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Family Links 1 WELCOME TO NEWSLETTER #1 This newsletter has been inspired by the death of my brother George. He used to keep many of us informed of family events. It enabled me to maintain some sort of currency in my family tree data. My interest has always been to “dress up” the data to make it readable and to get beyond who begat who begat who. I hope to produce a newsletter about every three or four months. Mind you, if you have been following the news column on the front page of the family tree (at genealogy/) or using the RSS feed in your browser or other software, then you may well have caught up with most of the news below. Number: 1 February 2006 This newsletter covers events in the Sep 05-Jan 06 period. It is distributed as a jpeg file and is available on the web in pdf. [In the information below, the name in square brackets at the end of each item is the branch line.] LIFE BEGUN 12 Oct: Mark, to Paul and Michele (Hogan) Dempsey in Galway, Ireland [Hogan] 29 Oct: Lily Helena, to Kevin and Liz (Flavin) Behrens in Melbourne, Victoria [Hogan] 3 Dec: Jaxon Zane, to Raymond and Kellie (Vohland) Metzger in Mareeba, Queensland [Royes] 6 Dec: Ella Grace, to Patrick Bolger and Sheena Behrens in Dublin, Ireland [Hogan] LIVES UNITED 24 Sep: Kristy Lorraine Roy and Damian Cumming at Clifton Beach, Cairns, Queensland [Roy] 6 Oct: Andrew and Elaine Collen [Logan] BAPTISMS 20 Nov: Eliza Sian, 4 month old daughter of Andrew and Caitlin (Manning) Roy of Oxley, Brisbane, Queensland - by her grandfather Bruce Roy [Roy] Eliza Sian Roy LIFE COMPLETE 18 Oct: Kenneth George Roy of Rosewood, Queensland [Roy] CATCHING UP Parents added for Ern Elias, Elizabeth Mary Weir (Wiley), Children added: Sophie Jane Mattson (28 Oct 2004), Sacha Lauren Colville (26 Jan 2005), Douglas James Malcolm (30 Jan 2005), Ethan John Simpson (20 Jun 2005) Pedigrees for Blount extended back to 1879 and Wileys back to 1810. –––––– Thanks to Jack Hogan, Joy Logan, John and Damian Elias, Anne Roy, Peter and Irene Roy, Glenda Pollard, Kim and Kylie Cetinich, Marion McNeill, David and Marcia Harris for notes and photos Roy~Royes Family Links 11 Dec: Ernest Rupert Elias of Albury, New South Wales [Roy] George’s Web Site George Roy’s site is now in two places: New Web Link The US Houghams descended from Rev Jarvis Hougham are on the web


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2 R~RFL FORUM The purpose of the R~RFL forum is to discuss aspects of the family tree. One example is already there under “Most Wanted” - what do we know of Samuel Russell? A discussion can weigh up the pros and cons, make educated guesses, or prompt someone to do some research and come up with answers for us. A newly added forum is Genealogy and Health - where genetically transmitted medical conditions can be identified. You do not have to register to participate or contribute new topics. So not just known members of the family tree but anyone who is searching the web and finds our bulletin board can make their contribution. There are two advantages to being registered: members can use the bulletin board to send private messages to each other members can be sent notices specific to the bulletin board CHANGES ON THE WEB Apart from the personal and family information on the front page, and the usual editing and updating of other pages, changes on the site have been: development of a “tips” page to help in navigating the site your suggestions welcome introduction of a newsletter index - these are pdf versions of these newsletters enabling links to be incorporated how changes are processed see this page addition of several Hougham family wills with appropriate links, from between the 16th and 18th centuries, courtesy of Robin Young - see under Histories Galleries updated: Russell, Hogan, Logan Histories added for George Roy, Ern Elias Overview charts added for Blount-McLean and Wiley pedigrees I will gradually change from extended notes within a person’s file (which are text only) to history documents linked to the person. This is more flexible for a number of reasons – in particular, such documents can include multiple links, graphics and photos. TIPS FOR USING THE WEB SITE tTODAY’S BIRTHDAYS on the front page and in the Reports gives birthdays for a 48-hour period (to cover all time zones) and is a quick way to check on who is celebrating today. Of course, some are no longer celebrating since this list provides for everone dead or alive who shares this birth date. And it’s a bit late to run out and get a birthday card. So... t#*35)%":45)*4.0/5) in the Reports section lists all living people who will have a birthday this month sorted by month and day. You just have to be careful about those born early in the month! At this stage there is no freedom to search by any other month . Of course, if you are looking for a particular person’s birthday and you are a registered member, you can search their file - see Security and Privacy on page 3. MEMO: Aunty Rose’s eck birthday - ch FL R ~ R in te da


