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n ewsmagazine crusader the · oscars countdown · haiti salpointe catholic high school · 1545 e copper st tucson az 85719 · february 2010 · vol 59 issue 4 score varsity men s soccer pg 26


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2 · table of contents the crusader 12 haiti the after effects of the earthquake that hit haiti in late january photo from:mctdirect com winter olympics a preview of the winter olympics in vancouver canada photo from 31


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february 2010 table of contents · 3 crusader the newsmagazine 28 men s soccer news 09 13 14 varsity soccer works hard to advance in the state playoffs the team currently holds a 23-3 record photo sean logan national security as 2010 begins global threats to our nation s security emerge office president review a look at obama s first year in sat-act the differences between the sat and act testing and the most effective ways to pass features and entertainment 20 23 24 pop culture what s hot and what s not in the worlds of celebrities tv movies and music through the decade the top stories and events that made the headlines over the past 10 years reviews the film dear john the book kathy griffen s official book club selection and restaurant my big fat greek restaurant sports 27 29 30 wrestling a strong schedule prepares lancers for state championship women s basketball varsity basketball prepares for their last two games before regionals women s soccer ending number six in the state varsity soccer makes it all the way to the semi-finals columns la vie en rose 07 apocalypse how time of streiff 09 the procrastinator strikes again guest column 15 valentine s day claire s conundrum 25 how to save a life


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4 · advertisements az builders maintenance co inc roc 175268 roc 175269 the crusader ruben a borrego office 520 318-1701 fax 520 318-1737 p.o box 57691 tucson az 85732 thomas m blase d.d.s m.s.d ltd specialist in orthodontist 6373 e t anque verde suite 110 t ucson arizona 85715 520/296-1700 member american association of orthodontist 293-6740


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february 2010 news · 5 crusader newsmagazine the editorial spending a little more time helping out the community volume 59 2009-2010 february 12 2010 arizona interscholastic press association first place general excellence 2006 07 2007 08 national scholastic press association best of show spring convention 2007 all american 2006 07 2007 08 pacemaker 2006 07 columbia scholastic press association gold crown award 2005 06 2007 08 gold medalist 2006 07 2008 `09 quill and scroll society george h gallup award 2007 08 arizona press women gold medalist 2008 `09 the spirit of giving s the crusader is published by the salpointe journalism class circulation is 2,000 and it is distributed free to students and faculty copies are mailed to parents and select high schools throughout the u.s to contact us call 520 547-9388 write to 1545 e copper st tucson az 85719 e-mail https the crusader does not necessarily reflect the views opinions or policies of salpointe catholic high school or its administration editor-in-chief editorial board jada streiff `10 assistant editor natalee dawson `11 opinions editor news editor k aila schubert `10 natalee dawson `11 features entertainment editor kyle dignoti `11 sports editors art editor isamar molina `10 sean logan `12 elizabeth horner `11 news staff members isamar molina `10 jada streiff `10 kaila schubert `10 kyle dignoti `11 rebecca hildreth `11 emi omnick `10 catalina contreras `10 delaney hare `10 isamar molina `10 justin jenkins `10 mckenna ronquillo `10 monkia brady `10 sandra otero `10 kyle dignoti `11 calire danielson `12 nikki fujiwara sports features entertainment josh petagrew `12 amanda martinez `13 adviser ms michelle mathews interim head of school ms kay sullivan ince earthquakes rocked haiti a sense of giving has been running though the minds of the salpointe community within hours of the quake people all over the world offered money goods letters and prayers to the families of those who were affected shortly after the news spread stuco started a fundraiser as a way to collect funds and to donate to haiti students purchased wristbands for $2 which allowed them to wear jeans on jan 22 over the course of a week salpointe raised more than $6,000 for the victims of the disaster another way that salpointe has been giving back to the community is through the stuff the gazebo food drive the freshman class counselor mr bill calkins challenged students to bring in non-perishable food items to help the people supported by casa molina this fundraiser started feb 1 and will last through feb 23 homerooms are competing against each other by buying as many cans of food as possible the homeroom per class who brings in the most food will win a jeans day another example if salpointe giving is club green which gives back to the environment by encouraging recycling each classroom has a recycling bin and students volunteer to take out the bins weekly club green also encourages the student body to unplug chargers use permanent water bottles and in general reduce recycle and reuse the junior class lends a helping hand on junior day s of service by helping clean up sabino canyon the neighborhoods around salpointe and volunteer at the community food bank in addition to their days of service juniors each donate an additional 24 hours of their time to help the people of tucson this win-win situation teaches the students valuable life skills though compassion and giving serving the community when there is a need is admirable but we must remember that giving back to our communities isn t something we do one or two times a year it is something we should do every day we should not wait for an invitation to get up and help others it is something we should do for the simple reason that it is the right thing to do offer up just a portion of your time to help those in the community who may need you some ideas to help you start are volunteer at local food banks animal shelters or parks there is no maximum amount of service hours that we can put in or dollars we can donate so come on lancers and let s continue the spirit of giving!


