Promised Land Children's Home Annual Newsletter - 2014


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Annual Update in ICII's Promised Land home for poor children that have parents with leprosy.

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Volume 4 May 2014 INDEPENDENT CHURCH IN INDIA ANNUAL PROMISED LAND CHILDREN’S HOME UPDATE Independent Church in India PO Box 238 Fredericksburg, PA 17026 • • • (717) 865865-7885 New Play Ground at the Promised Land! ~ Editor: Kristen Smith Writers: Kristen Smith & Kathy A. Smith The children are so excited about the new playground that has been built for them! Lowell and Kathy Smith and Pastor Britto standing with the children who live at the Promised Land. **Birthday Celebrations at the Promised Land!** Thank you so much for your love and support in the Promised Land Children’s Home! You have helped to make an incredible difference in the lives of children who were once rejected to now have a new life in Jesus Christ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 Promised Land Child Helen Mary excelling as a nursing student~ See More Inside ~>


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PROMISED LAND CHILDREN’S HOME 2014 ANNUAL NEWSLETTER Thanks so much to all the sponsors who sent an extra gift last year so that the children could have such a Each child living at the Promised Land Children’s wonderful Christmas! All of the kids Home received new clothes and lots of gifts for at the Promised Land Home really Christmas! In the photos on the next two pages, the enjoyed their Christmas celebration children are wearing the clothing and holding one again this year. They all really liked of the gifts they received this past Christmas. ICII and appreciated all the gifts they reand the children want to say thank you to their ceived. They know how much their sponsors for giving them a wonderful Christmas! sponsors love them for providing these gifts! The children are always so excited to share with their sponsors how thankful they are for their gifts each year! Each child at the Promised Land was also blessed to give this past Christmas. They each donated one of their gifts to poor orphan children in Pakistan. The children in Pakistan received clothing and were so grateful by this act of compassion. To save postage each year, we will be putting photos of the orphanage children with his or her gifts on our website We will try to have all their photos posted sometime in January Kokila Ramya 2015! Don’t forget to check for your child’s photo! Christmas Day 2013 ~THE GIRL’S PAGE~ Kowsayla Priya Vijee Vimala Anitha Mary Rajee Kowselya 2


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PROMISED LAND CHILDREN’S HOME 2014 ANNUAL NEWSLETTER CHRISTMAS DAY 2013: THE BOY’S PAGE Karthick Naveen Kumar Elil raj Arivalahan Satheeskumar Ajith Ananthan Kumar Ram Kumar Prakashraj Dinesh Ramu M. Sathees Kumar Kowtham Susairaj For more photos of the Promised Land’s Christmas 2013 see our blog on our website: 3


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Promised Land Children’s Home 2014 ANNUAL NEWSLETTER Vigee The children are so incredibly grateful for the playground that was built for them last year. They send a big “thank you” to their generous sponsors for the wonderful gift! ~~~~ Ananthan Kumar and Ajith Thanks to all the fantastic sponsors who were able to throw their child a birthday party this year and this past year! Children enjoying some candy! ~~~~ 4