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3 SOME R~RFL SITE STATISTICS Other statistics are: 66% links from overseas, from over 20 countries referrals from over 10 search engines referrals from 7 other sites A “hit” is the retrieval of any item, like a page or a graphic. For example, when a visitor calls up a Web page with four graphics, that’s five hits, one for the page and four for the graphics. Visit Statistics on the website for family tree stats. SECURITY AND PRIVACY Unless you are registered and logged in, you cannot view information about living people other than their names and family links. This also has implications for reports such as statistics and birthdays. This is a safeguard against such things as identity fraud. Registration is free but you will not automatically be given access to such data until the administrator (me) sets your registration to enable this. So allow a time frame for me to get an email from the system telling me of registrations and then for me to log in and make the necessary changes. Roy~Royes Family Links is based on the marriage of Maurie Roy and May Royes in Cairns, Queensland, in 1940. It has grown to over 8000 people including those from parallel branches such as the Hogans, Logans, Girvans and Wileys on the Roy side, and the Houghams (or Huffams and several other variants), Youngs and Theoffs on the Royes side. It is not possible to list all branches here but you can check on all surnames at Bruce Roy 45 King Street Wollstonecraft NSW 2065 Australia


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Our first newsletter had just three pages


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Family Links 2 Welcome to Newsletter #2 Number: 2 June 2006 This newsletter covers events in the Feb-May 06 period (with some catch-ups). The on-line version is in pdf format - this allows for links to the web and the database. Its web address is via People events [The name in italics and square brackets at the end of an item refers to the branch line/s.] Catching Up Father Tom Hogan has left Kenya after 31 years and is back permanently in Ireland. He now works with Spirasi [http://www.], an NGO devoted mainly to migrants, asylum seekers and even torture victims. [Hogan] Life Begun 2 Jul 05: Alexander Aidan Charles Logan was born in New Zealand - the first time in at least five generations that there has been more than one male Logan [Logan] 6 Oct 05: Adelena Joan Royes born to Bevan and Carmel in Townsville, QLD, Australia [Royes] 9 Jan: Aisling Clancy, to Sinead (née Phelan) and Stephen of Tramore, Co Waterford, Ireland [Hogan] 3 Feb: Jayden Cheree Hilton Royes to Clancy and Carla in Mt Isa, Queensland [Royes] 2 Mar: Jolee Lorraine Gallagher to Ashley and Shannon in Townsville, Queensland [Royes] Jasmin, Brendan and Michaela Hogan off to school in Brussels on St Patrick’s Day 2006 Elaine (Moman) Smith’s great grandaunt was Lillian Marie Poulton who married Bathurst Hougham Royes in 1922. Her web site is at http:// index.html . She has photographed and catalogued something like 20 cemetries in SE Queensland and put them out on CDs. There is a link on her site worth checking out. Alissa Baxter has two of her books put up as ebooks on a special site. Alissa’s chicklit book Send and Receive continued on page 2... 3PZ_3PZFT'BNJMZ-JOLT/FXTMFUUFSt+VOF 30 Mar: Olivia Constance Rose Young born to Philip and Sarah - granddaughter for our intrepid Hougham researcher Robin Young [Hougham] Contents Welcome to Newsletter #2 People events Catching Up Sex and other changes New look Privacy Charts Who are they? From CD to web site Do we really go back to the 2nd century? Roy~Royes Family Links Life Complete 9 Feb: Jacqueline “Jacquie” Ivy (Murphy) Roy, husband of Gus, died in Brisbane, QLD, Australia, aged 81. There is still no result from the autopsy and so her cause of death is still unknown - the family wait anxiously for the result - which could take 6 months. [Roy] 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 4 4 Lives United 1 Apr: Laura Hogan married Oisin (pronounced Osheen) Mc Manus (from Templeogue, Dublin) in Galway [Hogan] 15 Apr: Robin Young’s daughter Jessamie (Young) Cook married James Bell at Upnor Castle [Hougham]