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6 · opinions the crusader letters to the editor where is the love t s fourth quarter and the game is tied at 67-67 sweat is dripping down the players faces he knows if he makes this shot he wins the game there are only 7 seconds on the clock they pass the ball in he dribbles to the free throw line and shoots his shot it goes in they have just won but there is something missing why aren t the fans going crazy the reason they aren t going crazy is because no one is there at salpointe catholic high school attendance to varsity basketball games is near to none this is a problem because the fans are a huge aspect to the game they can affect how well and often a team can rally they can also affect how well the opposing team does at many high schools when another team walks in they feel the rumble of the fans let s make salpointe this type of court to play on sean nichols `12 i family and a place people want to be everyday i play baseball and there is a big difference in the athletics here all the kids are dedicated and want to win i think the baseball team should get a lot more recognition we have 6 starting seniors in the line up and pretty much the whole team returning plus more we work very hard with lifting at 6am 2-3 times a week and running with coach carla plus practice every day our goal is to win state this year and i very much believe we can do it forest chapman `12 what is a champion give a little bit have some minor concerns after the earthquake in haiti there was a jeans day in which we had to pay to wear jeans and the profit went to the relief in haiti i honor the effort but i m just wondering why people need some sort of benefit in order to donate money people should give money out of their hearts not for some incentive there is nothing really to change besides a switch of heart and we need to change our trains of thoughts we need to be about others before ourselves and be good samaritans instead of doing so for something special the food drive that started going on february 2 was horrible people will not spend maybe five to ten dollars on some canned food that just might save a life this is another example of a mind change every boy girl and teacher needs to correct before our school losses some of the values we established this school on a change of thought and a change of mind can save a world how about it starts with us vince giovannini `12 champion has many attributes being a champion is not easy it takes hard work dedication perseverance and team work what makes a champion according to webster s dictionary a champion is someone who has won first place in a competition it sound simple however it s not therefore let me define a champion a champion is a person who never gives up a champion sets the standard a champion goes the extra mile to be the best a champion sets goals a champion is not a quitter a champion has character a champion looks to achieve perfection a champion never takes shortcuts a champion respects others a champion overcomes obstacles a champion is a role model a champion is a team mate a champion is unselfish a champion believes in himself or herself a champion is fair a champion is hero hence let us all be champions in life and be good role models fernando careaga `12 a i it s been a long day alpointe is an excellent school with an academic program that is one of the best in the city the only problem is the fact that the days are very long they are long and tedious because the students have to wake up so early other schools have their students come to school at nine o clock in the morning but salpointe does not scientif ic studies have proven that if school starts later than eight in the morning the students have more sleep during the school day one of the problems with having school start so early is the fact that students are not awake and alert during classes if school started later than eight o clock then the students could be more productive during the day the academic scores would get much higher than they currently are this would help the school become a better place to learn and study if the students could come to school later in the morning the academic scores would be better and all the students would be happier zachary esparza `12 s editor s note have an opinion about an issue at school write a letter to the crusader it must be 150-200 words typed we do not accept anonymous letters the preceding letters do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the crusader or its staff a special thanks to all who submitted letters that were not able to be included in this issue he has the salpointe spirit recently transferred from rincon/university high school to salpointe catholic at the semester i like salpointe a lot better the teachers care about you and want you to be successful with academics the lunches are amazing and all the kids pretty much get along with each other it seems more like a i


