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FREE There’s life in the Inner West! Issue 242 | Sept. 12 2014 WIN! le, Distributed in Leichhardt, Annanda , Petersham, Stanmore, Newtown Balmain, Drummoyne, Haberfield, Rozelle, Five Dock, Concord, & Summer Hill is taking over the Inner West! Rice paper rolls we rate What’s hot at the Italian Film Festival A lover’s guide to Spring Sin City: A Dame to Kill For The Infinite Man Italian Film Festival Movie tix: Have pretentious cafes jumped the shark? Burwood’s big bash turns 30! Festival Hoopla


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leichhardt bowling & recreation club BIG GAMES, BIG SCREEN AFL NRL WATCH GRAND FINAL ACTION LIVE & in HD on the BIG SCREEN AFL Grand Final Clash MCG 27 September NRL Grand Final Knockout ANZ Stadium 6 October WEEKLY EVENTS @ LBC Live Sport on the Big Screen - Catch all the sporting events on our large HD 150 inch screen Lions Den Bistro - For the best Club Grub in Sydney, Join us at Leichhardt Bowling Club Bowling for Everyone - Social Sunday bowls starting at 1pm with a random draw for teams, jackpot each week! Sunday Buffet - Join us at the Lions Den Bistro every Sunday from 12pm for an all you can eat Buffet Sunday Seafood & Mega Meat Raffles - You could win the lucky key to the Treasure Chest Sunday Barefoot Bowls - We supply the coloured bowls you supply the fun Lions Den Bistro & Restaurant Where you’ll find a large variety of Bistro Style and Thai – Malaysian Food at very Reasonable Prices. Enquiries regarding Special Functions, Christmas parties and Birthdays etc. are welcome. A variety of set menus are available on request… Opening Hours Lunch: 12.00pm – 3.00pm, Wed – Fri. Dinner: 5.00pm – late, Wed – Fri. Sat & Sunday open 12pm till 9pm. 88-92 Piper St Leichhardt Ph: 9569 1936 / 9560 3574


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Inner West whispers Local gossip, rumour, hearsay and unsubstantiated fact... Haberfield goes all night, Inner West women rule and a Babysit-in midnight last week due to a certain NRMA ad being filmed near Crescent Street. We recommend recompense in the form of ‘hush’ money and a bottle of Grange vintage to suck on before bed. l In a rather brash move for the comparatively l Haberfield residents were kept up well past WE ARE C!AO Satire for the soul Latte Leftie tackles the troubling conundrum of how many refugees should be allowed into the Inner West. (Answer? Hardly any!) Dear LL – Needless, to say I’m pro-refugee and thus see myself much like those Jewish college student Freedom Riders who used to get killed registering AfricanAmerican voters in Mississippi in the 1960s (given I’m forced to live in a nation where 95 per cent of the population are reffo-despising bogans). Not that I actually have anything to do with refugees, you understand, but I did change my vote from ALP to Green to protest Rudd’s ridiculous PNG solution. Anyhoo, when I heard that Inner West councils were falling over themselves to become ‘Refugee Welcome Zones’ my initial reaction was one of smug pride at how enlightened this part of Australia is. But then I began to brood about the impact of an open borders policy. I dropped 850K buying my worker’s cottage and another 200K renovating it – what if an influx of dusky hued Zimbabweans causes property values to drop? Or what if a bunch of homosexual-hating, women-oppressing, theocracy-advocating swarthy Middle Easterners move in and ruin the boho vibe of the place? Surely we Inner West residents should decide who comes into the area and the circumstances in which they come? Frightened, Marrickville LL replies: I’m sure all Inner Westies secretly share your concerns but you can rest easy that those ‘Refugees Welcome Here’ signs erected above council chambers will have about as much impact attracting povo displaced persons as the ‘Nuclear-Free Zone’ banners of the 1970s would have had repelling a shower of Soviet nuclear missiles. Local politicians have assured me that each Inner West council area will have precisely one, carefully vetted, totemic refugee involved in a good-publicitygenerating make-work program. And they will be encouraged to swiftly return to their own kind in the OuterWest as soon as they clock off. ADVERTISING Sonya Madden reserved Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi has demanded the immediate cession of Enmore Rd to the Italian Republic. Cow and Moon will not be receiving any prize money for their gelato win until this transfer has occurred. All visitors to the establishment should be prepared to queue and show their papers upon arrival. l Leichhardt Council issued a press release calling Telegraph journalist, Tim Blair’s attack on their workplace diversity program “small minded and pathetic”. Leichhardt is fast becoming one of the least ethnically diverse suburbs in Sydney, so their commitment to opening a work experience position for a refugee resident is an important one. We just hope it’s paid. l As residents will already be aware the Inner West has a disproportionate representation of fun and fearless females compared to the rest of Australia. Now Cosmopolitan’s new-age talent pageant has confirmed it. Two Inner West residents have been nominated to win the title of Cosmo’s most Fun and Fearless Female Award, including Puberty Blues actress and Marrickville darling Brenna Harding. Is she fun enough? Is she fearless enough? The real questions is how much forced alliteration and empowerment can talented Aussie women stand? JOURNALIST Max Kobras FOOD Melissa Leong l A temporary after-school care facility has been set up in NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli’s office to protest the lack of care facilities in the Inner West. It is predicted the children will be served an assortment of stale biscuits for afternoon tea, to accompany one rather large stalemate. WINE Winsor Dobbin history The Dulwich Hill light rail line’s extension was opened just a few months ago in March. The image here depicts the first Cabarita-bound tram as it travelled down Burwood Road in 1907. Say what you will about the usefulness and quality of the latest tramways in Sydney but it is a mode of transport that has a lot of history in the Inner West. Hopefully, light rail will soon have the same relevance they had back in the turn