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2 Catching up continued received very good reviews. Her web site is at http://www. [Russell] Tessa (Russell) Baxter continues to enter cycle races and has improved radically, she assures us. She and her hubby recently completed South Africa’s Cape Argus Cycle Classic, where one cycles around the Cape Peninsula. see http:// Tessa writes: “I get a warm feeling pedalling into Fish Hoek, where I was born, through Simonstown where my dad Desmond Russell was born (1918). I think of many happy days spent on the beach there with my Cooper cousins.” [Russell] Jennie Hogan has a few things happening at the moment: first baby is due this month (partner Jonathan Lightbourne); she has, by the time you read this, completed her final pharmacy exams; and she starts work at Hereford county hospital in September. How many pharmacists are there in the Hogan clan?? [Hogan] –––––– Thanks for contributions: Jack Hogan, Anne Phelan, Nola Gallagher, Joy Logan, Robin Young, Tony Roy, Tessa Baxter, Jennie Hogan, Joan Smith The Web Site Sex and other changes I was puzzled to see that every time I imported the family tree data file from my computer to the web site, hundreds of records claimed to have been changed when I had not done a thing to them. It turned out there were 1600 such records.. I discovered that many of the records on my computer recorded the last changed date as “Imported”. And when they were uploaded to the web site, my web site settings couldn’t handle that and gave them the date of the current upload. So they were “new” everytime I uploaded. When investigating these imported records, I also found that, in files imported from my brother George, many females were classified male, and all single male records appeared on the “female side” of the page layout. So if you find you have changed sex, or were wondering what had been changed in supposedly changed files, my apologies for the confusion. I have worked through my computer’s data to weed out all these problems - so now there are 1600 records last updated in early February 2006 whose only change was to change the last-changed date or the sex of the person. The What’s New section and the RSS feed should now be more accurate. New look I introduced a new look to the site on 1 May. The main advantage of this layout is the more extensive menu in the left hand margin. Privacy The settings for visitors (not registered and not logged in) have been changed so that they can see only initials and surname of living people. I have also begun a process whereby photos of living people will not appear unless you are logged in. There is an article on Privacy in the Support section. However, please note that “living” people are people with a birth date after 1901 and no death date. This means that if there is no birth date the person is not (technically) classified as living! 3PZ_3PZFT'BNJMZ-JOLT/FXTMFUUFSt+VOF Two new sections have been added to the web site: Articles is a section designed to overcome the fact that items in Histories are only visible if they are linked to a person or family. This section contains articles of general interest. Health looks at issues of health and genetics. A register of known genetic conditions in the family tree has been started. Charts Charts (in Overview) have been changed so that their formats, where possible, read across the page. This should make it easier to follow than the cascading style I have been using - which was narrow but could be very long, making it more difficult to see siblings. If you cannot remember your R~RFL log-in details, you can ask the system to send them to you (use the log-in window) by typing in your registered email address. If you cannot remember which email address you used, I can help you. And with your user name. However, I cannot tell you what your password is. You do have privacy!


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3 The Web Site Who are they? This is the wedding of Bert Royes and Mary Moody in Mareeba, Queensland, in 1906. Can you suggest who any of the other people in the photo might be? And to the right are four of their daughters. I cannot quite reconcile who I think they are with their apparent ages. Can you help? [Click on the photo for a larger view] 3PZ_3PZFT'BNJMZ-JOLT/FXTMFUUFSt+VOF The photo on the left is labelled “RON2” in a folder on George Roy’s computer ROYES/THOMASMORDAUNT/ Which Ron is he? Email me at admin@royroyes. net if you can help with any of the above.


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4 3 Genealogy From CD to web site It is now almost twelve months since I moved the family tree project from CD to web site. One thing about a web site is that everyone can see at any time what information is in it. Especially if they are registered! When R~RFL was a CD, I would cajole people about keeping the information up to date, but their only reference point in regard to what I already knew was a CD that could be months out of date! It was easy to assume that I had a certain item of information. I have found with the web site that people tend to respond as soon as they notice errors and omissions. The web program actually allows for that with the “Suggest” or “Edit” buttons. And it certainly takes the pressure off that annual deadline for having the CD ready! It’s also cheaper. And this regular newsletter looks as if it will not only summarise recent family events but it will also have the desired effect of stimulating people three times a year to review their family and branch information and advise me accordingly. No wonder the web and email have revolutionised genealogy! Roy~Royes Family Links has its origins in the marriage of Maurie Roy and May Royes in Cairns, Queensland, in 1940. It has grown to over 8000 people including those from parallel branches such as the Russells, Hogans, Logans, Girvans and Wileys on the Roy side, and the Houghams (or Huffams and several other variants), Youngs and Theoffs on the Royes side. It is not possible to list all branches here but you can check on all surnames at surnames.php The scope of the data is based on several guiidelines. 1. The first is to concentrate on the Roy and Royes pedigrees. 2. The second is to focus on those branches of the families that emigrated to Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. 3. The third is to include several areas of interest: the Houghams, especially in the USA; Normandy dukes; English royalty. If you are interested in the Houghams, you should be aware that Robin Young’s site will give you a much wider coverage: http://mysite. houghamfamily Do we really go back to the 2nd century? We really need to distinguish the fun part of genealogy from the hard slog. The article on the reliability of our data in the Histories section identifies several points in the Roy and Royes pedigrees where we are not sure of, or are confused by, the data. 3PZ_3PZFT'BNJMZ-JOLT/FXTMFUUFSt+VOF But let’s be clear about one thing - nobody is clear about the data for the first six centuries or so in the RoyesHougham pedigree. You will find several versions of this part of the tree on the web and they all disagree about dates. Even in our own data you will see that the notes in some entries are at odds with the dates offered in the database. In the Overview charts, I have started removing the dark pedigree line from these earlier charts to make it clear that the links are just too doubtful - though the fact of some sort of Scandinavian heritage is probably not in doubt. See - even here I can’t help saying “probably”. As I understand the hard data our earliest Royes-Hougham ancestors are probably Rollo, first duke of Normandy (early 10th century) and Wymund (11th century). So when I am asked how far back does the family tree go, I usually say “the tenth century and, with a dash of something, the second.” George’s Web Site George Roy’s data is now at Bruce Roy 45 King Street Wollstonecraft NSW 2065 Australia


