Revenge of the Prince


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Revenge of the Prince by Ellie and Isabel


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Once upon a time, in Africa, there lived a mongoose named Monny. He lived with his Mama. Monny was a naughty mongoose and Mama gave him at least three spankings a day. So one day Monny ran away. He was fed up with Mama spanking him all the time. E ru a w a h H s


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s at s Even though he was running away, he didn't actually run. He walked. He walked for a very long time before he got to the seashore. He decided to pick up some seashells. a


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Suddenly, his friend Dabble Duck came up to him. "What are you doing such a long way from home, friend?" he quacked. "I'm running away!" Monny said importantly. "Wow," Dabble said. "Can I come?" "Sure, I guess," said Monny. So they set off. They kept walking. They walked until they came to


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p to the forest. y e e


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Suddenly something jumped out at them. "Ahhhhhh!" they screamed. Then they realized it was only a small banded armadillo. "Hi! Did I scare you?" it asked. "Um, no," said Monny. "Oh, come on I wanted to a w "H y s a s a n A "H y ru


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. d to scare you." said the armadillo. Dabble whispered to Monny "He looks kind of young. Let's say he did scare us." "OMG! You are so scary!" Dabble said, this time to the armadillo. "What's your name?" "My name is Arnold," he replied. "Hello Arnold. Why are you out here?" "I'm running away from my


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new mama. I don't like her. My mama divorced from my papa, so I got a new mama. But she's not nice. Oh and one more thing." He clucked his tongue, and a snapping turtle scuttled up beside him. Slowly. "Let's keep going. Would you like to come with us?" asked Monny. A w h st tim th in w p b a th w h


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e e m. Arnold agreed to come with them, as long as he could tell them a story. "Once upon a time," he started as they walked deeper into the forest, "there was a prince. The prince had a magic ball that could grant any wish. But one day, the ball got stolen by a woman. The prince had used the ball to do


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good things, like giving stuff to poor people, but the woman used it to do bad things. She turned herself into a toad, which had always been her favorite animal, and soon got the name "Witch Toad" because people assumed she was a witch, when really the ball was behind it all. She lived in st fo w


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ng t in a red clay hut with a straw roof, deep in the forest. It had no windows either." e d


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He stopped talking. "That is a strange looking hut. It has no windows." They turned toward each other, deadly silent. It was a hut with no windows, made of red clay and a straw roof. It looked exactly like the one Arnold had described. "It's just a coincidence," said Dabble. But he trembled a bit as he sa a in is co if "N M st sl h vo a flo


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said it, and he looked a bit unsure. "Let's go inside and check if it d is," said Monny confidently. "But what if it is?" asked Arnold. "Nonsense," said a Monny. "It was just a story." So they went in, slightly scared. "May I . help you?" said a e," voice. They all whirled around. There, on the floor sat a toad. "It is!"


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they all cried, and almost ran out of the hut. Dabble stopped them. He whispered something to them. They all nodded. Arnold then said "Let's play ball!" "I don't have a ball," said the toad in a croaky voice. "How about that ball behind you?" Arnold pointed to a medium-sized red ball behind the toad. "O th up "H sa th an th yo w w ca an th


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s e n d "Oh, fine," grumbled the toad. She hopped up to get the ball. "Here's what you do," said Arnold. "You throw the ball to us, and whoever catches it throws it back. Then you do it again." The witch toad did as she was told. Monny caught the ball . . . and promptly ran out the door. His friends



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