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Limestone College 2013 Yearbook

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-----• On the Horizon Calciid 2013


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Student Life: Stop Hunger Now! Effort: 4-5 Homecoming: 6-7 Cancer Awareness: 8-9 Halloween: 10-11 Christmas on Campus: 12-13 Alumni Weekend: 14-15 Classes: 16-41 Club s and Organizations: 42-59 Athletics: 60-141 2


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Gabriel Roberts and AshbY Pruitt helps pack rice lor the Limestone College StoP Hunger NoW Initiative. It was the second year that Limestone participated in thiS prograrn. Students lunnels lood · ,n preparation lor packaging. Members ol the LadY Saints swirn 1 earn spent about an hour preparing lood. Lady Saints Volleyball picture. The tearn was players pause for a quick . . .. .....~. very helpful in packa in over 100 ·000 rneals. g g 4


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During the week of orientation, the students at Limestone College joined together to help bag 100,020 hunger relief meals that were sent to Nica raguan orphanages and shelters to feed the hungry. This event was put on by the Stop Hunger Now' organization , and it is the second year in a row that Limestone has participated. Each bag contained six meals that could easi ly be prepared by just adding water. A bell chimed every time 1000 meals were packaged to encourage the students to keep working, and that is what they did . The stude nts worked together to complete the task of surpassing last yea r's num ber of 62.034 meals. Brandon Harrison scoops rice to make another bag. Brandon is maJoring in Biology. _..,.r=-....-;- Hu ndreds of L . stud 'mestone ents Packa ge meaJ s for N . ICaraguan orphanages and shelters With th the R e help of otary Club. at the H ollege Sto u nger Now event P Limestone . recognized::; nationally Year for 1ts effort · sIn comrnu . servic · . nny Hunge: ~cludmg the Stop ow initiative. Limest~~~n~eering 'mes tone stud seen v enrs are L 5


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Some ol the Limestone Women's Lacrosse team pose lor a quicl<. picture during the homecoming events. \his year the LadY Saints had an overall record ol 20-2. A Limestone student pours a drinl<. at the Scholars. Oollars and Chocolates ScholarshiP reception .1he banquet is an annual event to help raise moneY lor local student scholarships. Limestone's 1 ·p banq uet. The band coan .Band ente rtains forth h nsrsts of e w o have perf armed for twelve memb ers numerous events throughout th e year. President Dr· W alt Grrffin . and Women's T . Coach S ennrs tephen S h celeb c ram rate . togeth er at the Lrmestone College Athletic Hall ofF Ban ame quet. They are bi su g pporters of th L. rmestone athletic e accomplishments. 6


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Tnis year's u rnestone Hornecorntng was celebrated during tt>e weeKend at October 4tl1 t\1fDugl1 6tl1 It was a weeKend tilled wit\1 tun and excitement as tt>e urnestone communitY gatnered togett>e< to celebrate Guests included alurnnt. parents. students. tacultY . and lriends some t tt>e events included att>letic contests. tt>e Att>letic Hall ot fame induction. a campus-wide picnic. tt>e annual Saints Club Go\1 0 Tournament. and tt>e Sct>o\ats. Qol\ats. and cnocolates Sct>o\arsl1tP Banquet. It is a time to nig\1\igllt out successlul alumni and enioY eac\1 otner's companY wnen corning bacK to campus sta~. B"d Mol<"'""'' b'i "'' 1995 pi<'"'""'"""'" o\ fame Banquet. He was inducted because ol nis successlul contribut"lons to the men's lacrosse team. Li mestone students gather for a gro up . picture before performing for the mght's events. The !Pan Band perf arms at several events each semester. Davi on D'Oyley practices bel.ore the guests sta rt t arnve. The iP an drums o were hand-made in Tnnidad . and delivered to L1mestone. 7


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Jamal Chavous hangs pink streamers to decorate his station lor the Pamper Me P1nk event. He is a Limestone cheerleader. Or. P.andv Nichols and Mr. Robert overton rela)( with a loot massage !rom the campUS Spa. or. Nichols is a Communications professor. and Mr. overton is the Vice President lor Student services. Freshman Eml.IY Stok annual decorates a bra for the cont h bra decorating es eld to help b nng . breast est. The cont est vvas cancer awa reness. A student's r· . 1n1shed product in the b cont ra est. Nurse Sa d G n Y reen and stud serv· ent Ices organize the p amper Me Pink event. 8