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Family Links Number: 3 October 2006 People events Life Begun 14 Jul: Harrison Gregory Roy born to Greg and Sue in Brisbane, Queensland [Roy] Contents Catching Up People events First Australian VC Silver and Gold Family authors Finding Solomon Hougham Royes 1 1 2 2 3 4 20 Jul: Connor William Malcolm born to Douglas and Casey in Marreba, Queensland [Royes] 22 Aug: Chloe Leigh Mattson born to Dale and Amanda in Cairns, Queensland [Royes] Life Complete 2 May: Averil (Rains) McFarlane, wife of Ron, died in Cairns, Queensland, aged 72, after years of illness. [Royes] T Catching Up his month marks twelve months since George Roy died. He was largely responsible for the establishment of this Roy and Royes research and our community network. He would have turned 64 on the 1st October. This newsletter is a response to the gap he left in the sharing of family news. Two small ceremonies were held at two Mareeba (North Queensland) cemeteries in mid 2006... 29 Jun: Iris (Arnot) Russell, widow of John Magee Russell, died aged 90 in Fish Hoek, South Africa - the last but one of that generation. [Russell and Hogan] 3PZ_3PZFT'BNJMZ-JOLT/FXTMFUUFSt0DUPCFS 21 Jul: Angus (Gus) Livingstone Roy died in Brisbane, Queensland - just over five months after wife Jacquie. His eulogy is on the web site. [Roy] 19 Aug: Sydney Christopher Royes died in Brisbane, Queensland, 9 days short of his 93rd birthday. Formerly of Home Hill in North Queensland. [Royes] ————————— During October, we hope to install Robin Young’s monumental work on the Hougham family (which includes the Royes) at http:/ / Because of this and the fact that interest in the family tree has extended beyond the Roy and Royes branches to include significant “parallel branches” of cousins such as the Hogans and the Weatherburns, the home page has been renamed “Generations...”. It is a tad more complicated to change the domain name itself so it will remain as I n July the family of Tom and Phyl Roy erected a new headstone to cover both graves in the Mareeba cemetery. The photo shows four of their five surviving children in age order: Tom, Peney, Peter, and Louise - Anne, second eldest, is absent. (A close-up of the headstone is in the Headstones section of the website.) [Roy] Catching Up continued on page 2... Roy~Royes Family Links


