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Safe House for Women with Learning Disabilities and their Children

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Oasis House A Place of Safety for Women with Learning Disabilities and their children


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Contents  - A Therapeutic environment Who we are What we do Ecological support Service principles A Homely environment Outcomes Eligibility 3 4 5 7 8 9 10 11        Additional Information  - Oasis House Statement of Purpose Oasis House Placement Costs Oasis House Resident Guide   2


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A 24/7 Safe, Supportive, and Therapeutic Environment We provide a supported safe haven service to women with learning difficulties, and their children. The service is designed to:  Respond to the needs of women and their children who have experienced or are at risk of abuse, including risk presented through intimate relationships, family members, and communities. Deliver multi-disciplinary support and Interventions to facilitate trauma recovery Prevent parent and child separation Support mothers during pregnancy Develop community access and resilience Enable positive support systems Increase individual and family safety Promote ordinary family life Improve the quality of parenting Enable the transfer of learnt skills and practice and ensure continuance of change through resettlement support          3


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Who We Are Oasis House is a place of safety operated by OneOneCoCo. OneOneCoCo specialise in assessment and support services for very young parents and/or parents with learning disabilities. Some of the families we work with have mental health support needs. The Oasis House team includes  -     Family support staff from a range of disciplines, including child care, social care, nursing, midwifery and health Clinical Psychologist Play Therapist Art therapist Speech and Language Therapist We work with women to:        - Deal with and begin to overcome past experiences Develop protective and safe strategies Improve the parent and child relationship Develop self-help skills and independence Implement resilience, and safety plans Strengthen family support networks Strengthen/embed family routine 4


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What we do The service provided is underpinned by person-centred thinking resulting in tailored delivery in responding to each family’s needs. Using positive behavioural and evidencebased approaches, We work to promote positive family life, safety and well being. The service operates 24 hours a day, all week. Activities include:  - Functional Assessment / independence skills development - Freedom (DV) programme - Baby massage — proven to improve parental / child interaction. Parent / child interaction guidance — a validated - feedback system to improve the quality of parental responsiveness and understanding of the child’s cues. - Parenting / Family routine to develop stability and reliability. - Child development awareness and stimulation - nurturing parent programme. And/or triple P - Health and Fitness classes/sessions - talk time - Art therapy / Play Therapy / Counselling Therapy - Making safe individual and family choices 5          


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Ecological support Our involvement with the women and their children, provides a safe environment for them to begin recovering from their experiences; supporting them through current difficulties and strengthening resilience, functioning, esteem, and capacity to enable longer term coping skills, strategies, and self-protection. In doing this, we consider the family as a whole, including the family system, community relationships, cultural elements, work, social and leisure aspects. An important element of our work is supporting the transference of strategies and practice in the parent’s home through resettlement— Identifying healthy and reliable relationships Establishing formal and informal support networks Facilitating access to a range of appropriate services, in the area where the family will live. Incorporating education, employment and housing within the family recovery plan. 7


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Service principles Bespoke & Person Centred Whole Family Support Chi ld Partnership Working Safe t Specialist MultiDisc. Support Team y Rec Well Being ove ry Accommodation Developme nt 8


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A homely environment Oasis House is ‘domestic’ in size. It is comfortable and homely. Each family has their own room and shares communal facilities Oasis House has a confidential address and is located in a quiet residential street. Staff are on-site during the day and sleep in the house at night. Oasis House is a place of safety; all visitors must be approved. 9


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Outcomes  - Establishing safety for vulnerable women and their children. - Development of safety awareness, independence and parenting skills. - Keeping children and parents together whilst they access support - Reducing disproportionate numbers of children whose mothers have learning difficulties being subject to care proceedings. - Improving individual and family outcomes - Improving quality of parent and child interaction. - Reducing the longer term levels of support required by each family through positive interventions.       10


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Eligibility Women with learning disabilities:  - with children—who have experienced (or are at risk of) abuse who are pregnant with a child assessed to be in need   with impaired functioning as a result of their well being. needing support with parenting skills, interaction and responsiveness. Please contact us to discuss cases involving :    - Unmanaged illicit drug or alcohol misuse Families where children are subject to care Proceedings Families where children have a child protection plan or are subject to section 47 enquiries. Women with a history of unmanaged anger. Women with recent suicide attempts.   -  11


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Contact: OneOneCoCo 46 Britannia Road Ilford IG1 2EQ Tel: 0203 291 1293 contact@OneOneCoCo.co.uk 12



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