of the 20th century! ART DIRECTOR Eleanor Wales EDITORIAL Phoebe Moloney n Image courtesy of Canada Bay Council. n Email your dilemma to PUBLISHING Sonia Komaravalli Contributors: Jared Ingersoll, Nigel Bowen and Millie Cotes Illustrations: Paden Hunter Ciao loves you, and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent. We try and make you look your best. No responsibility is accepted by Ciao Magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information. We welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions. The opinions expressed in Ciao Magazine are those of contributors, indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction. © All rights reserved. No material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher. Ciao Magazine is a free publication. Distribution, advertising & editorial enquiries 460A Parramatta Road, Petersham 2049 (02) 9518 3696 0402 202 951 – Sonya 0405 509 805 – Sonia Ciao is locally owned and produced. Please recycle Printed by Spot Press, Marrickville Cover: Shiho Sparkle Hooper practices her three-hoop swivel for the Burwood Festival, where she will be making a headspinning entrance. Photo by Ben Cregan. It’s not only dogs you can take to Cafe Bones Rozelle Fire Appeal Community Concert Sunday 21 September 2014 12pm - 3pm King George Park, Rozelle Things we love: The grass is always greener. These two cows were spotted behind Cafe Bones munching away on their breakfast while a little pooch eyes them out. We always knew Cafe Bones was a pet-friendly place! It’s nice to know that amidst the hustle and bustle of the Inner West you can stumble across a piece of pastoral bliss. Free Event. Bring a picnic! Very limited parking at this event. Please walk, cycle or catch public transport! C!ao’s voice In • The Lavazza Italian Film Festival – sure to be one big festa! • Being able to do your washing after, literally, weeks of rain • Marrickville Council going solar, with new solar panels helping to reduce carbon emissions • Leichhardt Council’s initiative, Bike Week. Cyclist solidarity, people! Come along to Council’s Fundraising Concert to help raise money for those a ected by this tragedy. Performances by local musicians Children’s entertainment Face painting Jumping castle Gold coin donation sausage sizzle Bucket collection for fundraising   Out • The inflated price of rent in Inner Sydney, so high you could buy a house with your accumulated spendings. (Well, probably not actually) • Flipping umbrellas; there’s nothing worse than an umbrella that likes to spontaneously turn itself inside out when faced with the slightest of breezes • The increase in energy bills, maybe it’s time we all switch back to candles? • Internet trolls starting an argument on every possible comment section ARTWORK BY • Tempe Ikea’s slumber party for three lucky families – we bags the ball-pit! C!ao Magazine There’s life in the Inner West! 4


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Community Life R OA D T E ST n Phoebe Moloney That's how I roll Among all the delights of Vietnamese cooking, and amid Sydney’s current Bánh mì craze, rice paper rolls are very easily sidelined as pho-gettable. But when the weather is warm and the mint is ripe I can’t help but have summer rolls on my mind! Here are a few of my favourite places to get my fill. Great Aunty Three, Enmore A testament to all things rice paper, not only will you be treated to a selection of summer, spring and winter rolls (which use mustard leaf and sour prawn instead of mint and fresh prawn) but an array of rice noodle dishes, including their popular beef rice noodle. Waiter Anthony says their customers usually only eat the rolls for an entrée, and with delectable offerings such as papaya salad, banana sticky rice and steaming pho I can kind of (maybe) understand why. RANT Inner West cafes serve up more than just your average bacon and eggs, now they are offering a side of pretentiousness with your breakfast. I'm all for small businesses upholding an eco-friendly ethos. The environment, in its current state, needs all the allies it can get. However, I’m starting to feel a little overwhelmed by the trends proliferating in Sydney’s menus. Terms like organic, vegan, super food, raw foodism and gluten free, are multiplying like rabbits, as businesses try to desperately outdo one another in their inclusion of the latest marketing terms. I’ve watched and tolerated this madness but there is one thing that my Saturday morning, slightly hung-over self can't handle anymore. And that is the ever so trendy practice of biodynamic agriculture. I first stumbled upon this term at a well-known Inner West café. Admittedly, I was a little peeved after hearing they didn’t offer coffee (only organic teas), which may have coloured my reading of their menu as the most pretentious and self-congratulating piece of marketing I’d read to date. However, what really confused me was the term biodynamic. What are biodynamic eggs exactly? I asked a waiter, who regarded me with disdain and a hint of disgust as he replied that biodynamic agriculture has to do with holistic agricultural methods. Whether his reaction had to do with my less than cool attire (track pants and Ugg boots) or my ignorance on the subject is still very much unclear. Despite his helpful response I was still confused by the distinction between this and ordinary organic practice, a terminology that I’m familiar with and therefore accept wholeheartedly and without question. After some research, from ever trusty Google, it became clear that I wasn’t the only one confused and ignorant about biodynamic practices. I found that biodynamic agriculture is much the same as organic agriculture, except that it involves the integration of spiritual and mystical perspectives. It was developed by a 20th century philosopher, Rudolph Steiner, who believed he could communicate with the spiritual world. It relies heavily on astrological sowing and planting calendars and has many controversial practices such as burying ground quartz stuffed into the horn of a cow. This practice is said to harvest, "cosmic forces in the soil". Well, OK then… Honestly, this isn’t even the bit that concerns me the most, as long as I’m not the one burying ground quartz into the horn of a cow or whatever. It’s more the fact that