Allegro Learns to Write


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Another learning adventure of Allegro the cockroach. Written by Gemma and Tianna, two Year 4 students.

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Allegro Learns To Write By Gemma and Tianna


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Allegro climbed on a piece of paper and thought to him self,"What is this? It looks like handwriting and I do need to learn how to write letters and numbers." "I wish I could write. I should go around the class and look at some pictures of writing, or I could have a look and see if it tells me how to write," he said. "But I do need to learn the alphabet before I learn to write."


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" But before he started writing he looked at the alphabet card to get more words and he said to himself, "I'm just a cockroach I'm not that smart. " " But when I go to write I'm just gonna do easy sentences until I'm really good at writing and then I'll write harder sentences."


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He went to the spelling book before he started writing because he wanted to make sure that he could spell properly. "I must remember to use words that don't confuse people," he reminded himself. And then he found the words that he couldn't spell. "What marvellous words for me to learn," he thought to himself.


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" What is this amazing thing? I think it is the modelling book of writing." "This is perfect for me because I'm just learning to write and because it tells me how to write proper sentences . " " I wonder what these full stops and capital letters are."


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Then he looked at how to write a explanation writing. He found a yellow paper that told him how to write an explanation. Then he got to know more about writing and he wrote an explanation himself. And then he said to himself, "It tells me what the capital letters and full stops are about. You use full stops at the end of sentences and you use capitals at the start of the story, start of people's names and after full stops."


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" Sneaky Allegro came on my book when I was writing a story." " And I think he liked my story he was learning a lot from me he was very lucky. " " He was probley thinking you use full stops and Capital letters as we'll but he needs to know that every one uses full stops and Capitol letters. "


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" After he sneaked in the book he sneaked in another book and he read the story about gymnastics." "I now know a lot about gymnastics," he whispered to himself quietly "And it is very good, whoever made this story must love writing or must love gymnastics. I could somehow ask that person to teach me how to write better sentences."


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Then Alegro climbed onto the computer and found a web site that was up and the website was about how to write. "This is even more perfect for me now I know a lot about writing." "I wonder if I should write a story on the iPad and wait for room 13 to see it and say Who taught Allegro how to write well? Whoever did made a amazing job because Allegro is very good at writing."


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Allegro found a interesting book and wondered who wrote this amazing book." " This is such a cool name for a book - Little Red Riding Hood." " I think it is called Little Red Riding Hood because she has a red cape, that is really cool," he thought to himself.


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A little while later Allegro found another website that was up on the computer. The website had another photo of how to write but it was a different photo. "Some people are really good at writing. I'm only a little bit good at writing but that's ok," he thought to himself.


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"Yay, now I know every letter in the alphabet," said Allegro. " I am gonna be the best writer ever well, for a cockroach! "


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"Well... an alphabet book. I wonder who's in this book?" said Allegro in a soft voice. "Hmmm," he said to himself quietly, "if a is for apple it could also be for Allegro that's my name! "Yay I love this book. I'm gonna keep reading and see if every letter in the alphabet is in this book - that would be good."


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To Gemma And Tianna ThaNKyoU For teaChinG Me to Write. I reallY enjOyed it. It's The BeSt thInG thaTs Ever happened tO mE It Was A bit HarD at The StarT But I GoT better wheN I new A Bit MorE abouT WritiNg. From Allegro



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