New Life Leprosy Colony - Annula Newsletter 2013


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Gives an update on ICII's outreach to the New Life Leprosy Colony

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Volume 5 Nov 2013 Independent Church In India ANNUAL UPDATE NEW LIFE LEPROSY COLONY Changed lives through Christ’s Love! Writer and editor: Kristen Smith


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NEW LIFE LEPROSY COLONY 2013 ANNUAL NEWSLETTER 2 Family photo of New Life Leprosy Colony members together with Lowell & Kathy Smith! It has now been over five years since Independent Church in India has been providing general monthly needs in the New Life Leprosy Colony. ICII and the New Life colony wants to thank all of their sponsors for making such a big difference in their lives! Through your kindness and generous support, Independent Church in India (ICII) continues to take fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, rice, eggs, beans, flour, oil, and other essential foods to New Life Leprosy Colony each month. The residents very much enjoy and appreciate the treat of delicious sweet fruit, along with each of the sustaining and nourishing foods they receive!


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NEW LIFE LEPROSY COLONY 2013 ANNUAL NEWSLETTER 3 Thank you for Providing Necessary Needs at New Life Colony! Supplying Clothing for New Life Residents Through your help, each member receives a new shirt or saree each year. Providing Medical Needs for Hurting Wounds... Since the Tamil Nadu Indian government has discontinued providing medicine or bandages for residents of government leprosy colonies like New Life Colony, ICII helps to provide medicines and bandages for their sore and hurting wounds. Blood-drinking bugs killed by exterminator! Insect Extermination Early this year, an insect exterminator was hired to kill all of the biting, blood-drinking bugs in each of the residents living quarters. For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in: naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me. Matthew 25:35-36 A man’s wounds being cared for. Hearing the Word of God!! Woman & child grateful for the new clothing they received for their family!


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NEW LIFE LEPROSY COLONY 2012 ANNUAL NEWSLETTER 4 Testimonies from New Life Leprosy Colony Many residents of New Life gave amazing testimonies of how the Lord Jesus Christ is touching their lives; A man named Periyasamy shared this New Life Leprosy Colony “Last month I got very sick; everyday I thought that I was going to die. But I was praying to God “You have to heal me and help me”; and God heard my prayers. At the right time God brought a woman of God to help me with the right medicine. Even the doctors were amazed about my life because they said, “It’s God’s miracle that though you were at the tip of death He gave you life again” Thank God for the help that He raised me up again! So now I am praying for many people to get healed through Jesus; and everyday I am praying for mom and dad (Lowell & Kathy) and also the people supporting us. We love you.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Another man, Perummal, shared this amazing testimony “Last year, I lost my eyesight and was praying for months and months for God to heal me. When I went to a doctor for an eye check, the doctor said he could not help me because one of my eye nerves was cut off. The doctor said, “That’s all, you cannot get your eye sight back anymore”. But I kept praying to Lord Jesus, “Lord I trust in you, You have to heal me”. The Lord has healed me, and I can see better now than before. Now I want to preach the Gospel and to go to ICII’s Leprosy Bible School. I want to preach the gospel to many others with leprosy!” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The New Life members shared these stories “One man, Mani, living in this colony had epilepsy for many years and would scratch and wound himself. But we prayed for him and held our prayer and worship at his house for many years. Now God totally healed him.” “One woman named Amutha was very sick and the doctors said that she is going to die in her bed. She didn’t eat much and could only talk a little. When the doctor visited her that day she was crying and saying, “ I am going to die”. But he said, “If it is God’s Will you will die and go to heaven; but now I am going to pray for you, and surely you will be healed in the morning. So then you should worship the Lord!” The next morning when he came to her room to check on her, she was singing and worshipping the Lord.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Another woman, Pappama (Woman with outstretched arms on cover) shared that last year she lost her only son. She felt so hopeless and was crying, but Kathy Smith prayed for her, hugged her, and showed Jesus love to her. This year she shared excitingly: “I am so happy because I found that Jesus cares for me, and I feel His love. Now I feel so joyful and energetic, like I drank two portions of a vitamin tonic!” She shares: “Thank you for bringing us hope; Jesus is like a son to me now, He is enough. You passed over many mountains to see us and make us feel special to God and to you.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Independent Church in India and the residents of New Life Leprosy Colony want to sincerely thank each one of you for your love and kindness in sponsoring their colony, or for having helped them in any way! Both your prayers and support have made, and continue to make a world of difference to each person living there. And the most beautiful thing of all: their hearts and lives have been forever transformed by the love of Jesus Christ. Truly, each of these people appreciate your help beyond what words could tell. We pray that you will continue to make a difference in the lives of the wonderful, adoring people who live at New Life Colony in upcoming years. As many leprosy colonies in India, New Life Colony has many needs, but we would like to keep meeting as many of them as possible so we can continue to make a difference. Once again, New Life Leprosy Colony thanks you from each members whole heart! Family at New Life Colony waving “hello!”



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