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february 2010 opinions · 7 aiti is suf fering to rebuild af ter a magnitude 7 ear thquake terrorists at tempt to ignite explo sives on international f lights politics divide us in animosit y driven for th by immaturit y the economy is at a level of recession most americans have never seen before so i understand that right now paranoia is the lady gaga of emotions when i m sick stranded at home in my bed i m not surprised to see about f if t y dif ferent discover y channel specials about 2012 and the mayan calendar i m not surprised that the end of the world seems imminent to many i m not surprised but i am incredibly annoyed let s get this straight the mayan calendar is thousands of years old and relies upon intricate mathematical pat terns it represents what the mayan people saw as the c ycle of life and death beginning and end this c ycle had intense spiritual signif icance to a people whose civilization was among the most power ful in its region in an archaeological sense it s a fascinating concept however as the latest doomsday prophec y it falls woe fully shor t we must ask ourselves this why do we even need doomsday in the f irst place maybe my mind is too feeble to contemplate greater celestial mysteries maybe the discover y channel and 2012 s roland emmerich know bet ter but let s return to the problems at hand haiti recession terrorism all the things that make 2010 look like the ides of the t went y-f irst centur y came early when we obsess over things beyond our control we inadver tently absolve responsibilit y for the things we can control and that can be dangerous af ter all what s the point of changing a world slated for imminent destruc tion when people get tired of the task s at hand when it sounds like a bet ter idea just to light the whole planet on f ire and star t over they come up with an apocalypse it s been happening for centuries remember when the world ended on y2k h why america should ditch doomsday for decades the enter tainment industr y has cashed in on this i concede that the end of the world is an enthralling concept i saw the road i watched zombieland t wice i even managed to laugh my way through emmerich s 2012 which was a catastrophe in itself in the doomsday situations we see in theaters the sur viving humans band together for a common cause for once they feel proud to be a par t of our species brutal-but-beautiful histor y an orchestra plays a swelling melody in the background as our heroes ride into the troublesome sunset with a renewed sense of what they have and what they ve lost and then we leave the theater tossing our lef tover popcorn into the bin by the door we drive home we forget the preachy message of the f ilm the end of the world as we know it is a possibilit y climate change and nuclear threats have us all on our toes entire generations not so long ago knew what it was to live in a constant state of waiting waiting for the end waiting for the doomsday clock to reach midnight waiting for their fears to be conf irmed the threat of doomsday comes not from the heavens or some ancient prophec y but from ourselves we have developed weaponr y that can destroy entire landscapes we continue to af fec t the environment in ways we won t be able to erase three decembers from now most of us will be in college and i f irmly believe that four years from now we ll still be in college the mayans were right not i think about the end but about the changes tomorrow is never a guarantee the world is in transition and we are all a par t of that c ycle apocalypse how la vie en rose natalee rose dawson `11 assistant editor mark hoddad smith 7053 east tanque verde tucson arizona 85715 520 885-2842 fax 520 298-6083 w w w electriccafe c o m


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8 · advertisements the crusader salon de nouveau experience the difference hope animal shelter tucson s only no-kill dog and cat shelter for adoptions donations or general info call 792 9200 or hope is where the heart is.


