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Independent Church in India’s native missionaries have given out Bibles in areas all over India.

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Volume 76 Bible Club Special Edition JUNE Independent Church in India PO Box 238 Fredericksburg, PA 17026 Website: Email: Phone (717) 865-7885 God’s Word Will Never Come Back Void! This past year, your prayers and support allowed Independent Church in India (ICII) to put whole Bibles and New Testaments into the hands of over 30,000 men, women, and children in India. God’s Word promises that it will never come back void (Isaiah 55:11). The Bible has given new life throughout history and it is still giving new life today! Pastor Britto sitting with children who received Bibles at one of his local Vacation Bible School meetings. This year, ICII was able to give out 10,000 New Testaments to children coming from Hindu backgrounds at VBS. Independent Church in India’s native missionaries have given out Bibles in areas all over India. We have expanded our Bible outreach to new states in India. We give out Bibles in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Oriya, and Punjabi languages. Through your loving support, men, women, and children who are hungry for God’s Word are receiving Bibles so they can grow in their spiritual lives. ICII has given Bibles in tribal areas, remote villages, leprosy colonies, and to those who have called to receive a free New Testament during ICII’s TV broadcasts. We have also provided Bibles for students in our Book of Life Village Bible Schools, and New Testaments for children in the Vacation Bible Schools. We have also recently expanded our Bible outreach to other countries including Pakistan (Urdu language), and Kenya (Kisii language). Join the Bible Club and Change Lives For All Eternity! Children holding up their New Testaments at a remote village. These young men are studying the Bible using ICII’s New Believer’s books. A New Testament a day for only $24 per month!


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Independent Church In India Bible Club Special Edition JUNE 2013 2 Pastor Britto handing out New Testaments at a remote village. Missionary Daniel is teaching those who received Bibles from ICII how to use them. The Bible Transforms Lives! Here are some exciting testimonies from ICII’s native missionaries, about lives changed by a Bible from ICII: From Murderer to Ministry Worker! Missionary Adam Johnson from Tamil Nadu shared this: “One man named Ganthi was a bully even from his young days. He would steal from people, and everyone was scared of him. He would always drink alcohol, and had a lot of bad habits. He eventually got sick, but no one cared about him. His own family even chased him out of their home. I met him and shared the Gospel to him and gave a Bible to him. He was very lonely and sad when I met him so I told him to read the Bible every day. After this, I began to visit him each week. One day when I met him he asked me this: 'Will Jesus forgive all my sins in the past? I murdered people for money and I stole lots of money. In the Bible I read it says that the Son of Man has authority to forgive our sins. Will he forgive all my sins and heal me?’ So I told Ganthi if you truly ask forgiveness to Jesus, He surely will forgive all your sins. Ganthi accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior and now his whole life has been changed. The Lord has also healed him totally from his sickness! He is also helping me to do the ministry!” Muslim Woman Believes! Pastor Joseph from Tamil Nadu tells this: “One day I met a Muslim women in the market place. I shared about Jesus to her. She said, “I believe Jesus was a teacher and good man.” I gave her a Bible to read. Not long after this I met her again and she told me this: “I read the whole New Testament Bible you gave to me. Now I believe that Jesus is the true God! Now secretly I am reading the Bible”. A man that was once a Hindu priest has been transformed by God’s Word! Hindu Priest Removes Idols and Follows Jesus! Pastor Paul Raj from the tribal areas of Tamil Nadu shared this: "One day during children's ministry I gave a New Testament to a boy who is a son of a Hindu priest. The boy told me later that he kept his Bible near to where his father would worship in his room filled with Hindu gods. When his father came to this room to worship, he saw the Bible. The boy’s father started to read the Bible in his room because he was curious what the book was about. After one month, the boys father had totally finished reading the New Testament and he also removed all the Hindu idols and pictures from his room. The boy’s father has decided to follow Jesus! The boy’s father asked him where the church is and they are now coming to church!" The Bible Delivers A Family From Suicide! Pastor Bala from the state of Karnataka tells: “Kannan, from a Hindu family, is studying in 12th grade. One day I met him at school and shared about Jesus to him and gave him a Bible. Kannan said that he wanted to know more about Jesus so I told him to read his Bible every day. When I saw Kannan again, he shared this: "I was so depressed all the time, because my father drinks alcohol and beats my mother. We also have a lot of debts. One night my mother, sister and I were thinking how we can commit suicide, because my mom told us it is better to die than to keep living. But that same week you gave me the Bible so I began to read it and I felt so much happier and more peace. I told my mother and sister also to read it and we changed our minds. Even though my situation is tough, now we feel peace in our hearts through Jesus’. Kannan is also coming to my church also”. Children holding up Bibles at one of ICII’s Vacation Bible Schools. Children’s Bible study at a remote village in India.


