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2 nd Quarter 2014 Global automotive brand ZEETEX opens its signature Café Zee in UAE Café Zee, ZEETEX’s signature café, opened its first outlet in the Middle East


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Global automotive brand ZEETEX opens its signature Café Zee in UAE Café Zee, ZEETEX’s signature café, opened its first outlet in the Middle East in May in conjunction with its distributor, Formula Tires. The café, designed by Italian designer Stefano Cavacelli, with the first having opened its doors in Naples, Italy, last year. For every café ZEETEX opens at its distributor’s premises, UAE-based ZAFCO, the company that operates the ZEETEX auto parts brand globally, sponsors the education of 100 needy children. Mr. Zafar Jafri, Senior Vice-President of Sales at ZAFCO, said: “With Café Zee, we have strived to create a relaxed atmosphere at ZEETEX dealerships so that getting your car serviced can be a pleasant experience as you enjoy complimentary coffee and snacks at our café. We plan to open two more Café Zee outlets in the Middle East by the end of this year and gradually expand the presence to all countries we operate in. For every café we open, we sponsor the education of 100 underprivileged children through the charity ‘Smile’ based in India.” According to Mr. Mostafa Tahiri, Managing Director of Formula Tyres, “We are excited to be part of the Café Zee project that helps to educate children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Also the café will be a value addition for our customers who can now sit back and enjoy the offerings at the café as our mechanics work on their vehicle.”


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Reifen Exhibition in Essen Germany ZAFCO unveiled the OTANI radial brand of TBR tires from Thailand at the Reifen Essen Show in Germany under the ‘Expero’ theme, which focuses on the expertise of the brand, as well as its rolling resistance and performance. The brand has 14 patterns with extensive range catering the needs of the European market. The show, the world’s largest tire exhibition, also saw ZEETEX proudly showcase its newly appointed drift driver Janis Eglite together with its new ZEETEX branded car, the BMW E46. ZAFCO also exhibited ZEETEX’s new range from Indonesia and surprised visitors to its pavilion with a Wellness Spa, where they were offered massages by professional masseuses. ZEETEX also featured the Café Zee Bar that served coffee and other beverages. The 2014 Reifen show featured as many as 670 exhibitors and around 20,000 visitors.


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DOUBLECOIN mints success at Moscow tire show The Tires and Rubber Show that was held in the Russian capital of Moscow from April 22-25, 2014, saw ZAFCO garner marked interest in the DOUBLECOIN off-the-road (OTR) and TBR tires. The show was a resounding success, given the massive orders for the DOUBLECOIN range that saw ZAFCO staff at the company’s exhibition stall work double-time.


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ZAFCO pulls out all the stops at Automechanika Dubai 2014 ZAFCO’s participation in Automechanika Dubai 2014 turned out to be a major success on all counts, with the company pulling out all the stops to offer visitors and experience they would never forget. As a result, ZAFCO saw massive interest from trade visitors to the Middle East’s largest trade and business network gathering of the automotive aftermarket. The event, which was held at the Dubai World Trade Centre from the 3rd to the 5th of June, saw ZAFCO showcase its four brands, namely ZEETEX, NITTO, OTANI and DOUBLECOIN. Trade visitors were upbeat about ZAFCO’s offerings, with several enquiries made and an equal number of business leads generated. In the ZEETEX section, the company debuted the new Indonesian range, which was mounted beautifully on the walls in orange rims. All other segments – the PCR, 4x4, LTR, TBR and Desert Tire ranges – were on display. To liven things up even further, ZAFCO distributed ZEETEX footballs while another unique initiative, Café Zee, catered to all visitors to the booth, serving coffee and other beverages, as well as snacks. The NITTO booth featured stylish and innovative pattern designs, with the mud grappler patterns generating much interest and creating massive footfall for the booth. Visitors to ZAFCO’s pavilion promising much, OTANI, the brand from Thailand, was not to be outdone, with its full range on display, including the TBR, OTR and industrial tires that elicited a lot of interest and queries from the Middle East and Africa regions. On the Double Coin section, ZAFCO displayed a total of eight patterns for different road conditions and focusing on the giant size of 26.5-25, including the LTR, TBR and OTR patterns.


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ZEETEX TBR range dazzles American market The all-new ZEETEX TBR truck tire range is set to take the American market by storm, if the reactions seen at the delivery of the first container on May 16 this year at the warehouse of Tire Wholesalers Inc. (TWI) in Sylmar, California, are anything to go by. With sales staff bubbling with excitement, the first load of the TBR range made a splash at 6am, wowing all those who came into contact with the tire for the first time. The sales department were duly impressed, including Mr. Rich Robinson, Vice-President of Sales, Mr. Gino Tagliaferri, Manager of Commercial Sales & Marketing, and Mr. Jeff Reynolds, Sales Manager for Sylmar, and their eagerness to get their allocations to introduce them to their respective markets clearly showed. As the tires were brought onto the sales floor for members of the sales team to familiarise with them, some pleaded for the new tires, hoping to put them on their trucks the very same day so that they could be able to drive around and showcase the new offering.


