The One and Only Granted Wish


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Grade 5 Project

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The One and Only Granted Wish By: Cleo & Drew


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Chapter 1 One day there was a mongoose named Mango. He was being naughty to his mom, Dabble Duck.


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Mama started spanking Mango, so he quickly runs away.


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Chapter 2 Mango went to a hut far from his mama. The hut was made out of hay. A W W M t


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t ut At the hut he met a Witch toad. The Witch Toad gave Mango a magic ball that grants one wish.


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He wished for a new mama. When his new mama magically came, it was not a mongoose. Chapter 3


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w e, It was a banded armadillo named Andy.


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A snapping turtle saw the banded armadillo. The snapping turtle snapped at the armadillo. Chapter 4 Th to w w


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w The armadillo started o. to bleed. Mango saw what happened and went to help.


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Chapter 5 After a while Mango and Andy became very good friends. One day Andy gave Mango his special seashells to show their friendship.


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o y y s Mango and Andy went to the park everyday and played. p.


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Chapter 6 Everybody lived happily ever after. A Dr M cla 3r par o Cle cl 9t l sw a


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About the Author Drew is a 7 year old boy in Mrs.Stewart's 2nd Grade class. He has one brother in 3rd Grade. He lives with his parents in Sharon. He enjoys playing soccer, playing outside, and playing four square. Cleo is a 10 year old girl in Ms.O'Brien's 5th Grade class. She has one sister in 9th grade and one dog. She lives with her parents in Sharon. She enjoys swimming, playing outside, and playing with her dog.



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