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You can sponsor one of ICII's children's home at a amount per month. Your sponsorship will provide good food, and water, clothing, school expenses, medical and most of all love!

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Give children hope for the future... Sponsor the Children’s Home and change lives... INDEPENDENT CHURCH IN INDIA Sponsor the Promised Land Children’s Home Enrollment Form [ ] I will sponsor the Promised Land Children’s Home for a gift of $30 per month. [ ] I will sponsor the Promised Land Children’s Home for a gift of $______ (Please write amount per month. [ ] I would like to give a one time gift to help provide the needs of the Promised Land Children’s Home of $________. (Please write amount) NAME_____________________________PHONE _____________ ADDRESS______________________________________________ CITY_________________________STATE_____ZIP____________ Please make checks or money orders out to: Independent Church In India or ICII Please send love gifts to: Independent Church In India PO Box 238 Fredericksburg, Pa 17026 Or to give an online donation please visit our website: www.indchurch.org Contact us at email: info@indchurch.org Phone (717) 865-7885 You can give poor and needy children and orphans coming out of leprosy colonies a bright future! PROMISED LAND ORPHANAGE SPONSORSHIP


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Promised Land Children’s Home Changing lives forever In 2010, Independent Church in India (ICII) built their second children’s home called the Promised Land home. These children are orphans or have parents with leprosy, and have come out of poor and poverty filled leprosy colonies. Twenty poor and needy children have come to live at the new home. ICII needs to find monthly sponsors for this home so these children can have all their needs provided and so even more children can be rescued from a life of utter poverty who live in leprosy colonies. Children who live at a leprosy colony live among the poorest of the poor among the face of the earth. Even though they may never get leprosy like their parents, they face total rejection and are considered outcasts. They never have a hope of ever having a future or a job. Sometimes girls are forced into prostitution and boys become drug dealers to help escape the poverty filled life. We need your help to sponsor this children’s home. We need your help to provide healthy food, clothing, school materials, medical check-ups, and other needs for these precious children. Promised Land Children’s Home 100% of your monthly gift will go to Sponsor the Promised Land Children’s Home Your sponsorship will provide: A Christ-centered home Love and tender care Clean and healthy water Three healthy meals and snacks each day Education Medical care Personal needs Bible Teachings Toys ...and much more! At this unique Christ-like home the children are well cared for and they are taught about Jesus on a daily basis and they are even being trained for ministry. Many of the children have helped with VBS, orphan ministry, and other outreach events. Some of the children who live at the Promised Land Children’s Home. When you sponsor the Promised Land Children’s Home you will receive an annual newsletter filled with photos and testimonies from the children who live there. You may write to the children and you will have the opportunity to help to sponsor Christmas gifts for the children.



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