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february 2010 opinions · 9 the procrastinator s i sit here in my room at 11:00 pm writing yet another paper for one of my classes i think to myself the procrastinator strikes again everyone knows who the procrastinator is we each have our own distracting us from doing our work telling us that we can wait to study for a test or in my case write this column by tomorrow my procrastinator looks and acts the same way that the superhero the procrastinator did on the amanda show for all of those who aren t familiar with this popular 90 s television show the procrastinator was the superhero who would appear from time to time and would respond to everything no matter how dire the situation was with i will do it eventually i will do it eventually how many times do we say that in a day i will do my math homework eventually i will start studying for that huge test in history eventually as high school students we have learned to love the word eventually it makes us believe that we are actually going to do what we say this ten-letter word is the procrastinator s way of working himself into our lives once in he takes up more of our time until eventually he manifests into what the class of 2010 likes to call senioritis it all starts by putting off one thing until the last minute because you would rather go to the movies with your friend stephanie or because you couldn t stand up your friend tyler or because you would rather go to a prearranged dinner than do your homework no matter the reason that thing that we put off so we could have a good time is the procrastinator s first act of trying to become our new best friend next we begin to think that everything is okay when we complete that assignment three minutes before class and turn it in smiling at the fact that time of streiff college corner story by mckenna ronquillo a strikes again they re out of here seniors does the date may 1 mean anything to you if it doesn t it should that is the deadline to decide where you are going to spend the next four years of your life the students below have offers to attend some of the best colleges in the country all of them have been accepted to schools outside of arizona and several of them have received scholarships based on merit apply for college scholarships and complete your fafsa by may 1 and you too can be on the same track cesar rodriguez university of oregon university of portland bobby way west point alex luzar creighton carroll wabash xavier harrison graham old cross trinity alissa wolkin loyola marymount university university of san diego creighton louis clark maggie johnson mount mercy harris northeastern sierra yslas seattle university gonzaga patrick callaghan notre dame boston college santa clara gonzaga zander herber concordia full ride congratulations lancers on being accepted into these great colleges and for all of those who are still working on applications keep up the good work it is never too early to start thinking about the future we did it perfectly but watch out this is only the beginning oncethefirstfewincidentswith the procrastinator are successful we become more comfortable with the idea of putting things off at this point the procrastinator is changing from an acquaintance that we used to wave to in the halls to our new bff so we stay up later to finish a major paper due for english but hey it isn t our fault that we were up until three in the morning writing that paper the procrastinator made us do it it made us hang out at school until 4:00 then acknowledge the latest gossip on facebook and of course watch the new episode of gossip girl with blurry eyes and little brain function to rally we begin our homework we figure should be able to sleep though our first periods right i mean the procrastinator told us that everything would be fine in the end according to our first period teachers we got false information from the procrastinator as hard as it seems it is time to cut the procrastinator out of our lives it is time to stop waiting until the last possible second to do our work i m not saying to go directly home after school and start your homework immediately but maybe we should start after an hour of just hanging out instead of wasting hours before we get started there is a big difference between relaxing and procrastinating but it is rare when we actually recognize the difference when it comes to school so take responsibility for your own life and call up the procrastinator to tell him that it is time to take a break and that you ll get back to him eventually jada streiff `10 editor-in-chief


