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FREE There’s life in the Inner West! Issue 238 | July 18 2014 Meet the freegans Will seaweed be the new pork belly? WIN! Movie tix: Devil’s Knot The Keeper of Lost Causes I, Frankenstein Dvd: le, Distributed in Leichhardt, Annanda , town New e, mor Petersham, Stan Balmain, Drummoyne, Haberfield, Rozelle, Five Dock, Concord, & Summer Hill is taking over the Inner West! fancy fare Marrickville’s hipster makeover


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New | Pre-owned | Service | Customisation Genuine Parts | Accessories | Apparel 153-165 PARRAMATTA RD CONCO RD 0 2 8 74 1 3 0 0 0 F R A S E R M O T O R C YC L E S . C O M . A U


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Pole & Fitness Studio’s We are excited to announce our new Drummoyne Studio GRAND OPENING DAY on Saturday July 26th. On the day we will be celebrating all the things truly inspirational and amazing about women and raising much needed funds for the ‘National Breast Cancer Foundation’. Our friendly instructors will be on hand to answer any questions you may have, and you can see for yourself why our positive, encouraging, supportive and fun studio environment is loved by our current students. If you are curious to nd out what Pole and Aerial Fitness is all about, then bring your friends and family and pop into the studio for a spin and play. There will be lots for you to see and do. When: 9am to 2pm Saturday July 26 Where: Level 1, 46 Lyons Road Drummoyne Our rst term starts on Monday 4 August. Sign up for classes with our 30% GRAND OPENING DISCOUNT via our website using the promotional code DRUMMOYNE. Proudly supporting the National Breast Cancer Association Grand Opening Discount 02 8090 3442 30 % off OFF Valid for new students only (must not have attended any Studio Exclusive Studio is the last 12 months).


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Inner West whispers Local gossip, rumour, hearsay and unsubstantiated fact... Filming (inner) westerns, bus stop babe, crane chaos, the furniture fairy spotted bright lights in the sky late into the night, there is no need to start worrying about alien abductions or UFOs. Word is they are filming an adaptation of the award-winning play Alex and Eve in Stanton Road and the late night luminance is just set lighting. Could the Inner West be the next Hollywood? Moviemakers certainly seem to have a growing interest in the area, with another feature titled Teenage Kicks, set to start filming in various Inner West locations over the next month. Directed by award-winning Craig Boreham, the film will star Miles Szanto (Love My Way) and Charlotte Best (Home and Away, Puberty Blues). l Who is the gorgeous man that waits at the l For those Haberfield residents that have l A little birdie has told us that the recent WE ARE C!AO Satire for the soul Righteous Rightie expresses his shock and dismay at the gay mafia conquering the last redoubt of heterosexuality. ADVERTISING Sonya Madden renovations at the Annandale Hotel include a breakfast bistro and coffee bar. Is the iconic pub drifting away from its live music venue roots? There will still be music, of course, but it sounds like they’re trying to jump on the ‘foodie pub’ bandwagon... maybe they’ve just finally got a handle on their demographic. Petersham Lane? Two double lounges have been blocking the lane all week, although we’re pretty sure the cat using the chairs as a comfy place to nap doesn’t mind... l Who keeps dumping furniture in Dear RR – In a week when patriotic Australians should have been celebrating the end of all that hippy, carbonpricing nonsense and giving thanks for all the sober and impartial journalism The Australian has produced over the last half century, what did you make of the nation’s pre-eminent athlete forcing his pillow-biting lifestyle down the throat of the television-viewing public to the rapturous applause of the bien pensant? Russell, Drummoyne RR replies: As the young people say, I have to give Thorpie ‘props’ for brokering a $500K deal to confess to his degenerate lifestyle choice. Frankly, for that kind of coin I’d be tempted to provide a full and frank account of my own addiction to porn featuring midget Margaret Thatcher lookalikes. That noted, it is a matter of profound sorrow that not content with establishing hegemony over the fashion-entertainment complex globally, and seizing control of the ABC, Fairfax papers, ALP, Greens and hairdressing trade locally, the catamites have now penetrated the sporting arena, the last sanctuary of old-fashioned Aussie blokehood. Post the Thorpedo’s sordid revelations, my happy memories of boyish horseplay with the other members of my (private) school swim team have been tainted forever. Who can now gaze at a bunch of lithe and slippery young men playfully wresting together in the change rooms without the image of an Ian Thorpe, Matthew Mitcham and Ian Roberts threesome coming to mind? Not me, that’s for sure. And post Rock Hudson, Liberace and Ian Thorpe, who can now believe any man who vehemently protests his ladykilling ways? You’ve stolen this country’s innocence, Mr Thorpe, and driven a rainbow-flag covered stake through the heart of every beer-swilling sports fan with traditional values. I just hope that Armani ambassadorship and pearl necklace deal was worth it. n Email your dilemma to JOURNALIST Max Kobras FOOD Melissa Leong bus stop opposite Leichhardt MarketPlace on Monday mornings? He has got plenty of local girls talking (and trying not to stare). l There was chaos on Alice Street, Newtown last Friday when a crane toppled from a construction site. It was driven into a ditch, causing it to fall and damage one car. No-one was injured, but the streets were closed for hours afterwards. WINE Winsor Dobbin history Someone once said, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Looking at this photo of Marrickville Road from 1936, I’m inclined to agree. We might not have a tramline anymore (much to the dismay of many locals) or wear hats quite as fine as that of the gentlemen on the left, but the signs advertising ‘Nestle chocolates’ and the ‘cheapest grocer’ on the strip look all too familiar. Marrickville is still known for its affordable grocers still today, so here’s hoping the Inner West never changes (well, not too much anyway)! HOST YOUR NEXT FUNCTION WITH US! ART DIRECTOR Eleanor Wales EDITORIAL Nancy Merlo n Image courtesy of Marrickville Council Celebrate N O I T A I C E R P P WHISKEY A with us! Ciao is now mistress of all she surveys PUBLISHING Sonia Komaravalli Contributors: Jared Ingersoll, Matt Moore and Nigel Bowen Illustrations: Paden Hunter Ciao loves you, and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent. We try and make you look your best. No responsibility is accepted by Ciao Magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information. We welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions. The opinions expressed in Ciao Magazine are those of contributors, indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction. © All rights reserved. No material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher. Ciao Magazine is a free publication. Distribution, advertising & editorial enquiries 460A Parramatta Road, Petersham 2049 (02) 9518 3696 0402 