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Independent Church In India Bible Club Special Edition JUNE 2013 3 This new believer, studying his Bible, had accepted Christ through ICII’s TV broadcasts! Kathy Smith sitting with children who received New Testaments. This Bible study started through ICII’s Bible TV broadcasts. Woman in a village where a church was started through ICII’s TV broadcasts. Hindu Priest Accepts Christ! Missionary Lakshamana Naick from Andhra Pradesh told this exciting story: "Sathiyavelu was a Hindu priest who had went to the Hindu seminary for his education. One day I gave him a New Testament Bible. When I saw him again he told me that he has been reading the Bible and he shared this amazing testimony: 'In the past I have learned so much about Hinduism, but since I have read the Bible I have see a much clearer truth about God. I am now ready to receive Jesus into my heart as my Savior'. I shared the Gospel with him and he has committed his life to Christ. Please pray for him and his family because as of now he cannot come to my church This group ofextreme people with leprosy were because he is from a very Hindu family. If his family very glad to receive the Bible. finds out that he has converted to Christianity and is coming to my church they will try to kill him". Leader of Village Comes to the Lord! Pastor Mohan Raj from Tamil Nadu tells this: “One day I gave a Bible to a village leader and told him to read it. After a month I went back to visit his village. This village leader had become a believer in Christ and is he reading the Bible every day. Through this, I got an open door to share Jesus in this village”. Bible TV Broadcasts Change Lives! Over the past year ICII has broadcasted their Word for Word Bible videos in three different states and in three different Indian languages. After each broadcast many people called and testified how God has saved them, healed them or has done some other miracle in their lives. Also many new believers and those who were seeking the Lord have called for a free New Testament Bible. ICII has given out thousands of New Testaments through TV broadcasts over the years. In the state of Karnataka, where it is often times very dangerous to preach the Gospel, ICII was able to broadcast their Video Bibles. Pastor Solomon told this: "Through the TV ministry one man called me and requested a Bible. I invited him to come to church to pick up the Bible. The man came to church to get the Bible and told me, 'I have been searching for peace in many places, but I had found no hope. But when I saw your TV program it touched my heart as I listened to the Bible verses'. "Later this man accepted Christ as his personal Lord and Savior, and is now attending my church!" 10,000 Children Receive New Testaments At Vacation Bible School! This year’s VBS reached 10,000 children in many different areas in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Most all of these children were from Hindu backgrounds and many of them are now believers in Jesus Christ. Each child received a New Testament which they will take to their homes and it will be a light in the darkness to the whole family. One boy who attended the VBS this year said this: ‘I learned lots of good songs and Bible verses to memorize. I am so happy to attend the VBS because I learned that Jesus is the true God and I will follow him the rest of my life. I will tell many of my friends about Jesus and I will bring them along to VBS next year!” Another brave boy shared this at VBS: "My father has beaten me and has warned me not to go to this VBS. But I have found a way to still come here. I had to hide the New Testament you gave me in my house and I have started to read it". The Bible being taught to these children now will be the foundation that God will build upon for years in the future of India. Kids at one of ICII’s VBS’s holding up their New Testaments.


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INDEPENDENT CHURCH IN INDIA Important ways that you can get involved in the Lord’s work in India and other nations to help change lives for all eternity! EQUIPPING MISSIONARIES Help to support native missionaries who are facing persecution and poverty for the sake of the Gospel In India. __ A One Time Gift of $360: This will Sponsor A Native Missionary for one whole Year! __ Sponsor a Native Missionary for $30 per month. (When you sponsor a one-time gift of $360 or $30 per month for a missionary, you will receive a photo/testimony card of a missionary and an annual report each year you are sponsoring) 100 percent of your gifts will go towards the following projects and needs! LEPROSY OUTREACH I would like to help Independent Church in India to preach the Gospel in every leprosy colony in Tamil Nadu, India. My gift will help to disciple leprosy victims in God’s Word and have training Bible schools to raise up leaders within colonies. My gift will also provide helps for ICII’s leprosy church, for poor leprosy colonies and leprosy victims: blankets, medical supplies, clothing, food, Bibles, helps for the children living at the colonies, and other urgent needs. I would like to give a one time gift of $________ towards leprosy outreach. Equipping Missionaries: I want to give a gift to help provide for both the physical needs and ministry tools to equip poor pastors and missionaries with rice, clothing, transportation, Bibles, Gospel tracts, and more for $________. __ Provide a motorbike for a missionary for a gift of $750. $8000 Needed For 10,000 New Testament Bibles One time gifts: New Testaments cost 80¢. I would like to provide: __ 20 New Testaments for $16 __ 30 New Testaments for $24 __ 45 New Testaments for $36 __ 75 New Testaments for $60 __ 100 New Testaments for $80 __ 125 New Testament for $100 __ 200 New Testaments for $160 __ 300 New Testaments for $240 __ 500 New Testaments for $400 __ 1000 New Testaments for $800 I want to give a one time gift towards New Testaments of $________. BIBLE-A-DAY CLUB Monthly Sponsorship: Yes! I want to be a monthly sponsor for the Bible-A-Day-Club: __ I want to sponsor 30 New Testaments in India per month for only $24. (This monthly sponsorship buys one New Testament per day or 365 per year!) Whole Bibles cost $3.75 each (whole Bibles will be distributed in both India and Pakistan). __ 4 whole Bibles for $15 __ 8 whole Bibles for $30 __ I want to sponsor 60 New Testaments per month for only $48. __ 20 whole Bibles for $75 __ 40 whole Bibles for $150 (This monthly sponsorship buys two New Testaments per day or 720 __ 72 whole Bibles for $270 __100 whole Bibles for $375 per year!) I want to give a one time gift towards whole Bibles of $_________. GENERAL NEEDS (Your donations help keep the ministry running smoothly) [ ] I would like to give a one time gift for the general needs of ICII of $ ______. [ ] I would like to give a monthly gift for the general needs of ICII of $______. INDEPENDENT CHURCH IN INDIA All gifts are taxdeductible Yes, I want to help reach the lost with the Gospel and reach out to the poorest of the poor in the nations of India, Pakistan, and Kenya. NAME________________________________________________________ ADDRESS_____________________________________________________ CITY__________________________ STATE________ ZIP______________ E-MAIL_____________________ PHONE ( ) ______________________ Please fill out this sheet where you desire to give and make check or money orders payable to: Independent Church In India or “ICII” Please send love gifts to: Independent Church In India PO Box 238 Fredericksburg, PA 17026 Website: Email: Phone (717) 865-7885



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