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Watchtower year 1929 La Torre di Guardia annata 1929

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tej}pw!j@j.vil9~1l»al ~f~1ij~nu~llyt1 ~n~mu1nlsl ~illll$ll11mlllnqlil.w~sv,tilllbop l5alaij vol l semi-monthly no.1 january i 1929 oontents i reasons what he is relationship to his anointed power and glory organized religion in l eites ring letteits 0n 1 4 5 5 7 9 12 god s rule in the kingdom of lifen from a la,vyer booklet campaign 1929 calendar new radio service rejoicing all the lord s side the joy of jehovah a 15 l:i 13 _1.3 15 2 2 smooth stones from shepherd s bag · ·· 2 1 will stantl upon my watoh ana 10m set my foot upon the tower and will watch to sep 10hat he 1cill upon the earth distress of nations with perplexity the sea and the waves [the restless discontemed roaring men s hearts failing them for fear and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.··· when these things begin to come to pass then know that the kingdom of god is a1 hand look up and lift up ;your heads fol ;four ;redemption draweth nigh luke 21 25-31 matthew 14 33 ;mark 13 29 -


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this journal and its sacred mission t his journal is published by the watch toweb bible and tract society ,for the purpose of aiding the people to understand the divine plan it provides systematic bible study in which all its readers may regularly engage it gives rnnoun~ement of the vlslts made to nible classes by traveling speakers announces conventions and gives reports thereof it an· nounces radio programs and publishes suitable bible instruction for broadcasting it adheres strictly to the bible as god s revealed word of truth it stands firmly upon the great ransom sacrifice as the fundamental doctrine by which all doctrines are measured it is free from parties sects and creeds of men it does not assume a dogmatic attitude but confi· dently invites a careful examination of its utterances in the light of the infallible word of god it does not indulge in controversies and its columns are not open to personalities to us the scriptures clearly teach that jehovah is the only true god the maker of heaven and earth and is from everlasting to everlasting that the logos was the beginning of his creation that the logos became a man that he is now the lord jesus christ in glory clothed with all power in heaven and earth that god created the earth for man created perfect man for the earth and placed him upon it that man wilfully disobeyed god s law and was sentenced to death that by reason of adam s wrongful act all men are born sinners and without the right to life that jesus was made a human being in order that he might become the redeemer of man that he gave his life a sacrifice for man and thereby produced the ransom price that jesus the divine arose from the dead ascended into heaven and presented the value of his human sacrifice as the redemptive price for man that for many centuries god through christ has been selecting from amongst men the members of his church which constitutes the body of christ that the mission of the church is to follow in the footsteps of her lord christ jesus grow in his likeness give testimony to the name and plan of jehovah god and ultimately be glorified with christ jesus in his heavenly kingdom that christ head and body constitutes the seed of abraham through which all the families of the earth shall be blessed that the world has ended that the lord jesu!1 has returned and is now present that jehovah has placed christ jesus upon his throne and now commands all nations and peoples to hear and obey him that the hope of the peoples of earth is restoration to human perfection during the reign of christ that the reign of christ will afford opportunity to every man to have a fair trial for life and those who obey will live on earth for ever in a state of happiness editorial committee j f rutherford w e van amburgh j hemery r h barbell e j cowand foreign offices british 34 craven terrace london w 2 england canadiam 40 irwin avenue toronto ontario australasian 405 collins st melbourne australia south african 6 lelia st cape town south africa please address the society in every case published by watch tower bible tract society 117 adams street j f rutherford w e van amburgh · brooklyn n y u s a president secy


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f91jnatch tovver and of presence he~ald chr~sts vol l j anuaby 1 1929 ro 1 i will praise my god will sing unto the lord as long as live i will sing praise to my god while i have my being psalm 104 33 ehovah is the only true and almighty god there is none other every creature has his god but only a few men know the true god jehovah is worthy of praise sung by every thing that has breath the time will come when every thing will joj fully praise his name none other will enjoy everlasting existence 2 the chief opponent of jehovah is satan aithough the honored son of the most high lucifer sought praise of others rather than the approval of his maker ambition to be like the most high was the inducing cause for his rebellion resulting in his debasement which is indicated by his names dragon serpent satan and devil unhindered in his ambitious and wrongful course he became the invisible ruler of the evil world his example influence and power have led countless numbers into the way of pride which way leads them on to destruction 3 the chief objective of satan has been to receive praise and worship from men to accomplish his end he has promulgated and carried into action many seductive and fraudulent schemes prominent among those schemes has been the one inducing men hypocritically to call themselves by the name of the true god the course of action of such has brought the name of the true god into bad repute by the practice of fraud deceit and hypocrisy satan has caused multitudes to turn away from jehovah true the almighty god could have prevented satan s fraudulent schemes from being carried out but his perfect wisdom caused the almighty god to refrain from interfering until the proper time 4 the most high has permitted man to follow his own devices and most men have followed those things which are not convenient for them their course of action has been in the way of degradation and not in the way of righteousness experience is the best teacher to be sure the most high knew that from the beginning he has permitted man to have a long experience by experience men will in due time learn the much needed lesson and only those who learn and heed will receive everlasting 3 j life as to those who do not learn their enll will be destruction many men worship inanimate objects others worship men money or power while many others directly worship the devil the only true worship is the worship of jehovah god and his beloved son christ jesus all other worship is devilish bein unable to induce all men to worship himself satan has caused great numbers to worship anything that would turn them away from the true god this he has accomplished chiefly by blinding men to and concerning the truth 2 cor 4 3 4 the principal class used to accomplish that wicked end has bren and is the clergy posing before the people as representatives of the true god the clergymen have easily led millions into the way of worshiping the devil 6 satan s purpose in inducing the worship of false gods by those who have called themselves by the name of the true god has been and is to bring reproach upon jehovah god s name that practice he began in the early days of man gen 4 26 he has kept up that practice and in this day hypocrisy has reached a climax no other class of men on earth have brought so much reproach upon the name of j ehovah god as the clergymen of the various religious systems 7 god sent his prophets into the world to bear witness of his goodness and to warn the people concerning the calamities that would result to them by reason of their practising evil because those faithful men bore witness to the name of the true god they suffered all manner of persecution at the hands of satan s agents they were scourged imprisoned stoned sawn asunder and slain with the sword amidst all such persecution they remained true and faithful to jehovah the world was not worthy of those men and they were no part of satan s evil world they were martyrs to the cause of righteousness 8 then jehovah sent his beloved son into the world to bear witness concerning the truth and to turn the minds of the people to the true god john 18 37


