Room 21 Stationery List


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stationery list 2011 room 21 glenys holt item 1e5 quad book 1i5 9mm lines staedtler hb pencils black vivid ­ fine tip faber-castell colouring pencils pencil sharpener expo whiteboard marker ­ fine tip 30cm ruler clear but not bendy please amos 35gm glue stick a4 20 leaf clearfile not spiral bound please large bookbag correct size available at office ­ many children will have this quantity 2 4 9 1 24 pack 1 1 1 2 2 1 when buying stationery please take the time to purchase the brands suggested above alternative brands of pencils and coloured pencils continually break glue sticks dry out and sadly they quickly end up in the bin if quality brands are purchased at the beginning of the year the likelihood of them needing to be replaced is reduced pencils vivids whiteboard markers and glue sticks will be collected as class sets this prevents problems that can occur because of loss and breakage thank you glenys holt



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