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BST Detectable products - Protecting your food against plastic contamination since 1985

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PRODUCT CATALOGUE v3.0 Protecting Your Food Against Plastic Contamination Since 1985 PRODUCT ® v3.0 • EST 1985 • ETECTABLE S D


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Worldwide Distribution Network At BST we understand what it means to have a global reach. Our expanding worldwide network of distribution partners means that BST products are currently available in 82 countries. Working closely with our distribution partners means we can identify product improvements and develop engineering solutions, constantly evolving our product range and improving our service.


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About BST BST Detectable products reduce the risk of foreign body contamination in hygiene critical environments, such as food and drink, pharmaceutical or cosmetic manufacturing plants. Preventing foreign body contamination is at the frontline of food safety and detectable products manufactured by BST not only help towards this goal but also comply with international regulations and complement a company’s HACCP systems. is a small artisan baker, or a global distributor. We not only supply a standard range of stocked detectable products, but we can also utilise our extensive British manufacturing partnerships to develop bespoke engineering solutions to suit our customers applications and needs. Our manufacturing resources and product expertise combined with access to a range of food grade detectable plastics and rubbers means that we have the resources to see through the most intricate bespoke detectable product developments. BST are proud supporters of the Made In Britain campaign, with many BST products a result of strong partnerships with British manufacturers. In fact, 70% of the detectable products in this brochure are manufactured right here in Great Britain by British Manufacturers. With over 30 years experience in supplying the food industry, BST has grown into a global brand known for the quality of our products and the service we provide. BST launched our world famous DetectaPen® in 1994, and now supply over 1.8 million detectable pens per year, as well as supplying a wide range of other detectable products that reduce foreign body contamination risks to food processors across the globe. Our ethos at BST is to build quality into every aspect of the business, from design and manufacture to logistics and support. Our highly experienced team places customer needs at the top of their priorities, whether that customer As BST has grown and evolved, we have improved our environmental policy to match our global reputation. We now use recycled packaging for our distribution, have installed motion sensitive lighting in our modern warehouse facility, invested in eco friendly vehicles, and modified our production methods to be more energy efficient and lower our carbon footprint. If you’re looking for a supplier of detectable products that understands the importance of quality, safety, detectability, service and support then you need look no further than BST, the original pioneers and market leading supplier of metal detectable and x-ray visible products. BST are proud to work in partnership with BRC global standards. Our products are intended to reduce foreign body contamination risks and improve food safety - they can help you with your BRC compliance. Quotes from BRC version 8 are referenced throughout this brochure for your convenience.


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Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Stationery DetectaPen Range, DetectaMark Range, Metal Stationery, Stationery Accessories Food Preparation Catering Knives, Scissors & Shears, Jugs, Scoops, Scrapers, Bag Clips, Paddles, Stirrers, Funnels, Buckets, Boxes, Brushes Tools Shovels, Safety Knives, Cable Ties, Mallets, Stopwatch, Keyreel PPE Hairnets, Beard Nets, Mob Caps, Beard Snoods, Over-Sleeves, Over-Shoes, Aprons, Gloves, Earplugs, Hair Ties, Glasses Cord, PPE Dispensers, Glove Guards, Utility Guards First Aid Plasters, First Aid Kits Traceability Loop Tags, Loop Tag Dispensers, Tie ID Tags, Labels, Security Tags Test Pieces Acrylic Test Pieces, FDA Test Pieces, PTFE Test Pieces, Test Kits, Test Cards Engineering Suction Cups, Retaining Clips, Lubricants, LPS Trigger Bottle, Detectable Cloth, Extrusions, Silicone Sheeting, Neoprene, UHMW-Pe, Seals, Gaskets Antibacterial DetectaPens, Clipboard, Keyboard, Mouse 6-13 14-21 22-27 28-31 32-33 34-35 36-38 39-45 46 For more detailed information on our products and technical specification documents please visit the BST website at or call our sales team on +44(0)1302 775208. For prices on the products in this catalogue, please check your BST Pricelist, alternatively, you can visit the BST website. If you order through a BST distributor, please contact your local distributor for pricing information.