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4 the watch tower brooklyn y a few of the common people heard him gladly for a time but even then many of such turned away from jesus the great ambassador of the true god because of the influence exercised by the clergy of that time he was subjected to all manner of persecution being charged with almost every crime known to the calendar yet he was pure holy harmless and without sin the reproaches that had fallen upon jehovah now fell upon his beloved son ps 69 9 satan the false god induced his sons the clergy to spill the blood of the righteous one john 8 42-45 they obeyed the order of their father the devil and jesus died the most ignominious death 9 jesus emphasized the fact that jehovah would in his due time establish a righteous government among mrn and that he would destroy the rule of satan and all false gods many years must elapse before that due time would arrive when jesus ascended into heaven god said to him i sit thou at my right hand until i make thine enemies thy footstool ps 110 1 he must wait until god s due time would come in the interim however jehovah has caused the good news of redemption by the blood of jesus christ and of the establishment of his government of righteousness to be preached to the world manifestly god s purpose has been to afford an opportunity to those willingly obedient to his word to prove themselves as his faithful representatives in the world these faithful ones have been no part of the world even as jesus was not of the world but they have been in the world and have borne testimony to the name of the true god 1 0 the faithful ones god has offered the opportunity to be made conformable to the death of jesus christ and also to partake of his glorious resurrection col 1 24 phil 3 8-11 10 the honor and glory of these faithful ones is not essential to god s plan but it is a great favor conferred upon them and an acknowledgment of their faithfulness rev 2 10 the real purpose in taking them out from the world and making of them a separate and peculiar and holy people is as stated by the apostle that ye should show forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light 1 pet 2 9 they could not show forth his praises unless they would in truth and from the heart perform that which is spoken by the psalmist in the text first above mentioned 11 during the period of the selection of the church of god satan has organized a false and fraudulent system of religion and caused the various branches thereof to take the name of jesus and jehovah god in these institutions he has installed false teachers who have substituted satan s lie for god s word of truth the false teachers have caused the people to draw near unto god with their mouths in a formalistic worship while their heart s devotion is and has been far from him isa 29 13 in these systems there have been many both of the teachers and of the followers who have been deceived by the enemy but now in this present day the teachers have openly repudiated jehovah god and his word and are entirely blind to the truth the ijord even speaks of them as blind and as dumb dogs isa 56 10 11 filled with pride lovers of self those among them who have made a covenant with god have broken it they are traitors to god and to his kingdom of heaven even as their father satan is a traitor they have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof as the sorcerers and philosophers of egypt resisted moses even so their counterpart the clergy of the present day resist the truth concerning them the lord s word says but they shall proceed no further for their folly shall be manifest unto all men -2 1 im 3 1-9 crisis 12 when the words of the apostle last above quoted are fulfilled it means a time of great crisis that time has now approached jehovah has been longsuffering and now his time to act is due the great issue that is now before the peoples of earth is who is god who shall rule the world y that issue will be decided in favor of jehovah god because he is the great king of ctcrnity jer 10 10 margin 13 the scriptures show that some will take the side of jehovah amidst great opposition while satan the false god will gather his own unto himself for the final decision already the company of god s anointed in convention assembled has thrown down the gauntlet to the devil and to his adherents by declaring against the devil and for jehovah it is a declaration of war from which god s anointed will not retreat foreknowing that this time of crisis would come jehovah caused to be written for the anointed these words i will sing praise to my god while i have my being 14 this is the text for the year 1929 and it is an appropriate one each one of the anointed and faithful will take delight in it these will meditate upon the text and give diligence in seeking to conform themselves thereto they will be glad as it is written my meditation of him shall be sweet i will be glad in the lord ps 104 34 reasons 15 as the anointed have sweet meditations concerning their god they will call to mind some of the reasons why they should sing his praises it might be well here to set down a few such reasons the reasons are too numerous to name them all it is god s will that we should not forget them all bless the lord 0 my soul and forget not all his benefits ps 103 2 jehovah is the great benefactor of man and that is especially true as to the anointed long centuries ago jehovah purposed to have a company taken from amongst men and to


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january 1 1929 he watch tower evil one and his organization therefore i will shake the heavens and the earth shall remove out of her place in the wrath of the lord of hosts and in the day of his fierce anger isa 13 13 even now he has shaken the heavens and has ousted satan the false god therefrom his forces are gathering for the great and final shaking of the earth when he thus exercises his irresistible power nothing shall stand before him there is no god like unto him 20 he is the almighty god of hosts which means that all opposition must fall before his advancing army when he goes into action even the head of the enemy organization and all parts thereof shall be broken ps 110 6 for 10 he that formeth the mountains and createth the wind and declareth unto man what is his thought that maketh the morning darkness and treadeth upon the high places of the earth the lord the god of hosts is his name amos 4 13 his greatness and his majesty can not be compared with that of any creature 21 he is the great jehovah who knew and formulat ed his purposes from the beginning in perfect wisdom he made his plan and there can be no successful hindrances to carrying out his purposes one of his great purposes is to establish a government of righteousness on the earth after affording his creatures ample opportunity to feel the iron hand of the cruel oppressor and to mark the oft-repeated hypocritical plans for reform and relief then he will reveal to all his government which shall dash to pieces all wickedness in his government there shall be no vacillating or uncertain policies there will be no oppressors fraudulent politicians or hypocritical teachers his government must be righteous equitable and true and will claim and have the absolute confidence of all honest creatures his zeal will accomplish his purposes isa 9 7 22 he is the most high god ps 91 1 to those who give their unqualified allegiance to him he is complete and absolute security he is a sanctuary for those whom he has taken into a covenant with him thy