Allegro Learns to Speak Maori


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Another story about the adventurous cockroach Allegro by two Year 4 authors.

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Allegro Learns to Speak Maori By Shelby and Riley 2014


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One Sunday, Allegro climbed up on this little black long stick. "Hmm, Riley's book is open. What does this mean?" he asked himself. "Oh I can send a message to them." cAn, U pLEaS, TEcH mE , How To Speack MAoRi???? Then Riley and Shelby showed Allegro a site on the computer. Allegro said, "What is this?" Riley said, "It is a website of Maori words." Later, when Riley and Shelby opened the iPad there was Allegro's message to them. "Allegro!!! Come out we will teach you how to speak Maori." So they waited for Allegro to come out then when he finally came out they said "We will teach you how to speak Maori." "Okay," said Allegro. Then Allegro found out what hello means in Maori. Then he said Kia ora!! in a loud voice but no one heard him because he was too tiny. Then he told Shelby that when he tried to say hello in Maori no one could hear him.


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On Tuesday Allegro found a Maori dictionary. Oh my!!! he thought to himself, "What is this?" "It is a Maori dictionary," said Shelby, "We will teach you some of these words," said Riley. "What does this word mean?" The next day Allegro saw Riley writing in her writing book. The word te wiki is the week in Maori. "I never knew that it meant that." Do you know what other words mean in Maori? "Yes we know that wera means hot, and hoha means fed up," said Shelby. "What is this word?" said Allegro. "It means names," said Riley. "Oh my, can you tell me some." "Of course we will," said Shelby. "This name is Michael, our friend," said Riley. "Is there more?" "Of course there is more."


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Then they showed him the Maori signs, he liked it a lot. It was the Maori values. He liked caring and sharing the best. He came to us. "What is it Allegro?" said Riley. "I want to learn more Maori words now," said Allegro "Ok" said Shelby. "Like what...Hmm maybe Maori animal words like cockroach that is a great idea," said Riley.


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"I know that cockroach is papata in Maori. "Wow!! I never knew that. So that means I'm a papata," said Allegro happily. "Yes," said Riley and Shelby, "Of course you are." Then Allegro asked Riley if she could read him a Maori story. "Of course I can Allegro," she said. "Thanks Riley but what is this book called?" It's called The Tree Hut Treaty, "Wow!!!!!!!!! I never knew that, I like Maori books!" "Thank you for teaching me so many Maori words!" said Allegro. And in the morning, the girls read a new message.... Thank you for teaching me how to speak Maori, Love Allegro


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