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10 · news the crusader n dec 25 2009 as flight 253 from amsterdam prepared to land in detroit 23-year-old umar farouk abdulmutallab allegedly attempted to ignite explosives within the commercial airplane s cabin abdulmutallab s efforts were soon stymied by his fellow passengers e attempt and its nearsuccess sparked questions from authorities and civilians alike how could a college student whose own father had warned of his volatile nature come so close to harming so many according to director of homeland security janet napolitano the system the government put into place was successful in thwarting abdulmutallab s attack others like president barack obama counter that without the intervention of the fl ight s passengers events could have taken a far more tragic turn is is a screw-up that could have been disastrous said obama to white house officials soon after the attack we dodged a bullet but just barely it was averted by brave individuals not because the system worked and that is not acceptable approximately 22 terrorist attacks on nation und nation un o nananation un nation un nation un americans nationally and internationally in a post-9/11 world airport security is were reported to the u.s government from saddled with untold responsibility flight 2000 to 2009 many of the attacks have been attendants are trained to boil carafes of walinked to u.s military action in the middle ter to use as weapons against hijackers aireast which has port security scans drawn furiall baggage and we dodged a bullet but just barely it was ous reactions carry-ons pasaverted by brave individuals not because the sengers must from radical organizations pass through system worked and that is not acceptable such as al president barack obama metal detecqaeda is tors remove increase in tertheir shoes alrorist activity prompted the department low guards to perform body searches deof homeland security to administer the spite all this however abdulmutallab was homeland security advisory system e able to endanger the 289 passengers of system assigns a color code in accordance flight 253 with the threat level for a given day airlines are not the only possible targets national security measures have become for terrorists according to yale historian much stricter since the terrorist attacks of gaddis smith in an interview with e new sept 11 2001 but abdulmutallab s ability york times in january train stations and to advance so far through the airport secu theaters are just as vital targets to potential rity system has caused officials to reconsider terrorists their policies one such change is the dereg what concerns me is the repeated focus ulation of major airports security officials on airplanes smith said when there are hope that by changing the security proce many other vulnerable targets dures from one airport to the next they will 2009 brought with it more terror plots be able to make the process less predictable than the united states has seen since 2001 and therefore less avoidable for potential twelve of these attacks were stopped before terrorists they could be carried out but others such a er the attempted attack on commercial f states o cials look to the past to act agains t er ror a n d the 21st century 2000 oct 12 aden yemen u.s navy destroyer uss cole attacked with explosives killing 17 al qaeda suspected 2001 sept 11 united 2002 june 14 karachi states terrorists linked to al qaeda attack multiple locations on u.s soil pakistan bomb explodes outside american consulate in karachi pakistan killing 12 linked to al qaeda 2003 may 12 riyadh saudi arabia suicide bombers kill 34 including 8 americans at housing compounds for westerners al qaeda suspected.


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february 2010 news · 11 der attack nder attack as the domestic terror attack on fort hood in november of 2009 escaped the government s radar is year americans anticipate the trial of khalid sheikh mohammed who has confessed to his role as the mastermind of the sept 11 attacks mohammed will be tried in new york city only miles from ground zero new york city mayor michael bloomberg is petitioning to have the trial relocated to a less disruptive and expensive location it s going to cost an awful lot of money and disturb an awful lot of people bloomberg said in an interview with the new york times can we provide security yes could you provide security elsewhere yeah and i mean the suggestion of a military base is probably a reasonably good one relatively easy to supply to provide security they tend to be outside of cities so that they don t disrupt other people on feb 2 intelligence officials warned the united states congress that al qaeda has made the united states a priority target within the next six months the terrorist organization plans to launch a largescale attack on u.s soil e greatest threat is not of an attack like sept 11 but that al qaida has developed technologies that make threats more difficult to detect based on the technology the united states currently employs above right photograph of umar farouk abdulmutallab below left to right photographs courtesy of beta.thehindu us atlasshrugs2000.typepad com flight 253 on christmas day united st future attacks on u.s soil by natalee dawson nder nder attack nder attack com semp information for timeline from malicious cyberactivity is occurring on an unprecedented scale with extraordinary sophistication said national intelligence director dennis blair to the committee officials fear that the next generation of large-scale terror could come in the form of attacks on the country s technological infrastructure by attacking american technology terrorists could wreak havoc on the united states government cyber attacks have already surfaced in other contexts such as china s aggression toward google s servers from thousands of miles away sensitive information is stolen daily from both government and private-sector networks undermining confidence in our information systems and in the very information these systems were intended to convey said blair meanwhile the united states focuses on how it can rise to the terrorists challenge 2005 nov 9 amman 2004 dec 6 jeddah saudi arabia terrorists storm jordan suicide bombers hit 3 american hotels killing 57 al the u.s consulate killing 5 qaeda claimed responsibility consulate employees 4 terrorists were killed by saudi security 2007 dec 11 algeria over 60 people are killed including 11 united nations sta members when al qaeda terrorists detonate two car bombs 2008 sept 16 yemen a car bomb and a rocket strike the u.s embassy in yemen killing 16 people 25 suspected al qaeda militants are arrested for the attack 2009 dec 25 detroit international airport umar farouk abdulmutallab attempts to detonate explosives hidden in his underwear.