I’m paying $20 dollars for my biodynamic eggs to be scrambled and to tell you the truth they tasted exactly the same as any other eggs. With a name like that, I half expected them to transform into a chicken. Maybe I’m just annoyed I missed the boat on the trend or maybe I’m sick of feeling like a freak for not wanting my eggs to be spiritually whispered to on the night of a full moon, but I still don’t get the appeal - and doubt I ever will. n Words: Millie Cotes Squishing between the spectacled beatniks, flouncing coffee dates and seemingly endless settees of tiny furniture, all of which seem to spill from Great Aunty Three with its zesty aromas, you will soon realise that this restaurant is not a place where one merely consumes rice paper rolls, but where their consumption is turned into performance art. Served in a nostalgic white paper box, which you often see dangling on the handlebars of cyclists riding by, it’s hard not to treat Great Aunty Three’s dainty rolls like a birthday gift. Jewelled with mango, tofu and shredded beef this is one Enmore destination where content matches form. Rice paper rolls can be romantic too Old Thanh Huong Restaurant, Marrickville MINT Vietnamese Pho and Cuisine, Burwood Rice Paper Vietnamese Cuisine, Newtown For those of us who like to enjoy the translucent deliciousness of rice paper rolls or, in Vietnamese, Goi Cuon a little more privately, Rice Paper restaurant in Newtown is a hedonistic hideaway made just for you. As you enter the bright and bubbly façade of this Burwood favourite you may be surprised by the silence that descends like a hot towel. Broken by an enthusiastic slurp or a snapping sprig of mint, this is the kind of quiet that only descends in the presence of a truly replenishing and fulfilling meal. Reasonably priced and flush with a range of vegetarian options of summer roll, this is a place to take your friends, hunch over your meal and dig in. You’ll love the assortment of condiments and your own private kettle of tea…Satisfaction. Old Thanh Huong has become a dear old friend to many in the Inner West thanks to its homely décor, comforting assortment of noodle and rice dishes, and its even homelier prices. If you're looking for a classic Marrickville Vietnamese, this is it! Old Thanh Huong keeps their rice paper rolls simple and delicious. Pick from vegetables, fresh prawn, grilled chicken or grilled pork wrapped with a stash of vermicelli and a strap of garlic chive. Be warned this place fills up fast and you will be sharing elbowroom with other local pleasure seekers. But with the unbelievable selection of Vietnamese, Chinese and Thai dishes, served with cathartic rounds of jasmine tea, this is an experience you won’t mind sharing with strangers. Green festivities activities designed to teach and entertain. These school holidays MarketPlace continues to put the fun into environmental education. From the 22nd of September to the 3rd of October MarketPlace Leichhardt will be hosting their annual Enviro Expo and this year promises to be the best yet. Running from 10am to 3pm every weekday the centre will be filled with Centre Manager John McCallum is proud of MarketPlace Leichhardt’s environmental credentials and sees part of the Centre’s responsibility as ensuring the community is as educated and motivated as they can be, “Our Enviro Expo will provide the community with ideas and inspiration as to how we can tread more lightly on the Earth.” OzHarvest has partnered with MarketPlace Leichhardt for the Enviro Expo and will run a non-perishable food drive and the World League Protection of Animals will hold a cat food and cat litter drive. Bring your kids along and they'll enjoy highlights such as the Bike 'n' Blend, where they can watch their smoothies being blended by the power of their own legs. There will also be an educational talk from the World League for Protection of Animals, which will discuss the importance of protecting our native animals, or you can visit the cuddle cubby house to sneak a cuddle from a kitten or two! n MarketPlace Leichhardt: corner of Flood and Marion St, Leichhardt. Ph: 9560 4488 or What’s on n Compiled by Max Kobras. Email Through September FREE Community are events listings email info@ x Attn: Ma with two wheels, three wheels, or even just one, Big Bike Day is the perfect event for you! n War Memorial Park, Lilyfield, 10am-2:30pm Big Aussie Barbie Currently there are over 120,000 men across Australia living with prostate cancer (and another 20,000 are diagnosed every year) but awareness and funding for this disease is incredibly low. For the past five years now, the Big Aussie Barbie has been working to combat this. They raised more than $1 million last year alone, with 850 barbies held across the nation. So come on, get a little ocker, buy some snags and Skippy steaks, crack open a Carlton and help do something positive for men’s health! 6 n For more information or to learn how to host, visit Sunday 14th September Big Bike Day Eat meat, fight cancer Big Bike Day is an annual event held in September for cyclists of all ages, interests and skill levels. Featuring plenty of great entertainment and activities, including free bike workshops, raffle prizes and a group bike ride around the bay at noon, this will be a lot of fun for the entire family! There will also be a free healthy lunch provided after the big bike ride, as well plenty of other activities to keep the kids interested such as face-painting booths and a rock-climbing wall. Whether you ride heritage-listed housing, specifically on and around Lower Fort Street, but recent forced evictions of long-term residents in this area has angered many locals. To protest this, the Millers Point Community Association is hosting a small festival that will highlight the culture and history of the area. Featuring walking tours and guest speakers, as well as plenty of market stalls and entertainment, this event seeks to save the community. So come on down, have some fun and show your support for one of the oldest and most beautiful suburbs of Sydney. n Argyle Place via the Rocks, 10am-4pm. For more information visit millerspointpicnicday Reg Mombassa artwork at Millers Point Sunday 14th September MILLERS POINT SPRING PICNIC Millers Point is well known for it’s See page 8 for more what's on...