202 951 – Sonya 0405 509 805 – Sonia Ciao is locally owned and produced. Please recycle Printed by Spot Press, Marrickville Cover: Efy and Christos Ahtypis from Athena Cake Shop with Mayor of Marrickville, Jo Haylen. Photo by Ben Cregan. Things we love: our customised back wall featuring the Queen of Spades. Artist Chez Patricia has been painting all around the world since 1989 for brands like Hilton, Disney, Sony Playstation and Qantas. She visited Queens Lane in Petersham this month as part of the Perfect Match program to make over Ciao’s office exterior and the result has been amazing. C!ao’s voice In • Trendy new eatery One Penny Red in Summer Hill (we love the friendly staff) • Eating produce picked straight from the garden • Being able to get a rack of ribs home delivered (thanks Rio Grande, Drummoyne) • The delicious rolls from Marrickville Pork Roll on Illawarra Road • The Bath Arms Hotel’s makeover – could it be Burwood’s next hot spot? • Cakes made entirely out of cheese wheels from Salt Meats Cheese, Alexandria Out • People driving the wrong way down one way lanes in Petersham • The insanely long line of people blocking O’Connell Street, Newtown, waiting to get into Brewtown • Drivers who pull out in front of you on Crystal St without so much as a blinker • Violence on local streets • Wearing shorts and a scarf – it’s just so confused • People who pass wind (loudly) right in front of you as you do the Bay Run C!ao Magazine There’s life in the Inner West! 4


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Community Life R OA D T E ST n Nancy Merlo The very best of The beans We're not sure when it happened exactly but Marrickville has quietly gained a reputation for having the best coffee in Sydney in recent years, with cafes and boutique roasters popping up all over the industrial suburb. Visit on the weekend and you're likely to find line-ups outside countless cafes as coffee lovers travel from far and wide to patiently wait for their favourite brew. Here we test out some of the most popular baristas and their beans to find who reigns supreme in Marrickville... is friendly. You may have to wait a little longer for a take away than at other local cafes but to be fair this place is quite busy even on a sleepy Monday afternoon. ★ ★ ★ ★ RANT White Bay's pollution problems When the cruise ship terminal was relocated from the tourist precinct of Darling Harbour to the high density residential area of Balmain/White Bay it brought many problems to the surrounding community. The incidence of health problems from ship emissions as well as the disturbance caused by noise and vibrations has affected many homes. The cruise ship industry is huge and the energy guzzling consumption of a single ship is more than that of every home on the entire Balmain Peninsula. The cruise ships which operate at White Bay burn some of the worst quality ‘bunker fuel’ in the world. The sulphur content exceeds the regulated limits used in many developed nations by 35 times. In the USA ships must not use this low grade quality fuel within 200 miles of port! Here in Sydney, the ships can burn this dirty fuel 10 hours a day and overnight, right in front of people’s homes. We were told that there would be about 60 ships a year visiting White Bay. It was 130 in the first year alone. As the northern hemisphere rejects more dirty ships that do not comply with the tight standards there, it is expected that more will find a welcome home in Sydney and the number of ship arrivals will increase. As a Councillor from 2008-12, I can think of few issues residents vocally raised concern about, like the noise disturbance, and rightly so. Noise from the cruise ships is causing ongoing distress for residents. Monitoring data shows that 75 percent of ships arriving at White Bay exceed noise levels. Little has been done to change this situation. Just imagine six blasts from a ship’s funnel only metres from your front window. Then, the announcements from the ship’s PA, the exercise drills and more. For 20 nights over the past year, ships stayed overnight, emitting pollution into people’s homes and causing noise disruption. I appreciate that some people say that they are unaffected by the cruise ship pollution. I wish this were true, however, they live in an area of high exposure to fumes. They have no choice in whether they are affected. That is why it is essential that everything is done to resolve this now, before lengthy exposure has occurred. State Government has brought this health risk to our high density residential community and it must now do something about it. The area where the cruise terminal operates wasn't part of the working harbour until 1970 and, even then, it was rarely used for working harbour activities. The homes were there 100 years before the working harbour even started in that area. Placing a cruise ship terminal in a high density residential location had no precedent in Sydney, nor Australia. Making such a decision was always fraught with big risks. These risks are now clearly being seen in the rising incidence of health problems affecting everyone from babies to the elderly in our community. Double Roasters Cornersmith Recently named the Best Café in Sydney by the SMH Good Cafe Guide 2014 and at the Inner West Local Business Awards, the coffee here doesn't disappoint, although the cafe is known for more than just coffee. My flat white was smooth with vanilla notes and a good layer of crema, though not overly aromatic. Prices are average at $3.50 for a regular coffee made using Mecca beans and service My cappuccino was made quickly and for the very modest price of $3; it had a very bold aroma, which alone was enough to perk me up on a Monday afternoon, and the flavour definitely matched. It was very strong for a single shot, perhaps a little too strong for me, but you certainly feel that you are getting your money's worth. The milk was nicely frothed and blended well with the shot to give a good creamy texture. I also like the fact that these guys roast their own beans. ★ ★ ★ ★ It's no surprise that the coffee at this place is excellent considering they've won the Best Coffee award in the SMH Good Cafe Guide for four years Fancy a cup of joe? Coffee Alchemy in a row, including this year. This animal friendly cafe roasts its own beans in house and grinds to order if you want to take some home so it's super fresh and tastes great. There are flavours to suit all tastes and keep things interesting – I know a few fans of the El Salvador variety – but I had a flat white made with the house blend ($3.50) and while it was quite a strong hit of caffeine, it still went down super smooth. The peoplewatching here is also priceless. ★★★★★ This newcomer to Marrickville is a cosy little place that uses Campos coffee, which is popular among Inner Westies and has a decent taste. A regular coffee set me back $3.30 and arrived piping hot, it had a nice but subtle aroma and a similarly subtle flavour. This is easy drinking for those who aren't huge coffee drinkers or don't like their coffee too strong because it's a little less punchy than most of the other coffees you'll find in the area. ★ ★ ★ ★ Coffee, Tea and Me life into art Join this workshop and learn how to write and act from real life with Kate Mulvany... Kate Mulvany is a well-known