way 0 god is in the sanctuary who is so great a god as our god ps 77 13 in his due time all governments powers and principalities must be subject to him he will exercise his unlimited power not for selfishness but for the good of those who obey him relationship to his anointed form it into the body of christ h then made the rule that such company should be holy and without blame before him in love eph 1 4 that divine rule does not say that the new creature while on earth must be perfect in mind or organism or perfect in words and acts or even in thoughts the rule requires perfection in love which means the unselfish and unalloyed devotion unto god being thus perfect such are blameless before god 16 the imperfections of the anointed are made up by the lord jesus christ their imperfections are covered to the end that this favored company might be selected god provided redemption for them through the blood of jesus christ extending his grace toward such he drew them unto himself by and through christ jesus gave them some knowledge of his plan and purposes justified them and then brought them forth as new creatures in christ he anointed them and commissioned them to carry out certain parts of his work which he has prescribed in his word for them to do for the benefit of such he sets down in his word that which will be for their aid and comfort and strengthening of their hope.rom 15:4 17 to them he has said i will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go i will guide thee with mine eye ps 32 8 the anointed ones appreciate the great favor bestowed upon them and respond in the words of the psalmist thou shalt guide me with thy counsel and afterward receive me to glory ps 73 24 there is no other way for the christian to be guided than by the word of god his word is food that is convenient for the anointed which means that his word builds up the anointed into christ prov 30 8 eph 5 1 7 the building up into christ means growing in the likeness of the lord jesus that is to say in a full and complete devotion to jehovah god what he is 18god s children praise him for what he is it is from his word that they learn of and concerning god they know that he is the supreme one he is the creator of heaven and earth and the giver of life to all isa 42 5 there is no other god like unto him ps 45 5 7 as a creature covers himself with garments so the great creator covers himself with light who coverest thyself with light as with a garment who stretchest out the heavens like a curtam ps 104 2 19 he is the almighty god and his power knows no limitation gen 17 1 he is the almighty god of abraham isaac jacob and of the holy prophets he is the god and father of our lord and savior jesus christ he is the father of mercies and the god of all comfort when his indignation is expressed against the god of evil nothing can successfully resist him it is his declared purpose to destroy the 23 it is jehovah god s anointed ones that will now sing his praises such have every reason for so doing because of their relationship the anointed will praise god he has adopted the anointed ones into his family and made them members of christ rom 8 15 he has given to them his spirit and upon condition of continued faithfulness under affliction he will make them joint-heirs with his beloved one as he revealed his purposes to moses so now he reveals


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8 cnewatch tower baoob:lyif n y to his anointed his purposes of and concerning them there exists between him and his anointed that beautiful relationship of a loving father who always unselfishly cares for his own and that of the son whose privilege and duty it is to always be loyal and obedient and faithful to his father that confidence and love for the father leads the son to always proclaim the praises of his great benefactor and life-giver 24 the child of god well knows that in this day he is in constant danger of the enemy and that without the protection furnished he could not stand he fully realizes that the agents of the enemy satan are seeking the destruction of the anointed with confidenee the anointed look up to their father and say but thou 0 lord art a shield for me my glory and the lifter up of mine head ps 3 3 i hey realize that jehovah god is their protector they have complete confidence that god will vindicate his own name in his own due time and will deliver those that love him being unselfishly devoted to the great god they can not keep back the song of praise to him therefore the anointed say 0 give thanks unto the lord for he is good because his mercy endureth for ever let israel now say that his mercy endureth for ever let the house of a.aron now say that his mercy endureth for ever ps 118 1-3 25 the israelites were instructed by the prophet to pray to god take away all iniquity and receive us graciously so will we render the calves of our lips has 14 2 the child of god now realizes that he must watch his way and walk circumspectly that he may do that which is lawful and right in the sight of his god he prays that he may not be found lawless but that he may be found loyal and true and faithful then with confidence he can ask that god will graciously receive him that relationship truly existing he will render unto his god the calves of his lips it is with the lips that we give praise strength is in the calves of the legs therefore the calves of the lips represent the strength of the lips this means that if the child of god has his father s approval he is under the robe of righteousness has on the wedding garments has entered into the joy of the i,ord and is therefore giving the strength of his song of praise unto his god 26 for some time the israelites because of their unfaithfulness and disobedience were without a vision or understanding of god s will concerning them so it has been with israel after the spirit those who have not been diligent in obeying god s commandments have not seen the will of god as he has been pleased to reveal it for this reason they are not graciously received by jehovah having no vision or understanding they are going into darkness it is written where there is no vision the people perish prov 29 18 no child of god now has any good reason for being in darkness the disobedient however will not have a vision of the truth those who decline to see the truth as god gives it to his people must of necessity fall jehovah is causing his lightnings to flash from the temple to those of the temple class the faithful are privileged to have a vision of his purposes it is no mirage that they now see they see the truth as god reveals it and understand it and rejoice in increasing light and give to god all the glory therefor 27 on an occasion the israelites were in the wilderness without water they were in distress god caused moses to smite the flint with his rod and water gushed forth abundantly thus god manifested his presence tremble thou earth at the presence of the lord at the presence of the god of jacob which turned the rock into a standing water the flint into a fountain of waters ps 114 7 8 god is now manifesting his presence in the wilderness of the world where there is great thirst for truth god has caused his truth to gush forth for the benefit of those who are devoted to him seeing the manifestation of his presence and his loving provision the anointed sing forth his praises 28 some who claim to have given themselves to the lord god reproach their brethren for speaking in strong terms against the hypocritical clergy the scriptures make it clear that those men are the children of the devil who is god s enemy the clergy therefore are the enemies of god because they bring reproach upon his name god s enemies must be made the enemies of his children the true child of god regards his father s enemy as his own enemy being wholly on the lord s side the true children of god hate iniquity and the workers of iniquity and those that speak against god do not i hate them o lord that hate thee 1 and am not i grieved with those that rise up against thee ps 139:21 we could not consistently sing the praises of our god and at the same time even passively show favor or honor to the enemy any reproach upon the name of our father is a dart of poison shot against us 29 concerning rebellion and favoring the enemy it is written rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry because thou hast rejected the word of the lord he hath also rejected thee from being king 1 sam 15 23 witchcraft is here mentioned that the church might profit witchcraft means going to the enemy for counsel while rebellion means taking a course of action against the will of god stubborness in accepting jehovah s will is as reprehensible as idolatry because it is selfishly holding out against the will of god god is gracious to those who try to serve him he is now making the way plain to those who desire to glorify his name such are not expecting or desiring the approval of any of god s enemies they have taken their stand on the lord s side and they sing his praises a.ny attempt therefore to make peace with the clergy who are the sons of satan,