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n Local Gigs n Local screens FREE TICKETS Win double movie passes Dream weavers A real head trip Thursday 18th September Bad//Dreems Like other recent Australiana bands, Bad//Dreems’ lead singer lets his accent shine through and, against my better judgement, it really works. It's garagey, outsider rock but it’s surprisingly heartfelt and honest. Bounce along and feel something. The Infinite Man Deadly dames and damaged dudes n Newtown Social Club, $15 Friday 19th September Sin City: A Dame To Kill For Night Moves Sure, Robert Rodriguez’s latest project with graphic novelist Frank Miller is style over substance. But… oh what style! Every single frame looks sensational in jaw-droppingly awesome 3D and beautifully rendered black and white, backlit for added depth and clarity. With just an occasional splash of colour for lipstick, hair, blood... plenty of blood. As in the 2005 original, the plot involves several storylines, all drowning in corruption and evil. Some of the same toughguys (Micky Rourke, Josh Brolin, Joseph Gordon-Leavit) and dangerous babes (Jessica Alba, Eva Green) reappear to be deceived, exploited and beaten to a pulp. Life in Sin City ain't easy, and no one has learnt a thing since their last schlocky neo-noir outing – except that power corrupts, sex sells, and brute force always wins. No surprise it is rated MA15+ for (amongst other things) “graphic nudity”. Indeed, as the girl in the title says, “You can’t make a sale without showing the goods.” And... oh what goods! From Sept 18. The Venusians Oooh, this is kind of interesting. They play surfer rock, but some of it’s really dark with these sharp note shifts. A bit like the Horrors; weirder stuff at times but livelier for the most part. Their stranger songs are the best, I think. n The Annandale Hotel, Free Thursday 25th September Save the planet? Ok, but what if that means real action – outside the law? Jessie Eisenberg doesn’t yap his head off for once, and he’s fantastic here as the eco-activist who has moved on from buying at Wholefoods. A naïve student (Dakota Fanning) who joins his plot to blow up a hydroelectric dam becomes one of the victims of this muddled idealism, and there's a real sting in the tail in Kelly Reichardt’s very smart and tense thriller: It's meant for us – all of us who parrot empty slogans, while at the same time demanding endless power to forever charge our iPhones. M on now. Tech nerd Dean (Josh McConville) just wants to re-live a perfect weekend away with the love of his life, Lana (Hannah Marshall), but arriving at the resort they visited a year ago, all they find is an abandoned motel. No worries, Dean has a plan, and a time machine, that will not only recreate their happy past – but make a new future – one that (Dean hopes) doesn’t involve Lana running off with her ex, a hunky Olympian javelin thrower (Alex Dimitriades). Dean’s invention does look a bit basic – like an old stereo, the sort we used to listen to Pink Floyd on in the '70s. Maybe the substances that took us to the dark side of the moon then could help with the knotty time travel issues raised here? For Dean and Lana soon find themselves trapped in an infinite time loop, forever going over different versions of the present, depending on what’s just changed before. It's very funny, and tricky too... But thanks Hugh Sullivan, for doing our heads in! MA15+ from Sept 18. ★ Thanks to Infinite Releasing we have 10 double inseason passes to give away. Details below. Round Mountain Girls I can only find tracks of this band doing covers so maybe that’s all they do. Regardless, a heavy funk version of Wolfmother’s 'Joker and the Thief ' is pretty fun and they bust out 'Devil Went Down To Georgia'. Also 'Walk Like An Egyptian' which is… odd. WIN Ds! DV mance Ro Pack n Reviews – Russell Edwards n The Vanguard, $26.80 ★ Thanks to Icon Films we have we have 10 double in-season passes to give away. Details below. Greenies on a mission Doing it for the kids Sydney Children’s Festival is an event that celebrates artistic excellence and innovation for and by children aged 5-12 years old. Hosted at the Seymour Centre for the first time, this year’s SCF will be based around three high quality theatre works; the New York cabaret Still Awake Still!, an acrobatic superhero show KAPOW!, and Twinkle, an exploration of stars and galaxies through music, script and song. These performances are presented alongside inspiring workshops from Shaun Parker & Company and Australian Theatre for Young People plus collaborative visual arts projects, a silent disco, a touch of magic and a whole lot more. The Seymour’s courtyard will be a hive of activity. The Kazador Circus Tent takes up residence under its leafy trees, and fans of up-close-and-personal theatrics can roll up and find a ringside seat to see daredevil jugglers, awesome acrobats and whipcracking hula hoop stars.It’s also the perfect spot for lunch, with food and drink available on site so families can picnic outdoors. The City of Sydney Lawn Library sets up shelves in the courtyard, offering a great spot to read or relax. DVD Romance Pack! Young thespians point the way WIN TIX! ★ To go into the running to win a FREE family pass to Still Awake Still! 10.30am 23rd September, email us at with details of where you picked up Ciao. n More local movies: What better way to spend the still chilly spring evenings than cuddled up under the doona, (hopefully) with someone else, and a romantic DVD? Our friends at Icon have come up with the goods this month, two of their spring releases are great historical love stories, one the most famous of them all. Downton Abby’s Julian Fellow’s take on Romeo & Juliet feels surprisingly fresh and zesty – it’s young stars breathing new life to Shakespeare’s classic text., and there’s Belle, a heart-stirring story of a young black girl called "Dido" brought up by stiff British aristocrats, and her passionate love for an anti-slavery campaigner. Both are available on Blu-ray, DVD and digital from Sept 10. Read more about both in our reviews online, then enter to win! ★ Thanks to Icon Home Entertainment we have 5 DVD “Romance Packs” (both titles) to give away. Details below Mon 1st to Thurs 18th September Sondheim on Sondheim Originally presented on Broadway in 2010, Sondheim on Sondheim is an intimate