Student Testimonials on Michael Niehoff as their Principal


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Minarest students from Classes of 2014, 2015 share their thoughts on their principal...

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MINARETS STUDENTS SHARE THOUGHTS ON THEIR PRINCIPAL “Minarets is a family comes to mind when I think of Mr. Niehoff. As the patriarch of the family, Mr. Niehoff never ceases to amaze me with his level of involvement at this school. At almost every after school event or activity, he is actively helping, supervising, or giving moral support to make sure every student can achieve their best and is having a good time. This love for the students and faculty speaks for itself. Just visit the school and witness students of all different grades and walks of life conversing with him. I would be surprised if there wasn't a student whose name he didn't know. Mr. Niehoff is what makes Minarets our home.” - Wilton Wooliever, Class of 2014


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MINARETS STUDENTS SHARE THOUGHTS ON THEIR PRINCIPAL “Mr. Niehoff is not only my principal, but a role model as well. Never have I encountered in my 12 years of public schooling a member of education who is as genuine and caring as him. Without a doubt, I know if any student or staff member asked for his assistance, he would do the best he could to aid and support them in any way possible. To me, that is going above and beyond the duties of a principal and administrator and what makes us so lucky to have him apart of the Minarets family. Without his influence and general positivity, Minarets would not be the high school it is today.” - Sakoya Hart, Class of 2015


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MINARETS STUDENTS SHARE THOUGHTS ON THEIR PRINCIPAL “What I think that Mr Niehoff bring to Minarets is hope, fun, laughter and education. He tries his best to make this school the very best he can. Mr. Niehoff is not the kind of principal to just say, ‘Oh hey, this is my school and I can do whatever I want.’ No not Mr. Niehof. He is the kind of principal to give the students what they want - he wants the students’ opinion. He tries to give us what we want and keeps it professional. He taught me what success is and how to be professional. If you ask me, he his one of the best guys I know. I thank him with all my heart.” - Chach Martinez, Class of 2014


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MINARETS STUDENTS SHARE THOUGHTS ON THEIR PRINCIPAL “I am very fortunate to have a principal like Mr. Niehoff. I have been to at least four other schools and I have not had the relationship as I do with Mr. Niehoff compared to other principals. If I have any ideas, he puts them into consideration and will help me make my idea into reality. Since I have been attending Minarets, I have felt nothing but complete support from Mr. Niehoff and I appreciate what he does individually for each student.” - Jenny Ellis, Class of 2015


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MINARETS STUDENTS SHARE THOUGHTS ON THEIR PRINCIPAL “Mr. Niehoff is more than just a principal. He's a friend, mentor, helping hand, and many other things. He brings joy to many students at Minarets by providing a safe and home-like environment. He has made it possible for each and every student to be true to themselves and feel comfortable in their own skin. Minarets would not be what it is today without Mr. Niehoff.” - Alexis Fulton, Class of 2014


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MINARETS STUDENTS SHARE THOUGHTS ON THEIR PRINCIPAL “Mr. Niehoff, you are the reason that Minarets ever came to fruition. You took a unique concept and made it reality. You've brightened the future for countless kids and have given us a chance to strive. Beyond that, you also provide a very personal touch that makes students feel like you care. Thank you for all the hard work. Without it, my aspirations would hardly exist.” - Bowe Peelman, Class of 2015


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MINARETS STUDENTS SHARE THOUGHTS ON THEIR PRINCIPAL “Mr. Niehoff is a facilitator. He fills the needs of every student. I have never had a principal like him. He rarely said ‘no’ which gives each student at our school responsibility and freedom. Minarets has its unique structure because of him and the staff built around him.” - Bo Campbell, Class of 2014


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MINARETS STUDENTS SHARE THOUGHTS ON THEIR PRINCIPAL “Mr. Niehoff is a very unique individual! He isn't just an average principal. There are very few people in this world who can say their principal is cool. I am one of those students! One time I came to school and Mr. Niehoff and another student were playing guitar while I went to class. How cool is that? He also treats his students with respect and is always there to ask you how your day has been. His positive attitude is what helps make Minarets so special! His support for his students is phenomenal. Whether it is showing up to a local football game or driving all the way to San Luis Obisbo for FFA State Finals, he is always there for his students. And that is what makes Mr. Niehoff so wonderful. Thank you for being you Mr. Niehoff! - Amelia Giffen, Class of 2015


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MINARETS STUDENTS SHARE THOUGHTS ON THEIR PRINCIPAL “Mr. Niehoff is an enforcer of one of the many things Minarets stands for: individuality. He encourages students to be unique and to be themselves. When students are comfortable in their own skin, or their own style, productivity increases. And when productivity increases, you get quality work.” - Vince Domingo, Class of 2014


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MINARETS STUDENTS SHARE THOUGHTS ON THEIR PRINCIPAL “Mr. Niehoff is the most unique principal I have ever seen. I haven't ever seen a principal so committed and dedicated to make every student's experience as awesome as possible. I don't think that Minarets could be the incredible experience it is if anyone else was doing the job.” - Jesse Weinert, Class of 2015


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MINARETS STUDENTS SHARE THOUGHTS ON THEIR PRINCIPAL “I believe the best phrase I could use to describe what Mr. Niehoff brings to Minarets, is ‘spontaneous genius.’ This is a man of opportunity, creativity, collaboration, teamwork, leadership, and so much more. These traits are his greatest tools and greatest gifts that he brings to Minarets high school. Mr. Niehoff is one of the few principals that I know, that will put all of his energy into building up his students. Not convinced? If you were to look at his Facebook and all of the many pictures on display, you would see event upon event of student lead activities, that he has dedicated both body and mind to see accomplished. He has played with students at rock shows, lead rallies, and has ran multiple school events with much animation and efficiency. Mr. Niehoff is what we call a game changer.” - Matthew Koen, Class of 2014


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MINARETS STUDENTS SHARE THOUGHTS ON THEIR PRINCIPAL “What to say, Mike Niehoff... one of the most professional people in my high school career. Niehoff makes things happen and most of all gets things done. His attitude and creativity towards this high school has changed this area for years to come. He makes this big crazy dream a reality. I would not be as far ahead as I am today if it wasn't for him. I know that for a fact!” - Chuck Otero, Class of 2015


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MINARETS STUDENTS SHARE THOUGHTS ON THEIR PRINCIPAL “Mr. Niehoff knows each and every student on campus by name, face and story. He devotes time and energy to helping others out, unrestrained to normal school hours. Whether it's 12 noon or 3 a.m. in the morning, he's allowed himself to be reachable by his personal phone and email. He's a man with a mission who doesn't treat ‘it can't be done’ as final. He can and does impact any situation or person for the better. Any program would benefit immensely from him and I recommend him most highly. - Christopher Wilson, Class of 2014


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MINARETS STUDENTS SHARE THOUGHTS ON THEIR PRINCIPAL “Mr. Niehoff is a great principal. He not only encourages us to work hard and achieve our goals, but he also provides all of the help that we need to succeed. He does whatever he can to help us with our future. All of the experiences Mr. Niehoff puts on at Minarets will help set us up for our future careers in employment or at a university. He gives us many opportunities and supports each student. Minarets would not be what it is without Mr. Niehoff.” - Dominique Sidoti, Class of 2015



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