The Witch Toad Strikes


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Grade 5 Project

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By Jared K and Daniel


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Chapter 1 the friendship begins One day Dabble Duck was running with his best friend Snappy the Snapping Turtle and then Snappy and Dabble tripped on a root and screamed " ahh!" and fell on the front step of Matt the Mongoose's house. Matt opened the door and was very puzzled. Matt's cousin Brian the Banded armadillo came and said "Who are these random people?" Mama came over and shouted " Well than Let them in! They look hurt and lost so we should help them". New mama came over and said, "Stop inviting random people over every day", in a naughty way.


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Chapter 2 The Trap As time when on mama brought everyone to the beach to pick seashells and Matt said, "Look, it's the evil Witch Toad!" "Wahahahaha you are going down" the witch toad said deviously. "Kaboom!" The witch fired her confetti cannon that turns animals into her evil army that destroys the animal ecosystem in Africa. Everyone ducked except mama. The confetti hit mama and she turned to a evil robot witch toad and Mama started to fire at Matt but, Matt ran away with everyone and was safe. After the witch got mama as one of her army guards Mama got her own magic ball to control the ecosystem.


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Chapter 3 Let's save Mama! At the house Mama broke into the house and started spanking Matt. The gang ran away but a net came down and the gang was trapped. They wanted to run away, but remembered that Brian has sharp teeth so they whispered to Brian and said, "Bite the net off to get us free!" So Brian bit the net off and said "run!" Mama turned and said to the witch toad "Get them!" The gang ran as fast as they could out of the trap and were free! After they were free Dabble duck said "wait a minute, we forgot Mama! We should get her" "let's do this thing" New Mama said.


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Chapter 4 The FFL The gang ran back into the witch toads layer (the trap) and mama got her confetti blaster out and the Witch Toad said "fire!" Mama fired and Dabble Duck quickly pulled out a mirror and the confetti reflected of the mirror and hit mama and she became herself again and then Mama fired at the Witch Toad and the Witch Toad turned into the best quarterback in FFL ( Frog football league) history. At her game against the Madagascar Lucky Toads. It the last play of the game, it was 2,789 to 2,782 and with 4 seconds left the Witch Toad (AKA Wanda) said "hut hut hike!" She threw the hail tadpole and it was caught by Tommy the Tadpole and it was a frogdown! After they scored the 2 point tadpole they won! "I'm glad she's a good toadback" Mama said. The lived happily ever after.


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The End



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