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Winter Issue January 2014 In this issue Technology Tips P.3 Serving Our Students P.2 Guidance Corner P.3 Upcoming Events P.4 Seeking Parent Ambassadors Krista Dulaney, Director of School Relations Our school is growing, and we have you to thank for the new families who have joined our school this year! We invite you to a Parent Ambassadors Meeting on Monday, January 13th at 6:00pm in the Library. Come learn how you can be a part of more growth at TFCA! See the school website for more information! If you are like me, 2014 began with a long list of self-improvements and lofty expectations. According to Forbes magazine, only 8% of people actually achieve their New Year’s resolutions, and I have to admit, I am always in that 92% of non-achievers. Recently my pastor spoke about getting rid of the laundry list of New Year’s resolutions and choosing just ONE word to focus on for the entire year. This concept comes from Christian authors, Mike Ashcraft and Rachel Olson, who recently published My One Word. The idea is to prayerfully seek God’s guidance in choosing a word to become your “theme” for the year. Then once you have selected that word, allow it to become your mantra, your filter, your lens for everything you do in 2014. There is a list of examples on the website I have not read the book, and I am by no means endorsing it, but I do find this concept intriguing (especially considering my failure rate with resolutions). Perhaps I am also intrigued by this concept because we started this school year with a similar idea in mind. This past summer we considered the ONE word we wanted people to think of when they thought about The Frankfort Christian Academy, and from that, LOVE LEARN LEAD developed. LOVE truly being the word we focus on the most. Sometimes we see the word “love” as trite because it is so over used. We love pizza, love our moms, and love our spouses, but all in different ways. At TFCA we want to LOVE the Lord, LOVE our students, LOVE teaching, LOVE learning, LOVE the Bible, LOVE the lost, LOVE helping others, LOVE service, etc. LOVE becomes our filter and lens for all we do and say. We will not be perfect at it, and far too often we will fail to show Christ’s love as we should. Thankfully, God’s love never fails (Psalm 136). As we begin 2014 I ask you to include TFCA in your prayers, that from administrators, teachers, parents and students, we may be the example of Christ’s love to one another and in our community. I pray that whether you have a list of resolutions or just one word, that you and your family will grow in your relationship with Christ in 2014. Blessings, Kim Burgess TFCA Principal 1 What is your Word?


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Sports Spectrum Paul Sims, Athletic Director SERVING Our Students A new way to help TFCA’s students succeed. Ruth Fitz-Gerald, Our winter sports have started and practices and games are in full swing. This year we have archery for grades 4-12, basketball teams for 5th grade boys, 6th grade boys, MS girls, MS boys, Junior Varsity boys and HS boys, dance for 6th-8th grade girls, and cheerleading for 5th grade girls. Student Services Coordinator When Mrs. Burgess first approached me about considering the brand-new Student Services Coordinator position I quickly dismissed the idea. I loved my teaching position and couldn’t see any reason to change. In the days that followed God kept bringing the idea back to my mind and I started praying about it. The long and short of it is that God convinced me to jump into this new program, and I have not regretted my decision. one with students in grades K-5. Title 1 focuses on reading and math skills. It is so exciting to watch these students use their God-given talents for His glory. It takes so many people behind the scenes to make these programs work. Thank you to all of our coaches, assistant coaches, concession workers, and gate workers who so graciously volunteer their time so our students can enjoy these sports. Thank you to all of the parents who drive students to practices and to games. We could not do it without all of you. You will find a complete schedule on our website. We invite you to come out and support your Royals!!! To help reach students who need extra practice I am developing a peer tutoring program called Student to Student STEPS (Students Thinking Exploring, Practicing, Succeeding). We now have a number of peer tutors in grades 6-12 who are ready to begin tutoring students in grades k-6 in the coming months. Tutors will meet with their students once or Helping TFCA students find their God- twice a week to practice reading, given purpose, and experience aca- writing, and math skills. Research has shown that both demic success, is my the peer tutor and primary goal. Much of Helping TFCA students the student benefit my time implementing find their God given from this type of edStudent Services durucational opportuniing the first semester purpose and experity. has been spent ob- ence academic success serving in classrooms, In the future I hope administering diagnos- is my primary goal. to add a STEPS protic assessments, and researching strategies to help stu- gram for students who would benefit dents achieve success. Classroom from an added challenge. My idea is teachers have been receptive to add- to work on projects and activities that ing tools in their “teaching baskets” require higher level thinking and logic to meet the needs of their students. skills. While I envisioned myself working God has created each student at TFCA one-on-one with students I have and has a purpose for each one. It is found that I have only a small amount exciting to watch students experience of time for this type of student supsuccess as they journey towards their port. God-given purpose. Ms. Boone has been a great help meeting student needs. She is our Title 1 specialist and works one-on- 2 2


