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Published every even week during school terms. Posted to school families, the wider community, on the web and emailed by request. Copy and casual advertising for #11 Published Wed 13 August closes Thu 7 August. WEDNESDAY 30 AUGUST 2014 ~ TERM 3 WEEK 02 ~ VOLUME 154 NUMBER 10 QUOTE Bruce Lee CALENDAR Click on item for status and/or further info See also our PTC app for smart phones. * Further information elsewhere in the newsletter. Mon 21 Jul Mon Thu Fri Mon Wed Mon Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri 28 Jul 31 Jul 1 Aug 4 Aug 6 Aug 11 Aug 18 Aug 19 Aug 20 Aug 28 Aug 29 Aug Term 3 opens Y7/8 attending Technology in Blenheim Y7/8 attending Technology in Blenheim Parent-Teacher Meeting - PB4L Cluster Winter Sports @ Rai * Y7/8 attending Technology in Blenheim BoT Meeting 18:30 in Community Classroom Tech Challenge Day for Y7/8 at MTC Pelorus to Mt Lyford & Hanmer Springs Y7/8 attending Technology in Blenheim MGC Intro evening * Overnight Senior Leadership Camp @ Rai Valley Area School Dress as your Hero ToD HAERE RA ~ HAERE MAI Best wishes to both Lucrezia Bradley and Andrew Neal who finished at Havelock at the end of last term. A special welcome to Josh Steele who joined Kaituna at the beginning of the term. Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 1


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MARLBOROUGH COLLEGES’ CONSULTATION The Boards of Trustees of Marlborough Boys’ and Marlborough Girls’ Colleges would like to remind everyone that submissions on the three options for secondary education in Blenheim close on 31 July 2014. It is particularly important to hear from parents of primary-aged students and students themselves as they will be the ones who will benefit most from the final outcome. In brief the three options are: Option A: Relocate one or both schools so that there are two single sex colleges co-located on one site or in close proximity to each other. Option B: Retain the status quo Option C: Have one purpose built co-educational college More information on the three options is available on both colleges’ websites as is a link to the submission survey on Survey Monkey. Hard copies of the submission survey are also available from the colleges. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Janet Kelly on either 027 229 6260 or email BOARD OF TRUSTEES ELECTION The Havelock Board of Trustees has five parent representative positons for community/parent representation - usually a three year term. You do not have to have a child currently enrolled at the school to be a trustee but you could be nominated by a current parent. By rotation two or three of these positions come up for election every eighteen months or so. As it happens two are coming up in October this year and although October still seems far off it is only three months away when the formalities are put in place. The board has for some time been Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 2


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considering succession and this period leading up to this election is an ideal time to consider what you might bring to the table so to speak. Further info may be found on the NZSTA website. Current board members are listed with their contact details on our website here. REQUIRE A FREE BLOOD TEST? MedLab attends the Havelock Medical Centre each Wednesday morning from 08:45 - 09:45. Appointment and lab form is necessary. Ph 574 2233 for an appointment. Inserted by Pelorus Area Health Trust CULLEN POINT RUN Held on a stunningly clear and still winter’s day, the school moved a few kilometres east and encamped on Cullen Point for a canter around the reserve. The last day of Term 2 saw some great commitment by students of all ages as they tackled unfamiliar territory taking on both peers and uncertain terrain that involved significant ascents and descents. This incident free day was made possible by those offering transport and their time to act as marshalls on the course. The full list of results can be found here… . Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 3


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Certificates could not be prepared in time for distribution but will be distributed in due course to students. Age Group Champions are as follows: Age 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12+ Girls Ayla McPhee Hannah Roborgh Olivia Johnson Tyla-Rose Illsley-Slape Sakura Urakawa Murdoch Sara Aston-Butterfield Kea Bradley Lucrezia Bradley Boys Max Skeehan Tane Ward Towa Urakawa Murdoch Rico Scott Boyd Elvy Jordan Lawrence Jacob Lawton Alec Johnson Hannah, Elliot, Christian, Demi and Shianne enjoying the outdoor challenge in this corner of paradise. Thanks DoC for letting us use this taonga in our backyard. Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 4