look into the genius of Stephen Sondheim, aka the ‘Father of the Modern Musical’, behind such musicals as Sweeney Todd and West Side Story. This production by Squabbalogic Independent Music Theatre beautifully weaves together video interviews of Sondheim with brilliant re-imaginings of some of his most acclaimed works. n For info and bookings visit or phone (02) 8065 7337 Friday 19th September about the ladies? Turns out there was a treasure trove of fantastic female rock’n’roll recorded by Sun Records, but was never promoted because it was deemed vulgar. “These women unknowingly became pioneers.” says event organiser and vocalist Narelle Evans, “They laid the foundations for the sexual revolution.” If you are interested in hearing the story of four, largely forgotten musicians with some great rockabilly tunes, make sure to come down to Django Bar. Tickets cost $20 at the door. Sat 20th to Sun 21st September beets and roots band, the Vegetable Plot. The ensemble's mission is to inspire kids to eat their greens, and Stone's soulful groove could be just the gastronomic intervention your family needs. n Bookings: RSL is the place for you to be. Come join Christian Guerrero and the award-winning Salsa Kingz band for an outstanding evening of great Latino music and dance. It doesn’t even matter if you’re a novice; there is a complimentary salsa lesson for ticket holders from 8pm! Tickets are $20. n For tickets phone 9559 0000 WIN MOVIE PASSES & DVDs Rock your melon n To make a booking, visit The Rockabilly Women The vegetable plot Friday 26th September If you say '1950s Rockabilly', names like Elvis, Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis spring to mind - but what 8 Rozelle vocalist Elana Stone, known for her gig with Sydney country quartet All Our Exes Live in Texas, has turned a new leaf singing with local Noches Latinas AND Salsa Kingz If you feel you have a bit of a Latin flair, the Canterbury Hurlstone Park To be in the running to win double in-season passes to Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Infinity Man or the DVD Romance Pack (Romeo & Juliet and Belle), email your name and contact details to au telling us where you picked up your copy of Ciao. You can enter them all in one email, but if you do, give us a preference. Don’t forget the The Only at the movies Sept 18 Lavazza Italian Film Festival too on page 20, and remember to include a postal address. Good luck!


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Did you know poor oral health can make your general health worse and vice versa? White Leaf Dental is offering a NO GAPS CHECK-UP (which includes an examination with one of our dentists, a clean and radiographs, if required) for everyone that has private health. For those who don’t have private health, you can receive the same service with a 50% discount. To take advantage of this opportunity, or if you have a question for one of our friendly staff members, please call: Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm Dr Scott D Williams and the staff of White Leaf Dental are located on Ramsay Street HABERFIELD 9716 8500


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Burwood festival 2014! Sunday 21st September Message from the Mayor A community festival held in a beautiful park works like kryptonite against the hustle and bustle of Inner Sydney. Celebrating its 30th birthday, Burwood Festival has gotten so good at chucking a party some might say it even has superpowers of its own... Adopting a vibrant superhero theme, Burwood Festival 2014 is set to be the Inner West’s largest superhero party yet. So don’t forget to grab a cape and mask-up before heading down to Burwood Park for their annual fair on Sunday 21st September. All your favourite superheroes will be there, including the Marvel Avengers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You can even get up close to the Batmobile and create your own alter-ego, costume and gadgets at Burwood Festival’s Superhero Workshop. For those who prefer the thrill of star power over superpowers, the main stage will be a hive of activity headlined by teen heart-throbs, The Collective and Patrik Bosen. With an array of dizzying rides, cute animals to meet and award-winning food stalls to sample, Burwood Festival is sure to delight every kind of Inner Westie. Testament to Burwood’s rainbow of diverse cultural communities, there will be treats to try from all over the world, and goodie bags to give to the kids. For the 23rd year running, Burwood Festival will be host to the famous Classic Car Show displaying drool-worthy vintage cars from collectors across Australia. Welcome to the 2014 Burwood Festival! The Burwood Festival is the largest free community event in Sydney’s Inner West, with something for the whole family to come and enjoy. Please join us in Burwood Park as we come together to celebrate our area’s rich culture and diversity, and bring in the start of Spring for the year. n Burwood Mayor John Faker All the fun of the fair Festival HIghlights How to get there Burwood Festival is easily accessible by public transport, so leave the car at home and catch the bus or train for a great day out. Sydney Trains has regular services stopping at Burwood Station and buses stop on Burwood Road, near the Festival entrance. Bus Routes 400, 407, 408, 409, 415, 418, 458, 462, 464, 466, 492, 499 and 525 will all get you to the Festival. If you’re travelling with the family, find out about traveling with the Family Funday Sunday Ticket. The Festival is just 12 minutes from Central Station and 15 minutes from Parramatta. n For more information and to plan your trip visit or phone 131 500. Patrik Bosen will be making an appearance Grooving Tunes Catch local superstar Mis Joelle and Patrik Bosen sing their own original music live, after their succesful X-Factor debuts. The Collective boys will also be there! Kids Korner For the young’uns and the young at heart, Kids Korner is the place to be! Work on your hoola hopping with Shiho Sparkle Hooper, get your face painted and go on a pony ride. Check out the Superhero Workshop where you can make your own shield and mask. Hero HQ Now you’ve worked on your lycra looks, you are prepared to meet your favourite heroes. Get a photo with Iron Man, Spiderman, Elsa and Annie from Frozen. Dress-up Competition The best dressed festival-goers will win a VIP party for 10 people to watch any movie of their choice, with a double movie pass each for eight lucky runners up. For the best chances to win, start working on your costumed now! 10


