Allegro Learns About Art


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A collaborative e-book by two Year 4 children about the adventures of a cockroach in their classroom.

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Allegro Learns About Art By: Aliah and Quintina Elm Park School 2014


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As Allegro started to crawl out of his spot, he said to himself,"I need to go on other adventures more often. " So Allegro set off from his cosy spot behind the couch. When Aliah and Quintina saw his head poke up they said, "Come on out ".


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He remembered a picture in his mind when he first came in, "I want to see the best one, " he said. He noticed some patterns on it,"I think they are native". I think that they were born in New Zealand.


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The next day he saw an art work, he thought to himself, "what an artistic art work". He explored some artworks until, he reminded himself "I need to see the best one.


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Then he felt so floppy, he fell off.


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Allegro climbed up a piece of art,and said "I would like to paint one day". Then he saw a background he thought that the background is her favourite place. So then Allegro scuttled on to the next artwork.


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"What do we have here" Allegro said "It looks like those things , um what exactly do you call those things...? I don't seem to remember..." Suddenly a predator appeared in slow motion," I'm first on the matt, ha ha ha. As the predator came down , a gust of wind started blowing him to the children. One of the children saw him.


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He crawled away from the child He thought,"This might be the best work."


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I wonder if they have a drawing pencil so I can draw that is my only hope is to draw so he left a note. The next day he left a note.


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To:Aliah and Quintina THanK u 4 heLPing Me To NoticE AlL the Ar I hAVe EcsPErEiNCeD a New DiosCOvEry F Thank you From: ALLegrO The end


p. 13

rt in your rum. I haVE learnt LOts Of THings, FrOm U, 2dai I hAv lOTs oV fAn


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He lived happily


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ever after



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