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j anuary 1 1929 the watch tow er f means to consort with the enemy and to practise witchcraft and rebellion that means unfaithfulness to our god 30 the wise man will diligently seek to know god s will concerning his people knowing it he will do god s will to the best of his ability regardlqss of what others might say or even think it will be the wise man that will see the way of the r~ord and understand his loving-kindness whoso is wise and will observe these things even they shall understand the lovingkindness of the lord ps 107 43 thr wise man will not only see the truth as the lightnings of god flash but with joy he will delight to do as he is directed by the truth be god s witness and sing forth his praises 31 jehovah gave israel commandments at the hand of moses then he said and it shall be our righteousness if we observe to do all these commandments before the lord our god as he hath commanded us deut 6 25 righteousness means more than merely keeping the law true righteousness is having the approval of god which results to those who do the will of god out of a pure heart the christian is not righteous merely because he has been brought into the family of god through christ jesus he must prove his devotion to god and obey his commandments out of a pure heart and by so doing receive the approval of the lord if he is found diligent in thus doing he will be found singing unto his god 32 l or the guidance of the church it is written i will sing of mercy and judgment unto thee 0 lord will i sing i will behave myself wisely in a perfect way 0 when wilt thou come unto me i will walk within my house with a perfect heart ps 101 1 2 all men including the members of the church need mercy at the hands of the great god the mercy and judgment of jehovah are causes for praise his child· ren now see his judgment against those who have organized in opposition to his will they see also his judgment against those who repudiate his name after once being enlightened they experience the mercy he has shown to his anointed they see that he will show mercy to the wicked and to the oppressed knowing of his greatness and loving-kindness toward all his sons of the temple class now delight to sing forth the praises to their god power and glory the anointed appreciate more than others the great amount of oppression that has been put upon the peoples of earth by the false god satan and his agencies by faith they now see that the time is at hand when god will break the oppressor destroy the oppression and set the people free they see also that shortly god s righteous government will come down out of heaven adorned with beauty and glqry and take full control of earth s affairs 33 m the release and blessing of the people must be preceded by the expressing of god s wrath now the day of jehovah is at hand it is to be a fierce and terrible day before peace settles down for ever on the earth and righteousness has full sway there is a strange work to be made manifest which is not yet disclosed concerning that day it is written for the lord shall rise up as in mount perazim he shall be wroth as in the valley of gibeon that he may do his work his strange work and bring to pass his act his strange act isa 28 21 35 the strange work mentioned by the prophet must be something that god did not reveal to his prophets manifestly it is god s work and therefore from heaven and not a work that man will do ve are warranted in assuming that the strange work of jehovah is foreshadowed by what came to pass at mount perazim and in the valley of gibeon because the prophet refers thereto the important city ot gibeon had made peace with joshua because thereof the kings of five other cities united their forces to make battle against the city of gibeon joshua went to the rescue of gibeon and fought the enemy with success as he pursued them the lord cast down great stones from heaven upon them and slew the enemy it was at that battle that joshua prayed to god that the sun and the moon might stand still god heard and literally complied with that request it is written and there was no day like that before it or after it that the lord hearkened unto the voice of a man for the lord fought for israel josh 10 14 36 jehovah god gave the victory to joshua we may therefore conclude that the battle of armageddon is foreshadowed by the experiences of joshua at gibeon joshua wanted the sun and the moon to stand still that he might see how to pursue the enemy and fight them joshua represents the lord s anointed this suggests that it might not be out of place for the remnant to pray the lord to continue to enlighten them by his flashes of lightning and open the way for them to continue the fight until god s due time to finish the enemy 31 at the battle of gibeon the israelites slew some of the enemy by the sword but god slew by far the greater number with the hailstones or chunks or ice which he threw down from heaven josh 10 11 the occasion was a phenomenal one it was a manifestation of divine power it was local to be sure but that in no wise interferes with its being typical or foreshadowing a manifestation of god s power world wide his strange work therefore seems to be some exhibition by him of great and phenomenal power in the destruction of the enemy at the battle of armageddon 38 at l iount perazim david had defeated the philistines and burned up their images the philistines returned and spread themselves in the valley


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8 erhewatch tower bbooxll k n y for another fight david was anxious to attack the en· emy but god determined otherwise jehovah told david to fetch a compass behind them and to come up from the rear he told david to wait for the attack until he heard a sound of a going in the tops of the mulberry trees and that then he should bestir himself the lord added for then shall the i.jord go out before thee to smite the host of the philistines 2 sam 5 20-25 david did as he was commanded it was the victory of jehovah 89 the strange work mentioned by the prophet isaiah therefore seems to have reference to the exhibition of divine power against the enemy at armageddon this act will seem strange to all the peoples of earth and to everyone except those who are in harmony with the lord then adds the prophet isaiah kow therefore be ye not mockers lest your bands be made strong for i have heard from the lord god of hosts a consumption even determined upon the whole earth give ye ear and hear my voice hearken and hear my speech -isa 28 22 23 40 the remnant will put forth its utmost effort to give the witness to the enemy of the lord and many may scoff and call them foolish many of the scoffers may include those who claim to be children of god the true and faithful children of god will hear and heed and stand firm on jehovah s side never would it be possible for the anointed christians on earth to bind the devil and overthrow hid organization