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Product Guide Abbreviations B Blue R Red G Green Y Yellow K Black W White OR Orange PN P S Q C HV FE Pink Purple Silver Grey Clear High Visibility Ferrous NF Non Ferrous S4 Stainless Steel 304 S6 Stainless Steel 316 S0 Stainless Steel 440 A Aluminium Symbols Metal Detectable X-Ray Visible Antibacterial FDA Approved EU Compliant Made In Britain Kosher Certified XDETECT® Our flagship detectable plastic compound XDETECT, has benefited from over 25 years of technological refinement, making it one of the most advanced detectable compounds available on the market today. XDETECT plastic contains a special formulation of additives that result in a unique set of properties, which strive to meet our objective of developing the world’s ultimate food safe plastic. Our formulation of XDETECT is the most detectable, strong, and colourful compound we have ever made. It is also our most extensively tested compound with food contact approvals including FDA approved ingredients & full migration testing against EU and Japanese standards. With added antibacterial technology, this plastic is the science behind our world famous DetectaPen Range. BST products made from XDETECT benefit from the following properties:  Electromagnetically Detectable XDETECT can be detected and rejected by industry standard in-line metal detection systems. It will even stick to a magnet, and has the same excellent material performance as regular polypropylene plastic.  X-Ray Visible Unlike many other detectable plastics, XDETECT contains an extra additive specifically designed for enhanced x-ray visibility. Customer feedback and independent testing has shown that our compound is highly visible in x-ray inspection applications.  Shatter Resistant The latest version of our compound is the toughest yet, designed not to shatter when exposed to harsh impacts, even in freezing conditions.  Silver Ion Antibacterial Protection As part of our ambition to achieve the ultimate in food safety, certain XDETECT products incorporate silver ion antibacterial technology. This technology is laboratory tested and proven to be effective against pathogenic germs and mould, including E Coli, MRSA and Salmonella. Antibacterial protection is built into our DetectaPen® range as standard.  Bright Colours for Visual Detection & Colour Co-ordination XDETECT is available in 9 bold and vibrant colours, making the plastic easy to spot as a foreign body with the added bonus of fitting into your production area colour co-ordination schemes.  FDA & EU Food Contact Approval XDETECT contains only FDA approved ingredients, and is fully compliant with the latest EU food contact regulations, including full migration testing against EU migration limits set out in regulation 10/2011.


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1 Stationery With pens and stationary items the most common products in use in manufacturing area’s, BST have a large range of products suitable for use in all environments. Our products are designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. The BST DetectaPen has a long standing reputation as being the premier choice of factory writing equipment. Engineer Brian S Teasdale first invented the plastic detectable pen in 1994 and we’ve spent the last 25 years improving every aspect, resulting in what we believe to be the world’s safest pen for use in food processing areas. CONFORMS TO BRC ISSUE 8 FOOD SAFETY BRC Issue 8 Clause “Pens used in open product areas shall be controlled to minimise the risk of physical contamination (e.g. designed without small parts and detectable by foreign-body detection equipment).” BRC Issue 8 Clause “Staples, paper clips and drawing pins shall not be used in open product areas.” BRC Issue 8 Clause “A documented assessment in association with the HACCP study shall be carried out on each production process to identify the potential use of equipment to detect or remove foreign body contamination”


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Stationery ~ BST DetectaPen® Range PABvreaiPnsileaptinbonlkege CONFORMS TO BRC ISSUE 8 FOOD SAFETY J800 Retractable DetectaPen® J800 With Clip: ST1J800D* J800 No Clip ST1J810DB* Body Colour: B,R,G,Y,W,K,OR,PN,P Ink Colour: B,K,R,G Pack Size: 25 Clipless option available in blue body only. Metal detectable and x-ray visible Constructed from shatterproof plastic Gel Retractable DetectaPen® Gel With Clip: ST1J850D* Gel No Clip: ST1J860DB* Body Colour: B,R,G,Y,W,K,OR,PN,P Ink Colour: B,K,R Pack Size: 25 Clipless option available in blue body only. Solid one-piece, colour co-ordinated insert to indicate ink colour Retractable mechanism and contain no small parts or springs P950 Retractable DetectaPen® P950 With Clip: ST1P950D* P950 No Clip: ST1P960DB* Body Colour: B,R,G,Y,W,K,OR,PN,P Ink Colour: B,K Pack Size: 25 Clipless option available in blue body only. P950 pens feature white insert as standard. FDA & EU food contact approved With or without clip are both lanyard compatible Detect, Reject, Protect! 7


