tho campai~n behooves that due preparation be begun without de!ay by companies and individuals alike the 1934 calendar the society s calendar for 1934 will be a beautiful adornment and help in the homes of all interested in jehovah s purposes at this.time not only is the year s text set forth but a ffiaa ilificent picture expressive thereof and also a special message from the president of the society the date pad inlli· cates the periods of special world·wide witnessing arranged for the year the calenllar may be had at 23c a copy or in lots of 5 or more at 20c apiece members of companies may avail themselves of this latter rate by placing thcir oruers with their stockkeeper.


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miewaicihit0wier and herald of chrrr§t~§ presence january vol lv i 1934 no.1 hope hin his name shall [the nations hope matt 12 21 roth ehovah caused his prophet to give utterance to the words of the above text the words are therefore jehovah s giving expression to his purpose and having purposed it he will also do it the peoples of the nations of earth need to know that jehovah is the only true and almighty god he has made provision for them to know because jehovah s name has been defamed he has appointed christ jesus the vindicator of his great and holy name those who refuse to hear and give heed to god s great vindicator shall be destroyed those who desire to know the will and name of jehovah god shall learn and then obeying him they shall live 2 in the years next preceding this we have had emphasized the scriptural truths that they shall know that jehovah is god and that the privilege of delivering the testimony of this great truth is given to jehovah s witnesses and for that reason these witnesses are the objects of satan s wrath jehovah s witnesses having received his name which he bestows upon them have learned that his name is their high tower and into it they run and are safe they are not immune from persecution but remaining faithful to the name of jehovah they shall be delivered the peoples of the nations are without hope in the world therefore appropriate for this year is the text in his name shall [the nations hope having this text in mind during the year jehovah s witnesses will appreciate their duty and privilege in carrying such great truths to the people even though by so doing they must endure many hardships in this manner must they follow in the footsteps of christ jesus their head and lord and the record there shows that his holy name must be completely vindicated satan declared before jehovah that if god would afilict or permit affliction to come upon perfect man that man would curse god to his face meaning necessa rily that all men would in time become the enemies of god and turn against him and thus prove that no man would maintain his integrity toward god when put to the crucial test jehovah god accepted that challenge and permitted the test to proceed job 2 4-6 should satan eventually prove the truth of his boastful challenge the name of jehovah would stand for ever blemished but if satan fails in his boastful challenge the name of jehovah god stands completely and for ever vindicated satan is doomed to complete failure the victory is given to the most high adam the first man created by the lord god was perfect in his organism but he failed to maintain his integrity toward his creator which fact tended to prove satan s side of the question at issue all of the human race descended from adam hence all were born in sin and as sinners they could have no standing before god rom 5 12 then jehovah made his logos or word a man full of grace and truth and caused him to dwell upon the earth amongst men john 1 14 adam and jesus were the only two perfect human creatures that have ever lived on the earth jesus was sent to the earth in the name of his father jehovah god which necessarily means that he was sent as the vindicator of jehovah s name that is to say to prove that the challenge made by satan is false a jesus was a perfect man which truth is often denied god sent forth his son made of a woman gal 4 4 that the man christ jesus was perfect of necessity must be true for several scriptural reasons jesus was the direct creation of jehovah and his work is perfect deut 32:4 he was sent to be the ransomer redeemer and savior of sinful man matt 1 25 john 3 16 1 tim 2 5 6 he must therefore be a price exactly corresponding to the man adam at the time adam was perfect and before adam sinned as man s redeemer jesus was foreshadowed by the paschal lamb slain in egypt which lamb must j vindicator · jehovah god being the creator of all things good his name must stand for everything that is good pure holy lovable and righteous he having purposed to do a thing and having given his word as expressing that purpose a failure to accomplish that purpose would prove that his name does not stand for everything that is good holy pure righteous and all-powerful the experience of job discloses the question or issue raised as involving the name of jehovah god a


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4 fj1ie watchtower brooklyn n y be without blemish ex 12 5 man is not redeemed by an imperfect thing but with the precious blood of christ as of a lamb without blemish and without spot 1 pet 1 19 nothing more and nothing less than a perfect man could be the ransomer or redeemer of the human race because god would require only the life of a perfect man jesus was made a little lower than the angels a man perfect in every respect -heb.2:7 made perfect 8 if jesus was perfect as a man then why is it writ ten of him in the scriptures that he was made phfect through suffering heb 2 10 5 9 that scripture could not mean that he was made perfect in his organism as a man by reason of suffering because he was already perfect could it mean that he was made perfect as a spirit creature it could not mean that for the reason that he is jehovah god s creature and whatsoever god creates is perfect and suffering could not make him more perfect deut 32 4 does it mean that he was made perfect in character development f no for the reason he was at all times a perfect character does it mean that by his sufferings he was made perfect as a new creature 1 no because as a new creature he was never at any time imperfect and indeed could not be t what then is meant by the scripture though he were a son yet learned he obedience by the thin~s which he suffered and being made perfect he became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him heb 5 8 9 jehovah god sent his leloved son to earth as the vindicator of his jeho vah s name the issue or question for determination was could a perfect man be subjected to all manner of aillictions and sufferjngs and maintain his integrity toward god f satan said he could not god s word and name declared exactly the contrary in order to prove the name of jehovah the perfect man jesus must be subjected to the assaults and sufferings that satan would inflict upon him if he came through the fire of affliction unscathed and victorious that would prove satan a liar and jehovah right it was satan who tempted jesus at the beginning of his ministry and thereby attempted to bring about his self-destruction failing in that then satan causrd jesus to be persecuted in every conceivable manner truly he was oppressed and he was afflicted god did not afflict his own dearly beloved son yet it pleased the lord to bruise him [and put him to grief isa 53 7-10 8 why would it thus please jehovah to have his son put to griefy god permitted his son to thus be bruised and affiicted because it was necessary in order to settle the question at issue raised by the boastful challenge of satan there never was a time that jesus was disobedient to his father but he must suffer in order to learn obedience under suffering and thus prove that under suffering he would be obedient therefore in all of his sufferings jesus learned obedience and steadfastly maintained his integrity toward jehovah god the final suffering came when jesus knew that he was to die the ignominious death of a sinner jesus did not fear death but because his father s name vas involved he did fear that dying like a sinner he would thus defame his father s name because the devil would appear to triumph for that reason jesus in gethsemane cried out father if thou be willing remove this cup from me nevertheless not my will but thine be done luke 22 42 that time of suffering is the same referred to by the apostle who wrote who in the days of his flesh when he had offered up prayers and supplications with strong crying and tears unto him that was able to save him from death and was heard in that he feared reb 5 7 the scriptural proof is conclusive that jehovah at that time gave jesus assurance that his death as a sinner would not be a reproach to the name of jehovah but that eventually jehovah would use that very thing to the vindication of his name and there appeared an angel unto him from heaven strengthening him luke 22 43 thereafter jesus exhibited no fear whatsoever which shows that it was not death that he feared but that his agony was because of the apparent triumph of satan 9 the meaning of the scripture above quoted concerning jesus being made perfect by suffering manifestly is this as the son of god he was perfect but as a son who was at all times obedient to his father he had not suffered and there was no occasion for him to suffer he was made a perfect man and now jehovah would have him prove that a perfect man can be subjected to all manner of suffering and still maintain his integrity toward god and this being done such would prove satan to be a liar and woald be a vindication of jehovah s name jesus must therefore go through all manner of suffering and through it all he was obedient to his father hence he learned obedience by the things which he suffered whether he suffered or did not suffer he was always obedient but if he had not suffered there would have brcn no proof that he would be obedient under suffering his constant obedience under the most terrible suffering proved satan s boastful challenge absolutely false and hence was the vindication of jehovah the word in this text above quoted and which is rendered make perfect is also rendered to complete accomplish finish and fulfil by remaining steadfast throughout his period of suffering jesus did completely accomplish and fulfil his father s side of the question at issue and this he did by being obedient to his father under the severe test 10 what was jehovah s purpose in thus having his beloved son made perfect through suffering 7 the answer is to prove that satan is a liar and that his challenge is without foundation and that jehovah


