Mean Mama Mongoose


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Grade 5 Project

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In the beginning, there was a mean mama mongoose, who lived in a old beat-up hut in the desert.


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One day, a Witch Toad from Florida came through the desert wearing a seashell necklace.


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Then the mongoose saw the the Witch Toad and started chase it, the Witch Toad ran away in fear screaming "Don't eat me, I'm a new mama!" But the Witch Toad was too slow and the mongoose ate her!


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Then a friendly dabble duck and snapping turtle were walking through the desert.


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They walked in front of the mongoose's hut and the mongoose ate them whole!


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Finally the banded armadillo was playing with her magic ball, then mama mongoose starts to chase her!


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The banded armadillo said " stop it you naughty mongoose." Then spanked mama mongoose! Mama mongoose spit out out all the animals she ate.


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She apologized to everyone and than said "I feel like a new mama!" And soon everyone lived happily ever after.


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The End



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