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 Catching up continued From the files First Australian VC C olonel Mark Sever Bell VC CB was the first Australian-born winner of the Victoria Cross while serving with the Royal Engineers (British Army) in what is now Ghana in 1874. He was later awarded the Companion of the Order of the Bath. He has a page in his honour at Mark_Sever_Bell I searched for Mark on the web and discovered many references to him. The Wikipedia page also confirmed a suspicion I had had - that Emily and family had returned to England at some point. We can now nail that down to about 1847-1850. G 3PZ_3PZFT'BNJMZ-JOLT/FXTMFUUFSt0DUPCFS I came across this information Another son of Hutchinson when following a lead on and Emily Bell was Hutchinson Emily Royes (his mother) that Royes Bell, who became a Maurie, Marilyn, Ena and Bruce took me to the Australian successful London Harley eorge Roy’s ashes were interred Pioneers Club newsletter and an Street surgeon. in his mother’s grave in the article on the Mark Bell Table. This [Royes] Mareeba Pioneer cemetery on 9 article appears in Mark’s file. August. His father Maurie, sister Marilyn, widow Ena and brother Bruce were present from Cairns, he Hougham-Royes line has In September 1817 a joint mark in Laidley, Rosewood and Sydney, with some eminent goldsmiths the names of Solomon Hougham, a number of cousins from both the among its members. If you search Solomon Royes (who had Roy and Royes branches, and close the web for any of the names listed been apprenticed to Solomon friends. A family gathering then below, especially for images, you Hougham) and John East Dix took place at Joyce (McFarlane) will find many pieces of silver and was registered. This is a famous Trimble’s home. gold up for auction. Some of the partnership and it is surprising [Roy and Royes] pieces are featured in that their joint mark –––––– the Gallery pages on lasted just under Thanks for contributions: Ena Roy, Jack 12 months, for Hogan, Greg Roy, Irene Roy, Janine our site. Solomon Hougham Boundy, Glenda Pollard Charles Hougham died in August 1818. seems to have been T Silver and Gold A new section has been added to the web site: Most Wanted is a section designed to highlight where it would be good to get some clarification or new knowledge on a particular person, family or event. Any help you can give would be most appreciated, so get on to that web search or, if appropriate, check out your local family history society! This section will eventually replace the Forum - an experiment that proved popular only with porn and drug suppliers! the first, registering his first “mark” on 1 Nov 1769. He and brother Solomon became partners by at least 1785, since that is the year of Charles’ will and he so refers to Solomon. Another Hougham, Henry son of Henry, was apprenticed to Solomon in 1789 - is this Solomon’s nephew? Solomon did not register his first mark until after his brother died in 1793. Solomon Royes and John East Dix then established a joint mark and this partnership apparently lasted only 20 months when Solomon entered his own separate mark. Solomon closed his business in about 1824 and retired to Jersey in the Channel Islands. He died in 1842. [Royes and Hougham line] Check out the following site and its links: http://www.silversugartongs. com/london/London.htm


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Feature 3 Family authors I thought it would be fun to identify family members who are authors: The Royes sisters of Jamaica, Heather and Gillian, are a versatile pair. Together they edited Jamaica Farmers’ Guide (1988). But that’s not all! eather is a HIV/AIDS consultant and in that capacity has written or co-written at least a dozen published papers on homosexuality and HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean context. She is also a poet and has been publishing since the 1970s and many of her poems have been included in anthologies such as the Heinemann Book of Caribbean Poetry, Penguin Book of Caribbean Verse, the Oxford Book of Caribbean Verse and Seven Jamaican Women Writers. Prizes have included Silver and Bronze medals in the Jamaican Festival Literary Competiton. Two volumes have been published: The Caribbean Raj (1996) and Days and Nights of the Blue Iguana (2005). H worked for Emirates Airlines as a flight attendant and was stationed in Dubai. Alissa returned home in 2001 to pursue her first love of writing, and The Dashing Debutante was published. She went to London to carry out research for her second novel, Lord Fenmore’s Wager, which she wrote when she returned to South Africa. These two books are available as e-books - download at http://www. . (You can read the first chapter on line.) Then in 2004, she branched out of the historical romance genre and wrote her first chick lit novel (popular fiction written for and marketed to young women), Send and Receive, which was published in 2005. Send and Receive is the first ever South African chick lit novel, and it is set in Durban. Alissa currrently works at M-Net - a South African pay TV channel, based in Johannesburg. She works as a content creator for International Shows for M-Net’s websites. (M-Net channel and M-Net Series - ) G illian is an instructor at Georgia State University and does consulting on the side. She is known for her weekly column in the Jamaica Observer on the subject of stress and relationships. She is author of Business is Good: A History of Canning and Company in the Caribbean (2000), co-author (with Candace Kaspers) of Sexcess: The New Gender Rules at Work (2004), and is working on two other books - one with a colleague on immigrants in the workplace. Heather and Gillian are Royes (and Hougham) descendants A Alissa is a Russell descendant. nne Phelan writes poetry - see http:// w w w. a n g e l f i re. co m / p e / paramountpoetry/Phelan. html - and short stories. Some of her work is on the Roy~Royes Family Links web-site - there are two documents listed under Histories, or you can click on her name and find links to the documents. They are titled: Poetry by Anne Phelan and Wreck of the Sea Horse. Anne is a Hogan and Russell descendant. 3PZ_3PZFT'BNJMZ-JOLT/FXTMFUUFSt0DUPCFS C A lissa Baxter was born in South Africa, and studied at the University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, attaining a first class BA in Political Science and French, before furthering her French studies at the Alliance Francaise in Durban and the Eurocentre in Lausanne, Switzerland. She then olonel Mark Sever Bell VC CB has some published papers to his credit - two on the history, geography and culture of N.E. China (1884 and Jul 1886) for British Intelligence, plus what appears to be a presentation to the Royal Geographical Society on Russia and England in Central Asia. He travelled extensively through China and the East. Mark Bell is a Royes descendant.