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january 1 1934 g:fie watc1;it0wer god is right and always righteous and that the one gaining the victory over satan under the test would prove his qualification to be the redeemer of man and the leader of all obedient creation back to the father and the one whom jehovah would use to destroy the devil therefore says the apostle and being made perfect he became the author of eternal salvation un· to all them that obey him heb 5 9 11 it was necessary for jesus to be a human creature of flesh and blood like other men and as a man meeting the terms of the question at issue to prove his qualification to be the one whom jehovah would use to destroy the devil and all of his wicked organization in support of this conclusion it is written since then the children are sharers in flesh and blood he also himself in like manner partook of the same that through death he might bring to nought him that had the power of death that is the devil -heb 2 14 a.r.v 12 jesus by his triumph in this contest becomes the vindicator of jehovah s name and the executioner appointed by jehovah to destroy the enemy the resurrection of jesus proved that jesus had been faithful and true to jehovah had maintained his integrity as a man and therefore as a perfect man he had fully and completely met the contest and vindicated his father s name this proves satan s boastful challenge to be an empty thing jesus not only becomes the redeemer of mankind but becomes the vindicator of his father s name and the leader and commander of au peoples and au who live must obey him and this is a further vindication of jehovah s name jehovah therefore commands that all creation shall bow before the name of christ jesus wherefore god also hath highly exalted him and given him a name which is above every name that at the name of jesus every knee should bow of things in heaven and things in earth and things under the earth and that every tongue should confess that jesus christ is lord to the glory of god the father phil 2 9-11 the suffering of jesus therefore had nothing whatsoever to do with making him perfect as a man or perfect as a new creature divine or perfect in character development but by his suffering he did prove fully and completely that a perfect man can under the most severe test and suffering remain true obedient and steadfastly devoted to jehovah god only those who suffer in like manner and who in like manner prove their integrity toward god will be permitted to be associated with christ jesus in his kingdom 2 tim 2 12 that the suffering of christ and his true followers is a privilege enabling them to have a part in the vindication of jehovah s name is further supported by the following texts for even hereunto were ye called because christ also suffered for us leaving us an example that ye should follow his steps l pet 2 21 because to ou it was graciously given on behalf of christ not only to believe into him but also to suffer on his account phil 1 29 diag his name 13 having proved his father s side of the great issue by reason of his faithfulness even unto the ignominious death jesus when he was raised up out of death and ascended on high was ready to proceed with the work of destroying the enemy if such was the will of his father that was a part of the work he was commissioned to do this is proved by the statement jehovah saith unto my lord sit thou at my right hand until i make thine enemies thy footstool j ehovah will send forth the rod of thy strength out of zion rule thou in the midst of thine enemies ps 110 1 2 a.r.v heb 10 12 13 jesus must await jehovah s due time to destroy the enemy and his organization during that period of waiting two impol·tant things would come to pass to wit 1 j ehovah would permit the devil to remain and continue his efforts to prove his side of the question at issue and to practice all kinds of frand deceit and opprpssion particularly by and through fraudulent religion and 2 jehovah would take out from amongst imperfect men a company to be associated with christ jesus who must prove their integrity to jehovah and be made the associates of jesus in zion and who must declare the name of jehovah throughout the earth and thus further prove satan as a liar and a fraud but for this cause have i allowed thee to remain in order to show thee my power and in order that they may proclaim my name throughout all the earth ex 9 16 lees 14 jehovah puts his own name upon his beloved son and commands that all creation must worship him why would he do that it is the name of jehovah that is involved and now his beloved son having been appointed to the office of vindicator and executioner he bears the name of his father jehovah honors him above any and all others jehovah puts his spirit upon his beloved son and the father and son are one that is to say in complete unity for the accomplishment of jehovah s purpose the father is l fastllr and christ jesus his son is the servant hence subject to jehovah behold my servant whom i uphold mine elect in whom my soul delighteth i have put my spirit upon him he shall bring forth judgment to the gentiles [nations isa 42:1 christ means the anointed one of jehovah which means that jehovah has commissioned this mighty one to carry out his purposes and particularly the vindication of his name concerning his anointed one jehovah says i am jehovah that is my name and my glory will i not give to another [than christ neither my praise unto graven images isa 42 8 a.r.v no crea· ture aside from jehovah s anointed can ever have the honor of bearing his name images or organizations that parade in the name of god and of christ are not permitted to share in that honor those who have this