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12 · news the crusader earthquake hits the people of haiti earthquake hits haiti on jan 12 killing close to two hundred thousand and leaves three million homeless by kaila schubert tion mission in ha iti food and heav y-l if ting machiner y located in the capitol they a lso opened up their hospita ls to k il led a lmost a l l the the ha itians the dominican emerpeople inside includ genc y team assisted more than t wo ing the mission s chief thousand injured people while the dominican instit ute of telecommunihed i a nnabi in the end 170,0 0 0 cations helped w ith the restoration of bodies were found some telephone ser v ices the united states sta r ted their efauthorities predict that there a re close for t the day that the ea r thquake hit to 20 0,0 0 0 act ua l ly the a merican red cross announced dead,but many a re stil l on jan 13 that they had a l ready r un buried under the r ubble out of suppl ies and pleaded for donaor buried by families and tions giv ing children hope brought rema in unrepor ted 250,0 0 0 people medicines and supplies due to severa l were injured and 1 mil l ion a re lef t or phanages being destroyed the u.s and the netherlands have sta r ted the homeless many hospita ls were damaged dur adoption process for 4 0 0 ha itian orphans ing the quake even w ith a l l of these including the effor ts there a re stil l a three doctors it is like a war situation la rge amount of people without bordoctor s without borders dy ing due to lack of ders medica l time and resources facil ities and in a press release the la rgest referra l hospita l southeast of ha iti and ophelia da hl director of pa r tners in st michael district hospita l in jac ha iti repor ted there a re hundreds mel the quake a lso damaged the con of thousands of injured people i have trol tower at toussa int l ouver t ure hea rd the estimate that as many as internationa l a ir por t and the por t 20,0 0 0 people w il l die each day that au-prince seapor t both made it diff i wou ld have been saved by surger y doctors without borders is tr y ing cu lt for immediate rescue missions to to do ever y thing they can but have ensue in the nights fol low ing the ea r th problems get ting into the countr y in a jan 19 press release a spokesqua ke sur v ivors were forced to sleep in person sa id it is like work ing in a the streets for fea r that buildings lef t standing wou ld col lapse the countr y wa r sit uation we don t have any more has no building codes and engineers mor phine to manage pa in for our patients we cannot accept that planes were wa r y of their stabilit y the president of ha iti rene pre ca rr y ing l ifesav ing medica l supplies va l a long w ith the united nations and equipment continues to be t urned made appea ls for humanita rian a id away while our patients die priorit y ea rly on r ay mond joseph the unit must be given to medica l supplies ened states representative for ha iti and tering the countr y on jan 25 a one-day conference his nephew singer wyclef jean a lso pleaded for donations a f ter preva l was held in montrea l to assess the reasked them to become rov ing ambas lief effor t and discuss f ur ther plans sadors for ha iti pa r tners in hea lth prime minister jean-ma x bel ler ive the la rgest hea lth ca re prov ider in told delegates from 20 countries that r ura l ha iti prov ided emergenc y ca re ha iti wou ld need massive suppor t from its ten hospita ls and clinics a l l for its recover y from the internationa l communit y a donors conference is outside of the capita l the dominican republic helped l ikely to be held at the u n headqua ra lmost immediately sending water ters in new york in ma rch n jan 12 2010 a 7.0 magnit ude ea r thqua ke hit ha iti in land where over 35 mil l ion people l ived the qua ke sta r ted at 4 pm and lasted for f ive hours within the nex t t wo week s 52 a f tershock s hit the sma l l island a l l measuring 4.5 or higher on the r ichter sca le the internationa l red cross estimated that about 3 mil l ion people were a ffected by the damage the qua ke caused major damage to set t lements such as por t-au-prince and jacmel landma rk s such as the presidentia l pa lace the nationa l assembly building the por t-au-prince cathedra l and the ma in ja il the collapse of the united nations stabil iza o