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Promised Land Children’s Home 2014 ANNUAL NEWSLETTER Testimonies of How God is Using the Promised Land Children Promised Land Children Reach Out to Those with Leprosy Helen Mary and her sister came from a very poor leprosy colony and were both in danger of being sold into prostitution. ICII missionaries learned about their situation and rescued them from a life that would have completely ruined their childhood and lives forever. After first living at ICII’s Promised Land Children’s Home for a few years, Helen Mary grew in her love for Jesus and had a desire to go to nursing school so she could help people with leprosy. Through the love of ICII sponsors, Helen Mary had the chance to go to nursing school and is about to complete her first year of studies. She is now living at ICII’s other orphanage called ‘Home of Compassion’ while attending nursing school since the school is in the same area. The Lord is using Helen Mary in amazing ways to touch many hurting lives for Christ. At least twice a month Helen Mary and one of the other children from HOC as her assistant will treat the wounds of those with leprosy at ICII’s church service. This service is just for those with leprosy. Helen Mary shared; “I want to help the people with leprosy and the poor people. The nursing school I am really enjoying. I go to the government hospital and I will be giving shots for polio in different villages to the children. I am doing well in my studies”. When Helen Mary treats these leprosy victims wounds, she does it in complete love and gentleness. She is setting a wonderful example of how much Jesus loves and cares for them. Through your sponsorship, this is a perfect example of a life that was saved from child slavery into one that is glorifying Jesus! Helen Mary Helen Mary treating a badly infected foot Ramya learning useful computer skills The Girls and boys at the Promised Land are saying… “My Hindu school teacher sometimes asks me to pray during school. One day, the teacher asked me to pray for rain. So on the way home from school I prayed that it would rain and that same day it rained. When I got to school the next day the teacher said to me “ Your God is the true God because he answered your prayer!” ~ Eli Raj “When I grow up, I want to be a pastor and go into the ministry so that I can share the Gospel with many people.” ~ Ajith “I want to do ministry, and serve God among people with leprosy.” ~ Rajalakshmi “Whatever I prayed God has answered my prayers. Jesus is always hearing my prayers and people here are giving me love and comfort here”. ~ Satheeskumar “I used to fight with other kids in my colony, but now Jesus has given me peace and I no longer want to fight with others. I like to get along with everyone.” ~ Kokila The children have such an overflowing love for one another! How truly amazing are the testimonies and passions of these gifted girls and boys of the Promised Land Home. They are a light to all those around them and a compassionate example of love to their families and all those they are near. It is so very clear that God has extraordinary plans for each one of these children, of which you are so greatly a part of! On behalf of these wonderful children, we say THANK YOU!~ 5


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Promised Land Children’s Home 2014 ANNUAL NEWSLETTER Healing the Hurting~~ How you can get more involved! When you sponsor a child or the orphanage, you get to make the difference in the lives of children who had no future. You are following Jesus’ example in loving the little children. Have you shared how the Lord has used your sponsorship to heal the broken hearted and transformed lives in India in the love of Jesus? Would you consider sponsoring another area of ministry, and help to change more lives? Or do you know anyone else who may be interested in sponsorship? Let them know about Independent Church in India’s sponsorship programs and the joyful blessings you have received by helping. We have sponsorships to sponsor one of the orphanages, a leprosy colony, or a native missionary. The girls standing with Kathy Smith. Each sponsor will receive a Independent Church in India’s Sponsorship Programs: 1). Sponsor the Orphanage - Sponsor one of ICII’s homes for children. This will help to cover extra expenses of the home. For a gift of any amount per month you can be a part of all the children’s lives that live at one of the orphanages. 2). Sponsor a Missionary - You can send a native missionary in India to tell others about Jesus, to have Bible studies with new believers, and to start churches. Your $30 a month support will help to provide for their physical needs and will enable them to have Gospel supplies such as tracts, Bibles, transportation, and other ministry tools. 3). Sponsor a Leprosy Colony - For a gift of any amount will provide a poor and needy leprosy colony with their greatest needs: food, medical needs, clothing, sandals, personal needs, and more! photo and testimony of their sponsored person. Each sponsor may send letters, photos, or small gifts to their child, or leprosy colony. You will also have the opportunity to buy your sponsored person gifts to help them even more. Give a gift that will change lives for all eternity... Please kindly cut out this box and send with check or money order. [ ] I want to sponsor an orphanage for $_____ (write amount) per month. [ ] I want to sponsor a native missionary for $30 per month. [ ] I want to sponsor a leprosy colony for $_____ (write amount) per month. [ ] I would like to give a one time gift to help provide the needs of Independent Church in India of the amount of $________. NAME______________________________________________________ ADDRESS __________________________________________________ CITY________________________ STATE________ ZIP______________ E-MAIL_______________________PHONE ( ) __________________ All gifts are taxdeductible Please make checks or money orders out to “Independent Church in India” or ”ICII” Please send gifts to: Independent Church in India, PO Box 238, Fredericksburg, Pa. 17026 Any questions? Please call or visit our Website - E-mail – Phone (717) 865-7885 6



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