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6 fiffie watcht0wer brooklyn n y honor conrcrred upon them must prove their integrity to jehovah god and it is limited to christ jesus and the members of his body others 15 during the waiting period of 1800 years and more jehovah has been gathering out from amongst human creatures those who have signified their desire to be the followers of the lord jesus christ in that period of time millions of persons have professed to be followers of christ jesus but the devil has blinded most of them by his divers and numerous fraudulent methods most of those professed ones have understood that jehovah was trying to get them into heaven so that the devil could not get all the human race into hell such a conclusion is entirely foreign to jehovah s purpose many persons have heard the truth in recent years and responded thereto but only a small number comparatively speaking have been chosen satan has turned millions of professed followers of christ jesus away from god and god has at no time tried to prevent him from so doing those who worship god must do so in spirit sincerity and truth 18 what god has been doing during the waiting period is to take out from the nations a people for his name acts 15 14 this people taken out and approved by jehovah must bear his name since jehovah confers this honor on none aside from his anointed it follows that all thus taken out must follow the lord jesus not only for a time but to the end and that they must prove their integrity must become members of god s organization of which the anointed christ jesus is the head and must bear testimony to the name of jehovah faithfully unto the end to take men and women to heaven would be no honor to jehovah s name but to select out from amongst fallen men 144,000 who would prove their integrity and unswerving devotion to jehovah god even unto death is a vindication of his name because such further proves the devil s boastful challenge is wickedly false the anointed servant of the most high is composed of christ jesus and 144,000 who are made the associates of christ jesus all of these must through suffering learn obedience and prove their faithfulness unto god they must all be brought to unity and made one in christ even as god and christ jesus are one john 17 21 the 144,000 company must be brought into absolute unity and participate in the vindication of jehovah s name eph 4 11.14 such unity means perfect and harmonious action as members of god s organization to vindicate his name this unity is accomplished when christ jesus comes to the temple builds up zion and puts the entire organization into harmonious aetion under his direct supervision the waiting period named in the psalm ended in 1914 and then jehovah sent forth his beloved son to rule and he comes to his temple and gathers the approved ones because the time has arrived for the vindication of jehovah s great name -ps.110:2 the nations in the year text the term nations means the peoples throughout the earth matt 12 21 many millions of these profess to be followers of christ jesus and yet most of them are without hope because they are ignorant of jehovah s purpose after cen· turies of operation of a religious system called ,1 0 1 ganized christianity the peoples of christendom are hopeless divers and numerous schemes formulate ed by men and man-made organizations have been placed before the people and which schemes have promised the people relief and blessings the people have feared their mell leaders and have trusted in them and for that reason have been led into the snare of the enemy they have failed to trust in god and in his word i the fear of man bringeth a snare but whoso putteth his trust in the lord shall be safe prov 29 25 selfish men have made and promul gated these various schemes and the invisible ruler satan the devil has overreached the men of the world and hence led the whole world into his snare the nations of the earth are therefore under the domination of that wicked one the devil 1 john 5 19 only those who have trusted in the lord and who faithfully serve him have escaped the snares of the wicked one ps 11d 110 2 tim 2 26 satan by and through his various worldly agencies has blinded the people to the truth of god s purpose in times past the people had hope in the schemes of men but now those schemes have all failed and the people are sad and distressed prov 13 12 no person can have a substantial hope who is without knowledge of god and his kingdom the only hope for the nations of the earth is the name of jehovah and his christ because it is the kingdom under christ that will vine dicate jehovah s name and bring relief to mankind 18 the watchtower has stated that the clergy of i organized christianity serve the devil and do not serve jehovah god this statement has been vigorously challenged the contention being that there are sincere ministers who preach and who are preaching the gospel as they believe it the answer thereto is that sincerity in belief does not make one a servant of jehovah god let it be conceded that there are sincere men in the ministry of so-called organized christianity it must also be conceded by those who defend them that such ministers preach doctrines that are selfish even those who preach that the salvation of man comes by and through the blood of christ jesus tell the people that jehovah s purpose is to save men and take them to heaven in order to prevent the devil from getting all mankind such a conclusion not only is erroneous but is extremely selfish and results from deception practiced upon men by satan and thus such men are made to serve the devil regardless of whether they are sincere or not 11


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january 1 1934 silie watcht0wer 7 they are the servants of him whom they serve rom 6 16 the clergy of organized christianity never tell the people that there will be but a small number to go to heaven and that the most that are saved will find restitution blessings under the kingdom of god on earth they never tell the people about the vindication of jehovah s name by and through his king christ jesus and that their hope rests in faithfulness to god and his kingdom they do not tell the people these things because they do not believe them they tell the people probably in all sincerity that god sends afflictions upon them because of their indifference to their church obligations which is not only erroneous but a defamation of god s holy name and serves the devil the preaching of error even though done in all sincerity tends to turn the people away from jehovah god and thus makes the preacher of such error a servant of satan in order for the people to have hope they must know the truth the leader 21 jehovah sent his beloved son to earth to bear testimony to the truth and everyone who maintains his integrity toward god must hear and obey the truth as declared by christ jesus john 18 37 jehovah by and through christ jesus takes out from amongst men a people for his name now as the great vindicator of jehovah s name christ jesus commands these taken-out ones to preach this gospel of the kingdom as a witness to the nations matt 24 14 this means that they must obey this commandment in order to maintain their integrity towards jehovah sharing the honor 22 jehovah having taken out from amongst the nations a people for his name and having now brought them unto zion and built them up into his organization he bestows upon them as members of the christ his own great name this is the honor or glory which no others are permitted to have and the gentiles [nations shall see thy righteousness and all kings thy glory and thou shalt be called by a new name which the mouth of the lord shall name ha 62 2 as christ jesus is the great witness of jehovah likewise all those who are brought into unity with him ~nd upon whom the new name is bestowed must be witnesses to the name of god and christ hence jehovah says to them ye are my witnesses that i am god that is to say the supreme onc and besides whom there is no other isa 43 10-12 jehovah committed to christ jesus the testimony of his purpose to vindicate his name and all those who are brought into unity with christ have in turn committed to them the privilege duty and obligation of bearing witness to that great name rev 12 17 christ jesus is therefore the great leader and great witness to all those who are now in zion and those who continue therein must be witnesses to the name of jehovah god and to his kingdom the greatest of all questions for determination is the vindication of jehovah s name all other matters are subsidiary thereto the salvation of the human race or any portion thereof will be a vindication of jehovah s name and prove his supremacy but the salvation of the human race is not the important thing jehovah could wipe out the entire race and make a new one and in so doing he would in no wise violate justice on the other hand by placing the truth before his creatures and giving life everlasting to those who willingly obey him such is a vindication of his name and results beneficially to the creature that obeys when the wicked are destroyed and those who love god and are obedient are given life such proves that jehovah alone is the supreme one and worthy of all worship and joyful service that will settle for ever the question of supremacy and then all creation will see that only the obedient ones are given life everlasting by the most high thus is magnified the name of jehovah s anointed king through whose name he brings vindication and the hope of life to the obedient ones of creatures 20 jehovah made christ jesus his servant or anointed one to vindicate his name he appointed jesus as leader of all who will ever get life therefore it is written by his prophet incline your ear and come unto me hear [obey and your soul shall live behold i have given him for a witness to the people a leader and commander to the people isa 55 3 4 those who faithfully and successfully follow the leader must have faith and confidence in the leader and must obey his commandments they must do as the leader does and since christ jesus maintained his integrity toward jehovah god others who live must do likewise he leads first those whom he associates with him in his kingdom and afterwards all that get life everlasting 18 supremacy the question of supremacy must now be for ever settled because it is jehovah s due time to settlc it he has assembled zion and made his taken-out people a part thereof and to them he says i am the first and i am the last and beside me there is no god fear ye not neither be afraid have not i told tlll e from that time and have ii not declared it ye are even my witnesses isa 44 6-8 jehovah s anointed therefore must fully trust him and fparlcssly declare his name the time approaches now whpu jehovah will give opportunity to the people to determine in whom they will trust and whom they will serve because he has made christ jesus his vindicator jehovah now speaks to his great servant and witness saying thus saith god jehovah he that created the heavens and stretched them forth he that spread abroad the earth and that which cometh out of it he that giveth breath unto the people upon it and spirit to them that walk therein i jehovah 23