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4 3 Feature Finding Solomon Hougham Royes G illian West has an article “Huffam and Son” (which you can find in the Histories section) which sets out to show parallels between the characters in Charles Dickens’ Dombey and Son and the family of his godfather Christopher Huffam. She refers to a Solomon Hougham Royes, son of Solomon Royes, who was a surgeon and died in Madras, India. There appeared to be no record of him anywhere else and since she had Solomon Royes’ marriage wrong, I assumed her research was not reliable. We have details of the baptisms of most of Solomon Royes’ children, but there is none for Solomon Hougham Royes. Keep that in mind as the story unfolds. I have been slowly plodding my way through my brother George’s family tree data and discovered a one-off entry for a Solomon Hougham. George has a few of these one-off entries apparently designed as research notes for further investigation. He had a note in the file from the British Library East India Company Medical Services as his source. BUT - the source actually referred to “Rogers, Solomon Hougham”. ow, all the records at the time were hand-written, so - with Gillian West’s reference in the back of my mind and various attempts to transcribe hand-written wills into print - I immediately thought that “Rogers” could be a misreading of the handwritten entry “Royes”. So, some more web research produced a site called Families in British India Society and this entry: Surname: Royes First Names: Solomon Hougham Date: 23 Jul 1838 Entry: of Madras, Assistant Surgeon HEICS, bach., to Solomon Royes the father, £20, further grant 17 Mar 1843 to Benjamin Laurence & William Samgear the executors of the said father, d 11 Jan 1837, Lawrence of Old Fish St, London, gent., Sanigear of Lombard St, gent., entry at end of month, Estate Duty Registers, Pts Source Name: Prerogative Court of Canterbury and Related Probate Jurisdictions: Administration Act Books Source Repository: The National Archives Reference: PROB 6/214, 6/219, IR 26/257 Notice that the executor of Solomon senior’s will is William Sanigear. He is married (1817) to Lydia Royes (b about 1801) but she cannot be the one listed as Solomon Royes senior’s sister (b 1778). She is also mentioned in Solomon Hougham’s will as Lydia Sanigear brother of Solomon Royes junior - but this Solomon Royes is distinguished from Solomon Royes, nephew of Solomon Hougham! There is a record of a discussion on all of this: “The Royes in London BSPVOE ”. Make a strong cup of coffee and keep your Solomon’s sorted out! Nevertheless it does seem certain that Solomon Hougham Royes, surgeon with the East India Company, was indeed the son of Solomon Royes, goldsmith. Roy~Royes Family Links has its origins in the marriage of Maurie Roy and May Royes in Cairns, Queensland, in 1940. It has grown to over 8500 people including those from parallel branches such as the Russells, Hogans, Logans, Girvans and Wileys on the Roy side, and the Houghams (or Huffams and several other variants), Youngs and Theoffs on the Royes side. It is not possible to list all branches here but you can check on all surnames at surnames.php The scope of the data is based on several guiidelines. 1. The first is to concentrate on the Roy and Royes pedigrees. 2. The second is to focus on those branches of the families that emigrated to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Jamaica. 3. The third is to include several areas of interest: the Houghams, especially in the USA; Normandy dukes; English royalty. If you are interested in the Houghams, you should be aware that Robin Young’s site will give you a much wider coverage: http://hougham. 3PZ_3PZFT'BNJMZ-JOLT/FXTMFUUFSt0DUPCFS N *GZPVDBOOPUSFNFNCFSZPVS3_3'-MPHJO details, you can ask the system to send them to you. Click login on the Roy~Royes Family Links home page. The log in window gives you the option of asking for your log in name and password by typing in your registered email address. If you cannot remember which email address you used, I can help you with that. And with your user name. However, I am unable to tell you what your password is since it is encoded. Family Links Editor: Bruce Roy 45 King Street Wollstonecraft NSW 2065 Australia


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Family Links If you are viewing this in a .pdf format, you will find embedded links to the web site. Number: 4 February 2007 Earliest 