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february 2010 news ·13 one year into obama s presidency ca l spect r um wa r ned t hat i f we d id not act we might face a second depression so we acted immed iately a nd ag g ressively a nd one yea r later t he worst of t he stor m has passed oba ma add ressed ot her items du r ing h is speech such as t he problems concer n ing t he job ma rket a nd ta x dec reases oba ma a lso shocked t he world w it h in t he f i rst 10 0 day s in h is presidenc y by choosing to c lose gua nta na mo bay accord ing to bbc news t he faci l it y shou ld be shut dow n completely in m id-2 010 even t hough no speci f ic date has been set more t ha n 4 0 pr isoners were t ra nsfer red out of the prison during obama s f irst year in off ice nearly 20 0 stil l remain in guantanamo a f ter 60 years of f ighting for an act regarding hea lth care democratic representatives are f ina l ly get ting a say w ith the soon to be completed hea lth ca re reform act that shou ld be ratif ied by obama sometime w ithin the nex t month the hea lth care reform act which has been in major debate for the past year cou ld help prov ide a ffordable a look back at the 44th president s first year in office by jada streiff o n ja n 2 0 2 0 09 president ba rack oba ma was s wor n into of f ice on t he steps of t he capitol a yea r has passed since t he inaug urat ion of t he 4 4 t h president a nd he has made ma ny cha nges w it h in t hat yea r to get t he count r y back on t rack oba ma c reated a ser ies of pla ns a nd bi l ls over t he cou rse of h is f i rst yea r in of f ice to t r y to ma ke h is presidenc y as ef fect ive for t he a mer ica ns as he possibly cou ld on feb 15 2 0 09 cong ress approved t he $787 bi l l ion economic st imulus pack age t he house c reated t he pack age in hopes to g ive ta x reduc t ions to most a mer ica ns a nd econom ic a id to states t hat rat i f ied it a n average of $260 bi l l ion was spent to rel ieve a mer ica n fa mi l ies inc lud ing a $4 0 0 ta x rel ief for ind iv idua ls a nd $8 0 0 per fa mi ly one yea r ago i took of f ice a mid t wo wa rs a n economy rocked by a severe recession a f ina ncia l sy stem on t he verge of col lapse a nd a gover nment deeply in debt sa id president oba ma du r ing h is state of t he un ion add ress e x per ts f rom ac ross t he pol it i qua lit y hea lth care to alla mericans a nd reduce hea lt h ca re spend ing cong ress has a lso passed t he li l ly l edbet ter fa i r pay act du r ing t h is f i rst yea r wh ich c reated equa l pay for equa l work t he bi l l a mends t he civ i l r ights act of 196 4 t hat stated t hat someone wou ld have to wa it 18 0 day s unt i l t hey cou ld f i le a n equa l-pay law su it w it h eac h new d isc r iminator y paycheck t he president a lso made big cha nges in appoint ing a new cabinet h i l la rycl inton who for ma l ly ra n as a president ia l ca nd idate is now sec reta r y of state ti mot hy geit hner who gave up h is posit ion at t he new york federa l reser ve ba n k is now treasu r y sec reta r y er ic holder who ser ved as deput y at tor ney genera l under president bi l l cl inton is now t he count r y s f i rst a f r ica n-a mer ica n at tor ney genera l for mer a r iz ona gover nor ja net napol ita no moved up as t he sec reta r y of homela nd sec u r it y president oba ma has touc hed on ma ny d i f ferent topics over t he cou rse of t he yea r o ver t he ne xtth ree yea rs t he world will watc hanx iously to see how a l l of t hese pla ns will un fold president barack obama in the rose garden of the white house signs the family smoking prevention and tobacco control act photo from


