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Avaali offers consulting, implementation and support services for Enterprise Information Management (EIM) and Sap data assesment to help organizations realize the full value of their digital assets including their structured and unstructured content

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Welcome to Avaali Purpose About Avaali Service Offerings Our Promise


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Purpose Avaali enables enterprises engage better with their internal and external stakeholders by enabling them to manage and leverage the power of information across its lifecycle


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Why does it matter STRATEGIC High SOP management Product / material specifications Adherence to policies Compliance & Legal Risk Meeting Industry specific regulatory and compliance requirements, e-discovery Digital Transformation Creation and execution of completely new business models - Focus on Quality Critical stakeholder impact - Customer experience - - Shared services - Efficiencies across sales, marketing, procurement, production etc. Global offices with unique policies Information Silos Brand / Marketing asset Management Compelling & consistent customer engagement Online marketing, campaign management, social presence - Relatively low Performance Improvement - Digitization - Database performance improvement through archiving - Workflows and automation - Single source of content Role based access to various versions of that content Content security TACTICAL Relatively low Complexities and Risks High


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About Avaali Who we are •Founded in 2012; started operations in January 2013 •Private Limited company under Indian MCA •Headquartered in Bangalore with presence in Mumbai What we do •Advisory services in the area of enterprise information management •Support in creation of information strategy •Connect strategy to execution •Implementation and support of best of breed technology solutions in the area of information management Differentiator •Strong understanding of EIM and best practices across business functions •Specialized skill pool – with several years of global experience in implementation and advisory services •High focus on accountability and delivering business outcomes for customers Values •Accountability •Integrity •Love for Success


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Our offerings in EIM Maximize Revenues Information Governance & Compliance SaaS/ PaaS Private Cloud On Premise Mobile enabled EIM High returns from information assets EIM best practices for enterprise business processes Procurement, Financie, HR, Customer, Production & Operations, Legal CONTENT PLATFORM Collaboration Social Content Analytics Workflows WCM/Portal Customer Communication Capture Document Management Records Management Search Archiving Productivity & Efficiency improvements


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Avaali – Service offerings EIM Service Offerings BFSI Healthcare/ Pharma Retail Mfg. / Auto Media / Publishing Logistics Telecom Real Estate PSU ADVISORY SERVICES  Production Excellence  Procurement & Operations Excellence  Customer excellence  Human Resource Excellence  Financial Excellence  Information Technology Excellence TECHNOLOGY IMPLEMENTATION  Solution Blueprint/ Design  Installation  Configuration  Custom Development  Testing  Deployment SUPPORT SERVICES  Application Support  Application Maintenance  Upgrade Services  Change Requests


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EIM Advisory Services Discovery    Business Workshops Identify information silos, paper heavy business processes & bottlenecks Identifying document types, number of documents, creation points, deletion points, access points Understand physical records requirements Identifying documents classifications and metadata & design ECM repositories Identify Search requirements Assessment Report    Key findings from analysis EIM recommendations for enterprise-wise content, processes & collaboration Best practices for data and document management, phases for implementation & on-going organization-wide EIM approach/policy Functional designs for content management, process flow optimizations and collaboration mechanisms Solution recommendations – best of breed solution, components and EIM architecture Workshop   Present the report to IT and other key identified stakeholders Outline next steps for implementing EIM in your organization Identify areas for further analysis and discussions with business teams The assessment report will form the basis of an EIM blueprint & strategy for your organization   Identify retention, records management and disposition rules Identify customer touch points and opportunities for enhancing customer experience Design to-be process flows & automation steps Identify rich media files and design ingestion & distribution methodologies Identify collaboration needs and design social communities & networks Solution architecture and functional designs           


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SAP Data Assessment Requirements gathering Shortlist technical archive objects Shortlist functional archive objects Key findings from analysis Assessment Report Collect database information and statistics Housekeeping recommendations Present the report to IT and other key identified stakeholders Outline next steps for implementing data management in your organization Identify areas for further analysis and discussions with business teams The assessment report will form the basis of a SAP data management blueprint for your organization Requirements Top tables by size & growth Table-object relationships Collect Table analysis outputs Shortlist housekeeping activities Shortlist document relocation opportunities Data spread analysis Compute approximate space savings Best practices for data management, residence & retention policies and business access to archived data Solution recommendations – proposed solution components and architecture Workshop Analysis Database size and growth stats Recommended archive objects to be implemented


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Implementation Methodology Project Initiation  Team Introductions Project Overview Clearly Identify Client and Avaali Responsibilities System Environment study Blueprint (Requirements Analysis & Design) Develop • Install Solution Components Test • Carry out System Integration tests Deploy  Cutover to PROD Sanity checks Post Go-Live activities, if any Post Go-Live support Handover documentation for Operations • Conduct workshops with business    • • • Requirements Gathering as-is processes Map to-be processes and solution capabilities Gap analysis • • • • • • • Configure std. OOTB functionalities Develop and configure custom extensions Carry out Unit tests Prepare Transport list for QA Prepare Configuration/build document Obtain Signoffs for all configurations and developments Prepare test scripts •  Test end to end process & functionality including standard & custom modules Prepare test documentation with test scripts    •  Avaali team to be provided with System Access & Authorizations • • • • Identify solution extensions Define solution components and architecture Create functional designs & Solution Blueprint for implementation Obtain sign off from all stakeholders • Conduct UAT and support business teams during test activities Obtain UAT Sign-offs from business teams End User Training • •


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Our Promise  We always deliver our commitment on time as a result of our deep understanding of EIM  We deliver high quality engagements as a result of our highly experienced skill pool  We ensure personal attention of senior management team to each project regardless of its size


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