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Guidance Corner Carrie Beth Tigges, Assistant Principal & Counselor We have so many academic events going on in the next few months. I just wanted to highlight a few of them for you. PLAN test (Jan. 23 from 8-11am in the library) – for all 9/10th grade students. Cost - $13.00 EXPLORE test (Feb. 6 from 8-11am in Library) – for all 8th grade students. Cost- $11.00 Governor’s Cup Academic team: Middle School District Tournament: Jan. 14 - FPS and Written Composition Jan. 18 – Written Assessment & Quick Recall Elementary District Tournament: Feb. 25 – FPS & Written Composition Mar. 1 – Written Assessment & Quick Recall Both tournaments will be held at TFCA. Students/teams who advance from district will go on to compete at Regional (elementary & middle) and State (middle only) competition. Students will compete in the mail-in Math Olympics test on Feb. 11. They are being identified this week by math teachers. The ACSI Art Festival is Feb. 18 at Cornerstone Christian in Shelby County. Students will be competing in the ACSI Spelling Bee is Feb. 21 at Whitefield Academy in Louisville. Mrs. Ruth FitzGerald is in charge of this event. We will be hosting the ACSI Speech Meet here at TFCA for schools in our region. That is on March 21. We are so proud of our students and their accomplishments! They represent TFCA excellently in our community and in competition. Thank you so much to all the teachers/parents who work many hours with them to prepare for these events. College Financial Aid Information Night Look for details coming up about a financial aid night in February. It is open to all high school students and parents. Summer Gortney, from KHEAA will be here to share the latest information and answer questions about paying for college, KEES money, scholarships, loans and more. Feel free to invite friends/homeschool families to attend! Technology tips Ashlie Cox, IT Manager Many of our students received gifts of electronic devices for Christmas. As a parent, it is important to be aware of what your child is doing on that device and to be involved. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers these tips to keep your child safe while on the internet: 1. Talk to your child. Parents ask their children where they are going and who they are going with whenever they leave the house. They should take the same approach when their children go on the Internet—where are they going and who are they with? 2. Develop rules. Together with your child, develop rules about acceptable and safe behaviors for all electronic media. 3. Explore the Internet. Visit the websites your child frequents, and assess the pros and cons. 4. Talk with others.Talk to other parents about how they have discussed technology use with their children. 5. Educate yourself. Stay informed about the new devices and websites your child is using. Continually talk with your child and explore the technology yourself. 3 3


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Preschool Visiting our school Make sure your friends and neighbors know that they are always welcome to tour the school if they are interested in learning more about a TFCA education! They can stop in the front office, call Krista Dulaney at the school, email her at, or go to to set up a tour! Melissa Gross, Preschool Director Many parents of preschoolers have questions about their child’s readiness for Kindergarten. Our preschool teachers give parents feedback throughout the year about their children, and we would like to pass along these seven top readiness skills to look for when making the decision about your child’s preparedness for Kindergarten: 1) Enthusiasm Toward Learning 2) Solid Oral-Language Skills 3) The Ability to Listen 4) The Desire to Be Independent 5) The Ability to Play Well with Others 6) Strong Fine-Motor Skills 7) Basic Letter and Number Recognition To read the full article, visit! You can also download and print a one-page TFCA Kindergarten Entrance Criteria PDF on our website. 1349A US 421 South Frankfort, KY 40601 4



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