The Brave Mongoose


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Grade 5 Project

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The Brave Mongoose By Tiara and Jessica


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A long time ago,in London England, Mongooses roamed freely, and had festivals for their royal family, a very valuable family.


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That day was the snake festival, when they ate the snakes to stop overpopulat ion. Mongooses would season the snakes in the finest spices, that tastes as good as apples!


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But on that day, the snakes wanted revenge, and while the Queen Mama Mongoose, was enjoying a spicy snake alone, the evil snake king, who wanted his species to overpopulate and rule the world, kidnapped the Mama Queen!


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Guards went crazy and they shut down the festival. Everyone was panicking and looking for the Queen!


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When all of a sudden, the snake Prince Bob, tried to kidnap Princess Mary Mongoose, the strongest and most clever mongoose of her generation. She quickly escaped, and realized the snakes took her mother! After she made the huge announcement, everybody was either riding boats, or directing ships toward snake island.


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But the Princess took a different route when she heard a loud yelp from a mile away. After investigation, she found Princess banded armadillo. "The witch toads took my mother!" The princess weeped. " I think our mamas might have been taken to the same place" the Mongoose suggested. Knowing the witch toads had an alliance with the snakes, they went off to Mount Witch Toad.


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On there way to the top of the mountain, there slay broke. It was a snowy mountain, so they trudged through it slowly. " what was that" asked Mary, after she heard a loud snapping noise. "It sounds like my old friend, Dabbie Duck", the frightened Armadillo answered. In the distance, Mary barely made out, a snapping spanking Dabbie Duck with a sea shell!


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I thought I was your new mama! Wanting to save the duck, they slowly crept behind a tree to get a closer look. "Help!" The duck screeched. Quickly, Mary took out her magical pixy dust, and poof! The snapping turtle was gone! "Thank you" Dabbie Duck giggled. And she waddled away


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As they hiked up the mountain, they found the dungeon where both Queens were being kept! But it was guarded by two snakes! They slowly crept in, but they had no idea how to get rid of the guards!


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"Over there"! Mary whispered. She was pointing at two poles. Banded Armadillo grabbed them and counted to three." One, Two, Three!!!!!" And with a smack in the head both guards were down! They grabbed the key, opened the dungeon, and they went back to Buckingham Palace with both Queens. Everybody chirped with joy, and they started an annual celebration! The end!


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