Sponsor a Motorbike for a Missionary


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How you can reach thousands of ost souls by providing a motorbike for a missionary in India, Pakistan, or kenya

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INDEPENDENT CHURCH IN INDIA You can help pastors and missionaries in three different countries to reach uncountable lost souls... INDIA: SPONSOR A MOTORBIKE You can sponsor a moped for a missionary or a pastor in India.This will allow them to reach many more remote villages each week with the good news of Jesus Christ. These mopeds are also great on gas mileage and have been very useful for the missionaries currently using them in India. Each moped costs only $800. Pastor Samuel from India. [ ] I want to sponsor a moped for $800 for a missionary in India. [ ] I want to help to provide gas for one missionary’s moped in India for one whole year for $200. Missionary Solomon from the state of Karnataka shared how God has used the motorbike he received from ICII in March of 2011. “There was a village of high-caste people that I had felt a burden to reach for many years. But at this village the people were very opposed to the Gospel message and they did not want to listen; rather, they threatened me. One night, while traveling home from a village, I saw a man lying on the road who had been badly beaten by thieves. I managed to take him on my motorcycle to the hospital. I noticed that it was one of the men who had opposed me while I was preaching in this same village. The doctor managed to save his life. The doctor told him that he was brought to the hospital at the right time or he may have died. I shared the Gospel with the man and he received the Lord Jesus into his heart. He went back to his village and told the other people what I had done for him. After this, the man invited me back into his village and he gathered the people together to hear me share the salvation plan of Jesus Christ. Since then, many people in this high-caste village have received Jesus as their Savior, and they are having prayer meetings and are now coming to my church”. PAKISTAN: SPONSOR A MOTORBIKE Pastor Asif from Pakistan. ICII is partnering with a ministry called ‘New Life Ministry’ in the nation of Pakistan to help them who are in severe persecution to have the means of preaching the Gospel and reaching out to the desperate and needy. Preaching the Gospel can be life-threatening for a missionary in Pakistan. You can provide a motor bike to help a Pakistani pastor or missionary to reach more villages with the Gospel and have more safety from the dangerous persecution they face each day for Christ’s sake. This ministry in Pakistan is in desperate need for transportation. [ ] I want to sponsor a motor bike for $800 for a missionary in Pakistan. [ ] I want to help to provide gas for one missionary’s motorbike in Pakistan for one whole year for $200. KENYA: SPONSOR A MOTORBIKE ICII is partnering with a ministry called ‘Freedom and Truth Ministries’ in the nation of Kenya to help them to preach the Gospel in remote areas and to reach out to those who are in desperate need. [ ] I want to sponsor a motorcycle for $1250 for a missionary in Kenya. (In Kenya the cost is higher because this is a real motorcycle that will be able to handle the rough and muddy dirt roads in the remote areas of Kenya). [ ] I want to provide a gift towards a motorbike in Kenya for the amount of $________. If you would like to give a gift towards any of the above please fill out this paper and kindly mail with your check or money order. Pastor Calvince from Kenya.



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