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a:he watcht0wer have called thee in righteousness and will hold thy hand and will keep thee and give thee for a covenant of the people for a light of the [nations to open the blind eyes to bring out the prisoners from the dungeon and them that sit in darkness out of the prison-house isa 42 5-7 a.r.v this scripture does not say that christ jesus is commissioned to take the people to heaven but it does say that he is commissioned to open their blind eyes and inform them of the truth that they may have an opportunity to choose whom they will serve those who believe upon the name of the lord jesus christ the great redeemer and the vindicator of jehovah s name have reason for a hope they must then be obedient to jehovah the supreme one everyone who maintains his integrity toward god to that extent therefore will prove satan to be a liar and hence have a part in the vindication of jehovah s name 2 when jesus had endured much suffering and thereby continued to be obedient unto his father he was made the vindicator of his father s name for that reason jehovah made christ jesus his right hand and his holy arm to accomplish his purpose of proving his own great supremacy it is jehovah therefore who gains the victory over his enemies but he gets this victory by and through his beloved son as his instrument and he makes his son this instrument or vindicator because the son was obedient under suffering in harmony with this jehovah caused to be written by his prophet 0 sing unto the lord a new song for he hath done marvellous things his right hand and his holy arm hath gotten him the victory the lord hath made known his salvation his righteousness hath he openly shewed in the sight of the [nations ps 98 1,2 it is jehovah who saves the obedient ones and gives them everlasting life and this he does for his own great name s sake their salvation is a vindication of his name and this vindication operates beneficially to everyone who proves his integrity toward god desire 15 all reasonably sane persons desire to have life and to dwell in peace and to enjoy the things which god has provided for them no human creature can realize such desired blessings until he learns whence they come and what he must do to obtain them jehovah god sent his beloved son to earth that man might believe in him and live and not perish john 3 16 that means that without knowledge and without belief mankind must perish the life of the perfect man jesus provided the redemptive price for man but in order for man to reap the benefits thereof he must know jehovah god and christ jesus and choose to be obedient to the righteous laws of his kingdom where there is no vision [knowledge and understanding the people perish but he that keepeth the law happy is he prov 29 18 hence it is written this is life eternal that they might know thee the brooklyn n y only true god and jesus christ whom thou hast sent john 17 3 jehovah has made provision for the people to learn and he lays the privilege and obligation upon his witnesses to now declare to them that their hope is in his kingdom 26 the crisis is here when the paramount question must be settled satan is exercising all his power in his efforts to win but he is certain to lose satan would destroy all the people rather than see any of them serve god satan continues to oppress and increase the burdens of the people and this drives them to desperation rev 12 12 the rulers in their efforts to pull the world out of the mire continue to lay greater burdens upon the people there is absolutely nothing in this world upon which the people can hope hence the nations are in despair 21 standing out boldly in contrast to the miserable condition of the world is jehovah god s gracious provision for obedient mankind he has made clmst jesus his vindicator and has placed the name of christ above every name save that of his alone and he calls upon the people to hear his great king and to learn the importance of his name the remnant of the elect company yet on earth are made the witnesses of jehovah and they are commanded to point the people of good will to jehovah s kingdom and his great king the name of christ jesus stands for the kingdom of jehovah which will vindicate jehovah s name and in his name shall [the nations hope and there is no other name in which they can hope or whereby they can possibly be saved acts 4 12 jehovah s witnesses must therefore point the people to this one and only and complete hope 28 is it to be expected that jehovah s witnesses can give testimony to the name of jehovah god and his kingdom without being subjected to persecution and suffering 1 certainly not the devil piled persecutions upon jesus in an effort to prove his side of the question at issue and to prevent the giving of testimony by jesus concerning god and his kingdom amidst great sufferings jesus continued to the end to bear testimony to the truth and to maintain his integrity and to thus prove god to be true those who are associated with him and particularly the remnant now on earth must likewise suffer at the hands of satan because they are bearing the testimony of christ jesus the great king at the same time they must maintain their integrity by learning obedience by and through the things which they must suffer we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of god acts 14:22 but there is a real joy in tribulation when we know that the tribulation is heaped upon us because we are doing right in obedience to god s commandments and if we continue faithful unto the end we shall prove our integrity and thus have a part in the vindication of jehovah s name that is the reason jesus invites his faithful ones to enter into the joy of thy lord meaning the joy of


