The Crystal Clear Coast


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The Crystal Clear Coast By Shruthi & Ava


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Chapter 1 One day in the Enchanted Forest there lived a Mama Her daughters very naughty. Every time they were naughty and didn't listen to their Mama, Mama would sister, said "I'm sick of Mama spanking us. We should run away." Mary, her younger sister, said "Yeah we should run away from our hut." give them a spanking. Molly Mongoose, the older Mongoose and she had two mongoose daughters. That met join Coas away agre off t


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Chapter 2 ma r uld e . That night Molly and Mary ran away to the Crystal Clear Coast which is a far journey. On their journey there, they met a snapping turtle named Sage who also wanted to run away to the Crystal Clear Coast. "If you would like you can join us. We need all the help we can get," said Molly. Mary agreed. The two sisters and Sage, the snapping turtle, set off to the Crystal Clear Coast. we uld


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Chapter 3 On there way to the Crystal Clear Coast they saw a duck crying on the side of the road. "What's wrong," said Mary. "Thth-the evil witch toad captured by brother Dabble Duck. Oh I miss him so much," said Daisy Duck. "Don't worry we will find your brother. We are trying to go to the Crystal Clear Coast. Do you know where the Witch Toad lives?" asked Molly. "Oh oh oh the Witch Toad lives really close to the Crystal Clear Coast. The only problem is I don't know where the coast is?" said Daisy. As the group of animals were walking they found a sign saying "Looking For The Witch Toads Mansion Follow The Trail Of Seashells Down Below." Mol sudd man insid mag for y walk Arm by t


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Chapter 4 Th- Molly, Mary, Sage, and Daisy followed the trail but suddenly they found a dark, creepy, and mysterious mansion. "This must be it," said Sage. Meanwhile, inside the mansion the Witch Toad was looking into her magic ball. "I knew that somebody would come looking for you Dabble," said the Witch Toad. When the four walked towards the door they saw two guard Banded Armadillos who we're sleeping so it was easy to walk by them. nd oh . Do y. As The


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Chapter 5 "Pss Witch They walked in and saw a cage with a duck in it. "Dabble," "It's w shouted Daisy. "Shhhhhhh. I hear something," said Molly. Daisy quickly and quickly opened the cage with her paper clip trick. Daisy and Dabble hugged each other and when they heard a loud "Croak" they stood still trying not to make a single noise. " What is this noise I hear," said the Witch Toad from not a far they just stood still. distance away from them. The animals had no place to hide so bring the s All of came door "Oh. and mirac


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Chapter 6 "Psst. Hey Molly, I should have told you earlier but I know the "It's when she sees sunlight," said Sage. "All we need to do is Witch Toads one weakness," said Sage. "Wha is it!" said Mary. bring her outside." As all of them heard footsteps coming down the stairs again they all immediately became quiet and stood still. All of a sudden a cloud of smoke appeared and the Witch Toad door and tied them up. "Help! Help!" cried Daisy. Suddenly, a "Oh. It burns close the door!" Seconds later the witch melted and disappeared. came out. The ugly, disgusting witch toad cornered them to the miracle happened. All the Mama's came In and the witch cried k. sy r e. " so


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Chapter 7 "Mama! Why are you here?" all of them said at the same time. "I came because I missed You guys," said Mama Mongoose. I don't want you to have a new mama. I want to be your mama. Please come back home. That's why we're all here." said. Mama Mongoose. Eve that witc she lived


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Chapter 8 me. ant .I Everybody went back to their families and from that day nobody was naughty again. As for the witch toad, may she rest in peace, although lived happily ever after she's evil. Except for the witch toad, everyone


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