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School Scripts #1. How to say no You’ve been asked to do something you don’t really want to do. How do you say no without hurting anyone’s feelings? By using these 3 easy steps you can transform a potentially awkward conversation into a mutually respectful chat. Using the USB technique both parties leave feeling respected and clear about each other’s position. It’s a win-win situation Just think of the difference it could make to your life; imagine how much time you will get back when you stop saying yes to things your really don’t want to do. Imagine the weight that will lift off your shoulders as well as the work that will clear off your desk. Picture yourself having that conversation, hear yourself saying the words; imagine how good you’ll feel. You might want to try it out in situations you feel comfortable in at first; use it at home or with your friends or with your colleagues before you try it out with your boss – that way you’ll build your confidence while practicing and making it into a habit. U Understand Show you you understand the their request by acknowledging their situation S State your situation Help them to understand your situation by stating simply what stops you from honouring their request - be truthful B Bring an offer or alternative Provide a solution either for the present or the future You...... My situation is.... What I can do is.... ©Joyce Matthews 2014


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#1. How to say no without saying no Miss Brown, I’m thinking about adding a stall to the school fair on Saturday - would you like to run the Tombola stall? U "A Tombola stall at the school fair sounds like a great idea and should bring in lots of money. S I’ve got other priorities on Saturday that I’m already committed to. B Perhaps next time I can do it." ©Joyce Matthews 2014



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