p. 10

january 1 1934 mie watcht0wer 9 participating in the vindication of his father s name fering that jehovah sent his beloved son jesus to matt 25 21 for the same reason the apostle wrote earth made him a perfect man and permitted him i am exceeding joyful in all our tribulation to be subjected to great sufferings in order that by the 2 cor 7 4 as jehovah s witnesses go forth and things which he suffered jesus could prove jehovah s with boldness declare the name of jehovah god and side of the question at issue and that by his faithfulhis king and kingdom it is to be expected that perse ness under such sufferings jesus could establish his cutions and sufferings will be their lot those who qualification to be the savior and redeemer of man willingly persecute jehovah s witnesses and oppo e the executioner of the devil and the vindicator of god s kingdom are now marking themselves for the jehovah s great name in the exercise of his lovingslaughter that shall come at the battle of the great kindness and as further proof that satan is a liar day of god almighty they are putting on their jehovah god selects a company of 144,000 human garments of identification and the people of good creatures from amongst imperfect men all of whom will must be told that their only hope is in the name must suffer as christ suffered and likewise maintain of jehovah god s great vindicator and they must their integrity unto god and for so doing jehovah identify themselves as being on his side in due time graciously gives them a part with christ jesus in the jeho ah will go forth to fight for his own people and vindication of his name no one can obtain everlastthus he will vindicate his witnesses who have faith ing life except by jehovah and they must believe on fully maintained their integrity toward him in pro the name of christ jesus and obey him in order to claiming his name and the name of his king zech receive life because jehovah has made this provision 14 3 the peoples of the nations of the earth must be told 29 the testimony now being given by jehovah s witto whom they can look for hope therefore god comnesses is not for the purpose of converting the world mands his witnesses to tell the people that in the name the whole world lies in the wicked one and all these of christ jesus the vindicator of jehovah and the walk on in darkness except those persons who have savior of the world they shall hope blessed is the a desire to escape from the wicked one and take ref privilege of those who have part in keeping these uge in the kingdom of god s dear son such must commandments of jehovah and pointing the people now be told the truth that they may have hope in his to the king of kings name the testimony must continue to be given until questions for study the organization of satan is wasted without inhab11 1 what is now the greatest need of the peoples of the no.· itant isa 6:9-11 truly this is a great and glotions how has jehovah provided to meet that need and rious time it is a time of great distress amongst the how will such provision affect those to whom it is offered nations and peoples of the earth and a time of great 11 2 what is the great privilege now set before jehovah s wit· nesses accuunt for the treatment these have received opposition to the truth and a time of great joy to and that which they may yet expect those who are privileged to bear the name of jehovah 11 3 point out the importance of the fulfilment of jehovah s declared purposes and his beloved son and to tell the people what is 11 4 5 account for the logos having been here on the earth their only hope those now devoted to jehovah and as a man his kingdom will not permit tribulation to discourage 11 6-9 how did jesus learn obedience by the things which he suffered what is meant by his being made perfect them we should be in doubt about the understanding through suffering explain his agony in gethsemane and of the prophecies if there were not opposition to and the angel s strengthening him persecution of jehovah s witnesses now because 11 10 what was jehovah s purpose in having his beloved son made through thou hast made the lord which is my refuge even the 11 11 why perfect necessary suffering to be a human creature was it for jesus most high thy habitation there shall no evil befall s man thee neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling 11 12 what is the outcome of that great contest a in reo latiun as for he shall give his angels char~e over thee to keep 11 13 why to jehovah b upon to jesus tu his father im· did not jesus ascending mediately proceed to destroy the enemy what was to thee in all thy ways ps 91 9-11 in thy name take place shall they rejoice all the day and in thy righteous f 14 why did in the meantime own name upon his beloved jehovah put his ness shall they be exalted ps 89 16 son and command all creation to worship him 11 15 what are the reasons why with millions professing to 10 from the scriptures and the physical facts we be followers of christ during the waiting period of more know that we are right and if we continue faithful to than 1800 years so few have been chosen the end we shall triumph in christ and have a part f 16 explain how and why jehovah has taken out from the nations a people for his name how and for what pur· in the vindication of jehovah s name pose have these been brought into unity ir 17 account for the fact that after centuries of operation summary of christianity the peoples of christendom are 11 summing up the matter it is seen that the name hopeless of jehovah the most high is involved that in order f 18 what are the facts to prove that the clergy of or· ganized christianity even if sincere are servants of to clear his name and prove to all creation that satan satan is a liar jehovah god must put on earth a perfect f 19 of all questions for determination what is the greatestf how will the method employed for the salvation of the man who can and will remain true and steadfastly human race contribute to the vindication of jehovau faithful even under the most severe and crucial suiname


p. 11

10 mie watcht0wer brooklyn n y 20 21 to whom how and when does isaiah 55 3 4 have its application 22 wherein do the faithful remnant now share in the honor bestowed upon christ jesus 23,24 apply isaiah 44 6-8 and 42 5-7 how has jehovah s right hand and holy arm gotten him the victory 25-27 what is the natural and proper desire of mankind as human creatures with the earthly heritage how only can such blessings be realized what provision has jehovah made for their coming to a knowledge of him and his purposes and for their entering into enjoyment of the blessings he has in store for the human family t 28 what may the remnant henceforth expect as they con· tinue with boldness to deliver the testimony committed to them and why what are the purposes served in their being subjected to persecution and suffering how then will they regard those things which they are permitted to bear if 29 30 what is the purpose of the testimony now being given by jehovah s itnesses how long will the testimony continue why should this time of distress upon the world and of persecution of these faithful witnesses be a time of great joy to the latter if 31 briefly sum up the matter here presented the correct understanding of these truths invites what response on the part of the faithful increase of his government righteous government on earth administered for the general welfare of the people has for centuries been the desire of honest persons in obedience to the commandment of jesus christ .his faithful followers for nineteen centuries have prayed for the coming of such a government that the will of god might be done on earth even as it is done in heaven centuries before the coming of jesus to earth men who believed in and served jehovah god looked forward with confidence to the time when there would be a righteous rule on the earth their hope was based upon the promise jehovah made to abraham the father of the faithful that he would in due time raise up a seed that would rule the world in righteousness and by and through which seed all the families and nations of the earth shall have an opportunity for lasting blessings gen 22 17 18 jehovah sent his beloved son jesus to earth to give testimony of and concerning the purpose of god and to redeem the human race it was in the year a.d 33 that jesus christ began his ministry preaching to his hearers the kingdom of heaven is at hand meaning that jesus himself was god s anointed king and had begun his work amongst men according to the will of the most high jesus gathered round him faithful men and taught them and used them as witnesses for jehovah he strongly impressed upon their minds the fact that he must die and be raised from the dead in order that mankind might have the opportunity to live and that he must go away to heaven and receive from jehovah the authority for his kingdom or rule of the world he further informed his disciples that in god s due time he jesus would come again and receive unto himself those whom he found faithful and that then he would begin his reign as the world s ruler portions of the bible were written by the faithful apostles of jesus christ and this they did under the inspiration and direction of the holy spirit that which in the writings of the apostles is emphasized above all things else is the fact that christ jesus the king shall come again and establish jehovah god s kingdom and carry out the purposes of the most high that the peoples of earth may be blessed it was the apostle paul who identified christ jesus as the seed of abraham according to the promise which jehovah made to abraham long centuries ago gal 3 16-29 thus the promises of jehovah set forth in the old a testament are directly connected with the truths in the new testament and this proves that the old testament and the new testament constitute the word of god given to man for his direction in the course of righteousness and that it is the truth the apostles were informed that from the time of the resurrection of christ jesus and his ascension into heaven until his coming again to set up the kingdom or government would be a long period during which men must wait what was to be done in that long interval of waitingy the apostles and other men of mature mind met together at jerusalem to consider this very matter acts 15 6 they knew that god had dealt with the jews as his chosen people and that because of unfaithfulness of the majority of that people god had removed his favor from them as a nation but that his favor still continued toward the faithful individuals of that nation they also saw that honest seekers for the truth who were not jews were receiving god s favor some of these faithful men at the convention above mentioned made known to their brethren that god had ,vrought miracles among the gentiles [nations by giving them the truth the lord had especially directed peter to take the gospel to cornelius and other gentiles acts 10 1-48 thus they discerned that god was no respecter of persons but now opportunity should be given to non·jews to become followers of christ jesus the apostles then considered the words of the prophecy of jehovah spoken by amos which disclosed jehovah s purpose to take out from the nations a people to be associated with christ jesus in his kingdom and that in due time christ jesus would come again receive these faithful ones to himself and set up his righteous government which government or kingdom was foreshadowed by the reign of king david acts 15 14-18 amos 9 11 12 the lord therefore revealed to the apostles that the long period of time of waiting from the exaltation of christ jesus to heaven to the time of his coming again would be employed in teaching or preaching to the people of and concerning the kingdom and this the apostles proc eded to do this preaching of the gospel has been for the purpose of bearing witness to jehovah s kingdom and for the taking out a people for his name all those persons so selected from the world and who continue faithful to god and christ .jesus must hl ar witness to the truth john 18 37 the ap3s~lcs


