Allegro Learns How to Play Minecraft


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Another story about the adventurous cockroach Allegro by two Year 4 authors.

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Allegro Learns how to Play Minecraft By Oliver and Cameron R13 2014


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One day, Allegro was looking around for something to do. "I really want to learn how to play Minecraft," he thought. "Maybe Oliver and Cameron can teach me." He left a message saying: Cameron and Oliver, can you please teach me how to play Minecraft? The next day Oliver and Cameron found the message. They decided to teach him because they knew bucket loads about Minecraft. Allegro was thrilled that they were going to teach him how to play Minecraft!


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"First you need to make a house," said Cameron and Oliver. "You make houses out of wood. Wood does a lot of things. Wood is one of the main blocks of the game. Wood also catches on fire so don't place it near lava, or use a flint and steel on it." " Wow, this is fun!" said Allegro. Mostly everything are blocks! It is really peaceful."


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"It is not always peaceful," said Oliver. "Why?" asked Allegro. " At night, monsters called mobs spawn," said Cameron. "They attack you. Mobs are very dangerous. Some of their names are Zombies and Spiders. But creepers are the worst. They explode and do heaps of damage because creepers are made out of TNT!! Skeletons are quite a fight as well because they have a bow and arrow and can fire from long distances. Oliver calls them skellybones." "So everything is not peaceful?" asked Allegro. " Yes, not everything is peaceful," said Cameron and Oliver.


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"After you have made a house, you need to start crafting and mining," said Cameron and Oliver. "How do you craft and mine?" asked Allegro. "To craft you need to collect a variety of materials," they explained. "The main crafting tool is a crafting table. With a crafting table you can craft tools, armour and lots of other things." "That sounds cool!" answered Allegro.


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P "Mining is where you find things underground," said Oliver. "To go mining you need a pick axe, food, torches, a crafting table and a sword." "Why do need a SWORD?" asked Allegro. "In case you dig into a mob spawner," said Cameron and Oliver. "Mob Spawners can be very dangerous. There are lots of Mobs in there and they keep on spawning."


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"After you have done that, you can start making portals," said Cameron. "What are portals and what do they do?" asked Allegro. "Portals are extremely hard to make," said Oliver. "For the nether portal, you are going to need to collect 10 obsidian which means going mining very deep down. To mine obsidian you need a diamond pick axe. The End portal is even more dangerous and harder to get. The End portal is located in the stronghold, which is deep under the ground and when you go in it, you can't go out until you defeated the Ender dragon."


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"There are Bosses inside the portals," explained Cameron. "The Ender Dragon is the boss of the End. That is why you have to defeat it before you can go out of the End. The boss of the nether is the Wither. It is not too hard to defeat it and you can go out of the Nether before you have defeated it."


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"Sometimes you can find villages,". Said Cameron and Oliver. "What are villages?" asked Allegro. "Villages are kind of rare and really useful," said the boys. You can use the wheat they grow to make bread and you can also find chests that have armour and stuff like that in them."


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"Sometimes you can find temples in the desert biome," said Cameron. "What are temples?" asked Allegro. "Temples are very rare," replied Cameron. "You can get all sorts of things in the chests at the bottom. Temples can also be useful for making beds. The orange blocks that it is made of are actually orange wool."


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"Wow! Minecraft is fun!" said Allegro. "Can you do anything else?" "You can't," said Cameron and Oliver. "Until you get different mods." "What are mods?" asked Allegro. "Mods add in things that you can't do normally," said Oliver. "My favourite mod at the moment is the Pixelmon mod. In the Pixelmon mod you can actually use Pokemon to battle!" "My favourite mod is the Twighlight forest," explained Cameron. "There are lots of different bosses and items in this mod.


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"Can you do envy thing else now? asked Allegro. "Nope," replied Cameron and Oliver. "Good! Minecraft already is too fun." So Allegro played Minecraft happily in the classroom and it was his favourite game for a very long time. THE END...... FOR NOW!!! DON DON DOOOON!!!!!!



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