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14 · news the crusader the sat and act everything you need to know by emi omick and becca hildreth sat · does not include a science reasoning section · tests strongly on vocabulary · not entirely multiple choice · there is a penalty for guessing · does not test english grammar for many juniors and seniors it s time to start turning to the future they are preparing for the sat and act no matter which test they are taking the topic on most upperclassmen s minds ­ and many younger students minds as well ­ is preparing for college and a future career which test do i take how do i study for that test what should i do on test day since test scores are a large part of the college admissions process it is vital that students prepare and take the test seriously no matter if you are an upperclassman taking the test soon or an underclassman who just wants to practice there are things you can do to prepare here s the scoop from college counselor mrs lynn ossowski act · includes a science reasoning section · places less emphasis on vocabulary · entirely multiple choice · no guessing penalty · tests english grammar · the math section includes trigonometry an interview with ms lynn ossowski eo do you recommend taking lo when selecting high school courses opt for a chalthe sat or the act lenging college-preparatory program that includes four years of the core academic courses take that fourth lo every single american year of math science or foreign language to improve college and university acyour college admissions chances and to best prepare cepts both the sat reasoning yourself to not only get into college but to be successful test and the act with writing there thus i strongly recommend when you get your plan or psat results back take that all juniors should take both some time to look at the questions you got wrong and tests at least once between learn from your errors march and june of junior year read constantly and try to choose reading that once you see which test suits you better re-take that one later in the spring or next fall to get your maximum score the act uses more straightforward language and focuses on academic content it is more like a test you would take in one of your core courses the sat tries to assess your ability to reason and its language is more complex the sat really tries to trick you students often do better on one of these tests depending on which one best matches the way their brain functions eo is there anything freshmen and sophomores should do to prepare for the sat or act pushes you to think try a science publication or a scholarly article you fi nd on the internet this is the best way to improve your vocabulary eo how important are sat and act scores in college admissions lo public universities tend to use test scores and gpa as the primary means to evaluate a student they also qualify you for merit scholarships and for placement into an honors program so students should defi nitely take them very seriously private universities use a more holistic process in evaluating students looking at essays teacher and counselor recommendations and extracurricular activities along with gpa and test scores in addition there are almost 800 colleges for whom the sat or act are optional or not required at all be careful though because most every college will need to see test scores to study hard francyne amaro catches up on her consider a student for any sort schoolwork in order to be fully prepared for the up of academic or merit scholarcoming sats and acts photo by becca hildreth ships.


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february 2010 news · 15 guest column aint valentine his feast day brings tiny cards and candy into the world everyday as couples celebrate their love why saint valentine got this feast day of love no one really knows in reality all that we know about him is that he was buried somewhere no one is really sure that valentine is even his real name and february 14 the day has become as much about love as the real st valentine was every year on valentine s day people everywhere scramble to find someone to spend the day with everyone has to be part of a couple to have someone they can lean over to and whisper i love you yet when it comes right down to it most people who are together on valentine s day aren t together afterwards most people go on a group date with some friends or to go out to dinner and never see each other again this holiday has become a representation of how false love has gotten over the last fifty years or so since 1950 the divorce rate in the united states has risen 40 over 50 of families have no chance of making it now because of how okay it has become to get a divorce most people today don t even care about how they feel any more instead the care about how much people spend on them finances are the main cause for divorces today love has been commercialized to such a point in the modern age that most people don t even know what it means anymore starting in high school it s become okay for people to have one-night stands and then never speak again if anyone were to walk through the halls they would hear gossipers talking about who had gotten s love just doesn t mean the same thing together at the party the night before or how someone had cheated on so-and-so it seems that it s either that or people care too much too fast you ll see couples that can t be separated and all they can talk about is how much they miss their significant others they already have their children s names picked out and their wedding dates set the girl has an engagement ring on even though they ve only been dating for two months then there are the words i love you they have become everybody s favorite phrase the words that used to be only said to families and the person someone intended to marry they have become the words that someone says to end a conversation today as long as someone has been introduced to another person it is okay to say you love them i understand that it is a good thing to appreciate everyone for who they are but the fact that everyone suddenly loves everyone else does not mean the planet is on its way to world peace it means that love has lost what used to make it special the fact that it has become as common as saying good day has led it to mean less than it used to the fact is in most cases people don t even put the i in front of it anymore love ya is more common today than i love you i m not saying that love doesn t exist or that you shouldn t say i love you to your closest friends or to the people that are special to you what i am saying is that next time you are about to end a conversation with love ya go ahead and say i love you instead and really think about the meaning of what you are saying kaila schubert staffer valentine s day



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