jehovah god must and will do that but the remnant must and will sing to the glory of the lord and they will do it joyfully while god brings to pass his strange act 41 with the power of the enemy broken the shackles will fall away from the arms of billions of earth s oppressed and they will go free and have an opportunity to hear and obey the true god they will then become aware of the truth that jehovah is god and that his righteous government with christ upon the throne is that for which they have so long waited concerning them it is written and it shall be said in that day la this is our god we have waited for him and he will save us this is the lord we have waited for him we will be glad and rejoice in his salvation isa 25 9 42 the anointed of god by faith now see that these blessed things must shortly come to pass they know it is their god and father that will accomplish this great work they see the stigma for ever removed from his holy name and their hearts respond with gladness and in song unto him the people shall see the majesty and glory of god and will rejoice the saints now see it and can not keep back the song of praise christ jesus has always been the delight of his father he has always rejoiced in the love of the great god but since lucifer cast great reproach and ignominy upon the great and good name of his father there has been a longing in the mind and heart of his beloved son to accomplish some specific work that he might see his father s name magnified jesus left the courts of heaven became a man and died an ignominious death god raised him out of death and exalted him above all others in heaven and clothed him with great honor glory and power yet there was something that jesus longed to see accomplished and that was the destruction of the en· emy and his organization and his father s name placed in the proper position before all his creatures his father said to him sit thou at my right hand and await my due time until i make thine enemies dust under thy feet god s due time for action against the enemy came then he said to his beloved son go forth out of zion with the rod of authority and rule in the midst of thine enemies ps 110 i 2 44 there the battle began and the enemy satan was expelled from heaven then jesus came to his own to receive them and take them into the temple condition the examination of the anointed began and to those whom he found faithfully caring for the interest of the great and righteous government that had been committed into their hands he said enter thou into the joy of thy lord matt 25 21 the joy of the lord is the vindication of his father s name such has been the longing desire of christ jesus he has begun that work as his father s executive officer he will finish it gloriously and to the glory of his father he joyfully sings the praises of his father and he calls upon every member of the temple class to do likewise ps 29 9 45 those who have entered into the joy of the lord are wholly and completely on his side he is their god and they sing unto him and to none other they refuse to sing any song that would be pleasin to the enemy or any part of the babylonish organization the example was set by the israelites and god caused the fact to be recorded that it might serve as a guide to his anointed now the israelites were in babylon the babylonians called upon them to sing a song of zion in substance they said to the israelites forget your past and come and be one of us and let us be at peace sing your songs for us the israelites replied ko we will not sing our songs for you if i forget thee 0 jerusalem let my right hand forget her cunning if i do not remember thee let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth if i prefer not jerusalem above my chief joy ps 137 5 6 46 even so now the babylonish systems attempt to hinder the work of the lord by various means and one method is to invite god s people to be at peace with them and to sing their songs for them some who were once favored by being anointed by the lord and who apparently have lost that anointing,


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j unruy 1 1929 cfhe watch tower 9 speak in this manner to the anointed who are per on what mission did jehovah send his son tnto the world how was jehovah s great witness received and why 8 sistent in singing god s praises why not be more what witness has been given throughout the christian era 1 considerate with the clergy of babylon y go easy for what purpose has the opportunity of testimony been afforded describe satan s activities during the sams with them you might help them why not be at period 9-11 peace with them and sing your songs for them y state the great issue now before the peoples of earth we no responds the faithful anointed class 1 will sing see what two classes in formation as a result of the issue what is the part of the remnant in this connection 1 praise to my god if i do not continue faithful to 12-14 my god and sing his praises only then let my mention some of the great benefits jehovah has bestowed tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth on the anointed as reasons why they should sing his praises 15-17 41 the faithful remnant class knows no such thing show that jehovah s children have reason to praise him as compromise with the enemy with a face of flint a for what he is b for his power to keep them that they are set on jehovah s side in him they trust are his and ultimately to remove all opposition to his holy will c for his wisdom manifested in the permisand are at rest and peace isa 26 3 songs of sion of evil and in his purposes with respect to all th contentment and joy and praise flow from their lips obedient 18-22 on all occasions they bear witness to his holy name describe the relationship of jehovah to his anointed and the blessings enjoyed by those who continue to show their they know they are safe from all evil because they appreciation of that relationship r 23 24 hear the lord saying to them the lord shall pre apply hosea 14 2 comparing the position of the israelites with that of spiritual israel to show the only conllition on serve thee from all evil he shall preserve thy soul which the child of god may continne to enjoy his father s the lord shall preserve thy going out and thy comapproval 25-27 ing in from this time forth and even for evermore justify the remnant s rebuking the clergy at this time the wise will take what stand with reference to the opinion -ps 121 7 8 of others 28-30 48 let the year 1929 in harmony with the year what is true righteousness and on what condition may it text be one of constant song arising from the lips be enjo;red how do mercy and judgment come into con ideration as inviting praise to jehovah 31 32 of the anointed to their god let it be a year of the what is the vision of mankind s deliverance now seen by strongest witness yet given to his glory and to his god s anointed 11 33 34 name let no one of the anointed slack his hand show how the present situation was pictured in a the vents that led to the battle of gibeon b joshua s continuing in harmony with jehovah they will be circumstances in the valley of gibeon and his pra er at peace with each other they will see eye to eye c david s experiences at mount perazim describe god s acts of deliverance there what seems to be the and together they will lift up their voices in song strange work jehovah will do in the near future and of joyful praise the reason for his not having revealed the nature thereof questions for berean study vhat is meant by the expression eyery creature has his god who is jehovah how important is it to know the true god 1 identify the god of this world how did he become ruler what has been his purpose and what means has he employed to accomplish it ro what haye his influence and power led find why has this been permitted 2-4 distinguish between true worship find false aceount for the diversity and the extent of false worship in the world how are the clergy connected tlh rewith and to what degree are they blameworthy 5 6 for