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ZAFCO rebrands two FORCEUM shops in Egypt ZAFCO branded two shops belonging to one of its FORCEUM customers in Egypt, placing big, neon light boxes complete with FORCEUM logos and patterns outside the shops to make the shops standout from the rest of the competition. The move raised brand awareness, with the customer reporting that interest in the FORCEUM brand had skyrocketed, thus boosting sales. ROADSTONE customer gets new Shop board In line with the company’s vision of staying well ahead of the competition, ZAFCO designed a shop board for ROADSTONE customer, Al Amman Tyres, in Hatta. The eye-catching board, designed to ensuring ZAFCO’s partners flow with it as it strides far ahead of the competition, has proved to be a hit with the customer’s target market, increasing foot-fall and business to the shop.


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75 ROADSTONE dealers get warranty certificates ZAFCO distributed ROADSTONE warranty certificates to all its major dealers across the UAE. There were 75 recipients of the warranty certificate. The warranty, which is valid for six years and covers the Middle East and Africa, covers all ROADSTONE tires proven to be defective, either by way of material or workmanship failures. Deira showroom rebranding to draw customers ZAFCO renovated its Deira Showroom to make it more vibrant and noticeable through the use of glass doors and an amazing interior with enhanced aesthetics. The redesign was initiated by Mr. Sultan Ali Abdul Karim, a partner of the ZAFCO board, as part of efforts to draw more foot-fall to the showroom.


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‘Safe Tire, Safe Family – Reducing CO2 Footprint’ a critical success The ZAFCO ‘Safe Tire, Safe Family – Reducing CO2 Footprint’ campaign, held on April 17, 2014, was a critical success, with fuel savings and a significant decline in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions observed as compared to the previous campaign. During the campaign, Technical Services personnel inspected cars belonging to 34 employees and 25 warehouse trucks to check for tire pressures and their impact on the environment. They noted major improvements in the conditions of the tires, resulting in CO2 emissions of just 10.23 kilograms as compared to 37.6 kilograms last time – proof that the ZAFCO family is conscious of its environment and actively fighting to protect it. ZAFCO switches off to save the world As part of its commitment to saving the planet, ZAFCO participated in the Earth Hour 2014 campaign on March 29 to prove to the world that it is possible to go for 60 minutes without power. The event, which fell on a Saturday and was observed worldwide, was held from 8.30pm to 9.30pm local time and saw individuals, households and businesses turn off non-essential lights for one hour to reduce their carbon footprint and demonstrate their resolve to push for sustainability in a world grappling with climate change. Residents and businesses in the UAE participated by switching off all their lights, in addition to unplugging all non-essential electrical appliances. Instead, residents were encouraged to have candlelit dinners during that time while those with children were encouraged to engage them in games or tell them stories. Others took to stargazing while a good number opted for a night walk.


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ZAFCO’s role in Can Collection campaign recognised ZAFCO was honored with a Certificate of Appreciation from the Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) for its noteworthy participation in the EEG’s Can Collection Campaign in the months of February and November last year. The award recognized the efforts of the entire ZAFCO team who have continuously supported the recycling initiative. During the campaign, ZAFCO collected 91 kilograms of aluminum cans and its recycling efforts prevented the dissipation of 1.37 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the environment and resulted in energy savings of 20.71 million BTU and the saving of 2.21 cubic meters of landfill space. ZAFCO For Actively Participating in the Can Collection Campaign 2013


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Employees prove that the environment comes first ZAFCO employees demonstrated an unwavering commitment to environmentally-friendly policies during the company’s Corporate Sustainability & Awareness week, which ran from May 11 to 15, 2014. The initiative saw 53 ZAFCO employees use carpools or the Metro to come to work while others planted 20 trees as part of a tree planting initiative. Plastic and foam cups were eliminated from the company’s pantry and 130 reusable water bottles were distributed to staffers. In addition, the company recycled printed paper and collected large amounts of clothes and footwear for donation to the needy. The event coincided with the International Give and Gain Day, which was celebrated on May 15. ZAFCO employees participated in this initiative by mentoring students at the the Manzil Centre, an institute for students with Special Needs, and they received certificates of appreciation for the efforts.


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ZAFCO staffer mentors students with special needs Mr. Muhammad Aslam, ZAFCO’s Administration Manager, represented the company during a mentoring exercise held to commemorate Give & Gain Day at the Manzil Centre, an institute for students with Special Needs, on May 15, 2014. The initiative was organised by the Dubai Chamber’s Centre for Responsible Business under its ENGAGE Dubai initiative. Other companies who took part in the initiative included Standard Chartered Bank, THE One, UAE Exchange, Al Futtaim Carillion, DP World, TNT Express, Nestle and Unilever.