face on Australian stage and screen with such credits as Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby and Macbeth with the Bell Shakespeare Company. What people may not know is that she was born with kidney cancer, acquired from her veteran father’s exposure to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War and that her highly acclaimed play The Seed was based on this experience. As an ambassador for Agent Orange Justice and as part of Agent Orange Day on Sunday 10th August, Kate will be hosting a series of 45-minute workshops at the Addison Road Community Centre, Marrickville, to teach aspiring writers and actors how to turn their personal experiences into artistic expression. Each session costs $20 with all of the proceeds going to help Agent Orange survivors. n If you are interested in attending one of these workshops or want more information, email Bookings essential by August 1st as places are highly limited. What’s on n Compiled by Nancy Merlo. Email Sat 19th & Sun 20th July FREE Community are events listings n Words: John Stamolis, Independent Candidate for Birrabirragal/Balmain Ward. Sunday 27th July email info@ y nc Attn: Na Sydney Rock 'n' Roll Market Dress a Teapot The Dress a Teapot event to be held at The Balmain Watch House (179 Darling Street) this weekend is a tea cosy gala fundraiser for The Anganwadi Project, which aims to rebuild and renovate 66 pre-schools for children and communities in need. The exhibition and sale of handmade tea cosies will be supported by a raffle (with prizes from local Balmain businesses), cake stall and morning/afternoon teas, and all the money raised during the event goes directly to The Anganwadi 6 Project. The exhibition, which will feature something for everyone from novelty cosies to traditional crafts, is open 10am to 4pm with gold donation on entry. You can also donate to the cause by visiting event organiser, Jenny Burge's fundraising page: stepsforschools. gofundraise. BurgeJ n For more information visit www. anganwadi Saturday 26th July Pole Dance Open Day Studio Exclusive Pole & Fitness are opening a brand new studio at Drummoyne, and to celebrate they will hosting a fun-filled open day on July 26th from 9am to 2pm, raising much needed funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The event will feature pole dancing demonstrations, advanced tricks, performances of routines, prizes and guests will have the chance to play on the poles and even learn a few simple tricks for beginners. The studio is also running a week of trial Fitness with an edge classes from Monday 28th July during which all profits will be donated to this important cause. For more information visit: drummoyne-studio-grand-opening/ Drummoyne. n Where: Level 1, 46 Lyons Rd, Half market, half music festival, all rock and roll. The Sydney Rock 'n' Roll Market is rolling back into town and you should not miss it. For all you vinyl vultures, there will be the Record Fair with over 50,000 LPs and 45s to sift through and for those with a touch of Rockabilly in your soul, there will be dance classes held for beginners. There will also be awesome stalls selling posters, T-shirts and everything band related, as well as plenty of great live shows including Men into Space, a band famous for playing in spacesuits. Why aren't you there yet? n For more info visit See page 8 for more what's on...


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n Local Gigs Wednesday 23rd July n Local screens The Strypes Holy shit, these guys are aged 16 to 18 and they are absolute monsters; they make me want to swear like a sailor and skoll a beer. It’s really bluesy, but super sped up and pretty heavy. Throw in some solid solos and you can bet these guys have a huge future ahead of them. I want to party with these blokes. FREE TICKETS Win double movie passes Cold climate crime n Newtown Theatre The Keeper of Lost Causes "Round up the usual suspects" Talented teens Devil's Knot Thursday 24th July Sky Ferreira DJ set Everyone and their mother thinks they are a DJ nowadays. And I don’t really get the idea of seeing an artist you like play you other people’s songs they like. Maybe if you like Sky Ferreira’s music? I don’t though so I’m out. n Newtown Hotel, FREE Friday 8th August Jep and Dep Local alt-folk duo making some pretty music. There is not a lot of folk I listen to other than Bob Dylan so this is a cool change for me and their new single 'Babe Come Down' is definitely not a bad listen. n Petersham Bowling Club n Words: Max Kobras Canadian auteur Atom Egoyan’s (The Sweet Hereafter) latest compelling excursion into the dark side of the human condition is based on a true story. In 1991, three young boys were found murdered and mutilated in a West Memphis small town. Three teens - antisocial heavy metal freaks with an unhealthy interest in the occult - were quickly rounded up and charged. With bad hair and an even worse attitude, they didn’t do themselves any favours - one by confessing. Soon, aided by a witchhunt, a prejudiced judge and lazy police investigation, the teens faced the death penalty. Only a few had doubts. One was the victim’s mother (Reese Witherspoon), and as it turned out, she had reason to. Another is legal investigator Ron Lax (an almost unrecognisable Colin Firth). His dogged pursuit of the truth leads us into some murky places – seen before in Dennis Lehane’s Mystic River and Gone Baby Gone, as well as last year's Prisoners. But chillingly, this story is not fiction. M from July 24. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Most of mankind has been wiped out by Simian flu, so you wouldn’t think there was much room for hippy sentiment. But this is Northern California and Malcolm (Jason Clarke), one of the survivors, is still dedicated to “peace, love and understanding”. He looks perpetually bamboozled. Why didn’t medical marijuana, gay marriage and renewable energy save the planet? The chimps are led by the benevolent Caesar (Andy Serkis), and he’s a decent sort of ape. But Mal’s expedition into his territory looking for hydro power leads to “No dam!” resistance and then all out war. We all know who wins. M on now. Fresh from the Scandinavian Film Festival and soon on general release, Mikkel Nørgaard’s (Borgen) slick adaption of a bestselling novel is another well-acted, great-looking drama that can only add to that region’s fast developing rep for very twisted behaviour. Nikolaj Lie Kaas plays the gruff homicide detective Carl Mørck, relegated to a department investigating cold cases. It consists only of himself and an assistant, Assad (Fares Fares) but out of sight of the brass, they quickly get involved in a fiveyear-old mystery of a high-profile female politician’s disappearance. She vanished from a ferry, a supposed suicide. Before long they are on a journey that will take them deep into the undercurrent of abuse and malice that lurks beneath the polished surface of Scandinavia. A huge hit in Denmark, the film was no.1 at their box office for seven weeks. Clearly the Danes like their cinema tough, taut and very dark. CTC from July 31. ★ Thanks to Madmen Entertianment we have we have 5 double in-season passes to give away. Details below WIN DVDs! "Ouch, be careful, the stitches..." "Stop the dam!" ★ Thanks to Icon Films we have we have five double