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tacl> year urnestone College oosts its annual Breast cancer lwvareness week. ManY students and lacuiW joined togetner in rnernory and in lrorn breast cancer.11>e Student oonor ol tOose wl>o nave Government Association provides events sucl> as a bra decorating contest massages. Jree rnarnrnograrns. and Jree lingernall painting 11>e social work Club oeld a rallle wnere prizes were given to students Breast cancer Awareness Week is dear to Limestone's oeart because we nave rnanY breast cancer survivors. su~ered A student receives a massage.llle massage stat1on w" oM ol 1he moo' pop"'" ""' io< bo<" '""'~ ,od The faculty /staff of the b w rnners ra contest Ka were ren Jones and T k. E a ~ pps. who were very creative with th . deco elr bra r. Karen work . th s rn T e .Business Off.rce. and akra works in Extended Camp us. Marissa Smith and Jarasha He mrngway . su . pport the Pam pe r Me . Prnk . event bY wearrng therr ''pink" sh rrts. Breast Cancer Aw are ness week was October 15-19. 9


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Gingerbread nouses were decorated lor Halloween. Tne Limestone Student Government neld a competition to involve students. laculty. and stall. Brandi Brown carries "Elmo" to the neJ(t candY table. sne was the president ol the Limestone Activity Board and nelped host the uicl<..or-treat event. Khori Ha II paints . a chil , was one of th e many table d s face. Face pa1nt1ng . . s set up outside for trick-or-treaters. snines b 's ve lr ~~~ . f . Theresa GUl.1lano and nends . hand outcandyto children for Hall oween lmestone· M any of the L. students dressed up to entertain the trick..or- 0 ~~ 10


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H~ \0 "'ppn n I l~r0n ~ c:. Limestone is known 1or its community involvement. and 1-\a\\oWeen is no diHerent Students jrom vanous organizations came out to participate in tOe annual trick-or-treat on campus. Each grouP nad a table decorated 1or children o1 t\18 community to trick or treat Also t\18 Limestone band and tOe GaHneY \-lig\1 s cnool band ioined togetner to plaY numerous 1-\alloween tneme songs. ManY Limestone students participated in the ginger bread spook house competition in the Dixie Lodge Center. and t\18Y also caNed pumpkins. 1-\alloween at Limestone is 1or all ages. sottball players gather to carve purnpl


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car\eigh oavis and Megan oavis light one ol the luminaries placed around campus. The umestone sports teams helped light a\\ the candles. Children eagerly await the arrival ol Santa Clause. the main attraction during Christmas on campus. 1 . Luminaries r L1mest lne the side wa k In . one College. The lum· front of year to help spre d lnanes are lit every a the Christm as cheer. Ayoung · shares her . girl Chnstmas wish es w1th . Santa · anta VIsited campus for the a Ch . nnual nstmas On Cam pus s . 12


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\his year marks the 28th annual "Christmas on campus ." ManY cornrnuniW members carne out to participate in the evening activities \he \estivities included a per\orrnance ol Irving Berlin's "White Christrnas·.\he Musical" presented by the theatre department not chocolate. cider. caroling . and a visit \rom Santa Claus. Luminaries were lit and placed along all the sidewalks around campus and on the nearbY streets.lhousands can be seen each year because ol the helP ol student athletes Christmas on campus is always a popular event with the students and cornrnuniW LindsaY Malecki and Racquel Prager stand bY the Christmas uee at the lront ol campus. Both LindsaY and Racquel played on the Women's Lacrosse Team. The 1s . front of ca mpus . . IIt for the Ch nstmas holidays. Many community · members nde down College Dnve to ad m1re . the Christmas de cor. Noah . Lind emann and h. Gena poovey are IS Wife. Dr. h . P otog raphed bY the tree Dr· PooveY · V IS professor of · ocal and Choral M . Education. uslc 13


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Garrett Cirello plays t\1e steel drums lor Alumni weel


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J {\I / 1\ from great music and dancing. t\18 renewing ot wedding vows Limestone couples. wonderlul tood. and tne pure ot reconnecting w1tn dear triends. Limestone College's Alumni WeeKend 2013 nad it all Tne campus was tilled witn smiles and laugnter as its graduates returned nome. Alumni weeKend at umestone is a time wnen old tnends reconnect and reminisce about tne tun and memorable times io~ b~ alwa~s t\18~ once snared nere. Limestone will welcome bacK its graduates w1tn open arms·. once a Saint always a Saint\ Or. Jirn and MafY Ann Prevost pose during tne ··we're Go1n' to tne cnapel" celebration .1neY were one ol tne lour couples tnat rnet at Limestone College and were The rne m bers of the class of 1963 I. 1sten to stor~es told bY t he1r . c1 ass mates · Th ey held their 50th yea r celebratiOn at Uptown p arty Events. Jackie Knight an d A Brid · nn ges Sit together in front of the Wi . Hall of H. nnle Davis IStory M is a memb . rs. Kn ight of 19 84 er of the class . · while Mrs Bridge s graduated ·· 1985 . In 15



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