Allegro Learns About Maths


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A collaborative story about a cockroach that learns about Maths!

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Allegro Learns to do Maths By Michael and Richelle Room 13 Elm Park School 2014


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Once upon a time there was a cockroach named Allegro. Every night he would sneak outside of his basement and hear the little girl doing maths. Then he started learning maths with the little girl. Every night Allegro looked at a student 's notebook that had been left on the table then he started to learn maths from the book. The next day two students saw Allegro on the notebook sleeping, so they woke him up from his sleep and one of the students named Michael said, "Hi Allegro we are going to teach you how to do maths". Allegro said, "Yay!!" "Now I am going to get smart," cheered Allegro.


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"Hmmmmmm I wonder what this means," thought Allegro "Allegro, the x means times table like 1x1=1see?" "I got it now thanks." "Wow that is a lot of numbers Michael and Richelle," said Allegro. "Yes Allegro," the numbers are small that's why it is under a magnifying glass. Here are some balls starting from one to 15, see Allegro? said Michael. This is how numbers go 123456789101112131415 that is how it goes from one to 15," said Richelle. "Here is the number six Allegro," said Michael. "Wow," shouted Allegro trying to get a louder voice.


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"Let's see what's outside," said Allegro. "This is an interesting number," said Allegro. "I think I know what this number is... it is the number 13"? "So all this time I have been staying in room 13 all along." " Yes," said Michael. "We'll I never knew that. I've just got to know that. That is amazing!" "Yes Allegro," we said together. "Hmmm this looks interesting! Is this a shape?" "Yes" said Richelle. "It's called a cube". "A cube?" "Yes a cube. That is a funny name for a shape." "But that's how it is," said Richelle.


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"Can this help my learning?" "Yes it can," said Richelle. "Here's Richelle"s basics fact book," said Michael. "Is this times tables?" asked Allegro. "Here's a maths book Allegro," said Richelle. "All of the the numbers go up to the number 11." "11!! That is my second favourite number," Allegro shouted. "That is amazing, Allegro," said Michael.


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"Here is a number board Allegro". All the numbers go up to a 100," said Michael. "100!!! "That is a very big number for me" said the friendly cockroach. "Yes it is Allegro." "But can you count to 100 Allegro"? "No I can't, it's too hard for me!" In the morning, the children saw a new message on the iPad... Dear Richelle and Michael, I have loved doing maths in your class. Thank you for teaching me lots of maths and and now you have increased my maths knowledge. From Allegro.



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