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Indepednent Church in INida ministry partner in Kenya is reaching many lost souls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Volume 1 Independent Church in India Reaching Kenya Independent Church in India (ICII) is reaching out to other nations as the Lord is leading us. We have been working with a ministry called ‘Freedom and Truth’ from the nation of Kenya. Freedom and Truth Ministries has the same vision as ICII to preach the Gospel and reach out to the poorest of the poor. Visit our Kenya ministries website at: Pastor Calvince Osongo the founder of Freedom and Truth Ministries is a humble man of God whom God is using to start many churches, Bible studies, and children ministries in the very remote areas of Kenya. ICII has been working with Pastor Calvince on Gospel tracts, Bible study books and children’s books in the language of Luo and other Kenya languages. Through these projects, many souls are being reached in Kenya. Editor: Kathy A. Smith Writers: Lowell and Kathy Smith Children in a remote area of Kenya. Jesus is Transforming Lives in Kenya through ICII’s partnership with Freedom and Truth Ministries... Hungry for God! A common mud hut in Kenya. Feeding the orphans. Lowell and Kathy Smith and Pastor Britto with orphans. ICII and Freedom and Truth Ministries provided food, toothpaste/brush and toys for these children. 1


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Independent Church in India Our Amazing Trip to Africa In the month of April, Lowell and Kathy Smith and Pastor Britto from ICII took a trip to the nation of Kenya. Here we felt led of God to visit and help a pastor with whom we had been communicating and working together on Gospel media for the past eighteen months. We felt that the Lord wanted ICII to branch out and help Pastor Calvince Osongo, the leader of Freedom and Truth Ministries, to get more established and to equip him and his ministry team to reach the lost and help those in desperate need in Kenya. KENYA UPDATE 2 Believers crying out to the Lord at a Freedom and Truth Gospel crusade. The pastors and some members of the seven network churches were participating, and even a guest minister who had come all the way from the coastal city of Mombasa because he had picked up one of ICII's tracts translated by Pastor Calvince. In the evening, Gospel music videos and ICII’s Word for Word Gospel of John in the Luo language were shown on the big screen by a video projector which had been provided by ICII for the ministry. One morning we split into three teams and went door-to-door through Rongo for evangelism and prayer ministry to the sick and needy. The week ended with powerful messages and altar calls at the Rongo church. The next week began with our evangelism seminar at the church. We preached and taught about evangelism, and showed a video about the reality of hell, which Pastor Calvince had narrated in his native language of Luo. During the prayer time, we saw nearly everyone on their knees, crying out loud to the Lord with tears for lost souls to be saved. Our prayers were answered as we saw the same passion for the lost we had seen in India spreading to the believers in Kenya. After a long, exhausting journey to our destination in Rongo, Kenya, we started ministering with our partner, Pastor Calvince. The first day of ministry, as we followed Calvince on foot through a maze of muddy gully-riddled dirt streets to his church for the first meeting, a jumbled, confused collection of tin-roofed shacks and dirty, dilapidated shop stalls met our eyes everywhere we looked. Children in tattered clothing peered curiously at us from doorways and alleys. Here in Rongo, the oppressive poverty hit us square in the face, feeling like a heavy weight constantly pulling down on us. Pastor Calvince's church, Freedom Church, meets in a small brick-and-mud building with no electricity, crooked benches of rough wood for pews, and a tin sheet roof, oven-like in the sun but leaky during the daily downpours we experienced in Kenya's spring long-rains season. But the people have a passion for God seldom seen in the stylishly-decorated and luxurious sanctuaries of the Western world. Pastors who are already struggling with basic needs from Freedom and Truth Ministries take in many orphan children who have been abandoned. This first week of our visit, there was a Gospel crusade at the church in Rongo, one of three such events the ministry conducts yearly among the partnering churches of the network. These men are crying out to God to use them more for His glory at one of Freedom and Truth’s church services. Pastor Calvince standing with orphans he is helping to provide for.