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Stationery ~ BST DetectaPen® Range CONFORMS TO BRC ISSUE 8 FOOD SAFETY 8 Detect, Reject, Protect! Solid one-piece detectable pen Eco DetectaPen® Brass With Clip: ST1E210D* Brass No Clip: ST1E220D* Nickel With Clip: ST1E2100D* Nickel No Clip: ST1E2200D* Body Colour: B,R,G,Y,W,K,OR,PN,P Ink Colour: B,K,R*,G* (*brass only) Pack Size: 50 Clipless option available in blue & red body only. Unique hexagonal design to minimise the risk of the pen rolling L550 Fineliner DetectaPen® L550 With Clip: L550 No Clip: Body Colour: Ink Colour: Pack Size: ST1L550D* ST1L560D* Blue B,K 10 Lanyard compatible F700 Felt Tip DetectaPen® F700 With Clip: F700 No Clip: Body Colour: Ink Colour: Pack Size: ST1F700D* ST1F710D* Blue B,K 10


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Stationery ~ BST DetectaMark® Range AFDlisrnoyeAWTviaippilaeble PAFelisrnomeAaTvniapielanbtle CONFORMS TO BRC ISSUE 8 FOOD SAFETY Detecta-Wipe Dry Wipe Product Code: ST1D2000MB* Body Colour: Blue Ink Colour B,K,R,G Pack Size: 10 Packs of assorted colours also available Detecta-Mark Permanent Product Code: ST1M1000MB* Body Colour: Blue Ink Colour B,K,R,G Pack Size: 10 Packs of assorted colours also available Detecta-Lite Highlighter Product Code: ST1H3000MB* Body Colour: Blue Ink Colour B,Y,OR,PN,G Pack Size: 10 Packs of assorted colours also available Detecta-Mark UV Product Code: ST1UV4000MBU Body Colour: Blue Ink Colour UV Pack Size: 10 Packs of assorted colours also available Detecta-Mark Meat Product Code: ST1M1000MBM Body Colour: Blue Ink Colour Red Pack Size: 10 Packs of assorted colours also available New Retractable DetectaMark® Range  Metal Detectable  X-Ray Visible  Shatter Resistant dienpFttaeeercartsnttuaarbel sle  FDA Approved  EU Compliant  Lanyard Compatible  Clipless - no detachable parts  Made In Britain  Features Sureflow Ink  Unique to BST Retractable Detecta-Wipe-R Product Code: ST1D2000RDB* Body Colour: Blue Ink Colour B,K,R,G Pack Size: 10 Lanyard sold separately Retractable Detecta-Mark-R Product Code: ST1M1000RDB* Body Colour: Blue Ink Colour B,K,R,G Pack Size: 10 Lanyard sold separately Retractable Detecta-Lite-R Product Code: ST1H3000RDB* Body Colour: Blue Ink Colour B,Y,OR,PN,G Pack Size: 10 Lanyard sold separately Detect, Reject, Protect! 9


