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Independent Church in India photo newsletter of God's work in INdia, Pakistan, and Kenya!

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Group ICII’s seminars equip to ministry. Groupshot shotof ofone oneof of ICII’s seminarsto to equippastors pastorsand andmissionaries missionaries todo do ministry. NEWSLETTER Volume: 87 January/February2015 Editors: Kathy A. Smith & Kristen Smith Writer: Kathy A. Smith Independent Church in India PO Box 238 Fredericksburg, PA 17026 Website: Email: Phone: (717) 865-7885 Through the generous giving of Independent Church in India’s (ICII) partners, we are able to help equip, send, and support over 160 native missionaries in India, Pakistan and Kenya! ICII missionaries are dedicated to the Lord and are risking their lives in the midst of danger and persecution to share the wonderful salvation plan of Jesus Christ to those who have never heard! ICII missionaries are planting churches, ministering to thousands of children, and showing the love and compassion of Christ as they reach out to the poorest of the poor, the brokenhearted, and those who are being oppressed by the enemy. ICII missionaries take the light of the gospel to the “dalits” and “untouchables” in unreached villages, slum areas, tribal areas, and leprosy colonies. Tens of thousands of lives are coming to Jesus, and broken hearts are being healed by the power of Christ! These outreaches are only possible though your love and support. Thank you so much! ICII provides both the physical and spiritual needs of pastors and missionaries. Tribal people accepting Christ as their Savior through ICII missionaries. ICII provides motorbikes for missionaries.


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Independent Church in India Photo Edition Page 2 CHILDREN’S MINISTRY ICII missionary sharing the Gospel to children at a remote village. Pastor Britto sitting with children who live in a onceonce-unreached tribe. ICII reached 10,000 children at VBS this past year. Each week, thousands of children are being evangelized and taught the Bible. Many young hearts are being transformed by Jesus love! Feeding poor children. Reaching tribal children. LEPROSY OUTREACH BIBLES AND STUDY BOOKS Preaching at a leprosy colony. Pastor Britto baptizing a man who has leprosy. Evangelism training books for those who want to share their faith in Christ. This boy is reading the New Testament. Through ICII’s supporters, we were able to give thousands of Bibles, New Testaments, verse-by-verse Bibles studies, evangelism training books, new believers studies, and children’s Bible study books to those who are hungry to learn God’s Word. Lowell Smith gives a blanket to a poor woman with leprosy. Thousands of leprosy victims have been reached with the gospel through ICII’s generous supporters. ICII cares for both the spiritual and physical needs of these most desperate and poor people of India. Thousands of lives have been transformed by Jesus’ amazing love! Two of ICII missionaries standing with one of their Bible study groups for youth and children at a remote village.


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Independent Church in India Photo Edition Page 3 REACHING PAKISTAN Providing the needs of orphans and poor children. Front of orphanage building which was built in 2014. Providing warm clothes for widows. Through the generous support of ICII’s sponsors and contributors over the past year, we have been able to equip missionaries and pastors for ministry with motorbikes, Bibles, and Bible study books, and also physical needs such as monthly support, clothing, rice, wheat, and more. ICII has been able to build a home for orphan children trapped in child slavery or other poor and desperate situations. We are able to help meet the physical needs of persecuted families that are suffering for the Gospel’s sake. ICII works together with our partners in Pakistan to fulfill their vision of preaching the Gospel, planting home churches, children’s ministry, helping persecuted pastors and believers, providing the needs of orphans and widows, and much more! Reaching out to flood victims. Encouraging pastors and their wives with a seminar. Planting home churches and starting Bible studies. Over the past year, gifts from ICII supporters have been able to provide a car for the ministry in Kenya. This car has opened up the way to reach many more villages with the Gospel. We have also helped gospel workers with an evangelism seminar and with monthly support. ICII is also helping to provide for the seven children whom Pastor Calvince is caring for at the house orphanage. We have been able to reach out with food and other helps for widows, poor pastors, and orphans. ICII works together with our partners in Kenya to preach the Gospel, to plant home churches, to start children’s ministries, and much more! REACHING KENYA ICII provided a car for ministry partner in Kenya this year. A small house orphanage has been started. Baptizing new believers Equipping believers through evangelism seminars. Reaching out to orphans Planting churches in unreached bush areas.