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Independent Church in India KENYA UPDATE 3 One of Pastor Calvince’s mud-hut churches started in the remote areas of Kenya. Lowell Smith giving out maize to the poor at a remote area in Kenya. On the following day, we loaded a suitcase full of gifts and Through our partnership together, we provided hundreds of supplies into a rented car and drove with Pastor Calvince to the pounds of maize for many poor widows and orphans during nearby town of Kisii, to visit Pastor Obwocha, a our visits. Once again, the stark reality of living local pastor who had taken in fifteen homeless with suffocating poverty stared at us through orphans. High in the Kenyan hills, we came to the eyes of skinny children with distended beltwo small one-room houses, where Pastor lies, rags to wear, and living in tiny mud-andObwocha's family and the children all share brick huts. In spite of the obvious lack, each of close quarters. We learned that in Kenya, due to Freedom and Truth churches were caring for parents' deaths because of the high incidence of orphans because they had nowhere else to go. HIV and other diseases, there are staggering Although there are churches in the cities and numbers of orphans, and the neediness towns, many of these teach unorthodox beliefs, experienced by children in that situation is and Pastor Calvince explained that no churches overwhelming. Relatives usually cannot or will are reaching out to the large numbers living in not support them, so they are often forced to the remote countryside regions such as the live on the streets, and are all too often places we visited. Pastor Calvince's faithful abused, substance-addicted, enslaved, or turn evangelistic work in these areas has produced to crime or prostitution to try to survive. Pastor seven new churches of those who came to Calvince himself came from this very same kind Christ through his ministry. He shared that his of life, having been orphaned at age nine and vision is to expand this rural outreach even into living in the streets and tunnels for many years the neighboring nations of Uganda and Tanzabefore coming to Christ. nia, and eventually all over Africa! Over the remainder of the second week of our stay, we visited several of the seven churches of What we experienced working with Freedom Freedom and Truth Ministries. Each of these and Truth Ministries was the same compassion Many children need medical attention. churches, as well as many home churches, for the lost and the same love for the poor and and Bible studies, and children’s ministries, was founded by needy that ICII is already doing in India. Through Freedom Pastor Calvince, who would walk as far as twenty-five miles at and Truth Ministries we saw much fruit of their diligent laa time into remote areas to reach the lost and bring the word bors for the Lord - many souls added to the Kingdom, and of God to the unreached across the countryside. Still, we had to many touched by the love of Jesus. With your generous supwalk to get to the churches, even for more than an hour to get port, ICII’s vision is to help Freedom and Truth Ministries to to the most remote church. We were warmly welcomed by the build the kingdom of God in Africa. members of each church, who invited us to their homes. Pastor Calvince’s churches and Bible studies are mainly in very remote areas. Kathy sitting with orphan children.