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Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 5


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Thanks New Zealand Home Loans for the kind donation towards the Pelorus expedition to Mt Lyford and Hanmer Springs in a couple of weeks. It must be said that this publication is a superb piece of work by senior students and Piers Throssell. Glowing comments have come from all quarters and sales are humming along. Even if you’re not into cooking, the photos (all taken by students last term) make this a fantastic memento of Havelock - a great gift from locals to those beyond this special piece of Godzone. PELORUS CLUSTER WINTER SPORTS FRI 1 AUGUST The info sheet was distributed via students Mon 28 July with a return slip due 30 July if help with transport could be provided. This form is also online and contains info on times, food, clothing etc. A novelty this year… as basketball folk have pulled out, cricket has slipped in so for those thinking of warmer times, getting in some pre-season coaching is on. Sports Info 2014.pdf BOOSTER IS BEST... COMMUNITY SERVICES CARD? ONLY $50 If you are a CSC holder you can purchase a subsidised booster seat for only $50 from Blenheim Plunket Car Seat Services in Henry Street. Please call Maureen on 579 4215 for further details. Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 6


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Johnston Associates South Chartered Accountants Masterminding brighter tomorrows Annual Financial Accounting Accounting Services Evaluation and Implementation (Xero a nd the Cloud Training) Dean Steele CA, B.Mgmt (Hons) Business Advisory (Development and Structure) 021 249 1191 Corporate Advisory (Cash Flows, Budgets, Projections) Ben Douglas CA, B.Com, Dip Grad Debt Structure and Management Due Diligence Management Reporting/Interim Reporting New Company Setup Strategic and business planning Succession Planning Taxation Tax Compliance and Advice Trans-Tasman Accounting 021 249 1195 Brad McNeill CA, BCA, BSc 021 0206 7526 Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 7


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POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR FOR LEARNING ~ PB4L Parents of current pupils will have received during the last holidays a pack relating to the developmental work which is maturing and being trialled this term. Please make some time to join trustees, parents and teachers at 19:00 in the hall on Thursday 31 July to korero about what is envisaged, how it is designed to work and address any questions that might have arisen in the interim. Although using the label PB4L it is not directly related or as a result of the Ministry of Education’s work in this area and has received no funding. The goals remain however very much aligned. Some useful background information and resources can be found here . Classes have already started to look at what it might mean for them and connections have also been made with the Kiwi Can programme. 19:00 Thursday 31 July ~ School Hall This 90 minute session will end in some informal discussion over a cuppa. Looking forward to how this might work also for mums and dads.  What does a Green Card mean? ● Who sees a Compass Charter form?  What is restorative justice? ● What role for parents?  What are we teaching our children, as a school, as a village? Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 8


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YEAR 7/8 AT MARLBOROUGH TECH CENTRE FOR NEXT SEMESTER Soft materials and the design process constitute the skills, knowledge and understanding underway during this six week period for our seniors. The modern facilities and specialist teachers make this a positive and rewarding part of a student’s learning. Jacob is seen here gently following instructions relating to traversing machine stitching in straight lines. So far so good! ZUMBA IN HAVELOCK Zumba is a Latin-inspired, dance-fitness class. The class format combines fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. It is cardio based but also has a balance of resistance and toning to maximize calorie output which makes it effective. WEEKLY TIMETABLE - HAVELOCK TOWN HALL Monday Morning class 10:00 - 11:00 Monday Evening class 6:00 - 7:00 Wednesday class 9:30am - 10:30am Thursday Evening class 6:00pm - 7:00pm * Friday Morning class 9:30am - 10:30am * VENUE CHANGE Please note that through July, Thursday evening classes will be at the Havelock School Hall. Same time different place. ZUMBA FOR CHILDREN - SCHOOL HALL Tuesday Afternoon class 3:15 - 4:00pm $5 per class (under 10yrs free) 10 - 18yrs $2 per class. Concession cards are available. Please wear comfortable gear and shoes. Remember to bring a drink of water. Pam Elvy 574 1046 or txt 021 263 2431 It's fun, it's fitness, it's exercise in disguise! Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 9


