The Revenge of Mama Mongoose


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Grade 5 Project

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By : Bradley and Zachary


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Hi, I'm Dabble Duck, and I've gone through quite a lot. Here you want me to tell you the story of what happened, okay!


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Once apon a time, I was just doing my usual thing when mama came outside calling me in for lunch, then all of a sudden there was a loud rumbling sound and boom, the entire hut fell down on mama. As fast as I could I ran to the rubble and looked for mama. There was no sign of her, and the it was getting to heavy for me, there was no way she could breathe under there for that long. I couldn't believe it, my mother was gone!


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At that instant I realized what a naughty kid I was to her. I got in trouble a lot at school, didn't listen and even didn't bring in my assignments. She should have given me a spanking for what I did! That night I slept on the grass of what used to be my front lawn. The next morning I ran to the police station as fast as so I could to tell them something had destroyed my house and Mama had died in the process. I went right to sheriff snapping turtle, he said "there's a new widow that just moved into town and I bet she'd be happy to take care of you. She is very lonely and need some companionship! I'll give her a call. As he called the widow I caught a glimpse of what she looked like a big red sparkly ball with hand legs and a face, she almost looked like a magic ball! I couldn't believe my new mama was a giant red ball!


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The widow was happy to take me in when I came over to her house. She offered me some coco.I said I was good. When I asked what I should call her she said "mongoose, like the one that got kicked out of town". It had only been 2 minutes and this woman already creeping me out! That night I was in my bed and I heard a creaking. I snuck out of bed to see what it was. I went in to mommy mongoose's room only to find a big red ball custume on the floor. I looked in the bed and saw mongoose! I ran out of the house to the beach, and on the beach I saw a run-away collecting sea shells. I walked over to the girl and asked "are you a run away?" She turned and right away I jumped, it was an old toad, witch toad! I ran away as fast as I could, to the police station! The sherrif was surprised to hear mongoose was back! He called in banded armadillo!


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Since I had ran away so quickly, banded armadillo had a really easy time arresting mongoose because she was still sleeping. When the hut crashed I thought I saw something fuzzy, it must have been mongoose! After mongoose was put in jail I was adopted by snapping turtle and went back to school and because of mamas death making me feel so bad about my grades I worked much harder on my assignments and became a strait A student, and we lived happily ever after!


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