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n Your say The contentious Italian Forum Cultural Centre is protected as a cultural and entertainment site under a covenant by Order of Her Majesty The Queen. (Yes, really.) What site in the Inner West would you protect under an honorific order? n "Free Afternoon Jazz at Marrickville Golf Club on Sundays." Fancy, Glebe n "The Block, so it's still a place of cultural and historical significance to the Indigenous community." Vic, Newtown Unearthing The future Defenders of Our Land, Water and Future are a group of volunteers formed three months ago in the Inner West following a screening at Leichhardt Town Hall of a documentary by Lock the Gate Alliance called “Fractured Country”. Defenders have surveyed over 600 residents in the Balmain area about their attitudes towards coal and gas mining. Overwhelmingly those surveyed are unaware and shocked to discover that our drinking water is under threat, as well as our productive farmlands. Some of the licences issued are literally in our backyard including around St Peters. Spring Farm near Camden has several operating gas wells within a few hundred metres of homes. Coal and gas mining is all about quick production and quick exit. This is completely devoid of any long term sustainability. This type of production has detrimental consequences for our future particularly for our most precious commodity on this, the driest inhabited continent - water. Coal and coal seam gas mining removes water from our rivers, creeks and wetlands. It affects all the water habitats for creatures such as platypus and the micro-organisms that help develop and sustain our ecosystem. It alters our natural habitats resulting in deforestation and in the case of open cut mines, the land can never be rehabilitated to its former state. Our productive farmlands disappear ending centuries of tradition of farmers earning a sustainable living off the land. It also robs communities of precious skills being handed down from generation to generation, if the farmlands are mined. This type of industry doesn't create any jobs for the community because most of the workers are flown in and out without any connection n Sustainability n Local news The show goes on Controversy and confusion over the ownership and tenancy of the Italian Forum's theatre continues as community organisation and prospective buyer Co.As. It has organised an open meeting to propose their plans for the space. Co.As.It does not yet own the site, as its administration is being disputed in the Supreme Court. Currently it's being used as a performance space by the Actors Centre Australia. Co.As.It maintains their openness to sharing the space with current tenants, stating in a press release, “We are very keen to have a vibrant relationship between us and the ACA...This will involve agreeing a realistic lease.” Dean Carey, Director of ACA, says he is concerned about Co.As.It's ability to manage the facility, “the engine room of the Forum”, which he claims costs a quarter of a million dollars a year to staff for public access. Environment defenders get crafty mural with the Aboriginal flag at the hub. Something about it makes it seem so true and resonant in a way a lot of other political pieces don't, and I'm not sure why. Also nice that people tend to avoid doing graffiti there out of respect. Bennett, Forest Lodge n "Papa’s Pasticceria in Haberfield." Laura n "The Martin Luther King to the locals. In NSW mining only accounts for 1.2% of all jobs and only contributes 2% to the state’s economy. In rural areas when mining begins the price of housing artificially rises and affordability becomes impossible while the production is in progress. Mining causes soil erosion and once the land is cut open it takes centuries for it to recover. With the reduction in suitable farmland to produce our food it will need to be sourced from overseas. The detrimental impact on communities from this type of mining has been proven and studied in countries like Canada and America. It is well documented that it results in reducing long term sustainability of our farmlands and local communities. Coal and gas mining is not a long term vision for our beautiful country. It is a short term gain for long term destruction. n By Rafida Ali from Defenders of Our Land, Water and Future. Support the cause against mining by attending the Defender's free community picnic at Bicentennial Park in Glebe from 12-4pm on Sunday 21st of September. If you're interested in stepping further into the saga of the Italian Forum Cultural Centre, Co.As.It's public forum will be taking place on September 18th at 7.30pm in Leichardt Town Hall. The newly accessible Drummoyne Wharf xx x Drummoyne Wharf reopens Drummoyne Ferry Wharf is set to re-open on the 17th September, after a $5.4 million dollar accessibility upgrade. The upgrade has included a gangway and pontoon, which make the wharf easier to get to for those with wheelchairs and prams. Ironically, a locking gate has been added to the wharf to keep night-time hooligans out. The first service to Parramatta will be leaving at 6.08am on the 17th, followed by a 6.28am service to Darling Harbour. Community respect xx x Tickled pink What would you do if your sister was diagnosed with terminal cancer? Actor Samuel Johnson began a journey around Australia to raise a million dollars for breast cancer research... on a unicycle. Now local foodie, Romina Di Federico, and inspirational speaker, Angela Cowen, have got on board, organising a taffeta extravaganza to contribute funds to Johnson's cause, 'Love Your Sister'. Angela and Romina met two years ago and soon realised they could combine their passions of gluten-free baking, inspired conversation, and event organising to support causes dealing with the big C. “We were both amazed by how little cancer is spoken about. We wanted a way we could empower our communities to do something about it,” Romina said. Calling themselves the 'Ladies in Pink', every year the pair organise a delectable high tea to raise funds for a heartwarming cause of their choosing. This year their 'High Tea With