in-season passes to give away. Details below. I, Frankenstein Fairy Tales Opening at King Street Theatre this July, A View of Concrete is the must-see Australian play by Gareth Ellis... In a sprawling metropolis, where all the trees have been replaced with telephone boxes, the clouds are turning purple, and animals are committing suicide, Billy is becoming a fairy. Along the way the way she meets Neil, a drug-dealing professional who provides people with a means of escape, Jacquie, a conspiracy theorist, and James, who suspects his neighbour is planning an atrocity. The dystopic setting of A View of Concrete promises to be a thoughtprovoking and disturbing vista of modern society. Starring Matt Longman, Bec Marzipan, Taryn Brine, and Tim Dashwood and directed by Peter Mountford, the play opens on July 22nd at 7.30pm at King Street Theatre, located on the corner of King and Bray Streets, Newtown. Tickets are $30/$22. For bookings and more information visit True, some critics labelled Stuart Beattie’s fantasy “unrealistic”. It’s based on Kevin Grevioux’s (Underworld) graphic novel – and well, doh, it’s a comic. Really, how could a story of one of our most enduring fictional monsters incredibly still alive 200 years after being stitched together and now caught up in a war between an immortal clan of gargoyles and winged demons be taken seriously? Production design gets a big tick – Melbourne looks fantastic as a dark steam-punk-style city. Bill Nighy hams it up as a corporate creep, Miranda Otto plays the gargoyle Queen and Aaron Eckhart looks as if he was born for the role of Dr Frankenstein’s creature. Even a bit hunky – at least the blondie scientist (Yvonne Strahovski) thinks so. In one scary scene it looks like we’re being set up for a Son of… sequel. Lovers of B-grade sci-fi and gleefully unrealistic Gothic actionfantasies won’t mind that a bit. CTC. On Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, DVD and Digital HD from July 23. ★ Thanks to eOne Home Entertainment we have we have 5 DVDs to give away. Details below. n Reviews – Russell Edwards ★ To WIN a double pass to the show, email with your details. Tuesday 29th July There's a mouse in the house Workshop If you're looking to have more energy, improve memory, lose weight and sleep better, this seminar hosted by Tom Grimshaw may have some solutions. Tom Grimshaw, author of How to Live the Healthiest Life, has been researching how to maintain optimal health for six years now and he's inviting locals to come along and hear him talk about how you can make an immediate and measurable difference in your life. Kicking off from 7pm, entry is $10 and includes refreshments. email Fri 1st – Sun 3rd August his next Leichhardt studio workshop to coincide with the Archibald Prize exhibition. This three-day workshop starts with a floor talk at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, including a viewing of the upcoming exhibition, before moving to the Leichhardt studio for the next two days. Running from 9.30am-4pm on both Saturday and Sunday, participants will start by working from a model before moving on to enjoy the freedom of painting to invent, rather than copy. The entire weekend costs $370 and includes all supplies as well as lunch with= wine. n For more info or to make a booking email Friday 8th August peninsula's night of nights on the social calendar with performances choreographed by music legend Paul Mac and dance tunes by internationally-renowned DJ Daniel Rowntree. The event aims to bring locals together and create awareness for those in need in the local community. This year all funds raised will be donated to the local St Vincent de Paul Society to support their work in assisting people in the Balmain Peninsula. Tickets are $250 per head (tables of 10), and bookings can be made through Eventbrite. n For more information like The Balmain Ball on Facebook. The month of July cocktail list and whiskey-inspired dessert as part of it's first ever Rye July, bringing the city’s top drinks trend to the Inner West with specially created cocktails including the Rye Apple Sour, Manhattan and The Sazerac, a wide selection of international whiskies, as well as a special Whiskey Rum Cheesecake for dessert. Try it all at 156 Norton St, Leichhardt. n For more information visit www. n To book your spot call 9518 3442 or WIN DOUBLE MOVIE PASSES AND DVDs Balmain Ball Faces and Figures Australian abstract expressionist artist Peter Griffen will be holding 8 The first ever black tie Balmain Ball will be held at the Westin, Sydney, this August and promises to be the Rye July To celebrate this year’s hottest tipple – whiskey – the Royal Hotel is presenting a mouthwatering new To be in the running to win double in-season passes to Devil's Knot, The Keeper of Lost Causes or a DVD of I, Frankenstein, email your name and contact details to info@ciaomagazine. telling us where you picked up Only at the movies July 31 your copy of Ciao. You can enter them all in one email if you like, but give us a preference. Remember to include your postal address.


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SMOOTH & REJUVENATE THIS WINTER 30 SAVE Laser hair removal Lip Full face Full legs Skin treatments Micro NOW FROM % OFF ALL Laser hair removal & Skin treatments $ 14 42 140 $ NOW NOW $ NOW $ 35 Leichhardt Norton St, Norton Plaza (02) 8031 7739 Ends 27 July 2014 T&Cs apply. Ask one of our therapists or visit our website for details


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in the kitchen I’m somewhat of a purist when it comes to seafood. For the most part, a good rule tends to be that if the seafood is excellent, one should do as little as possible to it – it’s perfect as it is. When it comes to the words ‘cooking’ and ‘oysters’, I tend not to stray far from eating them straight up or with a simple vinaigrette of eschalot and red wine vinegar. While fresh oysters are one of life’s great pleasures, winter calls for a slighter cosier twist. For those who are novices at shucking oysters at home, this is a great way to start. By roasting the oysters whole, their little lids almost pop themselves open, making great practice for when summer rolls around once again. (Serves 2 as an entree)  ith Melissa Leong, w n Roasted oysters Ingredients: ½ a leek, washed thoroughly 1 teaspoon olive oil 2 tablespoons white wine Salt Pepper Olive oil A dozen Sydney rock oysters, unshucked 500g rock salt for roasting 2 teaspoons lapsang souchong tea leaves Pedro Ximinez vinegar Wine with Winsor n Old favourite Penfolds 2012 Koonunga Hill Chardonnay Wine styles drift in and out of fashion but sometimes you want a reliable label that won’t produce any surprises. Penfolds Koonunga Hill wines are renowned for offering good drinking at reasonable prices – and this is a prime example. Made from fruit from several regions of South Australia, this has classic stone fruit and citrus notes, nice acid balance and restrained oak. A good choice for midweek enjoyment. $16. Method: Preheat an oven to 190C. Tear a sheet of aluminium foil and place the leeks on it, folding up the sides slightly. Pour in the olive oil and white wine and season with salt and pepper. Fold the foil into an airtight parcel and roast the leeks in the oven for 45 minutes. Remove and once cool enough to handle, slice