what purpose did god use his prophets how were the witnesses and their testimony rccciyed and why 7 11 35-40 what lesson for the remnant is found in these picturesl what will be accomplished in armageddon how should ttl is vision affect those who now see it 41 42 describe jesus invariable devotion to his father and his father s response thereto what lesson lies therein as to the privilege and the hope of the anointed now on earth 43 44 explain why the babylonians should ask that a song oj zion be sung unto them vhere will the remnant stand with respect to the systems of babylon 45-47 quote our text for 1929 seeing the present situation and the position of favor therein enjoyed by the anointed how will the faithful enter upon the new year of privilege and blessing 48 god s rule in the kingdom of men the most high ruleth in the kingdom of men and giveth it to whomsoever he will dan 4:32 t was once popular to have human kings that is kings who wore crowns and diadems and the royal purple and who wielded the scepter over the nation and retained in their family the right of succession to the throne such kings came into vogue with the establishment of babylon not very long after the great flood of noah s day to use the word in an accommodated meaning jehovah god is the great invisible king over his true people aecording to the scriptures the poet-prophet says in the i psalms 74 12 10 16 for god is my king of old working salvation in the midst of the earth the lord is king for ever and ever the heathen are perished out of his land jehovah the great king chose the children of israel they to be a special people unto himself above all people that are upon the face of the earth and he to be their loity monarch deut 7 6 he organized them into a nation when he made a covenant and gave them his laws through moses at mount


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10 the watch tower brooklyn n y sinai but consistent ·with his own relationship with them he placed no human ruler over them or in charge of them in course of time the israelites became sadly tainted with the pride of life and desired to be conformed to this world in their very thoughts they rejected god as being king over them thinking that they could be happier more contented and successful if they had a visible king over them 1 sam 8 7 the record is that in those days there was no king in israel but every man did that which was right in his own eyes judg 17 6 hence they came to god s prophet samuel and said set a king over us the lord god yielded to their wilful request and gave them a king and a corresponding form of government the king bec use of his anointing through god s prophet or priest was called the anointed of the lord he was said to sit on the throne of the lord as his representative and the government and the nation were called the kingdom of the lord over israel lam 4 20 1 chron 29 23 28 5 in a number of cases the lord used this kingdom arrangement over israel as a shadow or prophetic picture of the glorious government that he proposes to establish over mankind under his anointed king christ jesus the prince of peace solomon s reign during the years of his faithfulness to the ilord was especially made a picture of this thereafter the kingdom began to decline and after several rallies to recover in the days of such kings as josiah and hezekiah the iniquity of the nation became such that the lord god saw good to overturn the government of his chosen people six hundred years before the birth of the great king that was to come christ jesus ezek 21 24-27 the lord permitted the jewish kingdom to run tv its logical limit this he did to show both jews anj all mankind that not even a religious type of kingdom with mere human beings in the throne and in the priesthood could succeed in bringing everlasting life liberty and happiness to the people the 2520 years of the times of the gentiles began with the overturning of jewish national independence and expired in 1914 a d these long years have undeniably proven that the gentile governments of the devil s world organization are cruel selfish unsuccessful and unreformable and that none of them will do ar a permanent arrangement here on earth however neither the popes of rome who have always attempted to lord it over mankind as temporal rulers nol the protestant preachers who are meddling in politics seem to have learned these lessons taught by the experience of israel s kingdom and the kingdoms of the gentile nations ham shem and japheth were the three sons of noah who started replenishing the earth after the flood each of the three great branches of the human family as descending from these three son:j has had opportunity to exercise world power each has signally failed of establishing and running a satisfactory government over man note the successive world powers that the devil has raised up on earth are symbolically pictured in the book of revelation 12 3 as the seven crowned heads of the great red dragon which has always opposed the establishment of the kingdom of god the first world power or crowned head of the devil s dragonish organization was egypt it was called the land of ham ps 78:51 105:23,27 assyria was the second world power and babylonia was the next the founder of assyria and babylonia was nimrod and he was a grandson of ham gell 10 10 11 hence the world dominions of egypt assyria and babylonia represented attempts at world rulership on the part of the hamitic branch of the human race israel as a kingdom was not a part of satan 8 world organization as pictured by the great red dragon but it once exercised great power especially in the days of david and solomon and its influence was felt even in satan s world it extended its territory out to the limits that god had ordained for it namely from the river of egypt to the great river euphrates and it commanded the attention and respect of the heathen nations outside of its domain it represented an attempt at earthly rulership by the shemitic branch of mankind because israel descended from shem it is also claimed that the assyrians were likewise of shemitic descent gen 10 22 the racial descent of the persians is doubtful but it is said to be aryan or indo-european in which case the persian empire would represent noah s son japheth the succeeding three world powers namely grecia rome and britannia were of aryan stock and consequently descended from japheth they all would stand for attempts at world dominion by the japhetic division of the human family british-israelites or anglo-israelites claim with some measure of proof that the british are really descendants of the so-called ten lost tribes of israel and are therefore of shemitic origin in our day we have not alone the british empire but also a new and more comprehensive arrangement known as the league of nations with a membership of over fifty nations the descendants of j apheth predominate in this league which is the last and supreme attempt of satan s earthly organization to rule the earth the sacred scriptures positively set forth that this confedl racy of nations would fail and be broken to pieces and it is already apparent that the league is a failure isa 8 9-12 since the three great divisions of the human race have already failed as far as properly ruling the carth is roncerned we must understand this league to be plaillly