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Stationery ~ Metal Range BST Ring Binders AL A4 Binder 2 Rings: ST6RB412ALM* SS A4 Binder 2 Rings: ST6RB412SSMS AL A4 Binder 4 Rings: ST6RB414ALM* SS A4 Binder 4 Rings: ST6RB414SSMS Pack Size: 1 *B,R,G,Y and silver available in aluminium BST Lever Arch Files AL A4 Lever Arch: SS A4 Lever Arch: Pack Size: ST6LAFA4ALMS ST6LAFA4SSMS 1 BST Clipboards A4 Portrait: ST6CA4SSMS A3 Portrait: ST6CA3P1SSMS A3 Landscape 1 clip: ST6CA31SSMS A3 Landscape 2 clips: ST6CA32SSMS Pack Size: 1 304 Stainless Steel board with 430 clips BST Click Retractable Pen Product Code: Ink Colour: Pack Size: ST1RP610MSK Black 10 BST Twist Retractable Pen Product Code: Ink Colour: Pack Size: ST1TP810MSK Black 10 Metal Bodied Pen & Pencil Metal Pen With Clip: Metal Pen No Clip: Ink Colour Pen Pack Size: Metal Pencil Pencil Pack Size: ST2T410MS* ST2T420MS* B,K 50 ST1MP510MS 10 Jumbo Pallet Marker Product Code: Body Colour: Ink Colour: Pack Size: ST1M6000MSK Silver Black 10 Stainless Steel Rulers 6” Ruler: 12” Ruler: 24” Ruler: 36” Ruler: Pack Size: TE1SR150MS TE1SR300MS TE1SR600MS TE1SR900MS 1 BST Clips BST Board Clip: BST Two Sided Clip: BST Board Clip: Pack Size: ST6C1SSMS ST6C2SSMS ST6H1SSMS 1 10 Detect, Reject, Protect!


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Stationery ~ Accessories BST Pocket DetectaCalc® Product Code: ST1CAPKDB Colour: Blue Dimensions: 120 x 70 x 8mm Pack Size: 1 Includes Stainless Steel Lanyard BST Desktop DetectaCalc® Product Code: Body Colour: Dimensions: Pack Size: ST1CADKDB Blue 123 x 175 x 32mm 1 BST DetectaBoard® Product Code: ST1CB2A4DB Colour: Blue Dimensions: 230 x 55 x 355mm Pack Size: 1 Includes Stainless Steel Clip BST Stapleless Stapler Product Code: Body Colour: Dimensions: Pack Size: ST3SP52DB Blue 45 x 40mm Oval 1 BST Touchscreen Stylus Product Code: ST1E240DBB Body Colour: Blue Ink Colour: Non Pack Size: 10 Clipless option available ~ STE250DBB BST DetectaPen® Ergo Grip Small Eco Ergo Grip: Large J800 Ergo Grip: Colour: Pack Size: ST165440MB ST188440MB Blue 1 BST Whiteboard Eraser Product Code: Colour: Dimensions: Pack Size: ST1WBEDB Blue / Black 150 x 55 x 38mm 1 BST Marker Pen Holder Product Code: ST1MPHDB Colour: Blue Dimensions: 150 x 22 x 120mm Pack Size: 1 Supplied with two pre-drilled fixing holes Detect, Reject, Protect! 11


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Stationery ~ Accessories BST Silicone Lanyards With Safety Hole: Without Safety Hole: Size: Pack Size: PR1SL1HMB PR1SL1MB 1m x 12mm x 1mm 1 Stainless Steel Lanyards Stainless Steel Lanyard: ST1BC23MS Size: Ø 2.3mm x 1m Pack Size: 1 BST Badge Holder Product Code: Body Colour: Dimensions: Pack Size: TE1BMS8654MB1 Blue 100 x 68mm 10 Heavy Duty Badge Clip Product Code: Body Colour: Dimensions: Pack Size: ST1CLIPN Silver / Clear 83 x 12mm 10 Silicone Mouse Mat Product Code: Colour: Dimensions: Pack Size: PR1SS030MATEMB Blue 250 x 200 x 3mm 1 Metal Bodied Stopwatch Product Code: Size: Colour: Pack Size: ST3ST232MS Ø 56mm Silver 1 DKIDNOYWOU? Are you using the safest detectable pen for the job? BST DetectaPens® are moulded from the unique XDETECT® plastic, which is an advanced polypropylene based compound, optimised for metal and x-ray detection in the food and pharmaceutical industry. Our retractable DetectaPens® feature no metal springs or small parts and are FDA and EU approved. The P950 DetectaPen® features a fully pressurised cartridge, making them suitable for cold, damp and greasy food production areas. It can also write upside down! The J800 DetectaPen® features an unpressurised cartridge and is more suited for ambient temperatures. Detectable Self Adhesive Tape 50m x 50mm: 50m x 25mm: Colour: Pack Size: PR6DAT50M* PR6DAT25M* B,R,Y 1 12 Detect, Reject, Protect!