the soft leeks into rings (if they break apart, that’s ok – you’re after the sweetness!). Pour the rock salt onto a baking tray and sprinkle the tea leaves on top. Nestle the oysters, deep side down, on to the salt. Place the oysters in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove, and using a tea towel to hold the oyster, use a shuck (or oyster knife) to lever into the hinge and without too much effort, the lid should just pop off. Run the shucker across the inside of the top shell to loosen the oyster from the shell and try to retain the seawater contained within. Bargain red Bleeding Heart 2013 Shiraz This is a blend of Riverland and McLaren Vale fruit that offers plenty of flavour with a very moderate price tag. It’s a very easy-drinking wine, this; soft, plush and fruit-driven with sweet dark berry flavours but nicely in balance at just 13.5 per cent alcohol. It is a wine for enjoying now, while it’s still vibrant, and it would be great paired with steaks, a barbecue or something more exotic like Lebanese kofta sausages. $13. xx x Get shucked To serve: Place the oysters on a plate, top with a little of the soft leeks, a drop of PX vinegar and a drop of olive oil. gourmet pizza to your home in under 15 minutes! Available in Coles, Woolies and independent supermarkets, for more information visit To celebrate the launch, we are giving away five pizza prize packs including Coles vouchers, pizza cutters, magnets and recipe books. ★ To win, email au and tell us what your favourite pizza topping is! A Dr. O etk pizza p er rize pack! Win with Dr. Oetker Ristorante Italy’s top selling frozen pizza brand, Dr. Oetker Ristorante, is launching the new Quattro Formaggi pizza in Australia with a combination topping of Edam, Emmental, Mozzarella and flavoursome creamy Gorgonzola cheese – bringing WIN Ripper riesling Jim Barry 2014 Watervale Riesling A classic young Clare Valley riesling, dry and alive with crunchy acidity. This is elegant, even a little lean, in its youth but is refreshingly flinty with tremendous lemon and lime drive on the palate. A very amiable companion for seafood dishes, crustaceans or spicy Asian dishes, or a delicious after-work pick-me-up after a long day. Riesling is still undervalued, making this a tremendous bargain for under $20. At home with... Scott Robertson Double Roasters in Marrickville was started by three hospitality veterans (and coffee fanatics) with the desire to create the perfect blend of beans and bring it to the community. Here we chat to head roaster Scott Robertson about beans and brewing... Tell us a bit about how Double Roasters got started. Coffee is my passion; I have owned and operated many cafés over the last few decades and the progression from barista to roaster seemed like an obvious path for me to take. What is unique about your roasting techniques? We roast our coffees in small batches; each origin is roasted individually to exact parameters. The coffees are then blended “post roast”. This technique ensures quality of depth in the cup and it allows each of the origins to shine and to complement each other in our blends. The business began as a coffee-roasting business, why did you then decide to expand into a cafe and wholesaling? We opened the cafe/roastery to showcase our coffee. At the beginning we were our own harshest critics, perfecting the techniques, tweaking the blends and striving for consistency. We had to really love our coffees before attempting to wholesale them to other businesses. Is there a particular philosophy behind the menu at the cafe? The food we serve at the cafe is simple, honest cafe fare. Marrickville is a hive of producers and suppliers and we try to include them on our menu; the ham and bacon is literally smoked across the road! I think coffee is mostly consumed in the morning so, to me, breakfast is the perfect food to serve with coffee. A cheeky afternoon coffee with a slab of homemade Jared Ingersoll We are going to be eating a lot more seaweed! Seaweed has been a part of our diet for a long time; the earliest reference I can find is from Japan where forms of algae were found with shellfish and bones dating back to 10500BC. Seaweed was also commonly eaten around 2500BC along the coast of Peru and in central Africa a species of Spirulina was harvested from Lake Chad and used as a sauce. In China from around 200BC to 200AD laws were established where seaweed harvested for food was allowed to be used to pay court tax. More recently, when I was cooking in London, I was shown a traditional Welsh dish that comprised of laverbread (a thick green seaweed found clinging to rocks) cooked with oysters and blue cheese, as well as a sausage consisting of laverbread, bacon and mushrooms that dated back to the 18h century. Considering seaweed’s long history around the world, it’s strange that most of us only see it now at Japanese restaurants. The flavor of seaweed is also often mistaken as fishy. Sure, some have a very distinct seaweed flavor but they do not all taste the same. Seaweeds are prized for their textures as much as their flavor and they have varied gelling qualities – the most common in domestic kitchens being agar agar or carrageenan. Speaking generically about the health benefits of seaweed there is much to say too; they are packed with vitamins and minerals, high in protein and omega 3 and promote good gut health with lots of prebiotic and probiotic properties. In Australia 85 percent of the population lives within 50km of the coast and we have an insatiable appetite for seafood, yet sadly our seaweed consumption is limited to a Nori sheet wrapped around rice at the local sushi train. It is also unfortunate that the Nori you are eating is imported. My desire to change this and work with seaweeds led me to form PhycoFood Co. with Dr. Pia Wienberg. We aim to educate and showcase the most delicious, nutritious and interesting seaweeds we can find. Included in our range is one special seaweed called Australian Ulva, which is not only the first cultivated species of seaweed grown in Australia but is also indigenous and unique to Australia. As we learn, gather and accumulate, we will sell through our website – check out for more information. Scott xx x Robertson with James Brown and Gary Parkes caramel slice runs a very close second though. If you could invite anyone over to the cafe for a coffee, who would it be and why? If I could invite anyone over to the cafe it would be Marco Pierre White. He was my inspiration as a young apprentice chef and he has proven to be an enduring businessman. I’m quite sure I could impress him with a few double ristrettos. n Double Roasters will be setting up shop at the The Rocks Aroma Festival from 10am to 5pm on Sunday 27th July. For more information visit Double Tonic Last summer we introduced Marrickville to the ‘Double Tonic.’ Sweet and bitter, hot and cold, lots of crazy citrus notes under the nutty crème and just when your brain is catching up with your taste buds the sparkling effervescence cleans up your palate, ready for the next sip. Ingredients: 90ml of ice cold tonic water 60ml of double roasters espresso (flight path blend) Lemon Ice 10 Method: Simply prepare a glass of ice, lemon and tonic water (three quarters full) then pour a double shot of hot espresso on top. Serve immediately.