Love' for Love Your Sister will feature an address by Samuel Johnson, Up for a lovely high tea? Have xx x a wet and windy good time Learn to sail cancer survivor Lizzy Park and leukaemia survivor and terminal illness counsellor, Petrea King. Romina says the highlight of the event will be the conversation. “Our panelists will be addressing this year's theme 'I choose love.' By sharing our stories we can enrich each other with the knowledge of what is possible,” she said. n High Tea With Love is on Saturday 20th September at Leichhardt Town hall. Book tickets at: Last season, the Abbotsford Sailing Club introduced fun and social sailing to the community by hosting family days on one Sunday of every month, letting locals experience just what sailing is really about… The family fun day program was set up to promote the sport and the club to a wider demographic as they felt many locals never had the chance to get to know the club, despite it having operated in the area for well over 60 years. During these days, parents and children are taken out on the boats to get a feel for sailing and just “being on the water”, followed by a delicious lunch on the Club. Community spirit blazing in support of Rozelle A community concert has been organised next Sunday 21st September to raise funds for the businesses and families hurt by the tragedy of last week's explosion at Rozelle. The concert will take place in King George Park from 12-3pm. Inner Westies of all ages are encouraged to attend, with a gold coin in hand. The appeal will feature local musicians, a classic backyard barbecue, face painting and children's entertainment – including a jumping castle. Demolition of 265 Darling Street began on Thursday in order to jump start the recovery of Rozelle's shopping strip. The local Chamber of Commerce, however, is concerned with the losses storefronts have already suffered in the aftermath due to street and footpath closures. 10 In response the Chamber has launched a promotional campaign 'Rozelle Needs You', with the help of Leichhardt Council and a Rozelle marketing firm, to produce stickers and flyers encouraging locals to spend some dosh along the Darling street strip. Balmain-Rozelle Chamber of Commerce president Jodie Stewart says residents can have an important hand in limiting the residual impact the fire has on local businesses. “With our deepest sympathies in mind, our thoughts must also move toward restoring day to day life, particularly in Rozelle. More than ever we need our wonderful local customers to support their high street businesses as they start to re-open,” she said. There are many opportunities to assist in the recovery of Rozelle's bustling street-life. A Rozelle Fire Appeal has been established which is taking donations online. Leichhardt Council is also compiling a volunteer registry. Volunteers will be working in consultation with residents and businesses affected so their needs can be matched with adequate support. As a community we can commemorate the lives that were lost and work together to rebuild the Darling street we all love. How can you help? l Bring family and friends to the concert on Sunday 21st September in King George Park. Donations collected on the day will be matched dollar for dollar by Leichhardt council. Rozelle high-street. l Go shopping along the l Register as a volunteer or donate money to the Rozelle Fire Appeal at www.leichhardt. Darling street recovery


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Contact us for your tax needs on 9564 0092 Or email us at Office Times Mon-Fri: 9.00am to 5.30pm. Saturdays and after office hours by appointment only Specialised Services Tax Returns (ELS)  Individual, Investment, Sole Trader, Partnership, Company & Trusts GST Returns  Preparation and Electronic Lodgement of BAS Returns Mortgage Brokers   ASIC (Australian Credit License) & MFAA Credit Adviser TM Accounting & Tax Advisory   Strategic Accounting & Tax PlanningServices from a FNTAA & FIPA (Fellow “Institute of Public Accountants”) Debt Services ATO Debt Arrangements Late Tax & GST Returns Lodgement of returns great than 2 years late 1/420 New Canterbury Rd, Dulwich Hill, NSW 2203 (Car parking in Loftus St) Ph: 9564 0092 | Email: |


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n DULWICH HILL SPECIAL FEATURE Dulwich Hill Darlings With Dulwich Hill Fair taking place on Sunday the 14th September, we thought we’d try and discover more about the local businesses that call this vibrant area home. From money matters to moreish treats, Dulwich Hill’s shopping village, spread between Marrickville Road, New Canterbury Road and Seaview Street, has a vast array of services and retail outlets to explore. We caught up with four local business owners who helped guide us through one of Sydney’s favourite shopping strips. David Diamantopoulos LJ Hooker Dulwich Hill and Marrickville 449 New Canterbury Road. Ph: 9569 8000. LJ Hooker in Dulwich Hill is heading towards to its 21st birthday and in this time proud owner and manager David Diamantopoulos has enjoyed seeing the changes in Dulwhich Hill for the better. During this time David has assisted countless families move to the area and he still gets a kick out of bumping into past clients having coffee or grocery shopping, enjoying their new home suburb. Indeed, David says the village lifestyle is why Dulwich Hill has become a popular choice among investors. “With the light rail and great schools, Dulwich Hill is in demand. Get to the airport or the city within 10 minutes outside of peak hour and connect to the M4 and M5 easily, you will always be on top of everything. If you are looking to invest in Dulwich Hill, you will find a lot more bang for your buck than the city fringe or Eastern suburbs,” he said. With over two decades experience working in the high-demand Sydney market, David says the most important thing when buying in Sydney is to act fast. “Think about what things are important when you are shopping, and move quickly when you find them. I have seen so many times where people will miss out on a home because they have just started looking and are not sure, then three or four months later make a comment about that place they missed out during their first few weeks on market. When you have a property you are interested in do not be afraid to chase it,” David recommended. For those