Royes The earliest Australian Royes were two brothers and two sisters, children of London goldsmith Solomon Royes (1774-1842). T E Roy~Royes Family Links Newsletter #4 • February 2007 he earliest was Samuel Tyssen Royes (1804-?). He arrived expecting to make his fortune, according to two references he tendered to the Sydney Court of Petty As early as 1820 English newspapers Sessions in Oct 1831. He was singled out NSW as a place to which charged and found guilty of men of capital might emigrate. stealing from his employer, and Immigration increased from 3,074 in 1831-35 to 24,627 in 1836-40. When received three months in jail. the Royes siblings landed in 1838 We can infer from the references there would have been about 100,000 mentioned above that he non-aboriginal people on the entire arrived perhaps sometime in east coast of mainland Australia. By 1829. We know nothing about 1856 Sydney had 70,000 people. him after his jail term - did he stay in Australia, did he move Melbourne was established by free on elsewhere in hope of making settlers from Tasmania in 1835, as was his fortune, did he go home to Williamstown in 1836. Crocodile Creek in central Queensland London? dward Hougham Royes was the centre of a gold rush in 1865 (1818-1878) arrived in but this had collapsed by 1876, two Sydney on the “Surrey” on 17 years before Edward Hougham Royes Aug 1834 as ships boy. Four died in nearby Rockhampton. years later, in 1838, he met up with his two older sisters Maria and Emily on their arrival in Melbourne. He may have gone back to England and accompanied them on the journey out. We will return to Edward. mily (1817-?) married Hutchinson Bell (1794-1847) in February 1838 in Sydney - the year she arrived. This suggests that the marriage was pre-arranged or maybe we have to check our dates. Hutchinson was in Sydney from at least 1835 and this would make it a long courtship from afar! The Bells had six children, the last born in 1847 - also the year that Hutchinson died. The family apparently returned to England soon after this, for we know that Mark Sever Bell (written up in our last newsletter) was an “infant” when he moved back to England - he was 4 when his father died. vineyard (“Hermitage”) at The Oaks, south-west of Sydney. Frederick and Maria are buried at The Oaks and the Luther family is still found in the area through to Oberon. We will have a look at the Luthers in a future newsletter. ack to Edward. He married Mary Elliott (or Boyle?) in 1840. He is recorded as a waterman of Williamstown, Melbourne, at the baptism of son Edward Hougham Royes in St James Melbourne on 28 Jan 1844. This same baptism is recorded in St Lawrence’s church Sydney in the same year, suggesting they had moved to Sydney, though why the two baptism records is not clear unless it was a “transfer” from one parish to another. In 1848 he is declared bankrupt, listed as a gardener of Botany (Sydney area). By 1873 he is recorded as a miner of Crocodile Creek near Mt Morgan in central Queensland. He died in 1878 of asthma. B E It is Edward who is the ancestor of most Royes living in Australia today - notably in Queensland north of Rockhampton. We will see what we can find out about his children for future newsletters. Contents Earliest Australian Royes People events Clements-Hougham Royes-Nuss Tom Moody City Slickers A crow’s foot span longer Dublin presentation More on authors Search for married names 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 Coppermine gallery Roy~Royes Family Links • * aria married winemaker Frederick Christian Luther in Aug 1842 in Sydney and had at least two children. In the 1850s Luther established his own M


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2 Family news and stories People 

events Life Begun Clements-Hougham Royes-Nuss iz (Davis) Welman emailed last November to say how excited she was to discover her 30 Nov: Alexander Ryan Charles Smith to Carl and Helena in Perth, Davis-Girvan-Clement heritage WA, first grandchild for Charles and in our family tree site. Less then three hours later I got an even Joan Walsh- Smith. [Hogan] more excited email when she 23 Jan: Caleise Poppy Mai Eaton discovered the Houghams in our born to Wayne and Sharee in web site - her husband’s mother Rockhampton QLD [Royes] was a Hougham and in fact was in the family tree on the web site. Lives United L J Roy~Royes Family Links Newsletter #4 • February 2007 So let’s get this straight! When 9 Sep: Adam James Royes married Maurie Roy and May Royes Nicole Templeton in Brisbane, QLD were marrried in 1940 they [Royes] brought together the Roy21 Oct: Douglas William Malcolm Logan-Clements line and the married Casey Grey in Mareeba, Royes-Hougham line. When Liz QLD. [Royes] Davis married Gavin Welman Bill Grumley of Malanda, 2 Dec: Raymond Malcolm and in 1973, they brought together Queensland, wrote Padideh Zareha in Brisbane, QLD the Davis-Girvan-Clements line about what he had [Royes] and the Welman-Hougham line! heard from family Gavin is therefore 12th cousin to members about the Moody’s. Life Complete May Royes and Liz is 3rd cousin to Mary Moody Royes was the Maurie Roy. mother of Bill’s late wife, Edna, 24 Oct: Robert Francis Royes funeral and seven other siblings, service in Brisbane, QLD. Formerly And Gavin’s mother’s line is the including May Royes: same line that produces our or Bardon, Brisbane. [Royes} Hougham researcher in Kent, “The grandfather [Thomas 27 Oct: Edward Smith, born 21st Robin Young. Gavin is Robin’s 2nd Stewart Moody] travelled May 1947, Atherton, QLD, died in cousin. up through Ravenswood... Brisbane, QLD, aged 59. His father to Mareeba and set up his was Alfred Charles Smith, mother, There is a chart headquarters. He packed showing the Olga Mary West. [Royes-Weatherburn] supplies into the miners in the two Clements6 Jan: Beryl (Moody) Smith, widow Mulgrave Valley and probably Hougham of Albert Edward Smith and niece a lot more mining camps. He connections of Mary (Moody) Royes, died in was the founder of the Atherton via a link on Mareeba QLD. [Royes] Ambulance and I understand one the Overview 12 Jan: Bill Hargraves, husband of of the patients - he was killed charts front page Ann (Diery), in Innisfail QLD. Ann when he was racing one of his (just below the is a cousin (once removed) to May his sons back to the Carrington diagram). Royes. [Moody] settlement [between Atherton [Did you know that you can and Herberton] - this was one of work out your relationship with [NOTE: The three Smiths listed above are the main early settlements on the not related!] any other person in the family Tablelands.” tree? Go to your page, click the “relationship” button, link to the “People events” appear on the R~RFL second person via the box provided Home page (news column on the and then click on “Calculate”.] right) as they are notified and remain there for approximately 6 months –––––– (depending on the number of entries) Thanks for contributions: Liz Welman, Arlene Faulkner, Jeanette ean Clare Royes (19001989) was a daughter of Thomas Mordaunt Royes - of Ravenswood, Normanton, Mareeba and Charters Towers in North Queensland. She married a Frederick Nuss. Last October I was contacted by four members of that branch of the tree who had found themselves in our web site and their data has been updated. It is always good to match up names in the family tree with a contact! Tom 