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Weekly specials, delicious produce, excellent value MarketPlace Leichhardt, Cnr Marion and Flood St Leichhardt. Located next to Aldi Tel: 9572 6886 500gms $2.99 Proscuitto Serano Hickson mandarins Yummy peanuts in the shell $29.99/kg Nature’s Best Water 12 x 600ml $1.49/kg Pears Mutti Inventa Sugo 6 x 560gms $7.99 a box $2.49 a pack $1.49/kg $20.99/kg Champagne double smoked ham French brie $9.99/kg a bunch One lucky customer will take home a One custo m from ever er participat y ing Your Local Greengroc er store wil l WIN a $10 0 voucher! $1.49 Celery se A $30 purchaO could give Y U a chance to play for the $1,000,000 MANGO! HOLDEN BARINA SPARK! Ten customers will WIN A TABLET! Just Bake Banana Bread 1kg, NSW PERMIT NO. LTPS/14/03455 $4.99 each *Specials until Wednesday 23rd of July


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n BIRRabirragal/balmain ward by-election leichhardt council Meet the candidates John Stamolis Independent John has been the Chairperson of the Balmain Precinct for the last 10 years and looks forward to bringing the voice of the community to Council. What will you contribute to the community if elected? It is important for Council to represent all voices in the community. As a committed and hard-working Independent, I will add a different voice and some balance to Council.  My voice will be a community voice rather than a political party one.  I will bring a vast amount of knowledge about our community, coming from my 10 years of solid work as the Chairperson of the Balmain Precinct (residents committee) and through my four years as a Councillor. As a Councillor and Precinct Chair, I successfully handled all issues, no matter how big or small, all with the same high level of care and responsibility and in the best interests of our community. What issues do you think are important to the Leichhardt LGA and Birrabirragal ward particularly? As a community, we are concerned about the Balmain Shopping Village and the increasing number of empty shops. One of the most attractive features of living in Balmain is the mixed and vibrant business community, which is something we all want to retain.  Local planning is also a concern. Overdevelopment has placed pressure on us and how we live in our community.  This must change and we must focus on providing amenity for our changing and diverse community, with emphasis on families with young children and the growing number of seniors in our area. Another key issue for residents is the performance of Council itself. Council’s financial accountability and responsiveness to our needs is essential. There is an increasing lack of Council engagement with the community and many people are disappointed about how Council has disregarded and dismantled a number of important community-based consultative processes. What is your favourite part of the campaigning process? I enjoy door knocking. It is a way of connecting with my community and hearing their thoughts and ideas for our future. I have gained some of my strongest policy initiatives from listening to people.  What is the nicest thing a local has said to you by way of support? It is always nice when people recognise the things that I have done. For some, it is opening up Balmain Library on Sunday, for others it was no-smoking in alfresco dining and most like the new access to the White Bay foreshore. Many residents have commented on my leadership of community campaigns, which have resulted in much better outcomes for our community. The nicest thing, however, is when they say that they have valued my contribution to the community over many years. n For more information email John at Aaron Di Pietro Labor Aaron is a Balmain local from way back who is looking to bring some fresh ideas to Leichhardt Council. What will you contribute to the community if elected? I grew up in Balmain and I’m passionate about ensuring it remains a vibrant and beautiful place to live. If elected I’ll work hard to engage with the community on all local issues to ensure residents have a real connection with their elected representatives. I’m full of energy and enthusiasm for Balmain and I’ll be bringing a fresh new approach and plenty of new ideas to Council. What issues do you think are important to the Leichhardt LGA and Birrabirragal ward particularly? Having a vibrant and sustainable high street that all locals can enjoy is an important part of the Balmain village community. Being able to park your car and do your groceries with 30 minutes free parking is crucial for both residents and local businesses. I’ll fight hard to keep it in place because some of the current Councillors have tried to get rid of it. Furthermore, with a huge a baby boom happening in the area, I know that local families need better access to childcare, great schools and sports and recreation facilities. Many older residents I’ve spoken to also need help maintaining their homes so I’ll be fighting hard to expand Council’s home handyman service as well as getting another community bus in place. I believe the people who built this community should be able to stay in their homes longer and enjoy all Balmain has to offer. What skills will you bring to council? I went to Nicholson Street Public School and I live in Balmain so I understand both the joys and challenges of day-to-day life in here.  Having worked in the media for almost 10 years, I know that we have a well educated, professional population but that many local people are time poor and need the Council to protect their quality of life. Locals need a strong representative who is passionate about the local community and is willing to put in the time to have a genuine, open and ongoing dialogue with them. What is your favourite part of the campaigning process? Knocking on doors and holding street stalls; it has been so lovely to see so many familiar faces from my school years, old friends of the family and owners of some of the old local businesses that have been closed for many years. It’s a reminder of just how tight-knit the Balmain community is. What is the nicest thing a local has said to you by way of support? My wonderful Grandma and mother have been coming along to lots of campaign events. Last week I spoke to one woman who said, “I’ve had a call from your mother, a flyer from your grandma and it’s nice to finally meet you. You’ve got my vote, but I wish I could vote for the whole family!” n For more information email or call 0406535973. Derek Bolton Greens Derek is an IT professional and long-time Balmain resident who has campaigned actively for the environment and local action on climate change and hopes to be a strong voice for residents, the environment and community he cares about. What will you contribute to the community if elected? I have lived in Balmain for over 30 years. I love living here, and I’m committed to protecting the Balmain community’s heritage and environment. I’ll continue the Greens’ campaign to ensure Leichhardt Council puts more money into basic infrastructure, particularly our local roads, footpaths and cycleways and local parks. I will also campaign for better public transport; more buses and the extension of the light rail to Balmain. At the same time, it is critical that we keep costs down and ensure Council is financially sound and accountable to the residents, as well as being open and transparent. What issues do you think are important to the Leichhardt LGA and the Birrabirragal ward particularly? We are at risk of losing our right to have a say in local planning decisions. Labor and the Liberals have voted them away but with my Greens colleagues I will fight to save them. We also need to keep the half-hour free parking. Action on climate change is important to Balmain residents too. Solar PV installations are lower per household in Leichhardt than in seven of our eight neighbouring LGAs. Many more residents could be saving money on their 12 power bills. Council can help to make the process easier. It’s time to restore the civic park at Balmain Post Office. This would create a great open space for the community and open up the historic façade of Balmain Post Office. We need to open up the foreshores along White Bay as well, and we need real action on the noise and pollution generated by cruise ships at White Bay. What is your favourite part of the campaigning process? It isn’t so much a single moment as the enormously encouraging level of support. As I knock on doors and explain who I am and what I stand for, the response is so positive. It is a real privilege to be the Greens’ candidate and to meet and talk with so many people.  