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Independent Church in India Photo Edition Page 4 GOOD SAMARITAN OUTREACH The homeless and other destitute and needy people receiving a good meal at ICII’s weekly food outreach. Widows in a poor remote village receiving bags of rice. Independent Church in India continues to reach out to the poorest of the poor in India with hot meals, medical needs, rice, clothing, providing school fees, and much more through your support! Those who have been blessed by having their physical needs met have also been given the chance to hear about the wonderful salvation plan of Jesus Christ! HOMES FOR CHILDREN AND LEPROSY VICTIMS Children who live at ICII’s Promised Land Home standing in front of their new and improved home! Group shot of the Home of Compassion children. The Lord uses ICII’s monthly sponsors to make it possible to keep our three charitable homes running in India. These homes have saved and rescued children and those with leprosy from very desperate situations. Residents at ICII’s home for leprosy victims sit together after receiving their Christmas gift. Papammal, a resident of ICII’s leprosy home. Independent Church in India For more information Please contact us: Independent Church in India PO Box 238 Fredericksburg, PA 17026 Email: Phone (717) 865-7885 Visit our India website: Visit our Pakistan website: Visit our Kenya website: ICII’s Board of Directors: Lowell. K. Smith (President) Kathy A. Smith (Vice(Vice-president) Kristi Hackman (Secretary) Joann Hauer (Treasurer) Pastor Britto Joseph Pastor Alex Alvarez Doralee Shive


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INDEPENDENT CHURCH IN INDIA YOU CAN CHANGE LIVES FOREVER! Here are ways you can get involved in the Lord’s work and help to change lives for all eternity! SPONSOR A MISSIONARY to Reach Tribal Groups Help to support native missionaries who are facing persecution and poverty for the sake of the Gospel and are reaching unreached tribal groups in India. __ A One Time Gift of $180: Sponsor a Missionary for six months. __ A One Time Gift of $360: Sponsor a Missionary for one year! __ Sponsor a Native Missionary for $30 per month. (When you sponsor a one-time gift of $360 or $30 per month for a missionary you will receive a photo/testimony card of a missionary and an annual report each year. 100 percent of your gifts will go towards the following projects! PROMISED LAND LEPROSY COMMUNITY Your gift will provide for both the Promised Land Homes of elderly victims of leprosy and our children’s home. Also the needs of those coming to our leprosy church services. Your gift will provide, food, medical, clothing, vitamins, personal needs, and more! ___ I want to give a one time gift to help provide for the greatest needs of the Promised Land Homes of $_________. Reach tribal groups: I want to give a gift to help provide for both the physical needs and ministry tools to equip poor pastors and missionaries to reach those living in unreached tribes for the amount of $_________. __ Monthly Sponsor: I want to adopt the Promised Land Leprosy Community by giving a monthly gift of $_________. Sponsor An Evangelism Seminar __ I want to sponsor a seminar to equip 50 believers for a gift of $250. __ I want to give a gift of $______ to help sponsor an seminar. LEPROSY PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS IN PAKISTAN Help those living in Pakistan with food, clothing, and other needs who have been persecuted for their Christian faith. Helps for pastors and missionaries who are being persecuted for the sake of the Gospel. Also helps for widows and children who had a family member who has been martyred for their faith in Christ. __Help one family for $40. __Help two families for $80. __I want to give a gift of $________ to help persecuted families. OUTREACH I would like to help Independent Church in India to preach the Gospel in leprosy colonies and hospitals in India. My gift will help to provide for missionaries with leprosy who are preaching the Gospel among others with leprosy. My gift will also provide helps for poor colonies and leprosy victims: blankets, medical supplies, clothing, food, New Testaments, and other urgent needs. I would like to give a one time gift of $____________ towards leprosy outreach. INDEPENDENT CHURCH IN INDIA GENERAL NEEDS (Your donations help keep the ministry running smoothly) [ ] I would like to give a one time gift for the general needs of ICII of $ ______. [ ] I would like to give a monthly gift for the general needs of ICII of $______. All gifts are taxdeductible Yes, I want to help reach the lost with the Gospel and reach out to the poorest of the poor in the nations of India, Pakistan, and Kenya! NAME_______________________________________________________ ADDRESS____________________________________________________ CITY_________________________ STATE________ ZIP______________ E-MAIL_____________________ PHONE ( ) _____________________ Please fill out this sheet where you desire to give and make check or money orders payable to: Independent Church In India or “ICII” Please send love gifts to: Independent Church In India PO Box 238 Fredericksburg, PA 17026 Website: Email: Phone (717) 865-7885



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