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Articles about learning in 4A during Mar and Apr 14

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The Gorseland Times Robins (4A) April 2014 Written by the children for the whole school community GORSELAND TIMES the best newspaper in the world! Thorpe Woodlands Special This issue of the Gorseland Times features learning which happened in the Robins class (4A) during March and April 2014. The highlight of this half term was the two day visit to Thorpe Woodlands and there are several articles about our two day adventure. We have also studied Ancient Greece, learnt how to program Lego models, studied factors and prepared for our class assembly after the Easter holiday. The children reviewed everything they could remember and then chose the learning they wanted to write about. After several revisions, the final article was ready to be published. We hope you enjoy reading them. Page 2 Diary of Thorpe Woodland Kid 4 Tremendous Thorpe Woodlands 6 Thorpe Woodlands 8 Dye Rye End Try 11 Wondrous Woody Woodlands 12 Wonderful Woodlands 14 Thorpe Coolands 15 Lego Spectacular 16 Wonderful Lego WeDo Page 18 Ancient Greeks 19 Greek Plate Artefacts 20 Glamorous Greek Pots 22 Fantastic Factor Bugs 23 Flash, Bang = Firework! 26 I’ve Got my Eye on You 28 Crucial Climb 29 Hokay you think we are too old to dribble 1


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The Gorseland Times Robins (4A) April 2014 2


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The Gorseland Times Robins (4A) April 2014 3


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The Gorseland Times Robins (4A) April 2014 Tremendous Thorpe Woodlands Year 4 went on a school trip. It was a trip to Thorpe Woodlands. The bus trip on the coach was awesome. We brought our luggage into the outdoor classroom. Then the training experts introduced us to the whole Thorpe Woodland centre. The first activity We did some activities which we enjoyed. We also did canoeing. We also did some night activities which were a scavenger hunt and a campfire. Then we quickly went to bed without any hesitation. I didn’t feel sleepy then but I never knew when I actually fell asleep. In the morning, we woke up and had some breakfast and then we had some free time. And we also had a game of manhunt. This is one of the games we played. Our last day at Thorpe Woodlands 4


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The Gorseland Times Robins (4A) April 2014 Then we did the remaining three activities which were caving, archery and rock climbing. Rock climbing was first best, caving was the second and archery was the third best. The other class came and it was our last hour at Thorpe Woodlands. After that, we had lunch with the other class. Then we had some free time. Going home On the coach we played with our teddies. Then we talked to our Friends on the bus. This fabulous journey was concluded with us waiting for our parents in the school hall. finally we saw our parents We ended up in the big hall seeing our parents. Finally we went home with our parents. GOODBYE THORPE WOODLANDS! Journalists: Bailey and Shubhankar. 5


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The Gorseland Times Robins (4A) April 2014 Thorpe Woodlands Creepy caving First we went into a storage shed and put on a caving suit and a helmet with a head torch on it. Next we walked over to the cave and unlocked the door. As we walked to the main chamber, we saw fossils and cave paintings. Some people were scared there might be spider, but we all r ] the person hiding, we hid with them and turned our lights off. ‘Drive me up the climbing wall’ The climbing wall was about 12 meters high. First we had to climb all the way around the wall without falling off, that was really fun. Then we chose a side they were the easy side and the hard side. After we all had a go we did the power fan it was right at the top it felt like being on helterskelter but an invisible one. 6


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The Gorseland Times Robins (4A) April 2014 Crazy canoeing We also did canoeing. Fist we put on our life jackets and helped get the canoes out. Next we practised canoeing. Then we played head shoulders knees and jump fruit salad. Flappy fire and happy hot chocolate We also had a camp fire at eight o’clock. We all collected wood. It was really fun. Because it was also fun because we didn’t have to listen to the instructors when we were collecting wood. Boring bed time and Breky breakfast After the first busy day it was time to go to bed. We all had to be asleep by nine o’clock. The beds were really comfy, cosy and warm. For breakfast we had toast or cereal If you want to see the website for yourself goes to by Joe and Danny 7


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The Gorseland Times Robins (4A) April 2014 In March class 4A went to Thorpe Woodlands. When we got back from the trip, on Monday 24th March we got given some horrible homework. It was writing a diary entry! We had to write NOT TYPE it. We had to write about a WHOLE 1 day! We are going to tell you our favourite parts in our own Dye Rye End Try, also known as Diary Entry. This is Sophie’s favourite part in her Dye Rye End Try, I’ve just arrived at Thorpe Woodlands as the coach pulled up my stomach did a backflip, I was nervous and excited! This is Sofia’s favourite part in her Dye Rye End Try, I was absolutely excited so much that I woke up at 05:22! 8


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The Gorseland Times Robins (4A) April 2014 This is Madhu’s Dye Rye End Try. We hope you like it. 9


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The Gorseland Times Robins (4A) April 2014 This is Evie’s Dye Rye End Try we hope you like it. We learnt a lot at Thorpe Woodlands. We had a lovely time, doing the activities and writing the diary entries and hope you go there one day, (If you have not been there.)  Sophie + Sofia  10


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The Gorseland Times Robins (4A) April 2014 WONDEROUS WOODY WOODLANDS  By Evie and Madhu  11


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The Gorseland Times Robins (4A) April 2014 On Wednesday 19th March 2014 class 4A “The Robins” went to Thorpe Woodlands as a school trip for two days. Canoeing . Caving 12


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The Gorseland Times Robins (4A) April 2014 Archery Climbing By Aimee and Zack 13


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The Gorseland Times Robins (4A) April 2014 Thorpe Coolands Day1 Arriving at school was so exciting. Everyone had to wait in the Big Hall. Once the register was confirmed and everyone was present, it was time to board the coach. The coach was huge and the journey took one and half hours before our destination was in sight. We met a lady named Miya. Miya showed us around Thorpe Woodlands we were instructed about the boundaries and warned us about bears being out of boundaries. . My group did some rope games activites the activites were desiged to improve our team work skills, it involved three members of the team holding one end of the rope whilst one of us walked the tight rope, we also had great fun playing on the Climbing wall. DAY 2:I woke up at 7.00 am I found that Ben was up too. Ben and I then went to the toilet and went back to bed. I could not get back to sleep because Sam was SNORING it was so annoying. At 7.30 am nearly everyone was up we had to fold our beds sheets and get ready for the big day ahead of us . At break- fast Joshua had a bowl of Frosties, some toast and I had just toast. After breakfast we played man hunt. I realy enjoyed that. Then we moved on to go and do canoeing with my group. I worked with Ben. Nick taught us how to do head, shoulders, knees and jump. That was so much fun and we all had good fun doing it. After canoeing we did caving and me, Josh and Sam went all the way through the cave. After caving we did archery and I got a bullseye Ben and Josh 14


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The Gorseland Times Robins (4A) April 2014 Lego spectacular Lego wedo is a new leaning challenge in primary schools and we have been very fortunate to have been able to work with it this term. This is how to look after the kit: Two people can use the kit at once. One person looks at the screen and tells them what pieces they need and the other person builds and gets the pieces that the other person tells them to get. The activities Dancing birds, Smart spinner, Drumming monkey, Hungry alligator, Roaring lion, Flying bird, Goal keeper, Goal keeper, Cheerful fans, Airplane rescue, Giant escape and sailboat storm. Lego wedo is great for ideas to create a model in the form of a person or an animal. It all comes as a kit, and with a cable to connect to the computer and by doing this it brings the model to life! This activity is a lot of fun for everyone so try it with your class mates today. Then we have to go to Lego wedo and go on activity’s then scroll down and there you go. By Madalyne and Chloe 15



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