The Celebrating Cockroach


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An e-book by Teryn about the adventures of a fearless cockroach called Allegro in her classroom

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The Celebrating Cockroach By Teryn


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"Ok everyone, does anyone one know what celebration is coming up soon?" asked the teacher to room 13. One person knew, it was Christmas. "What's a celebration?" thought Allegro.


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The next night Allegro got on an iPad and started to type, Dear Room 13 Thank you for teaching me about reading and writing and stuff. Do you think you can teach me about celebrations? From Allegro The next morning one of the kids found the letter and read it to the whole class. "Allegro, Allegro where are you?" the children cried. "Oh, there you are, now let's teach you about celebrations..."


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A week went by and Allegro knew all about celebrations but his favourite was Christmas. Allegro was really looking forwards to Christmas. It was coming up in one week. Allegro wanted to go to a child's house to see how people celebrate Christmas. Six days went by and it was Christmas Eve. Allegro went home with a room13 child and saw these weird, big socks. "These are called Christmas stockings and when Santa comes he will fill them with candy," the child said. "But only if you're good, or else he will put in coal." Allegro saw a tree and because of his celebration lesson he knew it was a Christmas tree, that you decorate with lots of Christmas decorations such as holly, twinkle toe, shiny hanging balls, stars and angels.


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In the night, Allegro wanted to come and see Santa, but he never came. He waited and waited until he felt sleepy and went to sleep. In about three to four hours he woke to the sound of a strange bell noise. It got louder and louder. "Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas," said a strange man dressed in red and black. "Hold on, you're Santa! Wow, it's you!" exclaimed Allegro. "That's right little one, it's me!" "Yay! It's San... Hold on, how do you know what I'm saying?" asked Allegro. "I'm Santa why else would I know?" replied Santa. "Do you fill up the Santa stockings on Christmas Eve?" asked Allegro. "I sure do." "Mind filling up mine?" "Sure.Wait - you don't have one. Oh well, I'll give you some candy anyway," said Santa. "Yay! Thank you Santa!" said Allegro excitedly.


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"Hold on, you're top of my good list!" said Santa, "I can't believe this!" Then Allegro shouted "I am? I am!"


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"Well I should be off now. Oh, by the way did you leave any... cookies for me?" asked Santa. "Well, no we didn't,"said Allegro. "That's ok, lots of families leave cookies for me. Let me fill up the stockings and I'll be off." So Santa filled the stockings, put the presents under the Christmas tree and was starting to go, when he turned around and said.....


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"Because you are at the top of my good list, you get a present on behalf of the Christmas workshop. I'm giving you an Allegro holder that you can use as a bed." "Thank you Santa. I'm really going to enjoy this," explained Allegro.


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The next day the stockings were full of lollies, candy and lots of other treats. The End


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By Teryn:


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Watch for the further adventures of our courageous little friend.



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