Moody Dower, Glenda Pollard, Bill Grumley, Joyce Trimble, Mandie Bloomfield, Marion McNeill, Jack Hogan, George Royes, Joan Walsh-Smith - and the many who sent in adjustments to the web-site data.


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Family news and stories 3 City 

Slickers aa Mandie (Roy) Bloomfield had a chuckle when she picked up grandchildren Caitlin and Ben from Laidley [SE Queensland] and ferried them to nearby Rosewood Golf Club. I didn’t realise just how much they were ‘city kids’, she writes. Between Grandchester and Rosewood there is a lot of country. Caitlin, 4 on 17th Dec, asked: ‘What’s with all the rainforest? ’ When I asked her to repeat her query she wanted to know why there were so many trees. We took in the cows and horses and then we passed a large group of bee-hives which I pointed out to them and explained that that was where honey came from. Caitlin: ‘I’ve got honey at home and it doesn’t come from any bees.’ I explained that it did - from hive, to bottle and bucket, to shop.... and went on to explain the similar process that gives us milk. Ben (aged 6) had been very quiet, taking all this in, but then from behind me comes the query, ‘Grandma, where does water come from?’ and I explained that it came from the sky, ably assisted by Caitlin who agreed and said that God sent it down. Dublin 

presentation Jack Hogan made a Presentation on 20th January of the Hogan/ A relieved Ben then said, ‘So water Russell/O’Donohoe doesn’t come from any animals, Family Tree in the hallowed halls of does it, Grandma?’ Trinity College, Dublin. A 




 longer Marion McNeill [Wiley branch} is from Larne, Northern Ireland, and tells us that in the northern hemisphere the days are “getting a crow’s foot span longer” as her grandfather, Hugh Wiley, would have said. (I cannot find that in any dictionary!) She tells us that Uncle Billy Wiley and his nephew Billy Wiley are lay preachers. Uncle Billy has spent some years, with his wife, working with drug addicts in England and then in Hong Kong. The new year has some unknowns for her family as her husband George has Alzheimers dementia and at the time of writing (early January) it was “beginning to get quite bad”. According to a somewhat biased participant (his son Stephane) “it was not just a success, it was a GREAT SUCCESS’’. Jack reports that “we had a surprisingly large audience of no less than 31 family members as well as three friends who were interested. We also had a cameraman present who made a video of the event. People travelled for the presentation from Brussels, London and Paris. “My nephew by marriage, Dr Mark Lawler, Associate Professor of Molecular Medicine at Trinity, spoke on the history of the Genetic Department, the descendants of Niall of the Nine Hostages (5th century AD) and the historic link with Sir William Wilde (Oscar’s father). The Institute of Genetics is built on the site where Sir William founded an Eye and Throat Hospital and was By Appointment Eye Surgeon to Queen Victoria. The aforementioned Niall of the Nine Hostages is the Irish answer to Genghis Khan. “We retired afterwards to Cooper’s Restaurant on Leeson Streel where dinner ended at 2.30 AM. According to (unfounded) rumours, many went clubbing until dawn (the sun rises late at this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere). The Irish love a party. Roy~Royes Family Links Newsletter #4 • February 2007



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