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Pine wood is an ecologically clean and safe natural material Products are made out of dried pine wood without metal or toxic materials Products of pine are ideal for rodents, constantly experiencing the natural need grind their down cutters


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Disposable houses for small rodents HOUSE 161.001 3,7х4,1х3,3” HOUSE 161.002 4,7х5,7х4,5” HOUSE 161.003 6,7х9х4,7” HOUSE 161.004 6,7х3,9х3,1” HOUSE 161.005 7х5,5х4,9” HOUSE 161.006 7х5,3х4,7”


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Disposable houses for small rodents HOUSE 161.007 6,7х3,7х3,9” HOUSE 161.008 7х4,7х3,7” HOUSE 161.009 8,6х8,7х6,5” stStairs-transformer №1 161.033 9х3,9х1,9” tStairs-transformer №2 161.131 13,7х5,9х1,9” tStairs-transformer №3 161.132 22х7,8х1,9”


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for small and medium-sized rodents Disposable houses HOUSE 161.020 11х7х6,1” HOUSE 161.022 12,2х8х6,8” HOUSE 161.013 13,7х7,8х7,8” HOUSE-BATH 161.026 9,4х12х10” HOUSE 161.025 13х9,6х7” HOUSE 161.019 11х14х7,8”


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Toys and entertainment for rodents L LAZ-well 161.028 5,5х5х6,7” bellsарт. 161.029 2,7х2х2” Wooden swing Dryer with bells 161.030 11х2х2,7” stStairs s 161.032 11,8х3,9х2” Two wooden perch in a cage 161.036 11,8х0,8х0,4” №1 6,7х4,3х1,2” №3 9,4х5,5х1,8” Regiment in a cage rounded Regiment in the rectangular cellr №2 6,7х4,3х1,2” №4 9,4х5,5х1,2” 161.046 161.048 161.045 161.047


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Houses and bird feeders for birds 161.035 5,9х4,7х4,7” Nestling box Nestling box small for birds 161.037 3,9х3,5х4,3” for birds 161.040 Nestling box 15,7х5,1х7,8” Street feeding rack 161.044 9,4х11,8х9” for birds Street feeding rack 161.043 9,4х9,8х11,8” for birds for rodents 161.041 Feeder hay 6,5х5,7х2,7”


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Manufactured for Pet Pal 2 Henry Adams St., Suite M 74 San Francisco, CA94103



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