p. 12

january 1 19.34 g fie watcht0wer 11 stressed the fact that the faithful followers of christ jesus would look with eagerness for the coming of the lord again and that those who remained faithful and true to god would love the appearing of christ jesus and that such would then receive their reward to wit the crown of life that is the highest element of life that would mean that such faithful ones would be made a part of the kingdom or righteous government 2 tim 4 7 8 rev 20 4 with these great truths ever before those who love and serve jehovah god and christ jesus it can readily be seen that such faithful ones would eagerly look for the second coming of the lord and his kingdom it was about the year 1872 a.d that a small company of earnest and faithful followers of christ jesus while studying the scriptures and comparing these with events coming to pass saw evidence that the lord was giving special attention to those on earth and that the second coming of the lord and his kingdom was imminent this little company of faithful christians continued to grow in numbers and in knowledge of the precious things which are found in the word of god shortly thereafter they formed themselves into a society for more systematic study and teaching of the word of god living on earth and in a nation that has laws for the holding and control of property both real and personal and desiring that their organization should perpetuate its work and activity without depending upon the earthly existence of any particular person this little company of faithful followers of christ jesus decided to form a corporation which corporation should have the management and control of the property and holdings and direct the activities of those who would continue faithful to god and who were looking for his kingdom under christ in the year 1884 these followers of christ jesus formed a corporation under the laws of the state of pennsylvania which was then given the name zion s watch tower bible tract society the word zion is one of the names which jehovah god has given his capital organization and frequently appears in the bible the word zion appearing in the corporate name had no reference to or connection with the jewish organization which is called zionism afterwards the name of the above-mentioned corporation was by the law of the state of pennsylvania and order of court changed to that of watch tower bible tract society and the faithful followers of christ jesus on earth have continued that name of their corporation to this day at no time has any jew been connected with or supported the watch tower bible tract society merely for convenience and to comply with the laws of the land and to further the interest of its work the society organized the peoples pulpit association in 1909 under the membership corporation law of the state of new york for the same reason the international bible students association was organized in 1914 under the laws of great britain these three corporations are really one and they are all directed by the same officers and have possession and control of the property of the society by the word society is meant the united company of faithful men and women now on earth who are wholly devoted to god and his kingdom under christ and who are by his grace carrying forward the work of the lord in the earth no one of these three corporations above named has any capital stock they pay no dividends to any person and no person receives any pecuniary profit therefrom they are wholly and entirely devoted to carrying forward the work of the society which is the preaching or making known to the people the good news that jehovah s time is at hand for the establishment of his kingdom under christ and the truths kindred thereto these statements of fact are here made for the information of any and all honest persons who desire to know what is the purpose of the society and the corporations that carry forward its work misinformed persons who have been misled and deceived by the willful enemy of god and his kingdom have been induced to believe that the society and the corporations above mentioned are selfish political organizations operating in connection with other selfish political organizations for the overthrow of present governments such wicked falsehoods proceed from the devil who at all times has opposed everyone who serves jehovah god in every country of the world where there is an anti-jewish sentiment the malicious falsehood is circulated among the people that our society and its corporations are financed by commercial jews that is also a malicious lie originating with satan and carried forward by his earthly representatives in countries where socialism and communism are threatened the enemies charge the society and its supporters with being in league with socialists and communists for the overthrow of the government which is also a malicious lie emanating from satan and carried forward by his earthly representatives this society and the three corporations named herein have at all times kept completely separate and apart from all political parties or affiliations we have no part in the political affairs of this world for the reason that our devotion is absolutely and completely to god and his kingdom under christ for which kingdom faithful men and women have been hoping and praying for the past nineteen hundred years it would be foolish and contrary to god s will for us to participate in or be associated with any political organization our society and its corporations have never received one cent of financial support from jews from the very beginning of the society until the present day its money to carry forward its work has come from contributions made by humble mcn and women who have a desire to make known the truth of and concerning jehovah god s provision for the blpssings of the peoples of the earth the work of the society is done according to the will of jehovah god the creator of heaven and earth and he puts in the hearts of faithful men and women the desire to supply the money to carry forward his work all the money and all the property of the earth belong to him and he can see to it and does see to it that the money which is necessary is supplied for his purposes those who love god and who believe and rrly upon his word as set forth in the bible plainly sec and