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lanually 1 1929 cfhewatch tower 11 a defiant gesture on the devil s part to show that he proposes to hold onto earthly power anyhow even if he has been cast out of his heavenly position since 1914 a d but binding together the three great failures the hamitic shemitic and japhetic will not result in a success although jehovah god permitted his miniature kingdom over the j ew8 to be overthrown still the promises of the messianic kingdom that he had made through his prophets were not overthrown nor in any wise weakened but were as sure of fulfilment as ever his plans for blessing mankind through that government of his anointed son were successfully moving forward 1 his was manifest in the dream that he sent to nebuchadnezzar emperor of babylon and the visions he gave to the prophet daniel these revelations of the divine will showed clearly that the most high god had made allowance for the course of the gentile nations from the time of the fall of jerusalem in h06 b c down to the time of the establishment of the blessed kingdom of the messiah the christ though the gentile kingdoms would persist through the many centuries down to that momentous time and though they might even increase in strength and political wisdom they would in no wise delay or interfere with the successful setting up of the lord s kingdom but the lord would begin his invisible rule in the midst of his enemies and would thresh the kingdoms of this world with the flail of destruction -ps 110 1 2 during the seventy years of the desolation of jerusalem and also after the return of the jews from babylon to palestine the lord raised up a number of prophets to speak in his name the highest theme of all of them was god s coming government the prophet ezekiel chapter 37 told of the resurrection of the dead and of the return of the jews to the land of palestine at the present time preparatory to their coming under the rule of the messiah and how david that is god s beloved one the christ would be king over them and they would have one shepherd the prophet obadiah spoke of the coming destruction of satan s empire pictured by the mount of edam and of how upon god s organization pictured by :mount zion there would be deliverance for mankind and saviors would emerge from that organization and the kingdom over mankind should become the lord god s haggai as god s mouthpiece gave warning of how god would shake the wicked heavenly and earthly parts of satan s organization to destruction and would bring in instead thereof the desire of all nations hag 2 6 7 21 22 nehemiah and ezra were great and godly statesmen in israel and their works are recorded in the books bearing their names their reconstructive work after the captivity of the jews in babylon foreshadowed a restoration work among god s true people which should be done in recent years preparatory to the exercise of messiah s rule tha fortunes of god s ancient people during the reign of xerxes the persian are described in the book of esther and in them is pictured the triumph of god s devoted and faithful people in the kindom of the lord zechariah one of the last of the prophets foretold the final conflict between god s organization and the devil s organization and how the lord god would gain the victory and jehovah should be king over all the earth chapter 14 the prophecy of malachi closed the canon of the old testament writings he predicted the kingdom preparations which would be made on earth and that god s anointed king the messenger or executor of the covenant for mankind s blessing would suddenly come to god s temple god s true church then the wrath of god would smite satan s hardened earthly organization and it would be destroyed in a consuming trouble likened unto fire after this the christ the symbolic sun of righteousness would arise in glory and power and would beam benignly upon the people with blessings and healing for all who turn to the lord god in reverential fear the historic record shows that babylon s emperors were very boastful but the lord forcefully made them to realize that the most high god ruleth in the affairs of men dan 4 25 32 he has ever exer· cised a control over the trend of man s governments not because he established these governments ,or they represented him but because he purposed to make human affairs work out in line with his own good plans for the reign of christ jesus for the time being god allowed the babylonish empire unlimited power in its efforts at world government in this aspect it was higher than the two preceding world powers egypt and assyria speaking to its first emperor nebuchadnezzar the lord used daniel to say this thou 0 king art a king of kings for the god of heaven hath given thee a kingdom power and strength and glory and wheresoever the chilo dren of men dwell the beasts of the field and the fowls of the heaven hath he given into thine hand and hath made thee ruler of them all truly then babylon had a golden opportunity the prophet isaiah shows that in that day babylon was called the glory of kingdoms and the lady of kingdoms isa 13 19 47 5 but her ruling factors were wicked and unmerciful to the masses of the people over whom they ruled they refused to break off their sins by righteousness and their iniquities by showing mercy to the poor dan 4 27 in due time when their days which god had numbered had expired they were overthrown by the medo-persians although babylon was the beginning of earthly kingdoms gen 10 10 god evidently delayed its rise to world vower as a universal empire until the


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january 1 1929 the watch tower 13 faithful followers of jesus christ therefore of neces unity of organization which would bring all the little sity in questioning the matter of church organization companies founded by him under one control nor that he himself claimed to have any authority amongst there arises their standing jesus himself said very little about the church them save that which his special endowments by the only on two occasions is he recorded as having used lord through the holy spirit gave to him he had authe word one when he made a direct reference to thority to teach and he had authority to deal with its establishment when he said in reference to peter s those who were harmful to the church but his auconfession upon this rock [namely the declaration thority was limited by the measure of agreement to made that he was the son of the living god i will that which he might say or do build my church matt 16 18 the other when he he wrote to the corinthian church saying he would directed how offences were to be dealt with that the set some things in order when he came amongst them church was to decide whether or not an offender was a word which tells of authority but he also wrote to remain a member of the church see matthew saying he would go to them not as having dominion over their faith but as helper of their joy 1 cor 18 17 it follows that jesus did very little outwardly to 11 34 2 cor 1 24 there is nothing in his writprepare for building his church he neither proceeded ings to show that paul would go to corinth or to any to build it then nor did he give his disciples instruc other church as having the right of entry and authortion how to proceed to build it it was in the days of ity to determine any or all matters relative to doctrine the apostles and specially by the apostle paul that or conduct the knowledge of the place of the church was gained his authority in the churches was that which came by the disciples from the evident marks of his endowment as an aposthe word church has several uses it was applied tle of jesus christ through the holy spirit and it by the apostles to the whole number of brethren as was to this he made his appeal the corinthians rated when it is said the lord added to the church daily him less than others and paul was compelled to argue such as should be saved acts 2 47 it is also for himself as against false teachers the whole of applied to the little companies which met in the vari his second epistle to the corinthian church is one ous cities and towns as it is said to philemon by paul sustained argument in claim of his position as an in his letter the church in thy house philem 2 apostle of jesus christ and in demonstration of the it is also used of the whole church as seen in comple proofs of his work amongst them as such see 2 co tion as when paul speaks of the church which is rinthians 12 12 his body the fulness of him that filleth all in all paul s authority rested upon the acceptance of eph 1 22 23 those who were believers in jesus christ all such the word church really means selected company quickened by the holy spirit were