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KIWI CAN HAVELOCK HAS TALENT During the last week of Term 2 Di and Renae hosted a Kiwi Can talent show. Among the acts these featured with Phoebe’s entry singing a cappella winning outright. Strong contenders came in the form of Lucrezia, Kea and also Brooke. Congratulations all who made the effort and were brave - kia kaha… nothing ventured, nothing gained. Local kiwis showed they really can. Ka pai! TERM 3 THEME Even reasonable powers of observation will, having looked more closely at the graphic, suggest something investigatory is afoot, even to the point of an enquiry. In science we start with a hypothesis and with tech we can look at a need or solution based on scientific law or principle. So Term 3 then will get classes and individuals underway to enter their investigation into the school fair and for some then hopefully the Marlborough Lines’ SciTech Fair in mid September. Once underway pupils need much encouragement to get into their work and so all the support you are able to give at home would be much appreciated. Fingers crossed, one day we may lay claim to another Ernie or Bill! Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 10


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THANKS FELLAS & HELPERS For those of you who are really observant you will have already noticed the two silver birches adjacent to the junior play area have vanished. There is no sorcery involved, just the usual graft of people setting about getting the job done. Special thanks must be given to Allan Elvy and Ben Roborgh for their willingness, time and expertise in lowering these trees. Over the break Allan and Ben, with their team of helpers, quietly sorted the problem. Students, trustees and staff appreciate your willingness and efficiency. Tino pai! RECOGNISED RECENTLY (end last term) Reading acknowledging recent achievement, effort and commensurate reward 25 nights ~ Maryanne Rimene-Solomon 75 nights ~ Kane Boyd, Ruby May Illsley-Slape, 100 nights ~ Olivia Johnson, Caleb Bailey-Gatchell, Hazley Hrstich, Kelan Bailey, Tyla-Rose Illsley-Slape, Ollie Foote, Elliot Swanston,Tyrani Stewart, André MueggenburgSwanston 125 nights ~ 200 nights ~ Jessie Gatjens, Ashelyn Horton-Smith, Harvey Brownlee, Tayla Munro, Sakura Urakawa Murdoch, Ayla McPhee, Drew O’Donnell Skye Gatjens Gym Certificates ~ George Robbins, Sara Aston-Butterfield, Christian Perkin, Jordan Lawrence, Lucrezia Bradley, Kea Bradley and Jacob Lawton - nothing ventured, nothing gained KAITUNA PUBLISHING PROWESS You probably haven’t had a chance to see this booklet in the flesh so to speak but it is really something. Created at the end of the term by the pupils in Kaituna, it is a neat publication involving all in the class. To get a glimpse go here and be impressed. Thanks to the skills, enthusiasm, vision and energy of Lorain Day and Tracey Wearing - this is a gem. Enjoy! Kaituna Kids also completed other books published and presented to the Pelorus Community Preschool. These books are currently displayed in the school office area and will eventually be sent home with children. A really successful term with writing as the focus and meeting with heaps of success. Ka pai. Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 11


