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Composite Materials Machining

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with ISCAR’s State-of-the-Art technology CFRP machining w w w . i s c a r. c o m Solutions for Advanced Industries


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for Each Composite Material Type ISCAR has established a CFRP machining tech-center with high-end technology of prototype design, testing and quality assurance From design to production in one easy step. A multi-axis SAACKE grinding machine together with an advanced grinding simulator enables fast production and new design implementations. Special Supporting Device for Automated Drilling Unit (ADU) imitating field conditions as in the aerospace industry. High speed camera provides the ability to examine different aspects of the tool’s function and the influence of the drilling process over the material. Kistler system enables measuring pressure, forces, acceleration and torques that influence the tool’s function and tool life. An integrated high resolution camera and microscope for a closer look. Both the tools and the parts are thoroughly examined to ensure the highest product quality and the utmost functioning.


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Milling Edging and Trimming 1 Drilling An exchangeable drill for ADU/CNC machines. Provides repeatable and accurate holes without burr or delamination. 1 2 3 3 Drilling PREMIUM LINE Micrograin carbide with diamond coating for longer tool life. Lower tangential forces, eliminates delamination. Vc=60-150 m/min, 200-500 ft/min Fz=0.015-0.025 mm/t, 0.0006-0.001 ipt 2 Milling Solid carbide interchangeable heads for side, facing, trimming, rampdown and orbital milling. Vc=100-150 m/min 330-500 ft/min Fz=0.02-0.06 mm/t, 0.008-0.024 ipt


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Milling 4 EPNC Diamond coated drilling and milling tool. Right and left spiral for rough trimming. Vc=100-150 m/min 330-500 ft/min Fz=0.03-0.1 mm/t, 0.001-0.004 ipt Milling 5 4 5 6 EPNF Solid carbide right-hand spiral flute for endmill slotting, side and trim milling. Interpolation drilling for roughing and finishing. Vc=100-150 m/min 330-500 ft/min Fz=0.015-0.025 mm/t, 0.0006-0.001 ipt Milling 6 EPX Carbide diamond coated with right and left spiral flute for side finishing milling. Vc=100-150 m/min 330-500 ft/min Fz=0.015-0.05 mm/t, 0.0006-0.002 ipt


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ISCAR’s Drilling Solutions for Composites and Multilayered Materials  As the usage of composite materials is becoming more and more popular due to its high strength to weight ratio, the highly abrasive nature of the carbon fiber content and the very strict specifications of the industry make it very challenging for drilling. One of these substances, Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic, can be especially difficult to drill and exhibits different results compared to other common materials. The technical specifications required by the aerospace industry, where the usage of the CFRP is very common, demand to overcome the typical failures of drilling CFRP , such as: surface anomalies, material cracking, delamination, etc. - yet with the goal to reach a plausible cost per hole. ISCAR has accepted the challenge and for the first time presents its innovative solutions for drilling composites by using exchangeable drills. Tools • Modular and integral drills compatible both with ADU and CNC machines. • “Smart Connector” design for fast, accurate and repeatable replacement. • Drilling and countersinking in one motion. • Exchangeable drill with insert self-locking mechanism. • Twisted tool body for easy and smooth chip evacuation. • Compatible with MQL. Drilling Heads • Different geometries for CFRP and laminated multilayer parts. • CVD diamond coatings for high wear resistance. ADU Compatible Drill CNC/Milling Machine Compatible Drill w w w. i s c a r. c o m 7861880-JEC-R 02/2014 @ ISCAR LTD All rights reserved



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