I’ve really enjoyed meeting people from all walks of life and the support so many of them have given me and the Greens. Residents and business owners really appreciate someone standing up for their community. What is the nicest thing a local has said to you by way of support? One lady grilled me for some minutes with some tough questions. She was happy with my answers, then said, “Sorry for all that, I probably would have voted for you anyway.” That made me feel good because it showed I have the support of people who pay attention to the issues. n For more information email dbgreenslmc@ or call 0414656782. Michael Manikas Liberal Michael Manikas, CEO of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, is personally vested in bringing change to the Birrabirragal ward as part of his tribute to his late wife, Melinda Manikas. NSW Treasurer Andrew Constance tonight launched the campaign of the Liberals’ Michael Manikas for the Balmain ward by-election on 2 August in Balmain. Mr Constance said that Mr Manikas’ selection as the Liberal candidate showed the party was serious about retaining the seat it won at the 2012 local government election. “Michael Manikas’ strong leadership as CEO of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors and his long-standing involvement in his local community means he is the right man to make a difference for the people of Balmain.” Mr Manikas was preselected unopposed by the Leichhardt Local Liberal team for the Balmain Ward seat on Leichhardt Council held by his late wife, Cr Melinda Manikas, who passed away in May after a long battle with breast cancer. The NSW Treasurer also highlighted the support of the Baird Liberal-Nationals Government for infrastructure projects in the Leichhardt municipality, including $397,641 for Seawall and Foreshore renewal and $417,778 for the Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre pool upgrades. “These major community infrastructure projects will provide long term benefits for the people of Leichhardt, once again demonstrating the Baird Government’s commitment to rebuilding New South Wales after 16 years of failure and neglect by the Labor Party.” Mr Manikas welcomed Treasurer Constance’s comments, noting the hard work of the Leichhardt Council Liberal team to secure funding for these projects from the NSW Government. “Melinda got elected to Council to work with the Liberal team to make a difference to her community. I want to join the Liberal team to continue the work she began to make Balmain a better place for all residents.” Mr Manikas said. What will you contribute to the community if elected? I hope to continue with the good work Melinda started, focus on improving the community and balancing the council budget. What issues do you think are important to the Leichhardt LGA and in particular the Birrabirragal ward? I believe local rates should be used for on local priorities and focus on local infrastructure and maintaining that infrastructure, for example roads and footpaths. What credentials/skills will you bring to council? I’ve had 20 years as a quantity surveyor and have good management skills and financial skills. What is you favourite election moment? Watching my three year old daughter Victoria help out with the campaign. What is the nicest thing a local has said to you by way of support? “It is wonderful to see you follow on from the great work of your wife, Melinda Manikas” n For more info call 0488 609 088


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John Stamolis Your Balmain Independent Informed and involved Stamolis John VOTE 1 YOUR Balmain Independent Authorised by John Stamolis 4B Datchett Street, Balmain 2041. Printed by Officeworks, 151 Clarence Street, Sydney 2000. John will focus on those things which show that Council cares for our community and is in touch with our needs and priorities. These include: Lifting Council’s Performance • A strong focus on financial management and accountability • Enabling strong and meaningful community input on planning issues • Strengthening Councils’ service performance and responsiveness • Better maintenance of roads, footpaths and parks • Seeking opportunities to create more public open space • A review of traffic and parking to relieve the pressures on our residents • Improve lighting along walking paths • Responding to impacts on our community e.g. the pollution from cruise ships • Support the building of new childcare centres & provide more aftercare places • Develop services for our growing population of seniors • Support new sporting fields and public amenity at White Bay/Bays Precinct • Bringing owners, managers, Council and the Chamber of Commerce together to enhance and maintain a vibrant and diverse shopping village • Create a new civic space at the Telstra site • Refresh the street furniture, bins and flower beds Improving the quality of our local environment Responding to the needs of a changing community A focus on the Balmain Shopping Village School, East Balmain Vote 1 Aaron Di Pietro FOr BAlmAiN - BirrABirrAgAl WArd Aaron’s priorities are: Aaron wants to make sure that Balmain remains the vibrant and interesting place we all love. You can help him. Michael Aaron Di Pietro Manikas Fighting to keep 30 minutes free parking Bringing residents and businesses together to 1 – Aaron Di Pietro on 2 August make a plan Vote to boost Darling Street ElECtIon – BAlmAIn-BIRRABIRRAGAl Encourage By small bars and cafes to open WARD lEICHHARDt CounCIl Voting is compulsory CONTACT 0406 535 973 | A vibrAnt & 535 liveAble 973 ( 0406 bAlmAin PO Box 98 Balmain 2041 Authorised byK. K.Cruden, Cruden, Justin St, Lilyfield 2040 Authorised by 61 61 Justin St Lilyfield NSW 2040. Printed by Inpress Printing, 61 Birch St, Condell Park NSW 2200 To contact Aaron BALMAIN BY-ELECTION | 2 AUGUST Balmain Ward 13 Nicholson S Balmain needs a young, active representative who will make things happen for our community. Aaron wants Council to take action to keep what is great about Balmain and make sure it is accessible for everyone. After his family moved out of the area he worked hard to get an education so that he could move back to the community he loves. Aaron is 29 years old and grew up in Balmain. He loves the area and wants to make sure it is a great place to live. HE GREW UP HERE treet Public A VIBRANT & LIVEABLE BALMAIN His priorities are: Aaron wants Balmain to be a vibrant and interesting place to live while also protecting the amenity of the locals. Encourage small bars and cafes to open Bringing residents and businesses together to make a plan to boost Darling Street Fighting to keep 30 minutes free parking


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n Your say n Sustainability n Local news Some people believe the Inner West has everything, especially when it comes to food, but are we missing anything? What do you leave the Inner West for? n “I leave the Inner West to go to the beach, otherwise it has everything else.” Michael, Abbotsford. Going freegan There’s an underground movement emerging in Sydney that is taking place in the most unlikely of places: supermarket car parks, factory back doors and the kitchens of ordinary people. 