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ZAFCO takes part in Dubai Chamber road safety campaign ZAFCO general manager Mr. Kenneth Arnold attended the launch of a Dubai Chamber road safety campaign titled ‘Be Responsible – Drive Safe’ at VOX Cinemas at Deira City Center in Dubai, where he represented ZAFCO and ZDEGREE. The launch was well attended by members of the Dubai Chamber Sustainability Network, of which ZAFCO is a member. As part of the campaign, ZAFCO and ZDEGREE will finalize the date when it will carry out vehicle inspection activities to ensure the road worthiness of tires. ZAFCO attends Dubai Chamber ‘Road to Sustainability’ campaign The Dubai Chamber of Commerce held a ‘Road to Sustainability’ program in April to raise awareness of corporate social responsibility objectives and initiatives and their importance amongst small to medium businesses (SMEs). The program, which was attended by ZAFCO’s administration manager Mr. Muhammad Aslam, focused on the four CSR pillars – the work place, the market place, the environment and the community – and laid emphasis on the need for companies to link CSR and sustainability to their strategic business goals. It also saw the sharing of tips on how to incorporate CSR into the organisation. Following this, ZAFCO held its Corporate Sustainability Awareness Week from May 11-15 at the company’s premises, where employees actively participated by using car pools or the Metro to come to work, while some planted trees and others donated clothes and shoes, in addition to a host of other initiatives. ZAFCO honoured by four institutions ZAFCO received certificates of appreciation from four different institutions for its outstanding work with all its communities from 2013 to 2014. The first certificate of appreciation was from the Dubai Health Authority in March 2014 and this was followed by certificates of appreciation from the Manzil Centre and from the UAE Red Crescent during the month of May this year. ZAFCO also got a certificate of appreciation from the Dubai Chamber of Commerce for its contributions last year.


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Mohamed Imthias, Wasid Tagala the ‘biggest losers’ in health campaign Mohamed Imthias and Wasid Tagala, from the Human Capital Management department and Sharjah Warehouse respectively, were the biggest losers in ZAFCO’s health initiative, which turned out to be an even bigger hit than previous initiatives. All employees who shed three kilograms or more received prizes for their valiant efforts at staying fit. Mohamed and Wasid both lost 5.5 kilograms in weight from the time they first stood on the scales on April 2, 2014. M.D. Shofiul from the Jebel Ali Warehouse lost 5 kilograms while Imran William from the Prisma Warehouse lost 4 kilograms. ZDEGREE staffer Antony d’Souza lost 3.7 kilograms while Human Capital Management staffer Muhammad Aqeel Anjum lost 3.2 kilograms. Wali Rehman Afridi, from ZDEGREE, and Alauddin Asmot Ullah, from the Jebel Ali Warehouse, both lost 3.1 kilograms while Ganesh Suthar, from Human Capital Management, and Nanthakumar Thillaiyampalam from the Jebel Ali Warehouse, both shed 3 kilograms in weight. ZAFCO’s Biggest Loser initiative saw the company’s employees shed a combined 97.1 kilograms of weight, an excellent measure by all standards.


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Series of workshops sharpen employees’ skills, business etiquette ZAFCO held a series of training workshops that ran from April to June to give employees hands-on training in the focus areas of the workshops. The first, April 14, was a training program on telephone and email etiquette and was conducted at ZAFCO’s premises. The training, by Paresh Singhee, saw 14 ZAFCO employees in attendance. It emphasized on theoretical Do’s and Don’ts to observe during telephone and email exchanges, as well as mock calls and graphics and videos to put certain points across. In the month of May, ZAFCO held three internal SAP workshops over a three-day period on Sales and Distribution, Materials Management and Finance and Consulting. The workshops were conducted by Danish Alam (May 13), Mohammad Fazullah (May 14) and Prem Kumar (May 15), respectively. May 28 also saw Paresh Singhee conduct a Managerial Excellence workshop with eight participants in attendance. This workshop sought to equip participants with basic supervisory and managerial skills. The following day, Paresh Singhee, attended an external training program on Talent Acquisition & Development held by IMT Academic City. The program focused on action learning and how organisations could put it to work in developing their human resources. On the first and second of June, Ernst & Young held an external training program for two ZAFCO employees on the implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), which are key to increasing the transparency and comparability of financial information, thus further enhancing the efficiency of international capital markets. June 2 also saw an Implementing Energy Efficiency within Business seminar held off-site by the Dubai Chamber, with ZAFCO Administration Manager Mr. Muhammad Aslam in attendance. Some key lessons for ZAFCO were on controlling cooling unit temperatures and the optimum usage of electricity and water.



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