able to discern his or body the elect it is another name for the spiritual right paul ministered chiefly amongst the gentiles israel of which the apostle paul and the apostle it was to them that he was sent the apostle peter peter speak it may be said that the new testament also traveled but he served amongst the jews scatnever visualizes the church as an organization such tered about who had believed concerning jesus christ as is seen in the church of rome or the greek peter would have been acceptable to any church of or anglican churches or in many of the lesser or the gentiles but his master did not send him amongst ganizations there is no central government or au them on the other hand it seems clear that paul thority visible in operation the unseen lord jesus was never quite acceptable to the jerusalem church was the controller through the holy spirit paul says these things show that neither one nor the other there are differences of administrations but the sought or exercised such authority in the wholl3 same lord 1 cor 12 5 it was he who appointed church or in any part of it as has been claimed by the apostles and the prophets and the other helpers those who say they are in the apostolic succession of the church see ephesians 4 11 12 of privile ge and authority the apostles were mesthe central government is in heaven where the sengers as the name apostle implies they were under lord is thus while there was no visible organization the guidance of the lord who directed all the affairs it would be wrong to say there was no organization of his church the difference between the churches organized by men nor did the apostles ever sit in council to set laws and that founded by jesus is that the many false sys over the churches they had no authority to do so tems have an earthly government while the true ever and they never presumed nor after the death of paul finds its government in heaven did timothy and titus exercise authority save as in no one knew more about the church than its great a measure they continued the work of paul as a helper teacher paul it may be said that no man ever ex of the brethren the early church knew nothing of ercised so much authority in the church as he but bishoprics in the sense in which that word is used to there is no evidence to show that he ever sought a authorize the great offices of the churches.


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14 ifhewatch tower brooklyn n y mter those early days the true relationship of the churches one to another diminished in clearness partly without ill intent but partly by reason of the schemes of men who saw possibilities of getting places of power also because error was creeping into the church through false teachings and above all because satan was ever seeking to corrupt the church that he might destroy it there came about the encroachment of some who made themselves leaders in the churches a ministerial class arose that which in later days is known as the clergy class came into evidence and the people ill taught did not perceive that they were far misled and they allowed this and so the great church system began by the time that the pagan phase of rome s empire was ready to die through weakness the master of the counterfeit system satan was ready and papacy his greatest scheme raised its head high over all the world claiming the right to rule it on behalf of god and of christ through the centuries that organization strengthened its position and succeeded so well that despite the buffetings growing infidelity and increased light on its false claims it remains in this day of crumbling human institutions probably the strongest of them all the churches which protested against its claims tried to copy it in authority over those who supported them and they produced a clergy class who have had the same domineering manner and spirit as their mother church in the process of the centuries the bishop of rome who had no biblical authority for his name and office claimed to be in the true apostolic succession of authority another presumption for the new testament knows nothing of such apostolic succession naturally it was also claimed that the church over which the bishop ruled was the true church thus the whole position was shifted from the church of the new testament the company of true believers consecrateu to god the church was now composed of those who placeu themselves under the rule and authority of the bishop of rome this became a great hierarchy a great system of priestly government a great system of organized religion it had no right to the use of the word church it is wholly a false claim the forms of organization in the various dissenting churches differ much the anglican lutheran presbyterian differ from rome and from each other and the lesser organizations which dissent from these protestant churches differ in the same way but as with rome their assumption of the name of church is an unholy presumption the name is sacred to the company which is the body of christ all these very different organizations which often have been very bitter opponents of others have the effrontery to claim before the world that they are the visible church of j eslis christ rome will not allow the claim of the others and all the others when faced with opposition to their general interests are found willing to be tolerant of each other and are even willing to count rome as their mother church they say weare not divided all one body we one in faith and one in hope and one in charity probably there has been no untruth more boldly declared than this none with greater effrontery for in no sense is it true this is organized religion if these institutions called churches are not the church of christ neither singularly as the individual churches of the congregationalists nor the cooperate associations as the 1 lethodist church nor the anglican nor rome nor any other church which through a central office or other arrangement governs the congregations where is the church of jesus christ to be found 1 is it existent 1 did error crowd it out for ever as a visible thing even as error crowded out the truth of the gospel of jesus the answer is the unity of the bond of a common faith and hope disappeared as soon as the apostles died from then till the days of the return of jesus to service in the church at the end of the age there has been no church visible but from the time that jesus began to give attention to the things connected with the establishment of his kingdom the consecrated disciples have been provided with a common meeting-ground the faithful sheep heard the voice of the shepherd and they responded to his call to come to him the witness of the establishment of the kingdom has gathered a people who in faith are the true descendants of the first disciples these are found gathered round the fact that the time is come for the establishment of the kingdom that jehovah has now set his king upon his holy hill of zion the work of witnessing these truths has resulted in cementing these faithful disciples into a company to those who know this work of the lord there is little question as to its meaning it is nothing other than that the church or body of the lord is again visible in the earth it can be entered even as at the first the church could be entered or left entrance into membership of any of the church organizations of christendom gives no advantage to anyone in the sight of god nor does leaving such an organization give anyone any disadvantage in his sight the church organizations do not represent him any more than the fellowship or charitable institutions such as the odd fellows or masons the church of god is found to have one faith and hope as at the first but it has no creed as set by men nor are the various companies small or large as the case may be held under central government to all who will free themselves from the bondage of church christianity that is of organized religion and who will listen to the message of the king-



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