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Independent Church in India KENYA UPDATE 4 Pastor Calvince (orange shirt) has walked up to 25 miles to reach distant villages. Through his dedicated efforts, God has used him to start seven churches. Pastor Calvince Osongo’s Testimony Sadly for Pastor Calvince, now age 28, his childhood had been extremely painful and filled with utter poverty. But through his testimony, the Lord is building a humble Christ-like character that is reaching people for Christ in Kenya. Here is Pastor Calvince heartwrenching testimony: “I was born in a village know as Kangoje. My Father died when I was three years old. When he died, my mother was pregnant with my sister. We started to face a very rough life, so my mother ended up becoming a prostitute only so she could get my sister and myself one meal each day. After five years of this kind of life my mother died as a result of HIV/AIDS. At the age of nine I started life as an orphan, with my younger sister. After the death of both of my parents we were chased out of our area and I started to live in the trenches and tunnels with my sister. I became a beggar for food, going to every house. I suffered greatly because my sister and I had to struggle with going to school. As time went on I worked as a slave for a cruel relative making bricks, and collecting garbage. I was looking for food that people gave to the dogs and from the garbage. When I was 16 years old, a pastor found me as I was collecting food from the garbage for our next meal. His name was Rashid, who had been a Muslim converted to Christianity. He tried to share the Gospel of Christ with me, but I did not want to listen to him. For I was wondering where this God was when my parents died and when I had been suffering without food, clothes, and had to sleep in trenches. I was feeling rejected and forsaken by everyone including God in this world. After one week, this pastor came again and began to share again about Christ to us. At that time, I came to the knowledge of Jesus Christ, and I accepted Him as my Savior. After this things began growing more rough and hard in my life. At the age of 18, God spoke to me four times while praying and through visions that He wants me to minister to my fellow street children. From there I started to preach to the youths on the streets and orphans whom had like me lost all hope in life. Because of these good works a well wisher helped me to find a place to live and I got the chance to go to Bible school and become a pastor”. Since then, Pastor Calvince and his team of Gospel workers are reaching the remote villages of Kenya by walk. They walk by faith each day and God’s love motivates them to share His salvation plan with the lost and dying in Kenya. Motivated by Christ’s love for the lost, Pastor Calvince has walked over 20 miles to reach a very remote village where they desperately needed Christ. When asked why he would walk for 20 miles, Calvince replied, “It was God who sent me to visit that village. Many people accepted His salvation”. The Lord is working through Pastor Calvince and his gospel team, bringing many people to the Lord, healing the sick, and many young people are beginning to trust in the Lord because they know about his past life. The beginnings of ICII started eleven years ago when the Lord connected Lowell and Kathy Smith with Pastor Britto from India. In the same way we believe that the Lord has connected ICII to the ministry of Pastor Calvince who, just like Pastor Britto eleven years ago, is now struggling with poverty and walking long distances in the extreme heat to reach the lost and hurting. He is doing so much with the small amount of resources he has. In the same way if ICII can help his ministry that currently has no resources, it will grow into something more beautiful and fruitful to reach more masses of lost souls and reach out to the desperately poor in Kenya. Pastor Calvince and Gospel worker giving out maize to poor widows. One of Pastor Calvince’s churches in a very remote area.


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INDEPENDENT CHURCH IN INDIA Help Reach the Nation of KENYA... Help us to reach out to Africa with the Gospel and reach the poorest of the poor. Please help us with these needs in Kenya: Greatest Needs: I would like to give a gift of $_____ to provide for the greatest needs for the ministry in Kenya. Orphan Outreach: Many orphans are abandoned after their parents die of HIV. Many orphans are also infected with HIV. You can help provide food, clothing, medicine, schools expenses for orphans in desperate need in Kenya. I would like to give a gift of $_______. 100 percent of every gift will go towards any of these projects in Kenya. ___ Sponsor a Native Missionary in Kenya for a one time gift of $360 for a whole year or $30 per month. (When you sponsor a one-time gift of $360 or $30 per month for a missionary, you will receive a photo/testimony card of a missionary and a report each year.) Equipping Missionaries: I want to give a gift for both physical needs and ministry tools to equip poor pastors and missionaries in Kenya with food, transportation, Bibles, Gospel tracts, and more for $________. ___ Provide a Motorcycle for a missionary team in Kenya for a gift of $1250. This is a real motorcycle to travel to rough areas and bumpy roads. To learn more about our ministry in Kenya, visit our website at: INDEPENDENT CHURCH IN INDIA Yes, I want to help reach the lost with the Gospel and make a difference in hurting lives! NAME_________________________________________________________ ADDRESS _____________________________________________________ CITY_________________________ STATE________ ZIP_______________ E-MAIL_____________________ PHONE ( ) _____________________ All gifts are taxdeductible ! Please fill out this sheet where you desire to give and make check or money orders payable to: Independent Church In India or “ICII” Please send love gifts to: Independent Church In India PO Box 238 Fredericksburg, PA 17026 To give online visit our website at: Phone (717) 865-7885 The official registration and financial information of Independent Church In India may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free, within Pennsylvania, 1 (800) 732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.



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