p. 13

12 :l1lie watcht0wer brooklyn n y clearly understand that satan the devil is the arch enemy of god and the opposer of all true followers of christ jesus it was satan the devil who at the very beginning of human history challenged jehovah god to put on earth men who would remain faithful and true to god satan declared his ability to cause all men to curse god and turn away from him that raised the issue which jehovah accepted and he has permitted or suffered satan to do all within his power to make proof of his wicked challenge jehovah biding his own due time to vindicate his great name and to completely destroy satan and his wicked organization the great time of climax has arrived and hence the strenuous witness in the earth and the opposition thereto to carry out his wicked challenge satan commereialized the human race and has caused his agents on earth to deal in human flesh and blood he is the one who put in the mind of man the greedy love for money qr the things that bring personal gain and by which men have builded among the nations a tremendous commercial organization that at all times has been oppressive and injurious to the common people as a part of his commercial scheme and as another means of defaming jehovah s name and of turning men away from the true god satan early in the history of man organized religion and since then every religion practiced on earth has been used by satan to defame the name of jehovah god religion as that word is properly used means an outward form of worship which gives honor to men and to an unseen power many honest people believe that they are worshiping god when in fact they are being misled by the devil to defame god s holy name some parts of the bible are used by the clergy to support religions and this affords another means of deceiving the people all religions have indulged in the politics of this world which is contrary to the word of god -james 1 27 true christianity means the faithful following by men in the footsteps of christ jesus the anointed of god 1 pet 2 21 that means entire devotion to jehovah god and not to any man or to any worldly organization directed by man it means that the true christians or followers of christ jesus must be witnesses to the majesty and supremacy of jehovah god and bear testimony to the truth of god s word john 18 37 in order to give testimony of the truth it is necessary for one to study and to understand the word of god the holy scriptures which is the truth -john 17 17 organized christian religionists have entirely overlooked the scriptural ml anin of the second co ing of christ jesus and his kin~dom the bible testimony is all one way to wit that the coming of christ jesus and his kingdom is to vindicate jehovah s name by proving that jehovah is the supreme and true god that he is the god of wisdom justice love and power and from whom all life and blessings flow the bible testimony further is that the kingdom of god under christ is a righteous government which kingdom or government will vindicate jehovah s name and is the only hope of the peoples of the world in this year of 1934 when the nations and peoples all over the earth are in great distress and perplexity organized christian religionists entirely ignore the scriptural testimony as to the cause of this trouble and how the world can be brought out of this depression and in the place and stead of the scriptures they follow the theories of men and join in all man-made schemes to relieve mankind these religionists not only entirely ignore the cause of the trouble but appear to be entirely blind to the divine remedy the clergy and the politicians pose before the people as followers of christ and by word of mouth say we implicitly believe in divine guidance and at the same time entirely ignore the word of the divine god who is jehovah the 1 1ost high no one who is truly devoted to jehovah god and his kingdom can have any part in the political affairs of this world if these men as they say did implicitly believe and trust in the divine god then they would follow his word and would see that the great climax of trouble and wickedness is now upon the earth because of satan and that soon god will destroy this wicked organization and in its place there shall follow a rule of complete righteousness and they would teach the people these truths and inform them that the kingdom of god alone will bring relief and blessings any persons who would join forces with socialists or communists or any other political organization in this day would thereby furnish the conclusive proof that they are not the servants of jehovah god opposition at all times opposition to the truth has originated with and proceeded from the devil and religionists have been the chief instruments of the devil used to carry forward this opposition on earth at the very beginning of the ministry of christ jesus the devil tried to cause the destruction of jesus 1 1att 4 1-11 jesus was constantly persecuted by the religious leaders the clergy of his time and the proof in the divine word is that such religionists the clergymen were the agents of the devil those religionists claimed to be the representatives of god but to them jesus said but now ye seek to kill me a man that hath told you the truth which i have heard of god this did not abraham ye do the deeds of your father then said they to him we be not born of fornication we have one father even god jesus said unto them if god were your father ye would love me for i proceeded forth and came from god neither came i of myself but he sent me why do ye not understand my speech even because ye cannot hear my word ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do he was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth because there is no truth in him when he speaketh a lie he speaketh of his own for he is a liar and the father of it john 8 40-44 why has opposition to the lord jesus and his kingdom always been manifest 1 because the devil had sworn to turn all men away from jehovah god and he has taken every opportunity to oppose god and his servants when jesus came to earth as the special witness of jehovah and to redeem the human race and to begin the work of taking out from the nations a people to be witnesses to jehovah the devil wicked-


p. 14

j ai·uary i 1934 a:jie watcht0wer 13 ly opposed every part of his work in this opposition the devil used his earthly agents to wit the religionists of that time and he has continued to use such men ever since jesus plainly told his true followers that they would receive like persecution from the same source of religionists 1 iatt 10 24 25 john 15 18-21 it is therefore certainly to be expected that the witnesses of jehovah that is to say the true followers of christ j eslls who would be looking for the second coming of the lord and his kingdom and testifying thereto would be the objects of the devil s wrath and of his cruel opposition jesus told his faithful followers that they would be hated of all nations at that time for his name s sake and the facts that have come to pass in recent years completely prove the fulfilment of this prophecy matt 24 9 to his faithful followers christ jesus committed the work of giving testimony to the truth and told them that they would be wickedly persecuted by the devil and his earthly representatives and it is even so to this day rev 12 17 sedition the false charge of sedition and blasphemy was made against jesus by the religionists and he was wrongfully and without any true evidence convicted of that crime and put to death the clergy who were his persecutors were the very ones who tried to destroy the evidence of his resurrection and in that it is manifest that they were the instruments of the devil matt 27 62-66 it is certain therefore that the second coming of christ and his kingdom would be violently opposed by the devil and his agents even as we see it going on at this time organized christian religion had its origin in the day of constantine the emperor of rome then it was that the roman catholic hierarchy came into existence from that time to the present day the roman catholic hierarchy has been the most powerful religious organization on earth and also the chief instrument of the devil in opposition to the kingdom of god under christ it not only practices religion but is a powerful commercial organization and a cruel political organization its opposition to truth has been and is subtle and deceptive and thereby many honest persons have been deceived the roman catholic hierarchy has always appeared before the people as a representative of god and of christ and yet at the same time has been the chief instrument for the persecution of all who have told the truth concerning god s word it has tried to keep the people in complete ignorance of the bible and has induced them to follow instead of the scriptures the teachings of the papal religious organization the roman catholic hierarchy has at all times indulged in politics and tried to control the nations of the world it has collected fabulous sums of money from the people to carry on its works all true witnesses for the lord have been classed by the roman catholic hierarchy as bigots blasphemers and enemies of the state and the charge of sedition and blasphemy is often laid against the humble followers of christ jesus such wicked opposition to the truth and such persecution of jehovah s witnesses are made manifest today par ticularly in the countries of italy germany canada and the united states and that persecution is led by the religionists of so-called organized christianity the chief instrument of satan on earth there was a time when ministers of the protestant religious organization opposed the roman catholic hierarchy and called attention to its ungodliness but in modern times the so-called protestant religionists have abandoned the protest theory and joined forces with the roman catholic hierarchy and both organizations are in opposition to god and his kingdom under christ these opposers of god s kingdom under christ in an effort to hide their own crookedness falsely charge the faithful followers of christ jesus with the crime of sedition and blasphemy such opposers constantly indulge in a campaign of circulating slanderous and libelous reports to the effect that jehovah s witnesses are violators of the commercial laws of the land and are allied with communists to overthrow the government all reasonable persons can readily see that such opposition and persecution originate and proceed from the devil and therefore organized religionists and religions are instruments and servants of the devil and do not serve god and his kingdom under christ these statements are here made not to provoke a controversy but in order that honest persons who desire to know the truth may have a proper understanding of our society and its work the society and its supporters are in no wise interested in the politics of the present world our work and devotion is entirely to jehovah god s kingdom under christ because such is the only hope of the human race and because all blessings must proceed from god and his witnesses delight to obey his commandments because such is right having devoted ourselves to jehovah god the divine commission and duty is laid upon us to bear testimony before the rulers and the peoples of earth of and concerning the great jehovah and his kingdom we have no fight with any person on earth but in fulfilling our commission and duty of telling the truth as contained in the word of god we draw upon us the fire of the visible agents of the devil and amidst such opposition and persecution we proceed with the work assigned to us knowing that this work is being done at the commandment of the lord god we are certain that no opposition can destroy it but that it will go on until jehovah s name is completely vindicated isa 54 17 the society has no formal creed as that word is generally understood it has no membership roll but all who are truly devoted to god are asked to work together to the honor of jehovah s name it is not in any wise engaged in propaganda because it does not seek to propagate any doctrine or bring others into its fold as the followers of christ jesus we believe and teach what is in the scriptures and nothing more and nothing less that being god s doctrine no human creature could propagate it hence our work is not propaganda but merely bearing testimony to the truth annual report jehovah has blessed the united efforts of his witnesses on the earth during the past year and it is