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BST Bespoke Printing Service The BST DetectaPen® can be colour pad printed with your company name, logo, and details for promotional purposes. We can print on the upper and lower barrel of our DetectaPen® range and in up to three colours in one position! We also have the capability to mould your company name on the side of your BST DetectaPen®, subject to minimum order quantities. BST also have the capability to print specific information for your company on to our loop tags. Our in-house printing service means we can offer bespoke layouts, QR codes, barcodes, sequential numbers, etc. With no minimum order quantity and no design charges. As well as our standard heat and tear resistant paper tags, we can also print on to our detectable white labels and detectable tapes, available in blue, red and yellow. Detect, Reject, Protect! 13


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2 Food Preparation BST Professional knives are made in Sheffield, England and feature fully hardened and tempered stainless steel (420H) blades. The XDETECT polypropylene co-polymer handles are metal detectable, x-ray visible, food grade and available in nine colours. Both the blade and the handle can withstand rigorous sterilising and dishwasher use, and do not represent the potential health hazards that are frequently associated with other knives. If you can’t find the knife you need, please call our office to discuss your requirements and we may be able to develop a bespoke solution for you.


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Food Preparation ~ Catering Knives AlsHoCaAonvlOoadtuillhaerebesrled Mini Parer Knives 3” Parer Plain: 3” Parer Serrated: 4” Parer Plain: 4” Parer Serrated: Handle Colour*: Pack Size: KN44500D* KN64500D* KN44507D* KN64507D* B*,R,G,Y,W,K,OR,PN,P *1 Blue / 10 Colours Vegetable Produce Knives 6” Plain: 6” Scalloped: Handle Colour*: Pack Size: KN44106D* KN24106D* B*,R,G,Y,W,K,OR,PN,P *1 Blue / 10 Colours Flexible Filleting Knives 5” Narrow Plain: 6” Narrow Plain: 6.5” Broad Plain: Handle Colour*: Pack Size: KN47519D* KN47520D* KN47522D* B*,R,G,Y,W,K,OR,PN,P *1 Blue / 10 Colours Boning Knives 5” Curved Plain: 6” Curved Plain: 5” Narrow Plain: 6” Narrow Plain: 5” Standard Plain: 6” Standard Plain: 7” Standard Plain: Handle Colour*: Pack Size: KN47515D* KN47516D* KN47507D* KN47521D* KN47509D* KN47510D* KN47511D* B*,R,G,Y,W,K,OR,PN,P *1 Blue / 10 Colours Cooks Knives 7” Light Cooks Plain: KN47647D* 8” Light Cooks Plain: KN47648D* 6” Cooks Plain: KN47656D* 7.5” Cooks Plain: KN47657D* 8.5” Cooks Plain: KN47658D* 10” Cooks Plain: KN47650D* 12” Cooks Plain: KN47652D* 8” Broad Cooks Plain: KN47618D* 10” Broad Cooks Plain: KN47610D* Handle Colour*: B*,R,G,Y,W,K,OR,PN,P Pack Size: *1 Blue / 10 Colours Scimitar Knives 8” Narrow Plain: 10” Narrow Plain: 12” Narrow Plain: 6” Plain: 7” Plain: 8” Plain: 9” Plain: 10” Plain 11 Plain” 12” Plain Handle Colour*: Pack Size: KN47628D* KN47620D* KN47622D* KN47606D* KN47607D* KN47608D* KN47609D* KN47600D* KN47601D* KN47602D* B*,R,G,Y,W,K,OR,PN,P *1 Blue / 10 Colours Skinning / Siding Knives 6” Plain: 7” Plain: Handle Colour*: Pack Size: KN47500D* KN47501D* B*,R,G,Y,W,K,OR,PN,P *1 Blue / 10 Colours Blade & Edge Options BST stock a variety of knives with various blade and edge options, from standard, curved, pointed, narrow and straight blades and plain, serrated and scalloped edges. Blue handled knives are sold individually, all other colours are subject to a minimum order of ten. Detect, Reject, Protect! 15



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