How to Start Your Own Promotional Product and Apparel Decorating Business


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PromoSlam has a mission to develop real solutions for individuals and families looking for a fulfilling home-business in the fast growing promotional product and decorating industries.

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How to Start Your Own Promotional Product & Apparel Decorating Business Tap Into This Lucrative $20 Billion Market, Be Your Own Boss and Own the Family Business You've Always Wanted! "This May be the Most Dynamic Business Opportunity I've Ever Seen..." Welcome to the exciting world of the Promotional Products and Decorating Industry, a $20 Billion annual market that continues to grow by leaps and bounds. PromoSlam puts you right in the heart of it! "A Simple and Proven Business Model" Welcome to the fun and profitable custom apparel printing and promotional products business, one of the fastest growing and profitable business models to enter today. It is inexpensive to get started and is highly profitable. And, best of all, it’s easy, fun and a very creative industry! Over the years, promotional products and custom screen printing have been one of the steadiest, recession proof and successful business types around. Just think about it for a minute and look around you. Screen printed t-shirts and logo products are everywhere! Look just in your local area. Screen printing and silk screen printing is done for youth sports teams and tournaments, club functions, fund raisers, family reunions, fun runs, all sorts of celebrations and events. In today’s economy, the smaller run orders are even more common and the people who are ordering custom printed goods are more inclined to look for a local source… YOU! Call: (855) 777-7013 | -1| Email:


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Who is Your Market and Where Will You Get Your Orders? In Other Words, Who Do You Know? The initial question everyone asks is, "Where do I get my customers?" That is also their initial fear. So often we hear this trepidation from our customers before they get started. Just think about it though. Everywhere you look, there are promotional products and apparel carrying a message. From the golf course to the office, from the church to the school, everyone is buying and using promotional products to promote their marketing message. The promotional product market is highly in demand and is extremely lucrative and profitable. Just take a look at who buys these products and ask yourself who you know that works, or is involved with any one of these businesses or groups. It really is a question as simple as: "Who do you know?" Who Buys These Products? ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Sports Teams - are your children already involved? Schools - are you involved in PTA or other school functions? Churches – are you involved with your church? Event Planners Family Events (weddings, reunions, birthdays, etc.) Small Businesses - all need promotional items, pens, etc. Non-Profit Organizations Restaurants & Bars – t-shirts, golf tournaments, etc. Real Estate Agents Title Companies Banks Doctors & Dentist Offices - give out promo products all the time. Car Dealerships - these can be huge buyers of promo products! Boat Dealers - same as cars. Automotive & Racing Clubs Fund Raising Events (Fun runs and walks, Festivals, etc.) Political Groups And Many More! Just think about who you know! Once you give it some thought, consider the people you know and the sports, promotional and event needs in your local community. You’ll probably find, like most of our customers, you have orders to print and deliver before you even invest in the equipment to fulfill them! Call: (855) 777-7013 | -2- | Email:


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Top Ten Advantages of a Promotional Product Businesses Over Other Businesses Advantage 10: Promotional products have been used for over 100 years. The demand for these products & services continues to increase. Advantage 9: Consumers use the products every day and many are repurchased frequently. Advantage 8: The promotional products industry is a huge $20 billion dollar per year industry. Advantage 7: Operating a promotional products business can be done part time from home. Advantage 6: The startup costs for a promotional products business is much lower than starting other businesses. Advantage 5: FUN, FUN, FUN!!! Where else do you get a chance to bring so much of your own personality into the business and make money doing it? Advantage 4: A promotional products business can be customized & focused in any industry niche, business segment or category the owner desires. Advantage 3: A promotional products business is not limited by geographical boundaries. Advantage 2: Business owners can design & decorate client products onsite at events, etc. Advantage 1: What other industry provides you with over 800,000 different & customizable products to sell to your customers? Endless Possibilities With PromoSlam Call: (855) 777-7013 | -3- | Email:


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"PromoSlam Puts the FUN Factor into Your Business" There is nothing worse than slaving away 9-5, day in and day out at a job you absolutely hate. Where's the fulfillment in that? PromoSlam offers you a lucrative and profitable escape from job or career drudgery with your own exciting and creative business. PromoSlam’s clients continually report how much fun they have running a promotional products business. Here are “The Fun Factors” we find most common in their responses: Creativity They have the chance to use their imagination and creativity to help their clients accomplish their goals and objectives. Whether it is designing something or selecting the perfect product, creativity comes into play. With well over 800,000 different products to choose from, they love the adventure of finding a new and fun product for their customers. Plus, many of the products are just fun to play with! Diversity They love working with so many different kinds of people, businesses, industries and products. No two orders and projects are the same. They also love the fact that their job description is diversified. They spend a little time selling, printing, designing and managing the business. Getting to do something different each day is a great pleasure. Lifestyle They love the fact that they have the ability to work as much, or as little as they like. They enjoy having the flexibility to scale their business as large as they want. They appreciate having no restrictions to potential earnings. One new customer said, “Having more control over my income is a lot of fun.” They love taking a vacation whenever they wish and they love the lifestyle they have created! Meaningful They love designing products for weddings, anniversaries, religious celebrations, family events, and other special occasions. They love doing things to help people commemorate a special day or event in their lives. In this way, they feel more connected to their neighbors and their community. Call: (855) 777-7013 | -4- | Email:


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When You Invest With PromoSlam You Get Full Support and Training No more worries about education or qualifications. We make it simple with our complete training and support system. Our printing systems, marketing systems and our support help simplify the process by providing you with easy to use equipment coupled with a dynamic marketing program topped off with hands on factory training. Your training takes place at PromoSlam's headquarters and manufacturing facility in Idaho Falls, situated in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Not only will you learn the techniques, skills and tricks of the trade as well as industry best practices from our experienced instructors; you will also share the experience with business owners like yourself from around the country. It’s a fun, educational event that fosters ideas and plans for the future while building lasting relationships. Hands-On Training Sessions Include: • • • • • • • • • • • • • Industry Opportunity & Overview Technology Review Computer Graphics Equipment Setup Screen or Plate Preparation Exposing Art Work Printing Techniques Clean-up Procedures Systems, Supplies & Applications Product Sourcing Marketing Finished Products Industry Best Practices And More... We provide hands-on training in how to use our equipment and we offer the programs you need on how to start a successful printing company on either a full time or part time basis. Call: (855) 777-7013 | -5- | Email:


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Earn Extra or Full Time Income with Our Promotional Products Business Startup When you are your own boss, you get to control the direction of your company and you are directly rewarded for all of your hard work. If you look around you, you can't help but see tons of promotional products with company logos and other graphics. Where do you think those products came from? When you start your own promotional products business, YOU will be able to supply those products and have the opportunity to earn extra income! With PromoSlam's proven business model, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to get into a fast growing profitable industry with low start-up costs. You will be able to quickly turn a profit from your business. A profitable business translates into more income for you. Isn't it time for you to explore what starting a promotional product business can do for you? Call: (855) 777-7013 | -6- | Email:


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Start Putting Profits In Your Pockets With Your Own Screen Printing, Promotional Products and Apparel Decorating Business As the leading supplier of screen printing and silk screening equipment, pad printing equipment and heat sublimation equipment, we have the full range of screen printing products and services you need to be successful. PromoSlam is recognized as the leader in the industry for product training, support and getting you up and profitable as quickly as possible - and with our equipment, you will be leading the charge. Take a look at the high quality equipment we provide our clients - all with a Lifetime Warranty: The 550 Series Sublimation/Heat Transfer Printing The 550 Series heat transfer system is a safer, sturdier, lighter-weight alternative to a standard swing away press. It is effortless to use, and offers you protection from the heating element. Save space and increase your production speed! The 770 Series Screen Printing System The 770 Series™ all-inclusive screen printing system is available as a 4-color/4-station, or 6-color/4-station unit. Whether just starting out, or expanding your business to include screen printing, we have a 770 Series™ that is just right for you. Pad Printing and Pad Printing Machine Solutions The 990 Series pad-printing system is the only transfer pad printing system that can print images on curved, textured, or flat items and even converts to a 360° screen printer in under 5 minutes! Two profitable technologies in one modular base frame! Infrared and Convection Dryer Solutions No matter how quickly you screen print, your products still need drying time. Our dryers get the job done... fast! Call: (855) 777-7013 | -7- | Email:


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Put the Power of PromoSlam to Work for You With World Class Equipment, Support and Marketing Strategies! Count The Ways PromoSlam Benefits You:  Complete Turnkey Systems include everything you need to shorten your learning curve and get you started in the fun and profitable promotional product and apparel decorating business. Support for a lifetime! Not only do you receive hands on training at our factory headquarters, you’ll have lifetime toll free and online technical and graphics support. Because our systems are so compact and efficient, you can operate your new business from home or add to your existing business without taking up a lot of space. Business Set up: Think this is complicated? Not with PromoSlam guiding you each step of the way. We know what it takes to get your business set up for success. Just follow our example! Website Set up: So you’re not a “techie” huh? We got you covered. PromoSlam has a turnkey system for getting your website up and running for you in no time. You pick a domain name and company logo, and we take care of the rest, delivering you a professional and marketable internet presence you can show off with pride. Equipment Set up: Worried about doing something wrong? Don’t be. Our award winning, professional grade equipment is user friendly and we are happy to guide you through each step of the set up. Product Pricing: Not sure what to charge your customers? Call us. We know the industry and the rules of supply and demand. PromoSlam will help you gain an edge over your competition. Customer Support: Do you get tongue tied around customers? Don’t feel bad. It is pretty common! Our expert staff will coach and train you on how to introduce your company and what to say. Then watch as those customers come rolling in. Product Support: Need help finding a product for a customer? Let PromoSlam help you navigate the 800,000 product choices we provide you, so you can be the hero for your clients. Technical Support: Have a question about day to day operations? No problem. PromoSlam will help with any technical assistance you might need. Remember “there are no stupid questions”. Supplier Support: Not sure how to deal with suppliers? PromoSlam will teach you what to say and how to work with them to insure a smooth and professional relationship for years to come. You get a great return on investment. With our affordable systems and the great margins you get when selling your finished products, it’s one of the lowest overhead, highest profit businesses available. You’re buying direct from the manufacturer. Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty, in stock and ready to ship to you!             Call: (855) 777-7013 | -8- | Email:


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 Not only do you get world class equipment, you’ll have a trusted partner. We’ve been providing the best start-up solutions for over two decades and we take great care and pride in your success. Ready to Take the Next Step and Learn More About The PromoSlam Opportunity? Ready to learn more? Choose one or more of the following to discover more about the Promoslam Opportunity and what it could mean for you and your family. Attend a Live Webinar: We give live webinars on a weekly basis. Sign up and attend an event. Learn about the PromoSlam opportunity, see equipment demonstrations and get your questions answered. Sign up for one of our webinars: Click to Register for Webinar Watch a Presentation: This quick presentation will introduce you to the PromoSlam opportunity as seen through the eyes of our existing clients. See and hear what PromoSlam can do for your family. Watch our Presentation Questions? Get in Touch With Us Anytime! Toll Free: (855) 777-7013 Fax: (208) 522-3525 Email: Website: Call: (855) 777-7013 | -9- | Email:



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