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Don'ts can't help people to change

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120 ! Find Real Help People often misunderstand what God’s law was intended for. They often think that strict rules and regulations can help people to change. But this is not the case. ‘Don’ts’ Make People Sin More When people come under rules and regulations, it will make them miss the mark (sin) more than before (Romans 5:20). So commandments sound good. But the only problem is that commandments just don’t mix well with the Adamic human nature. What if I said to you, “Don’t think of a red elephant!”?


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11 But I’m Better than Others 121 “ Don’t Look” Imagine you are alone in a room with four doors. On only one of these doors is a sign that says, ‘DON’T THROUGH LOOK THE KEYHOLE! OFFENDERS WILL BE PROSECUTED!’ What would you try to do when nobody was looking? “ Don’t Litter !“ We used to live in Chiang Mai, Thailand in a small Soi (side-street) off Suthep Road, near the western main entrance to the Chiang Mai


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122 ! Find Real Help University. Near our house were a few acres of vacant land with lots of lovely tall teak trees and lush bamboo. ! We greatly enjoyed the clean jungle scenery. There was only one extremely dirty looking small area where people had littered tons of smelly household garbage and decaying plastic shopping bags. Interestingly, it was the only block of land that had a sign that said in bold letters, ‘DON’T LITTER!’ And the exact spot where the sign was located was the dirtiest spot of the whole area.! People Keep Laws because They Fear Punishment O f course, we know that people also do keep laws. But why? Not because they really want to, but because they are afraid that otherwise they will get punished. So, if the law enforcement is strong, people won’t break laws because they are afraid that they will get caught. But when the


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11 But I’m Better than Others law enforcement is lax, people won’t care much about laws. !F example, o r in 123 Thailand, you are supposed to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. But the law enforcement is weak. So many people carry a helmet around with them, and only when they see police checking helmets, then they quickly put it on. !It’s the same with zebra crossings. Cars normally don’t always stop at zebra crossings, even when the lights are red. That’s also because the law is not enforced in this regard.


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124 ! Find Real Help So the fact that a law exists—be it a traffic law or any other law—does not automatically guarantee that people will keep it. Only if the police punish people for not keeping the law, then people do keep laws. The Law Reveals that People Have a Sin Nature So law commandments (rules and regulations) stir people up to do exactly the opposite of what they are told not to do. In o t h e r w o r d s , People have an internal sin problem. commandments bring out the sin nature in people. The more people are put under law, the more they will find themselves missing the mark (sinning), and the more it will become obvious that they have an internal sin problem. ! ! But, as we’ve said, the law can only show people that there is something wrong with them. It can’t help them.


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11 But I’m Better than Others 125 Self-Righteousness Can’t Help! S o God hasn’t given the law so that people would try their best to keep it. He has given it so that self-righteous people who think that they are good people can understand how impossible it is for them to reach God’s standard. And once they have realized that, then they will be able to receive God. help from “ Stop Trying to Qualify Yourself!” So by giving the law, God says to man, “Stop trying to qualify yourself. Stop trying to ‘be good’ by yourself. All your efforts to be a ‘good person’ under the ‘works-


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126 ! Find Real Help wages’ system are completely futile. Look at my standards. You have no chance, whatsoever. Give up and let me show you what I have done to qualify you.” Let’s see now what God has done for us to help us in the next chapter. We will see that He has done something for us that we couldn’t have done ourselves. ! Summary God’s standard is perfection. People who think that they are better than others still fall short of God’s standard. When people are put under laws it will show that they have an internal sin problem.


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Help Find Real 2nd edition What God has already done for you through Jesus A Must-get, Must-read, Must-give-away ... ! Simplicity and straight to the point! ... [a] refreshing book that reveals the radical grace of the gospel ... ALBERT & PENINNAH OBERDORFER


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Albert Oberdorfer (Mag.phil.) is an Austrian-born teacher who currently teaches English at Chiang Mai University. Albert’s beloved wife, Associate Professor Peninnah Oberdorfer (M.D., Ph.D.) is a pediatrician and lecturer in pediatric infectious diseases at the same university. Self-help or religion is all about how well we are able to keep certain rules and regulations. But if we can’t, then we only have ourselves to blame and will feel guilt and condemnation. Jesus is not like that. The name ‘Jesus’ means savior. He said, “I came not to judge the world, but to save the world.” So Jesus didn’t come to condemn us. He came to help us. He said, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” This means that Jesus invites us to link up with Him, so that He can save us. He wants to be our friend who bears our burdens. He wants us to find peace and rest through Him. Come on a journey with us. Let us show you how you can find real help through Jesus Christ by linking up with Him.



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