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Amazing Testimonies from the fields of India

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Native Missionary: Joseph Native Missionary: Iruthayasamy One of Pastor Joseph’s Bible Studies. Joseph’s Ministry Field Testimonies: “In one village called Kuppam, there was a man named Raju who was born with his left hand and leg paralyzed. Even in the midst of this infirmity, he worked for his family, breaking stone. But he began to get a mental disorder and so he left his home, his wife, his children and his parents. For more than two years he was gone. I came to that village and I met with his family. I told them, ‘If you believe, Jesus can bring him back.’ After three days, at seven o’clock in the evening, somebody brought Raju back to his house! His family called for me and for three days we fasted and prayed for him to be healed of his mental sickness. God totally healed him. Now he and his family are coming to church!” “In one village where I was preaching, a father brought his 14 year old son. Because of some kind of fever, both this boy’s legs were very small. Every time when the fever comes, his whole body will swell. His stomach will also swell. If he eats or drinks anything, right away he will vomit. So they admitted him in the hospital. The doctor said there was a blood disease and they could not heal him unless. they would exchange all the blood in his body. Even everyone in the village was talking about this boy and that he won’t live anymore. So the father brought the boy home without any hope. I shared the Gospel to his father. I told him to believe Matthew 8:17 and I prayed for him. After 4 days the father called me. He said, ‘My son opened his eyes. All the swelling went down. Now he is eating!’ So he brought his whole family and his relatives so that I could share the Gospel to all of them. Now I have a Bible study in that village.” Iruthayasamy doing children’s ministry. Iruthayasamy’s Ministry Field Testimonies: "One day we visited a village called Kottampatti. In this village everyone is Hindu, no one knows about Jesus, and they worship idols. When I was distributing tracts, one man came and asked what I was doing. I explained that I was sharing Jesus and he said, 'We don’t know if that is a foreign god. We don’t need it, so you can go to some other village.' But I kept praying and the Lord opened the door for me to preach in this village. I just moved away from him and said, 'OK, I am going.' My ministry partner and I moved to an area where a group of women were sitting and talking. We sat with them and began to tell them about Jesus. These women didn’t even know Jesus’ name. Many of them were preparing for the holy journey (Hindu yearly pilgrimage). One woman said if Jesus heals my daughter from a tumor right away, we will all believe in Jesus. My co-worker and I started to pray for her. She had a tumor on her neck and after we prayed there wasn’t anything on her neck. It was gone! All the women cried and caused a big crowd to gather, and said, 'These men are saying that Jesus is the true God.' The person who scolded me also came said, 'I told you not to be in this village', but the other people told him that we were teaching about the true God. The people said to him, 'Don’t tell them not to come'. Now I have a Bible study in that village."


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Native Missionary: Vendez Native Missionary: Susila Susila praying for youth at a remote village. Vendez doing children’s ministry. Vendez Ministry Field Testimonies ”At Vivekanantha Puram Village, a girl named Suriya was suffering from kidney failure. Her parents took her to some of the biggest hospitals for treatment and spent a lot of money without a cure. She was seriously ill and struggled for her life. I prayed in tears with the family, asking our wonderful God to give Suriya a miracle. Her health improved and she came to church, worshiping and praising God. Suriya is now in good health, prays, and thanks Jesus. We shared the Gospel with her and she now believes in Christ Jesus as her Lord and Savior and was baptized.” “A woman was affected by spiritual problems. She would lay down on the ground and smear dirt on her body. She cried out with various noises, biting her tongue, and her eyes were swollen. Her parents took her for many treatments with witchcraft and to Hindu priests, without a cure. I met with her parents and urged them to allow us to pray for her. Then she cried out in a loud voice. A short time later, she stood up and was healed. Our God healed her, and she now believes in Jesus and comes to our church!” Susila’s Ministry Field Testimonies In the village of Neerathan there is a women name Devi who was paralyzed for more than 12 years. She went to many places for healing, but the doctors all said there was no hope for her to walk again. Over and over the people would tell her that the gods were punishing her. They told her she was cursed. For many years, Devi cried out to her gods, sacrificing goats and doing all of the Hindu rituals. She was hopeless. Within one week of going to her village and praying for her, she was healed. I was able to share the Gospel with her and in her village. All of the people on her street have received Jesus and her whole family is coming to church. Another woman named Sivagami had a tumor in her neck for 5 years. The doctors told her that she needed to have an operation, but she is a very poor woman and could not afford the medical care they were advising. I came to visit her in her home. I shared the Gospel with her and prayed for healing in her body. Immediately the very visible tumor in her neck vanished. Now she and her family are following Jesus. Because of her testimony many people are coming to church.


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Native Missionary: John Wesley Native Missionary: Francis John Wesley praying at a Bible study. John Wesley’s Ministry Field Testimonies “Me, my wife, and another believer went to preach in a hill station village called Kadamalaikundu. We met many families in that village and told them about Jesus. There were no Christians, and most of them were gypsies. Some of the people worshipped Hindu idols and saints, and they never allowed other religions in their village. When we came, it was the first time they ever heard about Jesus. There was one youth listening who seemed very interested in what we were saying. He went into his house. But five minutes later we heard a whistling sound. Within minutes, all the villagers were around us. They were getting ready to beat us for saying that Jesus is the only living God. One of the men who heard us talking about Jesus said, ‘run away from this place, otherwise they will kill you tonight.’ But we couldn’t run because the path was full of rocks, thorns, and sand. Then the head elder of the community attacked me with a cricket bat. I fell down and my wife shouted for God to help us. We began to pray. Finally we were able to get out of that place. I still have pain in my head from that injury but I give Glory to God because many of those people are accepting Jesus as their one and only God!” A leprosy colony that Francis is ministering. Francis Ministry Field Testimonies "One day I went to the village to minister. Many people were standing openly hearing the gospel. More than 75 people were standing before us in the middle of the meeting. I heard someone shouting and crying, saying, “This man is committing suicide. Come and help us.” So everyone ran to the house. We saw this man try to hang himself on a rope. So we rescued him, and sat with him. We started to share how much Jesus has a plan for him, but he said, 'I don’t want to live in this world, because of my debts.' Also, his wife was doubting him, thinking that he was having a wrong relationship. So I sat with him, and shared Jesus with him. He received Jesus. So I called my friend to find the job for him. The next day I took him to my friend, who gave him a job. Now he is coming to the church." "One day when I went to the ministry, more than 30 people received Jesus. After that, one man asked me to pray for a woman that was affected with epilepsy from her birth. She had gone through all the natural medicines, and all different cures, but she didn’t get healed. So in this hopeless time we went there, prayed for her, and told her to believe Jesus for healing. After we prayed that day, she was totally healed! She is coming to the church now. The man also received Jesus and is coming to the church. Praise God!"



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