selling their properties, David suggests trying out a few real estate agents before settling with one. “Send them an email or call them about a property they have for sale. Maybe go to an open home and see how they actually engage buyers and what they do when selling a home. Pick an agent you know is going to do everything possible to find a buyer willing to pay the maximum price for your property,” he says. As for his own ideal location, Dulwich Hill has remained David’s suburb of choice, “There are plenty of fantastic period homes and I just love the sense of character and space that they offer. It is also so close to everything - it is my sure fire pick.” Chris and Janice Coffee 1st Espresso Bar 426 New Canterbury Road. Ph: 9564 0552 Husband and wife team, Janice and Chris, opened Coffee 1st Café as a new-start business in early 2011. Three years on, Coffee 1st is flourishing in a suburb renowned for its delicious aromas and gourmet treats. Coffee 1st is especially known for their unmatched selection of blends, which provide what Janice and Chris call that ‘God in a Cup Moment.’ “Following an extensive search for the perfect blend we settled on the ‘Scuro’ Blend from Coffex Coffee Roasters in Melbourne, a blend that is dark, full bodied, rich, creamy with chocolate overtones. In addition we provide variety in our coffees with a selection of single origins being available on a week-to-week basis,” they say. Critical to a perfect first sip is the technique used to store and prepare the beans. Janice and Chris let all their beans rest before use to ensure they produce a fully developed flavour and regularly sample their coffee to ensure details in Truly divine coffee production such as extraction, storage of beans, machine functioning, and milk selection are providing a consistent flavor. “These all help to provide perfect fresh beans, silky milk and quality in the cup,” they said. Chris and Janice love ‘Dully’ most for its sense of community and their, “beautiful customers who become our friends and help a feeling of community develop from this”. David’s been talking up Dulwich Hil since the early ‘90s! 14


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Marylee Gallo Do or Dye Hair She says a telltale sign of a great hairdresser is one who knows how much change is enough. “I never cut more than necessary unless a client would like a completely new style. Most times a great stylish haircut is more about what you leave on than what you take off.” A creative soul at heart, Marylee has enjoyed the burgeoning street life of Dully. “I have loved watching and being a part of the continuing growth. I have seen new and unique shops pop up and am looking forward to the many new projects under development.” Do or Dye Hair is currently offering $20 fullbody spray tans to illuminate skin just in time for spring. 401 New Canterbury Rd. ph: 9560 7770. Marylee knew she wanted to be a hairdresser from the age of five, when she started chopping the locks off her Barbie Dolls for the sake of style. Five years ago Marylee set up her very own hair salon in the streets of Dully, and has gone on to win awards from Vogue and act as style consultant to celebrities, such as the likes of Matthew Newton. Her main source of inspiration, however, has remained the local visitors to her salon. “There is so much variety to the fashion and personalities of the residents in Dulwich Hill. Many residents work in professional environments so like to stick with classic cuts, however, I do also have a lot of arty clients who like to express their individuality through their look which gives me an opportunity to experiment with different colours and styles,” she says. Despite the funky colours she sometimes employs, Gallo’s expertise lies in styling. “Cutting hair is my specialty, it’s what I love to do!” she says. announcement of the May budget, such as the Dependent Spouse Tax Offset (‘DSTO’) and the Mature Age Worker Tax Offset,” Michael says. Working with local professionals and businesses, Michael’s primary piece of advice is to be organised with your interactions with the Australian Taxation Office. “Our advice is to always lodge on time due to heavy penalties now enforced by the ATO and to keep good records, ” he said. “Whether you are lodging an Individual Tax Return, or you are representing a Not-for-Profit Association or business you must comply with the minimum compliance requirements to pass the test with the ATO.” When Michael is not working with his small team of accountants, he makes the most of Sydney Accounting Service’s location by going to the local gym and enjoying the coffee culture of Dulwich Hill Village. His favourite thing about Dulwich Hill though is definitely his clients. “We’re all about working with our clients to create great businesses and great tax outcomes with excellent customer service,” he said. Michael Kypreos Sydney Accounting Services Shop 1, 420 New Canterbury Rd. ph: 9564 0092. As the Principal Accountant at Sydney Accounting Services, Michael Kypreos perhaps sees a side of Inner Westies that is not frequently spoken about…our financial organisation! Although local residents can be a little tardy with their tax returns, for the most part Michael finds Inner West clients “are extremely organised and know the service they require”. Accounting is an information science used to collect, classify and manipulate financial data for businesses and individuals. Michael is still sometimes surprised how many individuals are unaware of the benefits of visiting an accountant. “Even an individual person needs expertise to achieve the best possible outcomes, legally minimise tax and properly structure their accounting and bookkeeping processes so they are compliant with current ATO regulations,” he said. They may also be unaware how changes in government policy will personally affect their budget at home. One of the Sydney Accounting Services team Your local coffee hub in Dulwich Hill. More than just great coffee. Coffee1st welcomes all to visit us and share in our experience of the vibrant Dulwich Hill Community. 426 New Canterbury Rd, Dulwich Hill NSW Phone: 9564 0552 Marylee and sister Grace never have a bad hair day “There are major offsets for individual taxpayers that are no longer around due to the 15



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