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BINGO EVENING The Havelock Lions are working hard to raise the funds for their annual project - to sponsor a young person to attend an Outward Bound course this year. This will be the fourth year that they will have been able to provide half the funds needed and they are grateful to the First Light Foundation for providing the second half. Funds raised at their recently successful “Shortest Day” Market have been allocated towards reaching this goal. The Havelock School has kindly granted us permission to run a Bingo Evening at the school on the evening of Friday 12 September. There will be details about this evening in next month’s newsletter but please save the 12 September as a night to come through to Havelock and have an enjoyable evening with a few surprises planned. Open every Wednesday 10:00 -13:00 at Shed 67 Havelock Marina SAINT ANTHONY’S FIRE A one act play performed by the Havelock Theatre Company, at the Havelock Town Hall, Aug 2, 4, 6, 7, 8; starting at 7:30pm, and Aug 3 starting at 1:30 pm. “Five Go Mad in the Sounds”, would be an appropriate sub-title for this play, if it didn’t conjure impressions of an Enid Blyton children’s story. Part dark comedy, part mystery, but mostly a character study, this latest work by local playwright, Rick Edmonds, is an intriguing and entertaining look at the consequences of five friends getting stuck in a remote sounds bach during a storm. They unknowing start to suffer from Ergotism, (known in the Middle Ages as “Saint Anthony’s Fire”), and the consequences get more and more bizarre. Soup and bread will be served at the commencement of the show, the appropriateness of which will become apparent during the performance. The gala opening night on Saturday 2 August is sponsored by Bladen Wine and Havelock Four Square Tickets $18 adults, $15 students and senior citizens, $10 children under 14. Book at: Eyes on Nature , 61 Main Road, Havelock phone 574 2590 Still Books, 18 Scott Street, Blenheim phone 578 9701 Forester's Cafe, Mount Richmond Estate phone (03) 571 6070 Take Note, Picton, 28 High Street, Picton phone 573 6107 Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 12


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Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 13


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HAVELOCK BOWLING CLUB INC. Secretary/Treasurer Maurice Coffey PO Box 63 Havelock ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING to be held at the Clubrooms, Neil Street Havelock Sunday 3rd August 2014 at 1pm Agenda Minutes 2013 AGM Financial Report Subscriptions Election of Officers General Business New Members Welcome TERM 3 TAI CHI CLASSES Started Week Beginning 21 July 2014 and running for six weeks until the end of August. Class Times as follows: Advanced Class Monday 2:15pm - 3:00pm Beginners Class Wednesday 2:15pm - 3:00pm Cost: $5.00 per class. For more information contact Susan 574 1443 COMMUNITY DROP-IN CENTRE Thursday afternoons 1:30 - 3:30. St Peter’s Hall Lawrence Street Havelock. All welcome Afternoon tea provided. Activities such as Board Games, Cards, Jigsaws or just come and enjoy a cuppa and a chat. Contact Val on 574 1121 or Kathy on 574 1448 Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 14


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“Nah…. I leave it for the Grandkids to show me.” Sound like you? It needn’t be, so get along to an entertaining evening hosted by SeniorNet Marlborough Sounds.  Learn about new technology to help in your everyday life.  Be one of the first to see a 3d printer in action.  Find out if Social Media/Networking is right for you? Date: Monday 11 August 2014 Time: 7 - 9pm Location: Supper Room Havelock Town Hall MARLBOROUGH GIRLS’ INFO The Marlborough Girls’ College Prospectus & Enrolment packs will be out later this week. The Introductory Evening will be held on Tuesday August 19 at MGC 7:00pm. Many thanks. Maggie Musson Guidance Tchr/ Year 12 Dean Marlborough Girls’ College BoT MEETING NOW MONDAY 4 AUG 18:30 ~ COMMUNITY CLASSROOM Due to illness the July board meeting has been moved to Monday 4 August. Items include Training with Alec McNeil (Marl STA) 18:30; Design/concepts for toilets/classrooms Martin Hay 19:00 followed by remainder agenda items. All welcome. DID YOU KNOW? Teeth can start to decay as soon as the first tooth appears. Lifting your child’s lip once a month is a good way to check for decay – look for white or brown spots on his/her teeth near the gums and contact your nearest Community Oral Health Clinic if you have any concerns. NELSON MARLBOROUGH COMMUNITY ORAL HEALTH SERVICE BLENHEIM & MARLBOROUGH MOBILE CLINIC 5209922 Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 15



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