'Freeganism' is the latest buzzword in the world of the environmentally conscious and describes the practice of reclaiming and eating food that has been discarded. Seen as part of a wider movement against consumerism and materialism, freeganism embraces the ideal of community sharing through zero waste practices and 'freegans' gather around supermarkets and factories after hours to 'dumpster dive', which refers to the actual process of retrieving the food. Freegans aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty either – a pair of plastic gloves is often all that is donned before hoisting oneself right into the dumpster. And boy, what goodies they uncover once they make that leap! The NSW Government’s ‘Food Waste Avoidance Benchmark Study,’ conducted in 2011, showed that Australians throw out around $8 billion worth of edible food every year. Supermarkets are among the worst offenders. Often discarding food days before its expiry date, or rejecting misshapen or marked fruit and vegetables before they even hit the shelves, their bins are gold mines overflowing with perfectly good, in-date, and fresh food. “I started dumpster diving about three years ago,” says Alex Walker, a 23 year-old community worker from Lewisham. “My financial situation and my view on waste management prompted me to first stick my head in a Woolworths bin. Since then I live mostly off food I’ve found.” Alex, who estimates that on a fruitful week of dumpster diving, her food costs are a meagre $4 Drummoyne business saved Feed A Starving Crowd is a new Hollywood-bound reality TV show created by Robert Coorey, author of a marketing book with the same title, with the help of The Apprentice Australia winner Andrew Morello, and Gary Ng, a well-known E-web marketer. The idea is to give a struggling small business a marketing makeover valued at $100,000 and the chosen business for their inaugural season is Mad On Hair and Beauty in Drummoyne. Over a period of 30 days, these three marketing wizards have taken Mad On through a maze of methods and challenges to show them how they can double the size of their business – and their relaunch will be held on July 21st. It's great to hear that a local business is getting some much-needed support! Turns xx x out there is such a thing as a free lunch Gladesville – beautiful Mexican food.” Rachel, Wareemba. n “I think you can find better Lebanese cuisine outside the area, but for Italian, Thai and almost all other foods you can't get much better than right here.” Lance, Balmain. n “I used to leave for the night life in the city but with the lockout laws now it seems I'm better off bar hopping locally.” Alexia, Glebe. n “Dos Senoritas at for milk and a jar of instant coffee, has watched the movement gain momentum in the Inner West. It seems that the large population of students in the area are pioneering the quest for cheaper and more sustainable ways to eat. Some nights, Alex says, she and her flatmates recover so much food that she puts a call out on Facebook for people to come over to share a meal and help them eat all the produce. “Earlier this year we had a haul of 15 packets of Tim Tams, 10 jars of whipped peanut butter, bags of almonds, avocados and every kind of cheese you can imagine. Our society is ridiculously wasteful,” she says. However, her dumpster diving experiences have had their darker moments. On one occasion her friend was mistaken for being homeless and offered money, while during a separate incident supermarket security guards accused Alex of being a bludger, and chased her away. “But I quickly stuffed the lovely fruit and vegetables in my bag and cycled away,” she laughs. Another downside is the people Alex meets who view dumpster diving with disgust, although she has discovered a solution that quickly changes their minds... “The best thing to do is to invite them along for dinner, feed them, then tell them it was all dumpstered. They will be shocked that the food was so fresh and varied,” she says. n Words: Louise Jaques xx x Dust off your instrument and have fun making music with the Leichhardt Wind Orchestra Orchestra open night The Leichhardt Wind Orchestra is inviting musicians of all ages to their Open Night on July 28th. The community ensemble, which performs regularly in Leichhardt and Balmain, rehearses every Monday and this will be an opportunity to join in and meet some fellow music lovers. “I heard about LWO from an old friend who I used to play music with and I’ve now been a member for two years. I enjoy the wide variety of music we play, from movie themes such as 'Stars Wars' to adaptations of well-known classical pieces,” says Committee President, Luisa Bustos. The Open Night will be held in the music room at Kegworth Public School (60 Tebbutt St, Leichhardt) from 7.30pm to 9.15pm – come along and bring your instrument! n For more information visit sometimes I drive over to Rose Bay or Newcastle on the weekends.” Oliver, Dulwich Hill. n “Well I just moved to the area so the only reason I leave at the moment is to see my parents two nights a week.” Louise, Dulwich Hill. n “Leave the Inner West? Why would I do that!? Petrol is too expensive to go too far...” Antoni, Durmmoyne. n “I leave to go fishing – Marrickville goes solar In an effort to reduce carbon emissions, as well as save on electricity costs, Marrickville Council has installed 80 new solar panels on the roof of its administration building in Petersham. These new panels, installed by Solgen following their work on similar projects with other councils, will produce an estimated 30,000-kilowatt hours every year and save 31 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually as a result. “That’s equivalent to taking about seven cars off the road,” says Mayor Jo Haylen. Or if you're thinking residentially, the panels produce enough n health & Fitness energy to completely power five average Australian homes for a year! “We want to lead by example,” said Mayor Haylen. “And with residents able to visit Council’s website and view the savings being made, they’ll feel more confident in investing solar power themselves.” The Council has seen prior success with solar power at Camperdown's Chrissie Cotter Gallery. After installing panels back in November 2012, coupled with new LED lighting, the gallery has reported a 45 per cent decrease in electricity consumption, a saving equal to approximately $600 on an annual basis. n For more information visit Soaking up the Marrickville sun...literally! Student from Camdenville Public School won the award xx x for Best School/Child Care Centre Garden last year Spring has sprung Marrickville Council is calling for entries to the annual Spring Garden Competition, which celebrates the best green spaces in the local area. All residents and businesses are invited to send in their entry across a number of categories, including Best Courtyard Garden, Best Native Garden and Best Edible Garden. n Entry forms can be submitted online at by August 29th. Winners will be announced in November. Ladies, it's time to lift weights Women tend to be afraid of weights. If this isn’t you, please give yourself a pat on the back. There are lots of reasons why weight training seems to repel women. Some of the most common reasons I hear are: “I don’t want to bulk up” and “I don’t know what I’m doing”. However, what most women don't realise is that lifting weights will give you the toned physique you desire. As women, we would have to work incredibly hard to bulk up from weights – it’s definitely 14 longer, meaning that you continue to burn calories as you go about your daily business. • Weights help build muscle and if you have more muscle (as opposed to fat) your body will use more calories as you move around. To give you an idea, a kilo of fat will burn 5-7 calories a day, where a kilo of muscle will burn 50-100 calories a day. As a bonus, muscle takes up less room than fat. • Lifting weights helps increase your bone density. This might not be something that you’re concerned about now, but it will be as you age. Lack of bone density can be linked to conditions such as osteoporosis. • It's so much fun! You don’t have to slog it out on the treadmill for 30 minutes counting down till it's over. With weights you can create a circuit and change the exercises every minute, and mix it up every session. The options are limitless. If this has sparked your interest, which I hope it has, I recommend getting a session with a personal trainer to set you up with a program and ensure your technique is correct to avoid injuries – then nothing can hold you back on your way to good health and fitness. n Words: Tanya Doherty, Beachfit and Wellbeing. possible but it would be incredibly difficult. This is because we have less testosterone then men, which helps them to build muscle faster. Here are a few reasons why you should set your fears aside and be empowered by weights: • Lifting weights helps boost your metabolism so you burn more calories than you would just by doing cardio. It also causes your metabolism to stay elevated for For more information call Tanya on 0431579542 or visit How much can you lift?


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