p. 15

14 g e watcht0wer brooklyn n y a real joy to report the progress of that work having in mind that this witness work is carried forward in north america and south america europe asia africa and the isles of the sea and that the printed message is distributed in fifty-eight different languages you will appreciate the fact that in this report it is practically impossible to give the minute details of the work we must be content to make mention of some of the more important facts even though the number of the witnesses in the field is small and the opposition is much greater now than in times past yet the results show that the work of bearing testimony to the name of jehovah and his kingdom has gone steadily forward this fact will serve as a comfort to each one who is privileged to have a part in that work everyone of jehovah s witnesses today and every day delights to sing forth the praises of the most high it could not be otherwise with them for many centuries the lovers of righteousness have waited for the coming of jehovah s king and his kingdom and now christ is here and his reign has begun soon wickedness shall be eliminated from the earth jehovah s name vindicated and the people brought to a realization of the .fact that lasting peace has come to earth and everlasting blessings to all who have good will toward god and righteousness the fulfilment of the prophetic utterance at the time of the birth of jesus is now being realized luke 2 9-14 jehovah s witnesses are privileged not only to discern these truths but to announce them to others and thus to declare amongst the people the gracious works of the almighty god with gladness they have received the truth and with joy and boldness they tell the truth to others isa 12 2-6 first we delight to give thanks to jehovah for the abundance of food provided for his own at the temple he gave his word that all who are born of his organization shall be taught or fed by him and shall have great peace and we have now abundant evidence that this precious promise is being fulfilled christ jesus the head of jehovah s capital organization has gathered unto himself at the temple those whom he has found faithful jehovah and christ are the teachers and christ imparts to those of the temple company the present-day truths and thus he teaches or feeds them upon food convenient for their upbuilding and consolation all of the temple class fully appreciate the fact that no man is teaching them and that they need no man to teach them their strength comes from the lord because he is the great shepherd of the sheep among other precious things which the lord has taught his people during the year is the truth that the church have come into the unity of faith and knowledge and henceforth are no more carried away by every wind of doctrine and the craftiness of men epb 4 11-14 the cleansing of the temple is an accomplished fact those of the temple class are at uni ty and henceforth in his temple doth everyone speak of his glory ps 29 9 during the year among some of the companies there have been disturbances made by fault-finders and murmurers but it is quite manifest that such faultfinders and trouble-makers are not of the temple they may be walking along in the company of some of the temple members but in fact they are outside of god s organization and cannot see what is on the inside only those of the temple class appreciate the truth and rejoice in their privileges just now the temple class will proceed together in unity they will not and are not disposed to waste any time in discussing foolish and unnecessary things nor do they make an effort to justify themselves before men knowing that such a course is displeasing to the lord luke 16 15 they know that christ jesus is their judge and if they are faithful in the performance of their divinely given commission they will please him and please the eternal father and that is all-sufficient for this reason the faithful push forward in the work which has been assigned to them they have and do manifest patience which means that knowing they are right and doing the lord s work according to his commandment and have the approval of the lord even though suffering great inconvenience persecution and contradiction of sinners they steadfastly move on and boldly declare god s truth as they go during the year the great teacher has made known to his own the meaning of other prophecies not heretofore understood and these truths have served as a great comfort and stimulus to the faithful and thus the lord has sustained them in making a hard battle as you read here concerning some of the experiences of your brethren in other parts of the earth you will rejoice that you are privileged to be a part of the organization of the lord that suffers at the hands of the wicked and yet amidst all such cruel opposition does not break its ranks but marches onward singing the praises of the most high everyone of the temple loves every other member of that blessed temple class and all must be and are at complete unity it is a little company united in the holy cause of jehovah s kingdom and in obedience to his commandments which continues to lift high the standard of the king that others may have the opportunity to know the true god and to set their hopes upon his king and kingdom during the year the message of truth has been proclaimed from the housetops by means of radio by other means of speech and by the wide distribution of books booklets and magazines the faetory in brooklyn has run on full time likewise the factory in switzerland has operated full hme the society s factory at magdeburg germany during the first part of the year operated three shifts of eight hours each per day but about the middle of the year the enemy succeeded in closing it down the production during the year however will be of great comfort and satisfaction to those who have had some part in the work the distribution of the books and booklets amongst the people in all languages during the year has reached the aggregate of 24,oi4,401 volumes had not the enemy hindered the work in germany the distribution would have been greater weare not disturbed however the lord is at the helm and he has good reason in permitting everything and with this we are entirely content jehovah has declared that all shall know that he is god it seems clearly to appear that now is the time



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